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Fav blogs?x

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I'm new to the whole Rhink thing, and I thought RandL was someone's name. I was pronouncing it as Randle. I'm such a dweeb.

omg you’re not a dweeb!! i didn’t know what randl was when i first joined either, i had to send a shameful ask lmao. but yes welcome to the rhink pit baby!! there’s a lot of love and creativity here :)

here are some great blogs you should check out if you haven’t already:


umm im so so close to my next goal could i maybe get a promo👀 i’ll give you my heart in return fghjkl anyways im georgia nd i love yoongi nd my mutuals so much!!!

Moan-Santiago:- SWAG. @id3stinyi

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Re: policing content. I get the frustration some part of the fandom feels about who has the spotlight rn but the more people ask others to stop posting about Evak, the less sense it makes to me. If they all spent that time posting about Sana, we'll get to reblog amazing content about her, you know? Because when I look for Skam content now, I see 90% complaint posts, 10% actual posts to reblog. For Evak AND Sana. Surely that's not good for everyone...

Oh, I agree. Overall, I cannot stand policing in fandoms as it is, it’s honestly one of the reasons why I dislike this site so much at times. And now, complaining so often and judging what others reblog instead of just reblogging things that you yourself are interested in, seems a bit like time wasting and too much negativity.