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here we are again ! another milestone, another moment of utter surprise that somehow, my treasure hunting little convict here has gathered so many lovely people to my blog. i say this each time i make one of these, but i’m honestly astounded, and i’m so so so so very grateful for the support i’ve gotten over my ( almost ) year here. sam means a lot to me and it makes me happy to see interest in him from others as well ! you’ve all been such wonderful additions to my dash, so incredibly fun to interact with, and even though i haven’t been able to form friendships with everyone ( yet ) those i have, you’re an immense joy to talk to. thank you so much for being with me on this journey !    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Elsa Kirsch + Stiles Stilinski: From Ashes Book 2 Sneak Peek

Fa davvero male anche solo vedere una tua foto con qualcun'altro.
—  ilragazzodagliocchisinceri (Il ragazzo Tumblr.)

Part 2 of I’ll keep believing in you (Lou FAllen Week 2017)

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Once the potion turns dark green, extinguish the fire and let it cool. Keeping windows open is advisable as the fumes of the substance are highly potent, do not inhale.

Following the instructions, Lou Fa turned down the flames and put the flask on the windowstill, then readied the small vials where she’d pour the liquid.

It’s been about a week since Johnny Gill announced his resignation and in another week he would be officially disbanded. But she knew it from Cash, he was going to go after Allen.

So predictable. After him taking up working out all of sudden 3 months ago, it was to be expected that he had a plan.

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Si fa presto a cantare che il tempo sistema le cose, si fa un po’ meno presto a convincersi che sia così!
—  Ligabue-L'odore del sesso