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Chelsea have cancelled their victory parade this Sunday

The Premier League champions were set for an open-top bus celebration around west London following Saturday’s FA Cup final but now say it would be ‘inappropriate’ to go ahead. Chelsea security chiefs held talks with the Metropolitan Police and a number of local councils on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning before cancelling their plans. The nation’s threat level is set at a ‘critical’ level after 22 people were killed in the blast at the Manchester Arena on Monday night.

Chelsea Statement: ‘Everyone associated with Chelsea Football Club offers our heartfelt condolences to those affected by Monday’s terror attack in Manchester. Our thoughts go out to all the victims, and their families and friends. In light of these tragic events, we feel it is inappropriate to go ahead with the victory parade in London on Sunday.Given the heightened security threat announced by the Government, and recognizing that this is a developing situation, we have given this careful consideration. We strongly believe, in the interests of everyone, this is the correct course of action. We are sure our fans will understand this decision. Having consulted with the Metropolitan Police, Hammersmith & Fulham Council and other authorities, we know the emergency services would have been as professional as ever, but we would not want in any way to divert important resources by holding an additional, non-ticketed event on the streets of London.