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So if you don’t romance Tali in ME2/3, Garrus ends up with her.

If you’re female shepard and don’t romance Garrus, Tali and Garrus end up together still.

If you’re male shepard and DO romance Tali, Garrus does not end up with anyone.

Following this chain here, without the introduction of female shepard, Garrus does harbor feelings for Tali no matter what. However he puts that/any ill feelings he may harbor to male shepard aside easily and is still your space cop buddy.

Garrus confirmed the best space bro. 

PSA: Getting a 6IV Ditto

Do you want a 5/6IV Ditto? Of course you do, it makes breeding a good Pokemon so much easier. But chaining them’s always a hassle because Pokemon that transform only get, at max, 20PP for attacks. Make chaining a hassle, right? Makes it so you have to focus on it rather than just doing it in the background.


1) Catch a Munchlax/obtain the Mystery Gift Munchlax.

2) Have it relearn the move Recycle (Move Relearner can be found in the Lanakila Pokemon Center).

3) Delete all its other moves. It must know ONLY Recycle (the Move Deleter is in the Hau’oli Pokemon Center).

4) Catch/breed a Pokemon that can learn Switcheroo (Dhelmise have it as a base move, take it to the Move Relearner)

5) Give the Dhelmise a Leppa Berry.

This is the fun part. When you start to chain, follow these directions in the fight to make sure things work out.

1) Find a wild Ditto on Mt. Hokulani.

2) Make sure the Ditto transforms into Munchlax

3) Switch to Dhelmise and use Switcheroo, giving the Ditto the Leppa Berry

4) Chain as normal.

If you’ve done things correctly then it’ll never run out of PP. Once it runs out, it’ll eat the Leppa Berry. Then use Recycle and reobtain the berry, on an endless cycle until you end the chain.

Happy hunting, folks!

studyblr follow spree

as i said before… new year, new meme!

lets do this! all studyblrs are welcome! I will follow back every single studyblr who reblogs this post, no exceptions

  1. Follow at least 2 people who reblogged this post (the two names up top are great options!)
  2. Reblog this post, and put a new years resolution in the tags!
  3. I am going to try to do as many as I can, and post the list for everyone to see
  4. I challenge you to try to stick to as many resolutions as you can! (tag me, and ill hold you accountable lol)
  5. Have a great 2017!

“I don’t like girl groups because they always do cute concepts.”
“They always have to do a sexy concept or a cute concept.”
“Girl groups always dress like sluts.”

So what you’re telling me is that you’ll watch this:

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 But not this:

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And you’ll watch this:

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But this is too much:

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This is okay:

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But this is too cute:

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You’re okay with this:

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But this is slutty:

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Male groups can do all the hip thrusts and can take their shirts off anytime they want, but a girl group does something even remotely sexual and it’s bad.
Male groups can do cute concepts and aegyo 25/8, but if a girl group is super adorable, it’s too much and they’re trying too hard.
I don’t understand.

Note: I’m not throwing shade at any of these groups. It isn’t the groups that I dislike, it’s the hypocritical people that will watch all these guy groups, but then shit talk girl groups.

discourse gothic
  • you’ve seen this url before. have you seen this url before? you need to take a nap. all the chevrons are blurring together. 
  • in your dreams, you are awakened repeatedly by several people with purple hair. “op is an aphobe,” they say. “yikes :/" 
  • your last five reblogs are just homophobic posts followed by a chain of keysmashes. you think the discourse may have once involved discussion, but you’re not sure. 
  • someone reblogs your post and attaches a gif of a white boy rolling his eyes. you do not try to respond. you have tried that too many times. you are always blocked. 
  • your friend calls. it is her birthday. she offers you a slice of cake. you scream and curl up in a ball. 
  • you have blacklisted "queer.” you try to hateread an inclusionist’s blog, but tumblr savior has hidden every single post. that can’t be right. you frown and hit “show anyway.” you regret it. 
  • your mother wants to show you a funny comic from the sunday paper. you shudder and excuse yourself. comics as a medium have been ruined for you. 
  • you spend 30 seconds making a text post about something that vaguely irritates you. at least three different people respond telling you to stop vagueing them. you write out long, apologetic explanations but then discover you cannot send them. you have been blocked. you eat a whole sleeve of crackers instead.
  • an irl friend says “lgbtqia.” you get blackout drunk. 
  • you no longer attach any particular meaning to the words “assimilationist,” “radical,” or “reactionary.” you think maybe they should be banned. you try to make a text post about this but fall asleep on your keyboard halfway though. you are tired… so tired.