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Judging by how frequently this happens, and how Freddy reacts to it...

…it would appear that the gang’s general plan for their various trips is as follows:

1. Drive until you run out of gas 

2. See what happens from there

Seriously, this just keeps happening! Fred, you do realize you can fill the tank before it reaches empty, right? …right?

I don’t get how automobiles in the Scooby-Doo universe work.

In this one, the rear section is so small, Shaggy and Scooby need to cram their feet up against the edge.

But just seconds before, when they freak out about a lizard, the back transforms and becomes utterly massive.

“Introducing the 2017 Toyota Scoobster, with all-new Lizard-Activated Truckbed Resizing™. Available now at your local cartoon car dealership.”

Something I experienced as I was applying for a 6-month internship. Most employers want to see experience before you even finish studying (at least in Germany). How is your experience? Reblog and answer :).