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Has anyone thought of this though

Ironically, Slaine perhaps changed many of the Martian’s prejudice of the Terran. 

Yeah, there are still jerks like that one Count in the beginning who called Slaine an lowly Terran, but then you have people like Barouhcruz and the Stygis squad who probably didn’t have any kind of respect for the Terrans before they followed Slaine. And now they finally saw that someone who is from Earth can be admirable, brave, and respectable. It was Slaine’s leadership made them realize that. Not Asseylum and her empty words of peace. It was Slaine who show them through his actions and determination. 

From the bottom of their heart, they respected Slaine, and that’s why they risked their lives returning to the battlefield. Many, if not all of them, probably died during the  fight. (NO I STILL REFUSE TO BELIEVE HARKLIGHT IS DEAD BECAUSE HE ISN’T I WILL NEVER BE CONVINCED THAT HE IS DEAD). They fought out of their own will. They wanted to bring victory to their lord. They were loyal to Slaine. Because unlike Asseylum, Slaine actually wanted to change this corrupted system and liberate the Martians. 

I am not saying the Slaine has no wrongdoing. But honestly, I would rather follow Slaine over Asseylum anyday.