What A Win

A/N: Not requested but after that win last night I needed some Seguin fluff so, enjoy!

Word Count: 1,600

“Babes, what are you doing right now?” You rolled over onto your back and pressed the phone to your ear. Your best friend, Tyler’s, voice echoed through as your eyes darted around the room to find the time on your alarm clock. You groaned when you saw that it read 3 am. “Ty, I’m sleeping. Like a normal person. It’s 3 in the morning.” You heard a loud laughed come from the other side of the phone before a sigh. “We just beat the Blues and you’re in bed right now? Come over.” A slight smile crept onto your face when he said those words. You had watched the game, you wouldn’t miss it for the world. You knew how well the team played tonight. You knew that Tyler scored the final goal locking in their 3 goal lead. Most importantly, you knew Tyler was probably celebrating by partying at the bar and then bringing the party back home. “I’m sending an Uber over. It’ll be there in 10. Get dressed.” You groaned at his words. “Ty, I can not be dressed and ready in 10 minutes. I need to do my makeup and shit.” Tyler huffed on the other end. “No makeup. It’s just us. Come.” That’s all he said before hanging up.

You rolled out of bed and slipped into a pair of leggings and a Stars sweatshirt. You threw a beanie over your unwashed hair before grabbing your phone, keys and purse. You stepped outside and saw your Uber waiting for you. The ride to Tyler’s house was barely 10 minutes. You opened the front door, knowing he had left it unlocked for you like he always does when you’re coming over. You half expected to hear the loud thumping of a radio playing nearby but instead you were greeted with silence. You walked through what seemed like the empty house. No sigh of Tyler or the pups.

“Ty?” Your voice echoed through the house and you listened carefully for a response. A few seconds passed before you heard a low creak and the familiar sound of Tyler’s feet rubbing against the carpet. “Come up.” He was leaning over the banister staring down at you with a gentle smile on his face. You kicked your shoes off, leaving them at the bottom of the stairs along with your purse and beanie. You climbed the stairs slowly, reaching the top where Tyler was waiting for you. He opened his arms and you fell into them. This was your normal routine when you saw each other. He always hugged you a little too long which caused your friends and family to swear that you both were meant for each other.

Tyler pulled back slowly and leaned his forehead against yours. “We needed this win tonight.” You smiled at his words and rest your hands on his hips. “You did so good.” You softly said as his lips curled into a smile. “Come on, the boys missed you.” Tyler stepped back and reached for your hand before pulling you into his bedroom. Your eyes scanned the room they landed on the pups sprawled out on the bed and you smiled as Tyler squeezed your hand. Your eyes traveled from the bed to the nightstand and you smirked when you saw a bowl of popcorn sitting next to a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. “So, this is how you celebrate a win now?” You joked as he released your hand and walked around to get into bed. He pulled the covers down as he urged Cash to move over and let him in. He grabbed the bottle of wine and began to open it before pouring you a glass and then one for himself.

He smiled as he held both glasses in his hands. “I only celebrate a win like this with you.” You made your way to your side of the bed, yes your side. From the minute you met Tyler he made it very clear that you were always welcome into his home. Even going as far to letting you claim a side of the bed. He always upheld that promise. You climbed under the covers as Gerry placed his head into your lap. You took the wine glass from Tyler and he settled the bowl of popcorn between the two of you. He flicked on One Tree Hill and smiled as he sipped on his wine. There was silence between the two of you. The only noise that could be heard was the television and the steady breathing of the four pups laying in bed with you. That’s until Tyler paused the show and turned to face you.

“Wanna know what my first thought was after scoring that final goal?” You shifted around the bed so that you were facing him and gently nodded your head to his question. “The first thing I said to myself was ‘I wish Y/N was here to see this.’” He sighed before continuing. “Truthfully, that’s always my first thought when you aren’t at games.” You felt your heart rate speed up as he continued to speak. “I know you’re watching from home when you can’t make it but I just feel more comfortable knowing you’re in the crowd. It’s almost as if I feel like I can do anything with you in the same building as me.” A smile crept onto your face and you reached over to grab his arm. “Ty…” but he stopped you before you could go on. “You give me this high that no one or nothing else can give me. From the day we met I’ve felt it and it’s just gotten stronger for the past 4 years.” You didn’t know what to say now. You felt your breathing speed up as he reached for your wine glass before turning and setting it on his nightstand next to his followed by the bowl of popcorn.

He moved over closer to you and draped his arm around your shoulder before pulling you into him. He kissed your forehead and then laid his cheek on the top of your head before sighing. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to say that to you for the past 4 years.” You smiled at his words and looked up at him. “Why now, Ty?” You questioned. He smiled before kissing your forehead again. “What’s today’s date?” He asked in return. You sat there trying to remember what the date was before it struck you. February 22nd. The date you met Tyler. You could never forget it. You were at the gas station trying to fill your tank in the pouring rain. You couldn’t get the machine to take your card and you had no cash on you. That’s when Tyler stepped in. He watched you struggle for a few minutes before basically hip checking you out of the way and sliding his card into the machine. “Don’t worry, you can pay me back by coming to dinner with me tonight.” Those were his first words to you. You went to dinner and realized you had more in common than you thought. That’s where the friendship started. Now, you scanned the room as the pups slept by your feet and you smiled, this was where your friendship was going to end.

He looked down at you and smiled. “The day that changed everything.” He softly said as your eyes scanned his face. There was no denying that you had feelings for him but you always pushed them to the back of your head. You didn’t want to lose him as a friend but in this moment right now you didn’t care about friendship. You wanted more. You pushed yourself forward, latching your lips onto his as his fingers tangled in your hair. You felt a smile break on his face and you slowly pulled back. Your eyes trying to focus on his but they kept shifting to his lips. “Don’t stop.” He whispered. You pushed yourself forward again, your lips finding each others as his hands slipped under your thighs. He pulled you onto his lap and brushed your bottom lip with his tongue before it found it’s way in your mouth.

Your hands were in his hair and his arms were wrapped tightly around you. He broke to take a breath, leaning his forehead against yours with a wide grin planted on his face. “We waited too long for that.” He said in between breaths. His hands trailed up your side before cupping your face. “Entirely too long.” He continued. He placed another small kiss on your lips before shifting himself under you. He laid onto his back and pulled you down so that your head was laying on his chest. You took in his familiar scent and closed your eyes to the sound of his breathing. You listened closely to the sound of his heart racing and you looked up, leaning your chin on his chest. Before you could say anything he looked down at you and smiled. “Be my girl?” He questioned. You laid a kiss on his chest, trying to hide the goofy grin that was on your face. “I’ve dreamed of hearing you ask me that.” You whispered. A part of you prayed he didn’t hear you but he did and he let out a light laugh before squeezing his arms around you tighter.

You both laid there in silence as your breathing finally steadied. “What a win, eh?” His voice broke the silence and you smirked at his words before replying, “Yea…what a win babe, what a win.”

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