A video I recorded from the Devendra Banhart & Andy Cabic concert in Chico, Ca  10/20/14

“Cristobal Risquez”

Faith unwavering.
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Mystic Braves @ The Chapel (San Francisco, CA) 12/27/14.

Mystic Braves took the stage to warm response the other night, as they cooly strolled out and started tweaking their instruments. Right before they started playing someone handed organ player Ignacio a fat joint, he hit it a few times and created a cloud of smoke surrounding the stage, he then kindly handed it back to the crowd and I somehow got my little paws on it which is always nice.  As soon as they played their first note, the place erupted! People just grooving out left and right, beautiful girls with fur jackets and cool hats. As a young kid always dreaming of growing up in the 60’s, shows like these will be the closet we’ll get! They played a variety of their older tunes and some new material from their stellar LP Desert Island. I’ve Been to a lot of shows this year, and this one was definitely right up there at the top! We want to give a big “Outlaw” thanks to Folk Yeah Events for putting together so many amazing bands all packed into one night. Burger and Lolipop records for being the raddest record labels out there, and to the bands, Pearl Charles and The Pipes Canyon Band, Electric Magpie, The Abigails and Mystic Braves who blew everyone’s minds away and DJ Midnight who was keeping things v groovy in between sets. And to Mad Alchemy for putting on by far the trippiest visuals out there!

Photography By Tyler Loring


Everything is really meant to be #dreadiknights #dubdog #folkyeah #7generations

Kendra’s passing brought out many acts of kindness this week, but this one floored me. The St. Michaels class of ‘05 pitched in and got me tickets to the @newportfolkfest. Kendra and I were determined to get to the fort and stomp around every summer, and I will continue to do so in her honor. I am overjoyed and eternally grateful. #folkyeah #newportfolkfest