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The Road
Bryan John Appleby
The Road


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“Seattle-based Bryan John Appleby is more of a lyrical storyteller than a musician, molding the simple, relatable stories he recounts into masterpieces of classic folk. Accompanied by shimmering, rhythmic percussion, the easily digestible tunes are light-hearted but touching. Appleby has an innate ability to string picturesque details together, creating vivid visual imagery that simultaneously soothes and inspires." - Kimberly Dupuis (The Wild Honey Pie)  - I couldn’t have said it any bettter. 

Appleby released Fire On The Vine in July and is available on itunes.

Cliffs Along The Sea from Christian Sorensen Hansen on Vimeo.

Attention Seattle readers: Bryan John Appleby is playing The Tractor Tavern in Ballard tonight along with Noah Gundersen and Fort Union! 



Folksy Friday: Gingko

The next installment of my September - October Japanese Motifs. This one is Gingko. I was really surprised to find there was so little on Folksy using the gingko motif as they are such elegant leaves. So, yes, I feel a little lame doing gingko as a theme seeing as I didn’t have to ‘curate’ this gallery as such, it is literally the sum total of gingko related items on Folksy. It was very lucky really that it was all such high quality gorgeousness. I particularly like the different ways the gingko leaf has been interpreted by the jewelers. And I am SUCH a sucker for bold fabric prints. As my husband has just come out of hospital I’m quite glad that this week the Folksy search function has done my job for me ;)