folks of far away




“Imagine yourself by a campfire underneath the open sky, far away from the rattling of society. Nearby you notice a raven spreading its wings; croaking as it solemnly stares out across the surrounding landscape. As you turn you can hear a fox crying out in the distance, followed by what can be perceived as a drum beat derived from the earth itself. This is FLYKT, an escape from the world such as humanity has let it become - neglected and abused.”

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“ Are you lost young one…? “

The cerulean clad knight spoke in a calm tone as he approached the young blonde woman whom he had spotted walking not too far from where he was…odd, there aren’t a lot of towns folk who come walking this far away from town…it was deemed too dangerous still by the Committee.

Then again…she didn’t exactly look like she was from this town…or world for that matter.

But then again, who was he to talk?


Folks of Far Away: The Faroe Islands

So evidently certain SU fans are upset that the show just had a longass episode that said it’s not okay to meet abuse and violence with more abuse and violence.

Poor Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave…