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First sloggi then this

For the people playing at home: I just got a youtube sloggi add, which included among other things a woman pulling another woman’s hands onto her breasts while both were smiling broadly; and a beardy tattooed boyfriend wearing a bra walking to his girlfriend with said girlfriend looking delighted and then offering him other bras.

I feel like youtube’s finally got my number, guys.

I’m afraid to write about bands that I like
For a fear of seeming that I am appealing to a fanbase that I
Would like to belong to, would like to report to
And at the end of day, I wouldn’t feel ashamed of knowing I was playing a dirty game
No, that’s not me, I don’t really care what you think
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, no, fuck me
I’m sorry, it’s just the mood swings, it’s taken years and years
Of in-depth testing to find that my brain don’t quite work properly
And I’m sorry to everyone and everything
For my disability in doing normal people things
Like talk on the phone, or go outside
Or maintain friendships, get a job, or the simple task: to be alive
And in the context of society, I’m coming to terms
With the fact that I, the fact that I, the fact that I
Just might be worth nothing


Greip – “Vihma Loits” (eng: “Rain Spell”)

Mildly creepy folk-ish stuff in South-Estonian dialect.

Tule, tule, õllele, tuulekõnõ, õlle,
vii vihma, õllele, Venemaale, õlle,
aja huugu, õllele, Harjumaale, õlle,
tõuka vihma, õllele, Turjamaale, õlle,
saada sagar, õllele, Sõrvemaale, õlle
Näide põldu, õllele, põdemassa, õlle;
näide nurme, õllele, närtsimassa, õlle,
hainamaada, õllele, hallitamas, õlle.
Mine, vihma, õllele, vihu neidä, õlle,
mine, huugu, õllele, uha neidä, õlle,
nemä musta, õllele, muide siäs, õlle,
tõrvaskandu, õllele, tõiste siäs, õlle


allah las - tell me what’s on your mind


Paper lions…  these guys have beautiful music..