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I was called a Nazi on here the other day. 

I guess being part of the Folkish side of Asatru automatically makes me a Nazi. I mean, that’s a really really funny idea, because I’m not. I don’t like Neo-Nazis, and I don’t like Communists. I’m a Libertarian. I guess having the whole lifestyle idea of “You do you” is equivalent to being a Nazi, because I’m not going around trying to virtually stomp their throats with my boots. I love how people throw out the terms “FASCIST!” and “Nazi!” when someone doesn’t agree with them. 

I don’t have to justify my opinions, but the name calling is quite silly. I know that freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily protect me from repercussions in real life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say what I want. 

People on here are so big and brave behind their computer screens. I’d love to sit and discuss things logically with some of you people, that seem to have your ‘heart in the right place’ by dehumanizing another human being for their viewpoints. I thought that pagans and Asatruar just wanted to be left alone by everyone else. Now I guess they’re taking it upon themselves to “cleanse” things from supposed white supremacist groups– which, you know, aren’t white supremacist at all. 

So quick to mindlessly jump on the “I HATE YOU BECAUSE THIS PERSON SAID YOU’RE RACIST” train. 

Devotional 09/16/2012

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First Rune: Fehu 

Symbolizes beginnings, moveable wealth (in the forms of money posseions and credit). It’s not only represents the power and energy we need to obtain worldly wealth, but also the strength we need to hold on to it, making Fehu a rune of power and control. Fehu can mean emotional and spiritual riches, as well as money.

In many ways, we have become as domesticated as the cattle, living our day to day existence without wanting or even being aware of anything more being possible. The first step in breaking away from this situation is to catch a glimpse of what is possible, without dwelling on what security we may lose to attain it.

Second Rune: Mannaz (Drawn Reverse)

Reverse Meaning
When drawn, this rune counsels to begin facing up, releasing and admitting to yourself that in order to progress, you must first clear away the blockage within. Only then will you be able to satisfactorily deal with outside blockages. Braking the momentum of old habits is the task here. Remember that in the life of the inner-self you are always at the beginning

Third Rune: Wunjo (Drawn Reverse)

Reverse Meaning
There is blockage. Things are slow coming to fruition. A crisis or difficult time is at hand. Consideration and deliberation are called for at this time. Tread slowly and carefully, proceed with caution. It is time to re-evaluate your current position, to reflect and meditate.