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Race Matters, But Not The Way You Think

Some time ago, I made a post stating that I feel that modern Heathenry is largely racists who don’t know they’re racists arguing with racists who know they’re racist about who is more racist. Now, I think I will expound further on this.

From what I can gather, there are two main groupings of Norse/Germanic Heathens/Asatruar:

The first would be Universalists, or what I tend to call the average-liberal-heathen/pagan, who generally believe that Heathenry is equally for anyone who wants to be heathen, regardless of race, nationality, or practice. They usually have a very leftist political affiliations and harp strongly on equality and being inclusive.

The second would be Folkish (or some flavor of that), or what the first group like to call racist/nazi heathens. Generally, they seem to believe that to be able to be included in Heathenry or be able to be a “real heathen” one must be…..some kind of white person, preferably of Norse/German/“viking” descent.

I believe both groups are wrong about why race is or isn’t important.

To begin, I don’t think anyone will argue that culture doesn’t exist, or that cultures aren’t different (cultural diversity and all that). And what is religion/spirituality if not a part of and a reflection of the culture from which it emerged? And can we not all agree that in order to fully understand a religion, we must also take into consideration the cultural context?

Culture itself is formed over time by groups of people through shared experiences because of events through history and geographic location. Is it unbelievable then, that people who perhaps had a family who has lived in that culture for generations would not have a deeper understanding of the culture’s spiritual beliefs? And is it unbelievable that those groups of people would not have evolved over time to favor certain traits that would allow them to survive better in that context?

This then, is the genetic component. The sensitive topic that Universalist Heathens don’t want to touch. If there is a person whose ancestors lived in a situation where, say, independence was a more favorable trait for survival, then the children of those who survived would have a higher percent chance to be a more independent person (not to mention if they grew up in that culture, that trait would be praised, developed, and encouraged).

But, this is not 100%. It is not foolproof. Humans are individuals, who could be born and develop with a number of combination of traits, not to mention anomalies and mutations. Therefore, one could not say that ALL people of Northern European descent are fit to be or even inclined to be Heathens. Nor could one say that ALL people who are not never have it in their nature.

I am ethnically Chinese, almost 100%, but I can not relate to Chinese culture or the way most of them think on a fundamental level. This is not only because I was born in the U.S., a western country. My father who was born in Taiwan also has many stereotypically “western” traits in his way of thinking (among other things) as well, and we are considered “weird” by other East Asian people. I suffered ostracization and bullying from other Chinese or East Asian children growing up because I was different. Imagine how my life might have been changed, or limited, had I been born in China, surrounded by only Chinese people, and you might start to see a concrete example of how ancestry does have an impact on the average person of a certain race.

However, because I grew up largely around Chinese people, there are also things I understand and know intimately about Chinese culture that I am often surprised to find is not common knowledge to the average white American. And the more I visited Norway(the place I feel most at home), the more I realized being American and growing up in American culture, even if I disagree or feel uncomfortable with a lot of it, has shaped me differently than if I had grown up in Norway. I still responded to my surrounding influences, either for or against.

Therefore, I am compelled to take that into consideration in my practice, in my Heathenry. I have to acknowledge that I am not Norwegian, or Icelandic, and that I am not even an American of European descent (whose families still have traditions that echo those of the old world, however faint they may be). That is my starting point. A different context of understanding the world.

The past shapes the present and the future, whether it’s nature or nurture, and we are so afraid to admit that to ourselves, often even on a small scale. We wish to distance ourselves from our own past foolishness, or our parents’ or ancestors’ mistakes, so much so that we want to believe that our past has nothing to do with who we are now, but the effect is there whether we acknowledge it or not.

I conclude that an average person of Norse or Germanic descent would be a better Heathen than an average person who is of a different descent. However, we are not average people. We are individuals, and any one individual may find something in particular stirs their heart for one reason or another. I only ask that we all examine where we came from, and where our paths of choice come from with honesty, respect, and a desire to Know.

I’ve had this string of thoughts burning a hole in my skull for the past week or so, and I figured I outta lay it out for public scrutiny.

‘The Argument’ in Asatru, maybe in a lot of other circles of belief or otherwise. Doesn’t matter where it is really, I have seen this… overhang you could call it, of people going to war on social media, and perhaps literal fist fights on the topic, of whether or not people can do or be something because they are not the right Race, or Sex, or Ethnicity, or whatever you want to draw upon as a primary argument. For example, 'Folkish’ heathens that say only Germanic Whites can be Asatru, or how you can only be a Witch if you’re a woman, et cetera et cetera.

These lines of thought, never minding whether or not it’s right, is poisonous.

Poisonous as it entertains two fundamental problems of mankind that have done excessive damage to our people over millennia, these subjects being Religious differences and Superiority of opinion.

First subject. Religious differences outta be easy, but looking at our history, even recent, says otherwise. Religious as a word can mean many things, as it may pertain to literal religion or it may even show fanatical loyalty and faith in a country, but lets keep this simple and restrain this to Faith. I need only point to radicals in the Middle east to prove my point. The war of religion, or slaughter I should say, between RADICAL Muslims and Christians is suffice to say bloody. I would post an example of this decadence but I don’t want to watch peoples head getting chopped off just to prove a point. I can not stress this enough how fighting so putridly over why one person is 'so wrong’ for wanting to do be a part of something whether personally or publicly simply because their 'paperwork’ isn’t satisfactory to you.

This goes for both inclusive AND exclusive Heathens.

Second Subject. Opinion Superiority. The basis of pretty much all wars, fights, argument, or conflict anywhere ever. This by itself has done perhaps more damage to mankind than anything, second only to our stupidity. So what IS this broken down? The idea can be described by two people who have different opinions (obviously) but one key difference is one, or both, feel theirs is the better one. Now this is as common as sunlight of course, however this only becomes a problem when one tries to 'enforce their opinions’. The best example I can point to is ironically not the Middle east, but the ancient Catholic church, and their 'Witch hunts’ and the burning times where millions of undesirables were slaughtered because they were 'lesser beings’. The first form of McCarthyism to draw a modern example to compare it with.

Together however, this becomes EXTREMELY bloody. I mean '13 crusades’ bloody. While history may paint many different reasons as to why these crusades were fought, one cannot deny the results of them in those times and in modern culture.

“They are godless people, infidels. They have sinned against god and his holy son Jesus Christ, they must be punished.” -Season of the Witch, Nicholas Cage movie.

^ This. This is what comes from both Religious differences and Superiority of Opinion. Men and Women cutting each other down in droves over ideas and ideology.

One massive Acre. A city of people cut down like dogs. A Mass-Acre.

A massacre.

I understand that these two things are ingrained in our world and our ways, so asking people to do away with these is damn near impossible, but I implore them to listen. A knife can cut it’s wielder if they do not control it, and it will most certainly cut those that don’t respect it. Be wary of the things we can do, and be wary of what unwarranted fighting can become.

“Blind hate is just as crippling as blind trust”


I had a thought on the way to work this morning. Heathenry, at least my approach to Heathenry, necessitates a folkish approach.

This is because the core foundational principle of my practice is ancestor worship. Thus, I worship the gods and goddesses of my people.

I’ve not heard anyone else say this, but it seems to me that, upon consideration of an African Heathen, or Japanese Heathen, one would almost have to disqualify them right out of the gate: for they have dishonored their ancestors’ customs by calling on foreign gods.

This is the very reason we reject Christianity. The ancestors closest to me, all the way back to known 14th-great-grandparents, were Christian. But we know that Christianity is not the native religion of Europeans. Our close ancestors approached spirituality as best they knew how: through the lenses that were imposed upon them.

I honor my Christian ancestors. I honor the faith that they placed in Christianity. But I don’t honor that Christianity. And I feel that the “heaven” that our beloved Christian forebears go to, is more our ancestral halls than any Semitic, middle-eastern paradise.

So we reject Christianity because it is not the religion of our people. Why then would we encourage another person to abandon their ancestral folkways in exchange for what is, to them, a foreign path?

And the non-European “Heathen” has already demonstrated an unhealthy enough disregard of their ancestors so as to render them unqualified for Heathenry.


To elaborate why I am not folkish.

  1. Folkish is often connected with a longing for some kind of better past. Pre-Christian, families united. I don’t feel a longing for a past. Cause I think it’s bullshit. Our ancestors fought their battles and they fought hard. I love exploring ruins and pulp movies/games about archeology, I love archeology but I don’t want to live in the past. Imho the nordic/indo-germanic diaspora has always been a progressive one, travelling all over, learning, living, very pragmatic, often salesmen. I love that. But I don’t want to live in their time. I enjoy my washing machine, electric oven, internet etc very much. Folkish doesn’t seem progressive but conservative. I am not conservative
  2. Folkish is also about a pseudo longing to belonging to a folk. Which folk though? Trace your ancestors, I got roots in France, in Frankonia, Mecklenburgia, in Poland, and those are only the ones I am sure of. I got possible jewish roots as well. To which so-called folk should I try to be traditionial? My ancestors were traditionally marrying folks from other cultures than their own. I got catholic ancestors marrying lutheran people when it was highly frowned upon. More than once. Right now I love a Saxon while being a Frankonian (conseridering myself European more anyway).
  3. Folkish also is usually a euphemism for “white folk”. I know folkish people who believe the “white race” had different ancestors apart from the black “ape people”. While it is true that non-black people have up to 4% Neanderthalensis DNA, I don’t believe that we had “different, in other words, godly because Aesir” ancestors. I believe in SCIENCE as well and there is nothing to support white supremacy nor will there every be. Cause imho Týr is a god of fairness. I can’t follow Týr and treat people unfair because of the color of their skin. Thats just stupid.
  4. Now the only thing that folkish has going for it, is it’s nature-kind of aestethic. Hey, I do care about the environment and prefer a modern approach to it. I don’t need to wear fur to feel “bonded with nature”. Folkish therefor imho is too much old-time ‘nature’ Larping than taking care for the environment.
  5. Also, I don’t drink alcohol. Beer seems such a must for folkish people.
  6. When you translate folkish to my mother tongue, German, you get ‘VÖLKISCH’. Now völkisch was very clearly a neologism by NAZIS. They invented that word before they called themselves Nazis. Now in America you may hear some romanticism in the word folkish because it reminds you of folk songs, but believe me, in German völkisch is 100% clearly Nazi jargon. If I had thought about translating it earlier, this would have been enough.
  7. Imho the Edda has many tellings of reconcilation after a war. Freyr/Freya are Vanir, Skadi is a Jötunn woman. Why would one want to diminish these accomplishments of peace by retreating to closing our religion to people who are not white enough? Really? Cause folkish people do that. And its bullfuckingshit.
  8. The Diaspora which worshipped the deities of Asgard where not ONE folk. They were many many tribes and folks. Did you know the number “one” in Russian is “Odin”? To this day they start counting with “Odin”. All the people from Iceland, Scotland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia (which is fucking big) and more, at one point worshipped some version of the Aesir/Vanir. Folkish tries to eliminate that. They call themselves traditional but in truth their so-called traditions were invented by early esoteric  occultic Nazis like Guido von List (who died 1919, just to give you some perspective) or late Neo Nazis who invented Odinism and its 9 virtues. What kind of bullfuckingshit THAT is.
  9. There is enough evidence that black and Asian people lived with and married Vikings. Folkish means whitewashing a mulitcultural heritage. I can’t stand for that.

I short: I am way to modern to be folkish. I am Asatru but I don’t see why I would need to get into a time machine for that. Also, I am happy, I made 9 points. Yea me. Tbh, I believe in order to be true to the Asgardian deities one should be against racism. Just sayin’

I was called a Nazi on here the other day. 

I guess being part of the Folkish side of Asatru automatically makes me a Nazi. I mean, that’s a really really funny idea, because I’m not. I don’t like Neo-Nazis, and I don’t like Communists. I’m a Libertarian. I guess having the whole lifestyle idea of “You do you” is equivalent to being a Nazi, because I’m not going around trying to virtually stomp their throats with my boots. I love how people throw out the terms “FASCIST!” and “Nazi!” when someone doesn’t agree with them. 

I don’t have to justify my opinions, but the name calling is quite silly. I know that freedom of speech doesn’t necessarily protect me from repercussions in real life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say what I want. 

People on here are so big and brave behind their computer screens. I’d love to sit and discuss things logically with some of you people, that seem to have your ‘heart in the right place’ by dehumanizing another human being for their viewpoints. I thought that pagans and Asatruar just wanted to be left alone by everyone else. Now I guess they’re taking it upon themselves to “cleanse” things from supposed white supremacist groups– which, you know, aren’t white supremacist at all. 

So quick to mindlessly jump on the “I HATE YOU BECAUSE THIS PERSON SAID YOU’RE RACIST” train. 

Devotional 09/16/2012

External image

External image

First Rune: Fehu 

Symbolizes beginnings, moveable wealth (in the forms of money posseions and credit). It’s not only represents the power and energy we need to obtain worldly wealth, but also the strength we need to hold on to it, making Fehu a rune of power and control. Fehu can mean emotional and spiritual riches, as well as money.

In many ways, we have become as domesticated as the cattle, living our day to day existence without wanting or even being aware of anything more being possible. The first step in breaking away from this situation is to catch a glimpse of what is possible, without dwelling on what security we may lose to attain it.

Second Rune: Mannaz (Drawn Reverse)

Reverse Meaning
When drawn, this rune counsels to begin facing up, releasing and admitting to yourself that in order to progress, you must first clear away the blockage within. Only then will you be able to satisfactorily deal with outside blockages. Braking the momentum of old habits is the task here. Remember that in the life of the inner-self you are always at the beginning

Third Rune: Wunjo (Drawn Reverse)

Reverse Meaning
There is blockage. Things are slow coming to fruition. A crisis or difficult time is at hand. Consideration and deliberation are called for at this time. Tread slowly and carefully, proceed with caution. It is time to re-evaluate your current position, to reflect and meditate.