Harry Styles Emulates Folk-Rock Heroes at Intimate Los Angeles Gig
Harry Styles was joined onstage by Stevie Nicks Friday night at Los Angeles' Troubadour, a gig that marked the singer's first full U.S. concert.

“Tonight is maybe the best night of my life,” Harry Styles confessed Friday, facing an excited crowd of fans and friends gathered to hear the songs of his just-released solo debut, Harry Styles. The intimate club performance unfolded at the Troubadour, the celebrated West Hollywood room where some of his folk-rock heroes from the Seventies performed early career-defining gigs.

The erstwhile One Direction singer walked out as casually as anyone can in golden glitter pants. He picked up an electric guitar to begin “Ever Since New York,” a ballad warm and jangly, to an audience of raised cell phones. He winced dramatically to the lyrics of bitter love (“Almost over / Had enough from you”), ending with a fan sing-along to the repeated closing line: “Oh, tell me something I don’t already know.”

The album wasn’t the obvious move for the pop idol, but is now fully expected to debut at Number One on the Billboard 200 album chart. The concert at the 500-capacity Troubadour was a night to celebrate (and a benefit for homeless teens), while a crowd of mostly female fans not lucky enough to score a ticket stood outside waiting behind a barricade, maybe hoping for a glimpse of Styles, guest James Corden or anyone else.

At 23, Styles has launched a solo career to genuine acclaim, drawing less on the immediate pop of his multi-platinum boy band than lessons learned from the rock and pop past. His new songs show the direct influence of Bowie, Elton John, the Stones, Lennon & McCartney, and many others. The results that aren’t revolutionary in 2017 but are emotionally resonant, and suggest a healthy foundation of taste and ambition.

At the Troubadour, the percussive piano on “Woman” began like Elton’s “Bennie and the Jets.” The folky glimmer of his “Meet Me in the Hallway” shimmered like Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” His “Only Angel” snarled with Stonesy guitars and fittingly brutal beats and cowbell from drummer Sarah Jones.

By the time Stevie Nicks stepped out as his surprise guest for a trio of duets, Styles had traveled comfortably through a variety of styles. “You look pretty wonderful,” Styles said almost shyly as Nicks arrived at the mic. She replied, “So do you.”

“Nicks wore black and sang harmony on Styles’ "Two Ghosts,” a dreamy tune that could be Beck in sad singer-songwriter mode. Nicks looked over at her singing partner and blended her voice with his: “We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me / Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat.”

They followed with Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Landslide,” trading lyrics and admiring glances. Young women in the crowd shouted along to Nicks, but turned silent when Styles delivered his lines, which were his most gentle and reverent of the night. When Nicks paused to share some history about “Landslide,” Styles stepped back to sit and listen like the rest of the room, then joined her on one more song, “Leather and Lace.”

For much of the 80-minute set, Styles’ demeanor was as casual as if he were hosting a cocktail party in his living room, at ease with fans shouting ecstatically to his every syllable. With him were not a band of session players but a group of young musicians and peers, including guitarist Mitch Rowland, who was still working at a pizza shop when recruited by Styles as a player and co-writer on the album.

Together, they charged into “Kiwi,” a grinding rocker in the tradition of the Strokes or Jet, sending Styles bouncing around the stage, leaning into the front rows, punching the air.

“Unfortunately I only have one album, so we’ve only got one song left,” he said with a laugh near the end of the night. “We’ve quite literally run out of material.”

He then turned to the band and suggested performing “Kiwi” once more, as many in the crowd erupted. The band dove back into the rocker, and it was just as convincing, the song and energy clearly a sweet spot for Styles. When it was done, he asked, “Do it again?”

Instead, Styles closed with the emotionally lush “Sign of the Times,” already a career-defining song for the new solo artist. It wasn’t a casual reading. His voice soared and shifted gracefully between tenor and falsetto, retaining the epic song’s solemn gospel flavor (even without the album’s accompanying choir).

Like “Kiwi,” the tune tapped into something real in the singer, lifting him far beyond casual charmer and into passionate performer. Which might the greatest lesson of all from the musical heroes of the rock and pop past.

Niall said that he has been listening to many 80s stuff, specially to Don Henley, and that Slow Hands may have a similar sound (heavy bass and funky guitar sound), so in order to be able to get an idea of how Slow Hands MAY sound like, for those who don’t know Don Henley, here are some of his most known 80s songs:

-Dirty Laundry

-The Boys of Summer

-The End of the Innocence

-Heart of the Matter

-All She Wants to Do is Dance


“When River first played for Chris and me,” says Kim Buie, his artist rep at Island, “I thought he was great. At age 17, he was very sophisticated musically. His lyrics, on paper, read like poetry. He was a far better guitar player than he ever gave himself credit for.


He was constantly writing songs. He definitely had his own musical style, which I think is the sign of a true musician. At first, he was the pleasant, almost folky, singer-songwriter. Then he was getting into more abstract material, layering, complex chord changes, using two bridges. He was definitely ready to make a record.’’

From an article on US Magazine about River, October 1995 by Roberta and David Ritz.

The Explorer in us all 

by Jason Scottish

IG: jscottish

anonymous asked:

Hello pocarovna. I like the wedding crowns you are posting. I want to buy / make one similar to them, only less "folk". But still a bit folky, you know, not the hipster flower wreaths that are so in right now. Can you give me some examples or advise where can I order it online? Thank you!

Dear anon, 

I understand you on a pesonal level in this :)
The original wedding crowns are often, well, too majestic for wearing daily. However, you don´t always need to wear the complete thing: 


I noticed that the modern wreaths usually consist mostly of flowers, which makes them universal and so-hip for the music festivals. 
However, the traditional crown was quite a masterpiece, and in many areas included complicated embroidery or beading, metal work, small coins, strings, etc. 
It´s a great idea to take inspiration from this part, and leave the flowers apart:

If you feel like you need to include flowers, go for a less typical ones and skip roses, peonies etc. 
Actually, on the traditional wedding crown, the tiny flowers were cut out of paper and dipped in wax, sometimes also in the berry shape, so the various berries are good idea too:

Speaking of buying one, unfortunately, most of the stuff online is one of the extremes - either totally authentic, or the modern flower version. 
I have a friend though, who is making the jewel crowns. Some of them are folk-inspired, and she also makes custom crowns, so perhaps contact her to find out more: 


i made my own personal kin playlist !  i’ve been fiddling with this playlist for literally months but i’m pretty sure i’m content now. it’s quite alot more folky than su playlists usually are but thats the kind of music i like 💛

i made the playlist on youtube if you wanna listen ówò 

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What kind of sound do you think she is planning on doing?

i think she’s going to push more towards the singer-songwriter side of pop. so like more folky, but still mainstream enough to get radio play. i think it will be very “weird” in the sense that it will sound like absolutely nothing else around right now yet fit right into the current music climate. i think we saw a bit of that in IDWLF, and i think we’ll see her focus a lot more on lyrics and composition rather than a cohesive sound specifically. 

in terms of what i think we should look to on 1989 as pointing in that general direction, i’d pay close attention to blank space, style, clean, this love, and wildest dreams. 

Eurovision 2017 GRAND FINAL
  • me: Everything is grand now. Especially sparkle and glitter
  • Israel: A lot of winking... and fire. STOP WINKING! Fire can stay
  • Poland: Song of Boobs and Violin
  • Belarus: Pretty folky fairy and her guitarist on flying boat
  • Austria: Ed Sheeran AKA Dreamworks' moon boy
  • Armenia: Fire, hands and aloha?
  • The Netherlands: Dutch Sugababes... But better
  • Hungary: Romani Yolo Song
  • Italy: Rainbow and gorilla? I'm in
  • Denmark: Was she glued so she couldn't move? Because she seriously just stand
  • Portugal: Singing poetry? Singing story? Telling story?
  • Azerbaijan: Edgy edge and horse head man
  • Croatia: It's how multiple personality disorder looks on stage
  • Australia: Promoting healthy lifestyle by walking on treadmill on stage
  • Greece: Pretty girl and merman playing water
  • Spain: Fake hippie and 6 words song
  • Norway: Glitching singer and his anonymous crew
  • UK: UK always sends terrible song and this year... was no different
  • Cyprus: Expected Euphoria but got dancers who aren't synchronised
  • Romania: Yodeling and rap and it works
  • Germany: Did Sia just show her face or is it Titanium?
  • Ukraine: Finally somebody rocked the stage! Rocked because rock... you get it... right?
  • Belgium: She still isn't awake. I'm not awake as well
  • Sweden: Chris Pratt and his boysband dancers on treadmill
  • Bulgaria: The outfit is so tumblr and he looks like he is 12
  • France: It was in French <3 and pretty forgettable </3
ID #15868

Name: Eva
Age: 17
Country: USA

uhm. (i kind of suck at describing myself, so im sorry if this kind of sucks, xD)
but hi. my names eva, (but everyone calls me ebbles) and im 17. im from the sunny city of orlando, florida, and i like music.
music is cool.
genre doesnt really matter because i like just about everything, but my friends like to say i lean more towards the indie/folky side.
(some bands i like: kaleo, the 1975, arctic monkeys, milky chance, nirvana, x ambassadors, etc.)
my friends also like to say im a bit of a nerd because more times than none im stuck in a book.
(jk rowling, dean kootz, stephan king, etc.)
i also like horror movies, (was practically raised off them) and monster makeup. (sfx cosmotolgy) is a hobby ive picked up recently.
i like drawing, and cheese, and sometimes skateboarding, too.
and when i get older i kind of want to be a writer/costume designer or a phsycologist/paranormal investigator because ghost are also kind of cool, xD
and im looking for (a) pen pal(s) because i like meeting new people and it would be really cool to have friends all over the world. my dad was in foster care growing up, so im kind of used to the idea of having family/friends spread throughout all kinds of corners, (japan, germany, australia, europe, etc.) and now that im reaching the time where i kind of branch off and do my own thing, i think its cool to make these kinds of connections.
(ESPECIALLY, because i want to travel in a few years. visit all the places my
ancestors are from
and many more. and yeah.)
so again, im sorry this kind of sucked, but i look forward to making some new friends with this expierence!!

Preferences: i dont really have any preferences. like, gender doesnt matter nor age, (i kind of want someone close to my age) but if not than thats cool, im not really pickkky. !

Just some things in old Norse.

Wheim ritþr þausi stain à marki mi?!
(Who rise this stone on my land?!)

(-Where is Ragnar ?)
(-he went over the river.) Hilde•furu•fra•sveariki•af•øwfer•haf•okk•jola*Un•skola•nah•kamo•heim•a•i•manemini•af•alja•tiþi* (Hilde traveld from svealand away over sea and earth. Not should she come home in all mens memories of all time.) Ein•Jøtun•kums•fra•Jotunheim•ok•ein•þurs fra•Nifelheim*Þe•twa•wæsen•furu•øwfer• midgård•ok•lifi•vel•ub•i•bergi* goðR•festi•æt af•manus•folki* (A Jontun came from Jontunheim and a troll from Nilfelheim. The two “creatures” went over midgard and living well up in the mountains. There thay feast and eat of the human folk.)