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29 December 2014.  Low Tide, Folkestone Harbour.     First painting after the Christmas break and it turned out to be a lovely day, although very cold.  This is just a few hundred yards from my small studio - so I feel lucky.   The good thing about painting plum in the middle of winter, is that when the suns shines, the light is very rich and the shadows are beautifully long.   Also there’s less tendency to over work a painting, which means it can look fresher and more impressionistic.  In this case the tide was coming in quickly, so I had to make a hasty retreat anyway.

3D prints of shipwrecks off Drumbeg and Folkestone

Two shipwrecks in UK waters are among the world’s first underwater archaeological sites to be recreated using 3D printing technology.

Archaeologists have made a full colour model of a wreck near Drumbeg, in Sutherland, thought to date from the late 17th or early 18th century.

A print has also been made of HMHS Anglia, a World War One hospital ship lost off Folkestone in Kent in 1915.

The steamship, built in Dumbarton in 1900, sank after it struck a mine.

3D printing involves machines that can create a three dimensional object from an image by laying down thin layers of materials such as plastic - or in this case plaster of paris - on top of each other. 

Wessex Archaeology worked with printing firms in Scotland and England after first investigating and scanning the wreck sites. Read more.

19 August 2014:  St Mary’s Bay.   After painting landscapes in the depth of the country, I felt as if I needed a taste of the sea.   St Mary’s Bay is so attractive looking towards Hythe and Folkestone and for some reason the clouds often come up trumps there.   Although it was sunny, it was quite windy and cold for August, so I had to wear a coat.  I loved the excitement of the sea and the movement in the sky - it all felt so fresh and airy.  I painted the sky very freely and the whole picture seemed to come right quickly.  Haven’t touched it since and I think I’m pleased with it.  


Crispy Chilli Tofu 

I’m in Folkestone, south coast of Kent, staying with my parents for a week where my mum has introduced me to a vegetarian/vegan cafe called Beano’s a short walk away from their house. They have a really great variety of vegan food, I even had a full vegan fry up this morning! Last week my friend Katie and I had a vegan chilli tofu dish with crispy noodles and we absolutely loved it, so here’s my version - vegan (of course) and gluten free 

Ingredients (serves 2) 

•half a block of cauldron’s tofu 

•chilli sauce (the one i used is tesco’s churrasco, it was £1 and really tasty with a slightly smokey flavour. I used 1tbsp but measurements with vary with different types of hot sauce - some are very spicy so always try it out first!) 

•3 spring onions •a cup of sweet corn 

•3 small cloves of garlic/2 cloves of medium sized 

•2 servings of brown rice 

•a pinch of salt + pepper 

•olive oil 

Cooking directions 

Cook the brown rice, approx 25 mins. Heat the oil, salt, pepper and finely chopped garlic in a non-stick pan on medium heat until lightly sizzling. Add the sliced tofu and chilli sauce and fry for 10-15 minutes until crisp and brown. Add the sweetcorn and spring onions and fry for a further 3-5 minutes then taste to check the sweetcorn is cooked. Serve hot on a bed of brown rice, perhaps with diced avocado to cool the heat of the chilli sauce. 

•Tofu is a great source of protein, iron and calcium and contains all 8 essential amino acids which are needed for energy and regulating the metabolism. •Brown rice is full of fibre and is shown to help reduce high cholesterol levels.

27 October 2014.  Autumn, Radnor Park, Folkestone.   Autumn leaves are quickly disappearing, so I decided I had to capture a piece of autumn before it was too late.  This is one of my favourite spots for autumn trees - I love the shadows on the footpath and the grass.   Several people were jogging round the park and kept checking my progress.  Also there were people out with their dogs, most of whom stopped to chat - all very sociable!!


2 November 2015.  Autumn Light, Folkestone.  Some marvellous sunny weather in the last few days and I enjoyed catching perhaps the last of the autumn.  There was a college across the road from here and an art teacher came out with two of his pupils to look at what I was up to.   It made me feel quite special, as if I was part of an art class.  There’s always a first for everything!  This is Earls Avenue, Folkestone.


The First World War commemorative event in Folkestone, Kent, saw the arrival of His Royal Highness Prince Harry to dedicate the new ‘Step Short’ memorial arch. 

The command to 'Step Short’ was given - the command given to the troops as they marched down a steep hill to the quayside on the way to the battlefields 100 years ago. A normal march would not be possible. 

Today, service personnel paraded down this route to the harbour.