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Gohan was in the appropriate outfit for the day, as given to him per usual by the townsfolk! Ah, it looked so much like his dads! Almost an exact match! It was only missing the jewelry that hung from the sides.
“Yer all heah! I, I didn’ think y’all would come! Th-Thank ya very much!”

He had been worried that he gave them different locations, or just that they weren’t even going to come! But they did! They did and he was happy that he could spend this day with them! 
It made the town happy, so why wouldn’t it work with his friends?

The spare bottles he brought along were grabbed and given to the adults- as per tradition! He’d seen the townspeople do it in preparation! ‘Don’ worry! Yer still gunna be able t’ do somethin’ Mini-chan!’ he said to the boy, when Edge Gohan had noticed the boy as the only child present. 

“Alrigh’! Usually i’s done when th’ moon reaches th’ sky real high bu’ I can’t miss out on th’ town! S-So! I set it fer when th’ sun goes down!”
Indeed, the small lighter shade of red in the sky was slowly going down, barely noticeable behind the clouds. Oh he couldn’t wait! 
“I’ll tell ya when!
Bu’ now I need all th’ adults t’ go aroun’ me!”

After they had done what they were told, after all, they didn’t know what they were doing, Gohan got onto his knees in front of them all. “Now keep th’ bottles up high! Raise it like a vic-try flag! An’ when I say ‘go!’ I want ya t’ crash it down on m’ head! Real hard!” He chirped happily, patting his hair on the back of his skull with enthusiasm! It wouldn’t be long now! He didn’t even mind what they were saying, waiting for the light temperature change and then he would wait and hear the cracking of bottles and the liquid run down his head and all the way to his legs and pool against the ground!
Oh look at him not paying attention! There was the drop!