folk viking metal band


Post the six albums you’ve been listening to the most lately, then tag some of your friends!

@omg-okimhere wants me to do it sooooo I guess I have to ;) 

1) Robson and Jerome’s cleverly named ‘Robson and Jerome’. No lack of creativity there.

2) Nightwish’s ‘Once’. Amazing symphonic metal album! Probably my favourite ever. Ghost Love Score is outstanding.

3) Within Temptation’s ‘The Heart of Everything’. Another beautiful symphonic metal album.

4) Turisas’ ‘The Varangian Way’. Brilliant Viking/Folk/Symphonic Metal band, whatever they are. Battle metal I guess :D 

5) Eluveitie’s ‘Helvetios’ which tells the story of the Roman invasion of Gaul. Love the Hurdy Gurdy <3

6) Oonagh’s ‘Märchen Enden Gut’. She is a German singer who I’ve just recently found and love her latest album. I don’t really know how to classify her music. Celtic pop? 

Anyone can do this :D