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Hey folks. I wanna do a little lesson here. Lemme get out the classroom pointer stick and the chalk.

What is a spirit? - A spirit is, in its most common description, a being that is deceased. A non-corporeal being that once lived, and is now dead. Sometimes “spirit” is used as a blanket term to describe astral living entities, thoughtforms, and other energetic sentiences.

What is a living entity? - A living entity is a being that resides either on the astral, otherdimensional, or extraterrestrial planes who is alive. These beings can astral project themselves or astrally travel through meditation to communicate with us. These beings are alive. You know–breathing with beating hearts usually.

Can you hurt a spirit? - NO. NO NO NO NO NO. You can hurt a spirit’s feelings, sure, but physically hurt one? No. Spirits are dead. They have lived their lives and passed on. If they were killed, they’ve already been hurt, and chances are you can’t do anything worse to them. YOU CANNOT KILL A SPIRIT. SPIRITS CANNOT DIE. THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD.

Can you hurt a living entity? - This is sometimes up in the air, but if you have the knowledge and experience to, you can do a number of harmful things to living entities. You should always be kind to your companions, of course, and everyone knows that, so I’m not worried about anyone attempting to hurt a living entity unless that entity is an antagonistic and harmful being themselves. And even then, it takes an immense amount of knowledge to even know how to hurt an incorporeal living entity. Unless you can somehow astral project yourself and see the living entity’s physical body on some other plane, chances are you won’t even be able to scratch them.

Some people might debate this, but we stand very firm on this subject. We have never had a spirit friend of ours physically harmed in a way that injured them. I’ve known tormented spirits who were followed and harassed by their killers or other horrible people who were in their lives who were involved in their deaths, but these spirits were never hurt by their harassers in the afterlife. They were traumatized and emotionally/mentally harassed.

I hope this clears up any confusion in the community.

Are we ready kids? AYE AYE CAPTAIN!

Now that I’ve caught all you lovely folks attention, time to get down to serious, oh yes, SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!

I’m ready to get this blog kicked back into gear so! If you don’t mind interacting with the most FANTABULOUS girl of them all, Junko Enoshima originally from DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc then please give this a LIKE && RE-BLOG ( preferably re-blog it my loves! ). 

Just remember if you’re allergic to any kind of despair, this definitely is NOT the blog for you!

This is Junko Enoshima saying, peace!

The following post is in its entirety a transcription of the images from the post linked to by these words, which images are screenshots of a twitter monologue.

@gravislizard retweets @Avik (a verified account for someone named Avik Roy) saying “I’m very open to thoughtful critiques of the Senate bill from the left. "MILLIONS WILL DIE” is not it.“

They react to it with the following 38(?) tweets, which have been formatted into paragraphs for, hopefully, ease of reading:
over the last century our shitty politicians fucked up politics so much that people forgot that decisions can have serious consequences. the american people got completely inured to the idea that politics is about tariff disputes and inconveniences. (white, straight, etc.) americans came to believe they have no real problems, that society is a solved problem if only politics would stop. politics!!! BIG eyeroll for THAT shit, folks. a waste of time, ugh! we have to listen to these BUREAUCRATS just talk and talk and talk

meanwhile, we didn’t have any civil wars. and we continued to not have any civil wars.

americans don’t actually think that mass death is real. this is a fact. they have abstracted life itself. they have abstracted disaster, in fact. because, by and large, we don’t die in floods. our children aren’t killed by epidemics. the idea that people can die on a large scale is not real to most people. so any form of panic is ‘hysteria’.

the most relevant onion article in existence portrayed it thusly:

[screenshot of the Counterpoint half of a Point/Counterpoint article from The Onion, where fictional white man in a suit Bob Sheffer says "No it won’t. It just won’t. None of that will happen. You’re getting worked up over nothing. Everything is going to be fine, okay? You’re really overreacting. 'This war will not put an end to anti-Americanism; it will fan the flames even higher’? It won’t. 'It will harden the resolve of Arab states to drive out all Western (i.e. U.S.) influence’? Not really.”]

The problem with the healthcare shit is in fact that millions will die. They were slated to, and then we fixed it. We took a ton of peoples heads off the chopping block and now the GOP is trying to put them back on. There is no nuanced argument and /that is a huge fucking problem/ for us. The problems that we are facing as a society /do not seem realistic/ to the right. They think these things can’t happen.

[Note: the following three lines are sarcastic imitations of conservative reactions]
Millions dead of preventable disease? Oh come on. Are you even listening to yourself?
Look nobody’s going to kill you for going into the women’s bathroom if you have facial hair. That just doesn’t happen.
Are you kidding me? We’re going to heat up the *entire planet* and cook ourselves? What is this, a comic book?

I…maybe I’m being naive here but I feel like these arguments would have been MUCH easier back when people died en masse constantly. “You remember when the entire city of East York died? 4,300 people all killed by a plague? they say this will be ten times this bad” (no i do not think this is a realistic number for any single mass tragedy but anyway)

Anyway the point is what we’re up against is a lot of people who have never faced adversity worse than double billing by the power company. There are a ton of people in this nation who *literally* have never suffered any worse than “I had to argue with a clerk”. how do you convince that person “no, no, you don’t get it, there are people being shot right now. RIGHT now”. how do you convince them that random acts of violence are real? that people are born with horrible illnesses and have *no* solutions?

The entirety of reality has been abstracted in their eyes, reduced to a lot of squabbling and he said she said and who wins or loses. But life ALWAYS goes on. Politics just means the gas prices might go up and your tax return might be smaller.

Politics never means watching your sister die in a hospital bed while the drugs that will save her are locked up in a cabinet 10ft away.
Politics never means a person watching their lover bleed out on the pavement while the cops huddle and get their stories straight
Politics never means entire cities being swallowed by the ocean.

It took us less than a century to forget, culturally, that bad things are real and that we have to work to prevent them. That’s WHY Americans are so quick to blame black people for their own deaths, addicts for their suffering, queer people for persecution. Because they ALWAYS see it as “everything’s fine for me and everyone I know, i’ve never seen any of this. YOU must be doing SOMETHING”

It’s not where these prejudices started but it’s why they’re so easy to keep alive. Keep all this in mind before you tell somebody “but if we don’t fix this then people will DIE.” they literally don’t believe that’s possible. death isn’t real to americans. Death is something that happens to other people, or happens when you’re old.

I don’t have a solution. I’m sorry. But you should at least understand the scope of the problem, why we keep failing to sway people. This applies to so many problems - the “i don’t see it so it can’t be THAT common” phenomenon. I’ve still never seen a catcall but every woman I’ve talked to swears to me they’re regular occurances. It was so hard to accept this. A lot of gay people who live in gay-friendly cities don’t think homophobic violence is real.

It’s just so easy to become convinced that this shit only happens in movies and to other people in other places

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally

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