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Song of the Day // James Bay // Hold Back The River

This song is truly haunting my life. It has taken over my daily routine. It’s six minutes and thirty-four seconds of such a rare and frightening sound. The singer, Jonathan Stafford, has a unique sound. You believe every word he says. “Where is the line between my demons in my mind? In my reason…” This line is the beginning of the story of the man who was cracked in his soul. The poetry of the literacy is absolutely incredible and made me fall even more in love with this song.

Talking about the sound of the song, it fits the mood really well. There’s a build up from beginning to end, eventually exploding into your ears as if the bomb of his mind has finally burst in millions and millions of pieces.

Haunt The Woods, a four piece progressive rock/folk band made up of Jonathan Stafford, Phoenix Elleschild, Olly Bignell and Alex Skinner, is one of the unknown bands I can not wait to hear more from in the future!

Here they are, Haunt The Woods with ‘The Line’!

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