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LGBT + happy ending

Heads up if you’re involved in your local DIY community, time to up your security!
Especially for folks who throw house shows or who use combined living/working spaces to host events, doubly so for people whose spaces are in a legal grey area.
Get better at keeping your doors manned, pull your addresses off listings/make people RSVP for locations, monitor who’s at your events/keep an eye peeled on their social media, and consider going dark for a bit if you’re attracting unwanted attention.


Multicouple gay - I lived

Watch on

i want to bottle brendon’s laughter so badly


[people cheering for dallon]

one girl, yelling at brendon: you’re okay!

kenny, playing a “wamp wamp wamp” sad noise on his guitar

brendon: losing his shit


My favourite gay couples:

Ian and Mickey (Shameless)

Connor and Oliver (How to get away with murder)

Brian and Justin (Queer as folk)

Blaine and Kurt (Glee)

Simon and Kieren (In the Flesh)

What are your favourite couples?