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3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?


4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?

rika x v. also no LMFAO

11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

i dont thiiiiiiink so???

12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

i know some folks think jumins route is creepy (esp between day 7 - 9) but tbh. those are kinda my fave days on his route lmfao?? like obviously there are some Questionable Things ™ goin on in that boy’s head at the time but hes a) pretty aware of it b) aint acting on it with the arguable exception of making u stay in the penthouse but i mean. hes kind of having a mental breakdown. if yall can forgive saeyoung for treating mc like shit for three days i feel like yall should be able to forgive jumin for his separation anxiety n abandonment issues c) workin on figuring out his emotions n bettering himself for the sake of mc, so. plus i like the fact in this route mc can actually directly interact with jumin. also hell yeah sexual tension i mean what  

 14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

kinda answered this already but otherwise i wouldnt say i have an unpopular opinion??? like all fandoms have their faults but generally mm’s p lit. DGHIG memes annoying as fuck though.

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Dear No-Mercy Run Players:

Your actions are not comparable to that of real-life serial murderers.

Putting the blame on Chara is not on-par with real-life child abuse.

You are not a bad person for wanting to avoid guilt over playing a video game.

You are not a bad person for playing a video game.

yyyyeeeeaaaahhh dating sims love covering A LOT of options! Which sometimes! Not. Not so great. And def a part of it I think is that some older folks like those routes bc love interest is closer to their actual age, and younger folk might not recognize it as Pretty Alarming, it’s just. Unfortunate. There was one where a route in the game I played that really had like. A real sketchy introduction. And fans of that character and that route talk about how ‘he’s actually good!!’ idc man it’s super sketch you couldn’t pay me to go thru that route.

Tolkien's Most Beautiful Relationships (Third Age Edition)

(Here’s the original First Age edition, for those who haven’t seen it.) The Second Age is difficult for this, since Tolkien didn’t write much about it (which makes me so sad because there are some great stories from that era that I would love to see fleshed out more.) Just assume that my favorite relationships from the Second Age are Gil-galad and Elendil with everyone around them (and especially with each other.) But anyway, here’s my favorite five from the Third Age, in no particular order:

Cirion and Eorl

  • Why: I have a huge, giant soft spot for selflessly loyal cross-cultural friendships. Thankfully, Tolkien seems to have had a similar soft spot, as he writes quite a few relationships like this. Even so, Cirion and Eorl stand out - not only do they form a friendship through heroic deeds, but they follow through with a political alliance that shapes the region for the rest of the Third Age.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time: Yet beyond wisdom and policy both Cirion and Eorl were moved at that time by the great friendship that bound their people together, and by the love that was between them as true men. On the part of Cirion the love was that of a wise father, old in the cares of the world, for a son in the strength and hope of his youth; while in Cirion Eorl saw the highest and noblest man of the world that he knew, and the wisest, on whom sat the majesty of the Kings of Men of long ago.” - The Unfinished Tales (“Cirion and Eorl”)
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Finrod and Beren (found in The Silmarillion)

Gandalf and Bilbo

  • Why: Gandalf’s obsession with hobbits has always been adorable to me, and his friendship with Bilbo is sort of the embodiment of the whole trend. These two have been through a lot together, and yet have maintained a sort of “alright, see you same time next week” pattern to their relationship that only emphasizes their level of trust and comfort with each other.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:I do not give my love or trust lightly, Thorin; but I am fond of this Hobbit, and wish him well. Treat him well, and you shall have my friendship to the end of your days.” - The Unfinished Tales (“The Quest for Erebor”)
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Gandalf and Frodo? (honestly, most of the hobbit/big folk friendships go this route)

Amroth and Nimrodel

  • Why: Tolkien could write a tragic romance like it was nobody’s business, and the story of Amroth and Nimrodel was some of his best work. The key, I think, is that he convinces you to care about the couple beyond their tragedy, so that even when you know it’s going to end badly, you’re still rooting for them. I like to think that somewhere these two have found each other again.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:For long years he had loved her, and taken no wife, since she would not wed with him. She loved him indeed, for he was beautiful even for one of the Eldar, and valiant and wise; but she was of the Silvan Elves, and regretted the incoming of the Elves from the West, who (as she said) brought wars and destroyed the peace of old.” - The Unfinished Tales (“The History of Galadriel and Celeborn”)
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Aegnor and Andreth (found in The Silmarillion and “Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth”)

Legolas and Gimli

  • Why: Duh.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:We have heard tell that Legolas took Gimli Glóin’s son with him because of their great friendship, greater than any that has been between Elf and Dwarf. If this is true, then it is strange indeed: that a Dwarf should be willing to leave Middle-earth for any love, or that the Eldar should receive him, or that the Lords of the West should permit it.” - LotR, Appendix A
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Turin and Beleg (found in The Silmarillion)

Theoden, Eomer, and Eowyn

  • Why: Eomer and Eowyn were quite young when their parents died and they went to live with Theoden and Theodred. We don’t really get to see Theoden interact with his son at all, but if his relationship with his niece and nephew is anything to go by, he was a loving father. Unfortunately fate didn’t seem to want them to stick together.
  • The Quote That Gets Me Every Time:Where is Éomer? For my eyes darken, and I would see him ere I go. He must be king after me. And I would send word to Éowyn. She, she would not have me leave her, and now I shall not see her again, dearer than daughter.” - Return of the King
  • If You Like Them, Check Out: Turgon and Tuor (found in The Silmarillion)
the battle of azanulbizar + tilt shift

Underfell Flowey the NOT so defenseless Flower.

Although this is after collecting 4-5 souls or so on the Survival/Genocide route. Folks seemed to like this concept, so I thought I’d draw more doodles of it- > u <”

By this point I imagine he’d be trying to make Frisk not worry about his ‘condition’, telling them the souls were giving him the power to better protect Frisk from other monsters.

Though in reality, the souls are bringing back his old personality, the corrupted child monster he used to be. While he is able to protect and fight for Frisk, he’s also becoming more of a danger to them…

If you’re wondering where his thorns and smaller vines went, he only brings those out when he’s fighting, otherwise he’d risk accidentally hurting Frisk with them while just walking around.

Musician to Watch: Cud Eastbound

He’s the powerful answer to modern artists with his vulnerable voice and poetic lyrics, some of which take cue from classic novels such as Watership Down. He belongs to a network known as Folk Routes, a syndicate of anti-corporate artists that release all of their music free of charge and free of advertising. He has made stops throughout the world with his guitar and banjo in hand; yet you have never heard of him. His name is Cud Eastbound. 

Cud E’s profile on Folk Routes is poetry in itself. 

“It was before becoming Eastbound that Cud sunk into music in a place where sound met wave and courage met constraint.  Like most who are exceptional and disproportionally vibrant, the suburbs stifled his heart.  Though he would never leave behind his love for purity and sylvan contemplation, Cud needed first to face the intraurban poison, following its stench which seeped even deep within holy ground at the borders of the forest." 

The Canadian-born singer, nay, artist has created a universe for his fans through allegory and transcendental introspection. It becomes difficult to describe his style. At first look he seems to be the standard young man in a flannel and skinny jeans, trying to emulate people like Pete Seeger or Woody Guthrie in a contemporary fashion, but his music says otherwise. On the title track from the record Fiver’s Warning, he and his colleagues sing together in accelerando, "I’m sick and tired of the bottom of the barrel while the scum floats on top and soaks up all this sunshine from getting to me…I’m never gonna give up or give into them.”

Cud E doesn’t have the same ideals as other musicians. He doesn’t do it for the fame or press. He doesn’t want to make heaps of money. He wants to spread his beliefs using his compelling and efficacious music. For that, he deserves to be listened to and respected by all. 

A live video of his song, “Full of Whatever,” is embedded below.

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Trans-parenting huh? Thats one' way to never have grandchildren.

I’m going to answer this only because I know there are a number of other people who are similarly misinformed about such things. Trans people are perfectly capable of becoming parents and grandparents, and in fact, many are parents and grandparents.

There are many paths to building a family, and despite some hurdles that can come along with being trans, I know from (personal) experience that trans folks can and do make awesome parents - and yes, even grandparents. I can name a fair number myself. It’s true that trans folks can run into fertility issues, when dealing with hormones, but there are certainly ways to prepare for that (ie. freezing sperm), or to work around or through things like surrogacy, adoption, etc. The major barrier in many cases is cost and access to inclusive and supportive healthcare. Our children happen to be biologically ours, but there are plenty of trans folks who pursue other routes to parenthood, and all of them are plenty valid. My only hope is that parenthood is more accessible to all the trans folks who want to pursue it.

As for becoming a grandparent, I have no idea whether my kids will want children of their own in the future. But I imagine that choice will have nothing to do with whether or not I’m trans and everything to do with who they are as people. I certainly hope I get the chance to cuddle a grandbaby (or a few) sometime in the distant future.