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Molecular Delusions
  • Molecular Delusions
  • Ramases
  • Space Hymns

Here is a trippy bit of raga folk prog, titled “Molecular Delusions”, by Ramases, a man named Martin Raphael who believed that the Pharaoh told him he was his re-incarnation in a vision. The 1971 album Space Hymns featured all four members of 10cc, and Dorothy Frost (aka Selket).  This track is particularly interesting for its modal group vocals and prominent sitar throughout, not to mention the insane lyrics. Vertigo 1971.


JETHRO TULL - “SONGS FROM THE WOOD” (Songs From The Wood - February 11, 1977)

You deserve to hear this landmark album, in full, on it’s 40th anniversary.  Even the cover boldly announces that Ian Anderson had taken Jethro Tull in a completely different direction.  I remember buying this (most likely on release date), putting it on… and being shocked by what I heard.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take me a few listens to see the brilliance in this new sound.  But 40 years later, it’s still one of my ‘go-to’ Tull albums of which I never tire.

ProgTracks Note:  If you’d like to listen to the full album, here’s a YouTube Playlist:

The Musicians:  Ian Anderson / flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, whistles, vocals; Martin Barre / electric guitar, lute; Barriemore Barlow / drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, nakers, tabor; John Glascock / bass, vocals; John Evan / piano, organ, synthesizers; David Palmer / piano, portative organ, synthesizers

Tales from the Musical Box #5

Tonight in the Oppo player is a brand new 2015 release from the great Musea label. It is the latest offering from French band Minimum Vital, Pavanes. The great thing about this one is that it is a double album, which means double the fun, right?

Although not always the case, the entire 19 tracks is a very smooth listen. Tons of medieval and Renaissance sounds here, with perhaps a touch of Oldfield. A few tracks are closer to more traditional sounding prog, while still keeping the acoustic/folkish sound. Overall, a very even album that is mostly instrumental .

Music that manages to retain its own personality throughout 2 discs is always a bonus in my book. To discover on an evening where louder sounds may not be welcomed.

Recommended, keep on Proggin’


1. Javary & Montago
2. La Basse Danse
3. Valadôn
4. La Pavane
5. Rodéo
6. Le Prisonnier Hollandais (trad.)
7. Maria Flies
8. Suite En Poussière De Lune
9. Folkish
10. Villages

CD 2 « Pavanes II »

1. Saladin
2. Yassim
3. Sur Tes Pas
4. L'Enfance Des Sages
5. Le Tourdion
6. Chanter Toujours
7. Ende Limbo
8. Soleil Dén
9. Suite Ibérique

- Jean Luc Payssan / acoustic & electric guitars, oud, saz, percussion, vocal
- Eric Rebeyrol / bass, saz, horn
- Thierry Payssan / keyboards, percussion, vocal
- Gilles Pialat / MIDI drums (1/1, 2/7)
- Chfab / vocal (1/3, 2/3)
- Laure Mitou / vocal (2/8)

Arbete och Fritid 1973

Terry Riley’s 1967 visit to Sweden and his work with these musicians when they were still just young ones in High School resonates here, and you get a weird and vibrant mixture of Riley, the Third Ear Band, bits of free improvisation and ancient Swedish folk music all blended into an excellent, droney whole. In the final analysis, Arbete Och Fritid must be counted among the most important Swedish groups of the 1970’s.