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Incoming vent

The one thing i hate about the punk subculture is that yall are like always like we love and accept anyone and everyone who respect humans and its just not about the music (although the music is very important) its about the attitude and fighting for minorities  and anyone can be punk if you love the music and supporting others but at the same time we have people who dedicate blogs or time to making fun of new punks and people who may not have the money to buy that $80 dead kennedys patch or that $2 ramones patch

 Punk is about honest diy. having no money so you write your favourite bands name in sharpie or paint what ever you can get your hands on, Like thats the point Honestly punk is having shitty clothes and listening to fast and stupid music and having fun And it doesnt matter if you have “entry level punk band patches from the basic bands” bc people are aloud to like those bands Its not some fashion show its a movement to support minorities and people in need. Its about listening to music with people who like the same music as you. Not about bullying. Bullying is about as unpunk as you can get. Remember you were once a newcomer to the punk community.

Hey i put out this album! check it out and donate if you can :) 

We’re a diy Fun Rock band from ct, ffo/ Hop Along, Sorority Noise, Told Slant, Elvis Depressedly, Third Eye Blind, Best Friends Forever, being angry n gay 

hi! we released a new album today. it’s about silly little things like playing sonic the hedgehog with your friends or your pet snail running away, but also about some less silly things like dealing with depression and anxiety. 

if you want to check it out you can stream it on spotify here

any support means the world to us. thanks for listening. 

The Menzingers - Rivalries

I’m gonna walk to the edge of the world,
I’m gonna collect everything left that’s scattered
maybe then I can mend your wounds,
maybe then I can mend mine too
because I’m running out of excuses,
because I’m running out of time

I’ll find my own way home,
and stumble into another new year

I’m gonna get me fighting fit,
I’m gonna let my liver play offense
but when captains choose their teams,
I’m always the last one on the side lines

So help me get better because I haven’t been my best, she took a plain black marker started writing on my chest, she drew a line across the middle of my broken heart, and said come on now let’s fix this mess, we can get better, because we’re not dead yet