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mlm enjoying dream daddy because there are practically no gay dating simulators where you can be trans, date a trans mlm, and date mlm of color but are still aware of the many issues it has and respect peoples opinions of it

wlw playing dream daddy because even though ddadds is about mlm it’s nice to see a dating sim where there are a lot of lgbt+ characters that aren’t just side characters or used for jokes because of their identity

people who hate dream daddy because of it’s many flaws but still respect the lgbt+ folk who play it

cishet girls who play dream daddy and fetishize mlm + cishet men playing dream daddy because they think the idea of being gay is a joke and get a kick outta it

In a world in which magic is controlled through music, people have flocked from around the world to see the pay per view event of the millennium: A duel between a single banjo-playing folk musician and a full power metal band.

this photo looks like it’s from an action comedy about a rich country heiress who doesnt know how common folk dress played by melissa benoist who’s being threatened with kidnapping and is put under the protection of gay rough-and-tumble cop played by chyler leigh who has to keep her alive even though they butt heads all the time.

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Every single one of Bruce’s children once witnessed his socialite persona for the first time, and to this day, not a single one of them has fully recovered from the shock. They met him while he was in Batman Mode. They knew him as serious and stern, and he spent the entire trip to the event complaining because he was missing prime crime-fighting hours. There was a five minute monologue about the soul of Gotham City?
  • But then the second he stepped into the ballroom it was all “hey everybody I’m so glad you could come WHY JANE I haven’t seen you in six months and that clutch is incredible c’mon folks let’s go play cards! Have you met my new ward?”
  • The ward in question: ????? ??? ?? ??? ? W h a t ??? ?
  • Anyways Bruce Wayne is fake and they have been living in a house of lies
  • Dick spent a full year trying to convince Damian to act polite, if only to maintain his cover, but nooooo, it was always “my father wasn’t nice so why should I be?” And then Bruce came back from the abyss of time and Damian saw him doing his thing at a party.
  • “So he’s… acting? So he can manipulate them?” “I guess” “Understandable. It’s a good strategy. I will develop my own persona.”
  • First of all? Dick spent a year trying to get that done. Second, his family is terrible and none of them should ever be role models 

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Future Kid-verse: [Nursey] [Caitlin] [Chowder] [Jack] [Bitty] [Lardo] [Shitty[Dex]

The one where they all have kids.  Prompted by this headcanon.

College versions

I swear to you …

I’m really busy for the next two days, but I swear to you all that I will work out a way to play “Dan and Phil’s Time Bombs” online. It will probably require a moderator who doesn’t actually get to play the game but just reads the answers out at the end for everyone to guess, but I *WILL* figure out a way for phans to play this together long-distance.

Tips For Subtle Witchcraft

There are plenty of places & times when you may feel that openly being a witch will negatively affect your quality of life. Whether that be because of a hostile work environment, living with roommates who may not appreciate altars and spellwork, or something else.

For witches who can’t afford to have physical representations of their work / beliefs, here are a few tips:

🌰 Paint a sigil for beauty on your face with foundation before blending it into your skin.

🌰 Stir a sigil or your intention into a cup of coffee and drink to experience the results.

🌰 Charge water in a windowsill and use for anointing candles, doorways, or cleansing spaces by sprinkling a few drops.

🌰 Research popular folk beliefs / superstitions that you can co-opt into spells - think sprinkling some salt.

🌰 Learn to read playing cards - folks will assume you’re playing some kind of elaborate solo game.

🌰 Make use of meditation as a time to practice and ground.

🌰 Go out into nature and make use of your time with the wise old trees and friendly squirrels.

🌰 Explore kitchen witchery and herblore as mundane-friendly practice methods.

🌰 Use art as a mode of practicing. Paint sigils into your work, create images in place of an altar, and draw your intentions into being.

Don’t forget that you don’t need fancy tools, or physical objects to witch. You just need focus and a healthy dose of creativity.

My Silver Lining
First Aid Kit
My Silver Lining

I don’t want to wait anymore I’m tired of looking for answers.
Take me some place where there’s music and there’s laughter.
I don’t know if I’m scared of dying but I’m scared of living too fast, too slow.
Regret, remorse, hold on, oh no I’ve got to go.