folk patches


I’ve bought more paint and new, better brushes, and am 100% ready to start making custom patches once again! Paints and brushes have been tested on a variety of new patches for myself, and they’re just waiting to meet your jacket, vest, pants, or whatever else you’re patching!

I’m Mika, and I’m an autistic queer punk, and everything I make is handpainted by me for you. Each premade patch (pictured) is $3, and each custom order (whatever you want it to be!) is $5. I’m also capable of doing back patches (pictures when I’m done with mine) for $15. Shipping is the price of a stamp – 50 cents in the United States and $1.50 elsewhere.

Since this hellsite is extra super sketchy, I’m sure you’d like to know I’m legit. Well, @mvddiegvnn​ and @kacey-is-shape-shiftting​ can vouch for me and my patches. They’ll be happy to tell you that I’m not a fraud!

All the money I make from this gets saved for when I’m able to move out of my parents’ house or to buying more paints, brushes, and fabric to make these patches! If you’re interested, shoot me a DM and we can talk!