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My Favorite shows part 2


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Modern Family

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Mrs Brown Boys

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My Mad Fat Diary

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One day at a time

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Orange is the new black

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Prison Break

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Pure Genius

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Pushing Daisies

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Queer as Folk

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Ripper Street

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Santa Clarita Diet

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Scream Queens

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Sneaky Pete

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Sons of Anarchy

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Stargate Atlantis

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Teen Wolf

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Texas Rising

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The Big Bang Theory

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The Fall

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The Foster

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The Hollow Crown

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The Night Shift

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The Odd Couple

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The Pacific

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The Red Road

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The Vicar of Dibley

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The Walking Dead

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This is Us

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Tru Calling

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True Detective

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When we rise

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Will and Grace

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Although I had to miss many of the Halloween/Samhain festivities in Salem this weekend because I’ve been battling a terrible cold. Hearing that these folks were just down the street inspired me to grab a sharpie, grab my mask, and do the good work.
Considering these guys are in Salem every year, I think I’ve found a new annual tradition.


On this day in music history: September 7, 1965 - “Positively 4th Street” by Bob Dylan is released. Written by Bob Dylan, the stand alone single is issued between the releases of “Highway 61 Revisited” and “Blonde On Blonde” but is not included on either album. Over the years there has been much speculation over the meaning of the songs lyrics. Most believe its bitter and cynical tone is Dylan’s rebuke of the New York folk music community (4th Street being where Dylan lived in Greenwich Village) where he first gained fame as a songwriter and performer, feeling that many have turned on him when he begins moving away from his acoustic based folk sound towards a more band oriented electric sound. The track is recorded at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City on July 29, 1965, during the same session that produces the songs “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry”, and “Tombstone Blues” (both featured on “Highway 61 Revisited”), The session features musicians such as Mike Bloomfield (guitar), Al Kooper (organ), Harvey Brooks (bass), Paul Griffin (piano), and Robert Gregg (drums). When Columbia Records releases the single, some early copies are accidentally pressed with an outtake version of “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” (another take is released as the follow up to “4th Street” on December 21, 1965). “Positively 4th Street” peaks at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 on November 6, 1965. The song goes on to become one of Dylan’s most popular and often covered songs. The original US 7" and picture sleeve are both replicated in the limited edition vinyl box set “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?”, released on Black Friday Record Store Day in November of 2011 in the US, and in Europe in April of 2012. “Positively 4th Street” makes its full length album debut on “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits” in March of 1967.

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For someone who claims to know oh-so much you sure do love calling anyone who disagrees with you a fascist or Nazi. You're like a huge child

I call people with “white power” tattoos Nazis. I call people holding up signs about “white genocide” Nazis. I call people claiming that being a pluralistic society puts straight white christian America at risk fascists. I call anyone whose “free speech” arguments only defend hate speech fascist.

You fuckers aren’t out there defending the free speech of black folks who take to the streets saying “we have a right to be alive”. You’re not defending the rights of trans people to say “we’re human beings and worthy of respect”. You only defend “free speech” when it’s calling Muslims terrorists or saying that Hitler was an okay guy. You only defend free speech when it’s explicitly white supremacist.

There are lots of people I don’t agree with, and most of them aren’t Nazis or fascists. Hell, the man that raped me as a child is a completely sadistic monster, but he’s not a Nazi or a fascist. He’s not a white supremacist. He’s just a fucking monster.

You Nazis and fascists are a very specific type of monster calling for a white ethno-state, the balkanization of America and Europe, banning Muslims and other brown folks, or just violence towards minorities–and I don’t call someone by those names until I see them explicitly participating in that ideology.

Now here’s the fun part–Trump supporters ALL fall into that category. That man ran on a campaign of hatred, white supremacy, and racism. Anyone that supported him either did so because they were fully invested in those ideas or they were willing to look the other way and throw their fellow Americans​ and the rest of the world to the wolves. You’re Nazis or collaborators.

You have an enemy in me.

ain’t no mountain high enough

Summary: Stark continues looking at Peter. Peter considers the fact that the world is probably going to end within the next few days, and they, collectively, are supposed to be stopping it.

“Uh,” says Peter, waving his fingers a little bit. “It makes you feel really cool. You should try it.”

“We’re not painting our nails to match,” deadpans Stark.

“Well, sure,” says Peter. “But don’t come crawling back to me when you can’t defeat Thanos ‘cause you didn’t wanna harness the power of friendship.”

so this fic came into being for two reasons and two reasons alone. (1) this pure and healing artwork, which is absolutely precious and (2) that one post that’s like – Gamora: “You All Are Not” // Peter: “Y’AIN’T”. i wrote 10k words of fic about nail polish and the power of friendship in space. what a time to be alive. it’s set roughly … a year-ish? after the second movie? and beyond that, etc. peter and gamora have embraced their existence as “married in space”, is what im saying. title’s from the song with the same name OBVIOUSLY, i sincerely hope i’ve done these characters justice bc ive never written for them before, spoilers for vol.2 obviously, and, finally, important to note: I know absolutely nothing about the comics outside of what my little brother has told me in detail, so the line about Everyone Literally Dying is supposed to be a vague plot point reference to the original infinity war comics, wherein according to my brother, everyone literally straight up dies but then the universe is reset and they get up and are totes fine, no big thang. or something. hell if i know. just … ignore it if it’s confusing u, bc it’s confusing me too, i just needed some semblance of plot. enjoy!“You guys … painted your nails to match.”

There’s about three things Peter’s come to know about Tony Stark in the brief period they’ve been acquainted.

One: he appreciates some bangin’ tunes, which Peter has maintained since he was a skinny kid trying to make friends amongst human-eating space pirates is an immediate and automatic reason to respect a man;

Two: he’s kind of secretly scared shitless of Nebula. Peter understands this. Everyone’s kind of secretly scared shitless of Neblua, except for maybe Gamora, of whom many people are also scared shitless (hell yeah, thinks Peter; his wife is so much cooler than him);

Three: the guy’s an asshole, but that’s mostly just how he deals with stuff, which means that he’s an asshole-but-not-really-an-asshole, or at least, the sort of asshole who can be tolerated and even liked. Peter, personally, can relate to this more than most.

But, seriously? He’s hating on the team colours?

“Uh, yeah,” says Peter. “You guys don’t have that?”

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