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It wasn't a fleshlight because it looked like a clear tube. Pretty sure it was either a penis pump or a water bottle

So, I went back to find the scandalous photo…

First of all, let’s take a moment to admire k-fans obsessive attention to detail and frightening ability to zero in on a tiny blurry speck and immediately identify it as possible proof of our boys’ sexual activities. Bravo! I have no idea what that other item is inside the box.  Some speculate a penis pump, some say a water bottle, I saw someone suggest it’s a bottle of lube.  It probably isn’t a flesh light – if that’s a condom right next to it, I’d say it’s too small for that.  Also seems too small for a water bottle.  In any case, thank you all for bringing back this lovely memory of BTS’ early days.

Also - good on them for having condoms around!  Always practice safe sex, y’all! Always!

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Heyo. I've been trying to get into more heathenry/norse paganism kinda stuff (what can I say, I love folk metal), but the one thing that's kind of been a damper on the concept for me is the concept of Hel - specifically, how (as I understand it) dying of sickness or old age is a form of cowardice and punishable by eternal torment. Being chronically ill myself, that doesn't really sit right with me. Do you have any thoughts/corrections/resources on this topic in particular?

Thanks for the question. Basically the image of Viking afterlife concepts that has entered popular culture is extremely shallow and not a good representation of what we know believe actually existed. This is a big topic so it’s easy to get lost but I’m gonna try to keep it simple without leaving too much out but feel free to follow up if it seems like I’ve missed something. It’s long so the rest is behind the break.

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hey, is it weird to post audioposts ?? idk man, most of the inspo for my writing comes from music, but i don’t know if people even listen to it ?? would you guys be interested in me posting fanmixes ?? is that still a thing ?? oh MAN !!