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Shit Slytherins Say: #52
  • There is nothing I wouldn't do for those who are really my friends.

Heads up if you’re involved in your local DIY community, time to up your security!
Especially for folks who throw house shows or who use combined living/working spaces to host events, doubly so for people whose spaces are in a legal grey area.
Get better at keeping your doors manned, pull your addresses off listings/make people RSVP for locations, monitor who’s at your events/keep an eye peeled on their social media, and consider going dark for a bit if you’re attracting unwanted attention.


Japanese Old Folk Houses(the first half of the 19th century).



1. Never hang around outside. That brings unwanted attention to the house.
2. Leave the neighbors’ house alone. That means trash and piss free.
3. Just because you want to pit doesn’t mean the whole room has to. Respect that.
4. If you are a minor please don’t drink. I broke this rule as a kid but I didn’t understand the sevarity of a “contributing to the deliquancy of a minor” charge.
5. Don’t show up to a show with beer and no money. Vans don’t run on beer. Remember we don’t ask for a couple bucks because we are greedy money hungary capitolists. The “won’t be turned away for lack of funds” rule of diy booking is to make sure everyone regaurdless of class can be welcomed. Don’t abuse that.
6. If your about to do something that might disrespect the house, DON’T! So no fireworks, pissing the walls, flicking cigeretts, littering or anything of the sorts.
7. I can’t beleive i have to say this but DON’T STEAL.
8. Don’t do anything to make anyone feel unwelcomed. punk rock was supposed to be for everyone or did i not hear CRASS right?
9. Remeber we do this out of our love for music, friends, and community. stop doing things to jepordize our shows or you will be strapped to a chair a clockwork orange style and forced played “jaded” by operation ivy.
10. Have fun! Theres a lot of work put into booking shows at your house and thats the only reward. Don’t let it all be for not. DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! NO ONE CARES HOW COOL OR NOT COOL YOU ARE!

Chelou returns after a year’s silence with a spellbinding new song named Halfway To Nowhere. The UK based artist coos softly from a bed of minimalist elements, giving us a goosebump inducing fusion of earthy folksiness and hypnotic electronica. In fact, Chelou collaborated with deep house virtuoso Maya Jane Coles on this haunting song. Her production touch is unmistakable on the steady clattering tune. Halfway To Nowhere is a song that hangs in the air, a deep entrancing ambler in which I eagerly surrender all sense of time. The single will be out on Friday, November 4th. 

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