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Hello! I'm Finnish and a folk dancer and I tried yesterday my mum's and my passed grandmother's folk dance dresses on. It was pretty moving to wear them so I was wondering that do the Nordics have their own folk dance suits and do they wear them often? :3

Cool! Sometimes I wish I was more in touch with my heritage so that I could do things like traditional dancing and stuff but alas

Yes, the Nordics have folk dance costumes, whether they actually use them or not.

Finland and Norway would be the most likely to do folk dancing and wear their costumes.

So, and this is according to Scandinavia and the World, apparently Denmark doesn’t really have a specific folk tradition of dancing or costuming, so I think he would probably be the most out of touch.

Sweden is shy but he really gets into the spirit of Midsommar (sp?) and he definitely wears folk costumes and dances at this time of year.

Iceland is somewhere in the middle. He’s a little embarrassed by his culture but fiercely proud of it at the same time so he would wear his folk costume and dance if he felt so inclined.

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