folk attire

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5 things you’ll find in my bag
hand sanitizer gel

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom
my traditional rugs
(some of) my books
my school bag
earphones (again lol)
phone charger

5 things I always wanted to do
see the northern lights
go on a train ride through the una valley
explore the Zemaljski muzej in Sarajevo in detail
make a collection of authentic Bosnian folk attire
travel to every continent 

5 things that make me happy
family gatherings (don’t tell them though)
good books
good movies
watermelon on a hot summer day

5 things I’m currently into
Faruk Šehić’s writing
stalking a certain politician on twitter (technically it’s not stalking)
documentaries and articles about the war ( I wouldn’t call this “being into something”, but it’s what currently preoccupies my time because July always makes me emotional)
Nermin Alukić Čerkez’s music/performances
watermelon on a hot summer day (I really love watermelon)

5 things on my to do list

finish this book that I’m reading by Faruk Šehić
pack my things because I’m going home for a month
study every day because I have a few exams for September and I want really good grades in those subjects
read some more books
watch some documentaries I’ve been planning to watch

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     You Are Cordially Invited To the Eternal Bonding Ceremony of Gracie Sournois and Khaida Ahmahno

When: July 18th at 3PM Eastern
Where: The Sanctum of the Twelve [Goblin Server]
What: Come and witness the joining of two heroes of the realm, a long overdue bonding ceremony! Basically, the ceremony is gonna be a mix of IC and OOC. While folks who are friends with @reasoningruffles/ @roguishbard and I but don’t have characters that interact a lot with Khaida and Gracie ICly/in their main verse are welcome, the pair’s vows will be IC and we do ask that people dress as if they were attending the ceremony ICly! Of course, friends and fellow WoLs are more than welcome to come as well! If you don’t have a character on the server already, and are making an alt for the ceremony, let one of us know! We’ll be happy to ferry folks, and provide attire! o uo

We look forward to seeing you at this very, VERY overdue event! [Literally, Red and I have been talking about this for at least a year now. |D ]