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Ellis Island Immigrants
ca. 1905–14
Photographer: Augustus F. Sherman (American; 1865–1925)

Hoodoo- Also called Rootwork. An African-based system of healing and magick primarily using roots and herbs.

Rootworker- A person skilled in the use of herbs and roots to cure illness or cast spells.

Voodoo- A religion that originated in the ancient kingdom of Dahomey (present day Benin) in West Africa and transported to the Caribbean and the Americas by African slaves. The proper name for this religion is Vodun, Which means “Spirit” or “God” in the language of the Ewe/Fon tribe.” 

- McQuillar, T. L. (n.d.). Rootwork: Using the folk magic of Black America for Love, Money, and success.

Mr. Jefferson is distressed at the codfish having latterly emigrated to the Southern Coast lest the people there should be tempted to catch them, and commerce of which we have already too much receive an accession. Be assured this is no pleasantry, but a very sober anecdote.

From Alexander Hamilton to Rufus King, 3 June 1802

“In considering the sociopolitical aftermath of 9/11, always prioritize brown (especially Muslim) Americans. For the larger part, 9/11 anniversaries function effectively as a day for white folks in America to pretend to be the world’s victims, but aside from the families of the 3,000 Americans killed on September 11th, the brunt of the harm dealt by this act of terrorism was felt by Muslim Americans. The 2017 flight ban, the mosque terrorism, the street brutalizations: these are all fruits of the fire stoked by the racism and xenophobia of 9/11. Remember and protect our Muslim siblings, who are, sixteen years later, still punished for something they had nothing to do with.”

– anonymous

I Reincarnated for THIS?- Lee Bradford on Redbubble

While doodling the sketch for this at our local Dunkin’ Donuts, a woman approached me and asked if I was the woman from yesterday that was writing bible versus. I said ‘no, that was not me.’

She looked at my sketch, somewhat skeptically.
“Is… is that for a church or something?”

“Pretty far from it.”

Remember, folks! America runs on Dunkin AND existential dread!