SO, my exciting news is that I have officially started a folktronica duo with the very talented Austin Tackett called The Mountain Sound! We are working on an album of original music that we will be recording in the studio here at the KCTM (hopefully!) We will be traveling quite a bit! If you like folk and antifolk, give us a listen! We are trying to accrue a bit of a fanbase on Facebook in anticipation of our new record and upcoming shows, so please like us if you like! If you like my solo music, you’ll probably like this too. Thanks for all the continued support! I’m very excited about this new direction! Please reblog if you’d like to help us out as we get started!

You can find our Facebook (videos and music there for now) by clicking here.


Check out this awesome Ghost Mice music video I’m in!

As of late Wolf Prize and their track Come Home have exploded online with their track featuring on almost every music blog I’ve seen but I’ve never had enough time to sit down and really listen to the track. I wish I’d of made time as this is an absolutely gorgeous, soothing and ethereal track that is perfect for chilling out to. I just did an obstacle course which goes for 10 kilometres and had me crawling through mud, climbing rope walls and lifting weights, this track was exactly what I needed to wind down and relax too - Jakk


Check out the official music video for “Heat” by alyxabati 


hunterprunty and I did a live video for Austin Stambaugh!

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