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AU where no one died and everyone is just happy.
Part of my christmas present for @pleasecallmecaptain (1, 2)

This was inspired by someone commenting on a post of a James Dean photo that it could be of these 3, but I’ve since lost the post. Feel free to link it if you know the one!

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Following a two year, £12million pound renovation of Kensington Palace. Folio’s Julian De Narvaez was commissioned to create twelve playing cards for the Kensington Projects ‘House of Cards’. Each beautifully illustrated card depicts one of the many characters to be found around Kensington Palace during its heyday, from the Yeoman of the Guard all the way through to The Lady of the Bedchamber.

Willem Vrelant - The Savior of the World

early 1460s

Tempera colors, gold leaf, and ink on parchment

Getty Museum, California

An Equestrian Easter Pre-Order Form

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Hey folks. I’ve started another art folio–This one will be easter themed! So I’m planning ahead, and I’ve already got sketches in the works.

An Equestrian Easter will be a simple pin-up folio featuring humanized ponies in bunny girl outfits, probably without backgrounds, like my previous art-pack. Also there will be a NSFW version, yes. I’m going to be focusing on the Mane 6 for it, but if pre-orders are successful enough I’ll likely add more.

Anyways, this project is just getting started, and it goes without saying the due date will be on Easter.

I’m putting up this pre-order form early though, since I know I’ve got some awesome fans who are always there to support my work instantly, and thank you in advance. <3

In the meantime, I’ll work on getting proper teasers up and the like.

— Pre-Order here —