band member zodiacs

Aries - Brendon Urie

Taurus - Patrick Stump

Gemini - Andy Hurley / Pete Wentz

Cancer - Ray Toro

Leo - Gene Simmons 

Virgo - Ryan Ross

Libra - Jon Lennon

Scorpio - Frank Iero 

Sagittarius - Tyler Joseph 

Capricorn - Andy Biersack 

Aquarius - Billie Joe Armstrong 

Pisces - Mark Hoppus 

Pop Punk’s Not Dead | {A playlist of pop punk songs you’ve probably heard a million times in honor of the 182nd day of the year}.

All The Small Things // Blink-182  Dear Maria, Count Me In // All Time Low  Sugar, We’re Going Down // Fall Out Boy  American Idiot // Green Day  Dance Floor Anthem // Good Charlotte  Came Out Swinging // The Wonder Years  What’s My Age Again // Blink-182  Love Your Friends, Die Laughing // Man Overboard  I Write Sins Not Tragedies // Panic! At The Disco  Misery Business // Paramore  Dirty Little Secret // The All American Rejects  Basket Case // Green Day

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Always You Make My Stomach Turn // this has got to be one of the last heartfelt things I can put on a piece of paper to let you know

It’s Not A Side Effect… // Fall Out Boy ♡ Still Into You // Paramore ♡ Radiocative // Marina & The Diamonds ♡ Oh, Calamity! // All Time Low ♡ Stifled // The Story So Far ♡ Always // Blink-182 ♡ Kiss Me Again (Ft. Alex Gaskarth) // We Are The In Crowd ♡ Tonight You’re Perfect // New Politics ♡ I Don’t Mind // Defeater ♡ Love Will Tear Us Apart (Cover) // Fall Out Boy ♡ Dear You // Man Overboard ♡ I Don’t Care If You’re Contagious // Pierce The Veil ♡ The Only Exception // Paramore ♡ When The Day Met The Night // Panic! At The Disco

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They Can Never Take The Summer From Me | {I’m pulling wings off insects, I’m peeling back my sunburnt skin}

Love Your Friends, Die Laughing // Man Overboard ☼ Never Saw It Coming // Tigers Jaw ☼ Dismantling Summer // The Wonder Years ☼ The Rock Show // Blink-182 ☼ The Beach // All Time Low ☼ House Of Gold // Twenty One Pilots ☼ Young Volcanoes // Fall Out Boy ☼ You And I // Anarbor ☼ Summer // Fireworks ☼ Harlem // New Politics ☼ Summertime // My Chemical Romance ☼ Fast In My Car // Paramore ☼ When You Were Young // The Killers ☼ Living Room Song // The Wonder Years

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