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are there any flowers that would go well as a groom's hair decorations for his wedding? if possible, can there be a combination of medium and small flowers? after only so many flowers can go in hair (love this blog btw!)

Hi there nonbinaryjughead.

What flowers would work for a groom’s hair will depend on a few things, how long his hair is, how thick it is, and what his personality is. If he has very short hair, he may be limited to a flower crown. But if he has hair a bit longer then flowers could be wired to clips, then longer hair can hold combs and even longer can hold just about anything that would go into a bride’s hair. 

The longer and thicker the hair, and with the right personality, the character can pull off larger and more interesting blooms. But since you specifically asked about small and medium size flowers, here are some options for you, approximately from smallest to largest.

Baby’s breath
Lily of the Valley
Monte Casino Aster*
Button mums*
Spray roses
Mini carnations
Individidual parts of agapanthus*
individual parts of hydragea
Mini callas
Cushion mums
Daisy mums

I think that the ones marked with an asterisk are a bit different for weddings and therefore may not be associated with brides as much.

You might also have this character use non-flower plant material such as berries and foliage. Hypericum berries are often used in floral designs and might be striking for the groom’s hair, also bear grass, tree fern, ming fern, ivy, and galax leaves could all be included as a base or used as the primary components for a striking design. 

Ultimately, you know your character best to know which will fit his personality best. But I hope these give you a place to start.

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