folgers commercial

  • Me during the first 2 hours of Rogue One: I am totally naming my child Jyn. And my other child Cassian. I don't even care how obvious it is. Jyn is like Jen but badass. And Cassian is like Caspian but socially acceptable.
  • Me during the last 15 minutes of Rogue One: Never mind. Only one child can have this name, that elevator scene was too steamy and I don't want my children being a Folgers commercial.
  • Todd: the older brother in that folgers commercial
  • Viola: ???? No one's good enough, PURE enough,
  • Manchee: Agent K13 from get smart
  • Mayor Prentiss: Tony Abbot Australia's most hated person/lizard overlord
  • Davy Prentiss: 4Chan
  • Mistress Coyle: Problematic kardashian matriach Kris Jenner
  • Lee: Me
  • Aaron: Highly acclaimed singer/songwriter Stage name Hozier otherwise known as that guy who sung Take me to Church haha get it
  • The Return: Some CGI

Siblings Don and Sue show how they keep themselves well groomed throughout the school week and for their Friday night dates.

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They’re only superheroes because making Folgers commercials doesn’t pay nearly well enough.

OMG this was the funniest thing ever to come home to!