folgers coffee commercial

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Didnt u ship elsanna before

So. There was this phenomenon before frozen came out/before artists watched frozen when many wlw artists shippers…liked the pairing and thought they weren’t related.

yamino, johannathemad, dashingicecream and many other famous artists yall know and love actually liked the pairing before we knew they were sisters. including me. when you have zero wlw disney content you could only hope

after watching the movie, i was still a little attached to it, laughed at Folgers Coffee Commercial jokes, and pandered to the fandom to get commissions (which was also awful) and then left and purged everything because I realized how morally fucked up it was. Idk about the other artists, but I’m sure they did the same?

I also used to like Ereri which is a pedophilic ship. So if you really wanted to use my past against me, Ereri was a better example.

And you’re pulling receipts from what, 4 years ago? I didn’t know shit?

Doesn’t change the fact that incest is nasty and morally abhorrent. Don’t try and use my past actions against me out of context lmao, you and many other people have watched me evolved over the years and if you were there for that you know I used to be anti-sjw as fuck too.


Decaf? Don’t think so! The best part of waking up is coffee! 

Legit though, I feel like the characters of Madison and Mason were loosely based on that Folgers coffee commercial. 

“We should have two characters that just recreate that awkward, hilariously not appropriate for siblings chemistry. That’s it. That’ll be their thing. They are the embodiment of the coffee commercial." 

And it works.