foley monday

“Steph I just wanted to come in here and talk to you face to face. It’s been a long road back after everything we’ve been through, we’ve had some huge incredible nights…tonight’s going to be the best night ever the best night we’ve ever had and I promise you all the faith you put in me it will be rewarded tonight when I bring home the universal title.”

I made a bingo card for the WWE Brand Extension Draft!

EDIT: Here’s the actual board itself, feel free to swap the positions of squares to make your own unique boards for playing with friends/family!

Jericho’s list be like
  1. Stupid idiot
  2. Drafted Samiz Zayn before Kevin Owens
  3. Stupid idiot
  4. uses cheesy baby face pops as punch lines
  5. steals catch phrases
  6. Drafted Samiz Zayn before Kevin Owens
  7. Stupid idiot
  8. insults superstars
  9. Stupid idiot
  10. doesn’t appreciate scarfs
  11. has zero fashion sense
  12. Stupid idiot
  13. Stupid idiot
  14. Drafted Samiz Zayn before Kevin Owens
  15. Stupid idiot