fr3ckles asked:

i love that you chose I Do as your favourite Lost episode! i luuurved sawyer & kate together. kate was totally my ultimate character too haha :)

Omg yay! So many people on tumblr either love Jack and Kate or just hate Kate as a character but I love her so much! :) And Sawyer and Kate are my otp <3

  • a christmas murphy! her brother and I attacked her and covered her in tinsel because she was being a bit of a tree-decorating dictator
  • me, kate and poppy on christmas eve. my favourite girl and my favourite cat
  • lebkuchen star omnomnom. also check out the bitchin’ scarf kate got me
  • CONTENTS OF MY CHRISTMAS STOCKING THIS MORNING: three boxes of incense cones, a book of postcards, other assorted shiny things
  • posey moron face with my christmas earring


back from the bradfield cottage! we didn’t die. we did get very very scared, though, when we were running to the car and the courtyard security light kept going on and off

also we walked up to this amazing abandoned farmhouse that was completely falling down on one side, then found two strung-up pheasants (or something, idk I’m not a farmer) in a shed which was a bit creepy

aaaaah we have such fun

in the cottage up in bradfield with kate, WE ARE HAVING SUPER FUN convincing ourselves we’re gonna get murdered strangers-style because it’s really really dark outside and we’re wusses. although we have agreed that kate would probably die first because the virgin who wears sensible shoes is the one who tends to survive in these kinds of situations

kate’s was lovely, although every christmas eve for the past few years we’ve gone up to ruskin park in the snooooow and this year there was noooo snooooow

it was great though, we swapped presents and she got me a BITCHIN’ SCARF it’s all purple and huge and warm and she really liked the painting I did for her (which I will post a photo of in a minute because I’m pretty proud of how it turned out)

one of the presents for me under the tree is a big gold box. I am insanely excited because it’s BIG and GOLD and I have honestly absolutely indubitably no idea what’s inside it and I can usually guess what my parents have got me but this will be a genuine surprise