Tea and Tobacco by Wolfgang Wiggers

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<br />Handcolored japanese albumen print. A staged scene as it was sold to foreign tourists. Ca. 1890, unidentified photographer.
The video where Jensen Ackles reveals a certain truth about Dean Winchester.

Jensen Ackles walks up to the screen, hands folded together. Classical music plays in the background. “Dean Winchester is not gay.” Jensen Ackles says. Long aching pause. “Dean Winchester is not straight.” Even longer pause. Jensen Ackles opens his mouth, “Dean Winchester is……..” The classical music cuts off with the cliche scratch of a record player. “You know what?” Jensen Ackles waves at the screen. “Bi.” Jensen Ackles turns his back to the screen and walks away. Bye Bye Bye by Nsync plays in the background.

Kagayama Hakuhō aka Kagayama Rinjirō aka Hakugai (Japanese, b. 1880, Okayama Prefecture, Japan) - Cat in Summer Garden (detail, Left), Late Taisho-Early Showa Era, c. 1920-1930  Paintings: Sumi Ink, Gofun or Clam Shell Gesso and Mineral Pigments on Silk, Left Side of Folding Screen (Byobu) 


When ya Gotta let the haters know upfront how you feel about THEIR opinions on YOUR size! #NotInterested XD