folding wood


The hanger chair by Umbra.

Design by Philippe Malouin.
By Umbra Shift.

Just when you thought a folder chair couldn’t be any more space-conscious, Umbra Shift presents the Hanger Chair. Inspired by the modest hanger, these folding chairs go the extra mile by folding flat and easily hanging in the closet thanks to it’s integrated hook. A simple and sleek design, the Hanger Chair is a great solution when space is at a premium.

35.5 in. X 18.5 in. (H x W)
Baltic birch plywood, laminate
Available in five colors


5.11 Rush 72 Bushcraft/Bugout Bag, with Westen Bundeswehr Klappspaten (West German Army Folding Shovel), Council Tools Wood-Craft Pack Axe in Maxpedition Universal Baton/Flashlight Sheath.


Between the Fire and the Sky by SwiftSnowmane

She remembered everything. The fire, the water. Smoke rising into a midnight sky filled with stars. Running, hunting. The taste of summer-ripe berries, picked with care. Fruit amongst thorns. The scent of familiar creatures, long-gone. The dying words of an old hunter, and the sharpest blade she’d ever seen. The many-pronged antlers of a deer at dawn. A trail of crimson, bright and beckoning through a dark wood. The folding wings of a pair of swans upon a lake at dusk. A tree hiding its bounties high in its branches. Flowers picked for graves of fallen strangers. Fingers tightly clasped, clinging like vines. A man’s hands, warm, so warm, in her own. And two souls, no longer alone. Two souls, lying down together upon the earth.

Riddled Table / Design: Steven Holl, 2007 / The originality and workmanship of its legs are the outstanding features of the Riddled table, which incorporates the notion of porosity found in multiple architecture works by Steven Holl. The thin sheets of wood, folded through laser engraving, make this table even more spectacular in its apparent defiance of the laws of physics. These two legs, akin to origami sculptures, allow the passage of internal light to create a myriad of lights and shadows.