folding paper cranes


365 Wonderful Paper Crane Creations From The Diary Of An Origami Enthusiast

Cristian Marianciuc is an artist with an obsession for creating origami cranes. As a New Year’s resolution for 2015, the artist had taken up an art project to devise a unique origami crane every day. Rather than focusing on the technical complexity of pleats and folds that go into making these paper birds, the artist has explored making them creative and whimsical. The challenging origami project is a diary for the artist to craft his emotions, experiences and document them on a daily basis through this addictive art.

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It’s Dralentine’s posting day! This was my gift for the wonderful, INSANELY TALENTED and kind and all around incredible human being, @julietsemophase. I actually could not believe that my gift went to you, like holy shit I screamed. I am so elated to have had you as a giftee! Thank you for bringing such wonderful Drarry literature to our eyes and so many smiles to our faces. <3<3<3<3<3

The Bulletin Board

In Draco’s opinion, the best part of the small flat in which he and Harry lived was the bulletin board next to their front door. Harry had insisted on hanging it up when they moved in, saying Hermione had one in her bedroom when they were younger and it helped to keep life from getting too messy. Draco wasn’t sure what he’d meant by that (Harry was the messiest person he’d ever met), and although he found it tacky and strange (as he found most muggle inventions), Harry put it up on the wall.

Draco wasn’t sure what it was for, exactly, but for some odd reason it seemed to make Harry happy, so he never took it down. For the first couple of weeks, there was a singular picture of Ron and Hermione with a cactus sticker Draco’d won in a claw machine at the pizza parlor for Teddy’s birthday. He finally began to catch on after a bit and the board became the place on which they hung and stuck the things with which their most positive memories were tied.

Pinned in the middle was a photostrip taken in a booth at Hermione and Ron’s wedding with a muggle camera. Draco wasn’t sure how it worked and was still confused to this day as to why the picture wouldn’t move. He didn’t like the way his face was frozen in that stubborn frown before Harry shut him up with the next flash. That night was full of drunken dancing and karaoke, and at one point, Draco had an epic duet with Ron  to a muggle song neither of them knew the words to.

Harry had a knack for finding some of the most humiliating pieces of Draco’s past and pinning them permanently to the board with magic when he wasn’t looking. He’d dug through Draco’s old trunk and found the Pro’s and Con’s list Draco had made regarding his feelings for Harry sometime during fifth or sixth year. He’d also somehow kept the drawing Draco had folded into a paper crane and blown to him like a kiss during their third year in school (the ridicule for that one never truly seemed to end) along with his very own “Potter Stinks” badge he’d acquired during fourth year. They were all big hits during dinner parties with their old schoolmates.

When they first started dating, Harry had insisted on taking Draco to the reptile house to check up on the snakes because he hadn’t been since he was a kid. Draco turned his head for what seemed like five seconds and when he looked back at Harry, he’d gotten a python out of its enclosure and started a . According to Harry, it hadn’t been the first time he’d done it (Draco still had questions about that), and Draco snapped a picture of Harry and the friendly python, deeply entrenched in what seemed to be a simply enthralling conversation, with his disposable camera. The flash had startled the snake and he ended up escaping. The picture was up on the board the day they came back from the developer.

The board next to their door was a shrine of the best things: Pride buttons, a necklace Teddy had given Draco for Christmas, notes left around the house, all little tidbits of the their tangled timeline. Each addition was a new milestone; a reminder that they didn’t need to leave every part of their past behind them, because not every part of their past was full of negativity or hatred, and their future didn’t have to be, either.

EXO 101: A Crash Course

Park Chanyeol 

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Soft baby by day, sexy mofo by night. Can do everything?? Sing, rap, dance, cook, act, write and produce music, play the guitar (classical, spanish, lead, and rhythm omg) and the piano and the drums, has the body of an elf king. He’s also AMAZING with children as shown [here - skip to 12:17 and WATCH you won’t regret it] and dogs too! All animals really. He’s Korean Snow White. With abs. And if Snow White was extra. 

Also the kindest soul ever. He’s always smiling, even when he’s down. He literally said, and I quote; “No matter how difficult something is, I will always be positive and smile like an idiot.” His then-girlfriend nicknamed him “Happy Virus.” Constantly buys his members gifts, is very tall (well over six feet), and he’s the most extroverted and sociable person - actually friends with everyone. 10/10 amazing human.  

Byun Baekhyun

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Don’t let him fool you!!! He looks soft but he will fuck you up with his cheeky lil smile and pelvic sorcery and unearthly vocals and uGH. His wit is unparalleled like omg, so sassy and hilarious and sharp. Also a huge nerd when it comes to anime, manga, and video games. Once gave a picture of himself to another member as a gift, the lil shit.  

He’s incredibly passionate about his career and his members, and I think it was Kyungsoo who said that it’s Baek who keeps them all together at times. In summary: Byun Baekhyun is what happens when a demon and an angel do the do. 

D.O./Do Kyungsoo:

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Do Kyungsoo? More like Do Me, Kyungsoo. I’m sorry I’m so thirsty Ksoo…I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First of all, he single-handedly saved the human race from extinction with his voice. He’s savage af, so much so that he’s affectionately nicknamed “Satansoo” and he will smack a bitch. He’s also so soft and squishy at the same time, you’ll get whiplash. And his acTING. Lord in heaven. And I believe he didn’t even have acting lessons?? The nerve of him. He, too, is sex on legs, and he might be quieter than the others, but y’all best listen when he talks cause boy bout to spill the tea. 

He’s also very paternal in that he takes care of the other members a lot, like when Kai, his roommate, isn’t feeling well, he’ll care for him or go out to get food for him. And he can cook really well. I’m gonna stop now before I end up writing an entire dissertation ;’)

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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Oh my god. Anyway. Zhang Yixing is the perfect contradiction. On the one hand, he’s an actual baby lamb - laugh and all. On the other hand, he’s the human embodiment of the NC-17 rating. Like, hide yo kids. Yixing is also one of the Chinese members of EXO, so he often leaves to promote his solo music which is in Chinese, and he works so incredibly hard and deserves all the success. He also writes the lyrics, and composes and arranges the music! 

And…his dancing. Proof that god exists. There is literally no part of his body that Yixing does not have absolute command over - and you can see it because he is so precise, confident, and sexy. :’) 

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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I actually had to cover his face while writing this because holy–

Yup. Moving on. 

Actually, back to his face (and the rest of him): Remember when Da Vinci was conceptualizing the Vitruvian Man (lol only 90′s kids will remember…1490′s kids, that is). You know that picture of the guy with another pair of arms and legs superimposed on him, inside a circle? The drawing theorizing the ideal proportions of the human body? Yup, true story: Junmyeon was Da Vinci’s muse. Suho’s face is so symmetrical, it inspired mathematicians to write the golden ratio. He is a genetic miracle, a statistical outlier, a national treasure–

Anyway *sweats*. ALSO. Let’s talk about his personality. Myeon is the mom of EXO, the leader, so he’s naturally very parental. He actually chose the stage name “Suho” because it means guardian. He always does his best to keep his kids the members together and doing what they need to be doing. Always pays for things ($Junmoney$), and is the person a lot of them confide in and go to for comfort or advice, especially Sehun. 

He’s such a dad too - like his dad joke ratings are off the charts. 10/10 would build you a tree house and tuck you in at night. 

Oh Sehun

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Maknae. Icon. Legend. Used to have a lisp. 

People sometimes think he’s cold or reserved because of his face, but as you can see in the gif, he’s literal sunshine. He once cried on stage because he was knocked on the head by a camera - but he wasn’t crying because the injury hurt, he was crying because he wasn’t allowed to perform because of it, and he felt like he was disappointing his fans. He also cried during a radio show when asked about his other members - he said every night before he falls asleep, he prays for them and he prays that they all stay together and are successful and happy. And now I’m crying. 

Everyone is in love with him

His dancing resurrected me from the dead, put my children through college, and ended world hunger because damn we are fed when that boy moves. 

Sehun was once invited to Paris for a Louis Vuitton fashion show and became king of France. I’m not kidding. All he did was show up, and there was a huge crowd already there to greet him as if he were royalty, and he was voted best dressed at the show by Vogue. He went to the Louvre, and people were studying and appreciating him, the actual art.  

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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Ah, little dino bby. He’s iconic for many reasons: 

1) His smile. It curls up at the corners like this :}

2) When he laughs, he literally goes HAHAHAHAHA like wow, amazing, I want this as my ringtone

3) He screams a lot. Nickelodeon once made a show about him called Jongdae: The Last Pterodactyl

4) HIS VOCALS. Un-freaking-believable. He’s the male version of Mariah Carey. 

5) Speaks really good Chinese! (He’s Korean) 

6) An amazing human?? He donates to charity so often and he doesn’t do it for publicity either. He takes good care of the other members too. 

Jongdae, let me put a ring on it. 

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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HERE WE GO. My precious boy :’)

Minseok. The eldest. Also known as the best person to ever exist. Like Kyungsoo, he doesn’t talk much because he’s a shy lil bean, but once he warms up to you, the things that come out of his mouth are so deep and cute and funny and wowow I want ten of him

Is the least likely to cry

Was chubby (and so adorable!!) as a little kid, and now he has a six pack. Because of his weight as a kid though, he has spoken many times about the issue of body shaming and how people’s perceptions of a person shift based on how they look. He once said these words that made my cold, dead heart beat again: “I don’t have an ideal type. If our hearts match well, then she will look pretty to me.” 

Has the strongest arms in EXO. They all arm wrestled and he won and it was the funniest thing ever. 

Is not only an idol, he’s also getting his Ph.D. Dr. Kim. I can’t believe….

Wants to open his own coffee shop, and I don’t drink coffee, but I would chug any dish-water-coffee-grinds-filth that he would serve me because damn I love him. 

Kai/Kim Jongin

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The Bias Wrecker. Or just your bias, plain and simple 

Kim Jongin is one of nature’s greatest accomplishments. His gams are the eighth wonder of the world - and he puts them to use when he dances, like please kick me in the face with those omfg 

His laugh. Astounding. Also don’t stand too close when he laughs because he will hit you. It’s just what he does lmao

He’s basically a hip young old man - so hot but so sleepy. He’ll sleep at any given opportunity. 

Very fond of fried chicken. And dogs. But not in terms of eating, for the latter

Learned ballet for ten years and it shows, and I just wANT TO SEE HIM IN A LEOTARD DAMMIT

He has darker skin than the other members which people used to make fun of him for and still do comment on, but he says he loves it and he is proud of his body :’) we are too bby!!

Other random facts

EXO originally had 12 members but 3 left and we’re not going to talk about it okay? okay

- Chen and Xiumin are married best friends. Xiumin actually said in an interview that Chen is “like my wife” 

- Sehun is now officially Lord Oh Sehun of Glencoe, Scotland because his fans are the most Extra and purchased the estate for his birthday :’) 

- Chanyeol once folded one hundred paper cranes for his girlfriend as a gift, but in the middle of doing this, she called him and broke up with him

- Baekhyun can’t cook for shit but at least he’s pretty 

- Kai is dating F(X)’s Krystal 

- Kyungsoo once said to the camera that he is “not pure” 

- Yixing starred in a gay sci-fi movie where he and this other dude have a baby

- Suho is a health nut. Just like how girls always have pads and tampons on them, Suho has multivitamins 

For @the-porcelain-doll-xo because I’m the friend that wants to drag you into hell with me, and I can’t wait for you to get into EXO ahhhhh ily <33

Pen Pal

The majority of Elsewhere U. students really interest me. Those who live in a liminal space and refuse to see anything out of the ordinary.

This is my first time writing in second-person POV (it happened on accident) and I hope you like it.


It started dully enough. Someone had written ‘Hello’ in the bathroom (in fancy curly purple script, so extra). Juvenile, but it was the single-stall Everyone bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library, so you were willing to write it off as a bored freshman or something. And maybe you were a little bored yourself. Or lonely. Because you replied. You bought a green Sharpie specifically to respond to the purple word on the light orange paint.
‘Hey. W/ u studying?’

You went to check the little-used bathroom a few days later.
'Humans’ was written in beautiful purple handwriting under your green message.
'Psych major, cool. I’m eng-his double major’
You hoped the janitors wouldn’t clean off or paint over this little conversation. It was a little like having a pen pal. A couple days later you had another reply in purple swirls.

'Would you do something for me?’
The request was weird, but so were college kids; and you could always just not do it, you didn’t know who you were talking with, and were pretty sure you weren’t being followed. Like 75% sure. 70% sure.
'W/ u need?’
'Bells NOT silver candy cream beads appreciation’
It took you a few seconds to understand that the beautiful words written at all angles on the wall were a list. (Seriously? Upside down?) It was a pretty cheap request, aside from 'appreciation’, but most college kids lived off dark humor, so you didn’t pay it much mind. Maybe they were doing a psych-sociology experiment; you didn’t want to screw up their data.

You got some cheap gold-painted aluminum jingle bells, thread, and a package of plastic beads at the craft store. They were the same kind of cheap beads a lot of the art majors wore on necklaces, so you figured that’s what your pen pal wanted. At the grocery store you added a box of unflavored single coffee creamers and a bunch of candy, including caramel with creme centers (you couldn’t tell if 'cream’ and 'candy’ were meant to be combined on the bathroom wall or not). You brought it to the single stall bathroom in the second sub-basement of the library and left the bag in the corner. You threw out the receipts, thought a second, then tore out a piece of paper from your notebook and grabbed your green marker.
'I appreciate you :)’ You wrote, messily folding the paper into a crane, the only origami you know, and leaving it on top. 

You went back to your dorm, finding a small pile of pretty-looking junk on a huge leaf on your pillow. Your roommate wasn’t there. Must be a weird prank or some new internet challenge or something. You sorted through the odds and ends. Pretty rocks, tiny animals carved from wood, marbles, pieces of broken safety glass cracked through with green-blue and so fragile that some crumbled off the sides when you picked them up (you cleaned the miniscule slivers of broken glass off your pillow with some duct tape)… Eventually you found a little purple origami turtle. You opened it to find writing inside. 

'Your assistance is appreciated*’
There was no other asterisk anywhere else on the paper, so it must have been a stylistic choice, not a grammatical one. You put it out of your mind and carefully refolded the turtle and set everything on your desk to deal with later. Maybe you’d give it to an art student, they always seemed to have little trinkets like that. Or trade, the student body really liked trading, or maybe most colleges full of poor college kids were like that.


In the week before midterms you suddenly awoke one night. You almost groaned and rolled over to preserve what sleep you could, but when you grabbed your blanket your hand landed on paper. You squinted at the post-it in the dim light, making out swirly fancy handwriting. Across the room, your roommate was asleep. Whatever. You stuck it to your phone and went back to sleep.

You read the post-it the next morning.
‘*I can help’

“What does that mean?” You asked your roommate, slightly accusingly. He frowned at the note.
“You should probably leave this alone.” He tells you seriously.
“Then why did it you stick it to me last night?”
“What? No I didn’t. My handwriting looks nothing like that.” He had a point. 
“Are you having a friend write the notes? Is a friend of yours messing with me by way of you?”
“No, I have no idea what that’s about. But if I were you, I’d steer clear of it. And make sure you have iron, salt, and cream on you.” Pippin was a theatre major, so he may be lying, but if he wasn’t lying his superstitions were true to his nature. The only group that could rival theatre majors for superstitions were D&D players.

You frowned at the post-it, debating what to do. You decided to stick it to the backside of the dorm door, adding your own post-it below in your green marker.
‘Help how?’ You didn’t think your roommate was the plagiarizing type, hopefully he only meant studying together because of how english, history, and theatre all came together.

You checked the back of the door after lunch to find a new post-it.
‘If you want to find out, come to the pool party tonight. I’ll find you.’
You debated. You knew you needed to study for midterms, but what if your roommate could help? What if he was trying (in a really weird roundabout way) to take your mind off midterms and get you to relax? You decided to go.

The pool party was more fun than you thought it’d be. You jumped in the deep end and swam around there early in the evening, before you could get drunk. They were playing good music, had more than just cheap beer in the coolers. You were genuinely having a good time.
“Hey.” A smiling girl in a bikini put her arm around your shoulders. “You’re Green Marker, right?”
“You’re Purple Marker?” You asked. She nodded. “How do you know Pippin?”
“I know all the theatre majors in passing. And I know anyone down that deep in the library could use a hand come test time. What do you say?”
“You’d help me study? Without plagiarizing?”
“You’d have to provide me with something, too. Fair’s fair.”
“What would you want?”
“What are you willing to offer?”
“More candy?” You tried.
“To help you ace your midterms?”
“Okay, um…”

You tried to think. People were always saying to never wager something you couldn’t bear to lose. What was something valuable enough to get studying help, but that you could bear to lose? You glanced around and realized you’d been slowly walking away from the party, into the darkness.
“I’ll give you…” She wanted appreciation. “I’ll give you my friendship. How’s that?”
“Wonderful.” She sighed, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight.


Modern AUs I Want to Happen
  • I need new glasses and you’re the optometrist running my vision tests, but your good looks are really freaking distracting
  • You’re allergic to cats but my cat really likes you my bad
  • I adopted a kid and you help me take care of them all the time since we’re neighbors, but you came over and got so involved in the kid’s life so much they think that we’re both their parents instead of just me
  • I got caught in the rain without an umbrella and an attractive stranger is sharing theirs with me
  • We’re playing Monopoly in the local library and the game just got serious, I think the librarians are about to kick us out
  • I have a crush on my younger sibling’s tutor, but I don’t know how to work myself into the scene without making everything incredibly awkward for me
  • You caught me having a Barbie movie marathon and now I’m trying to keep you from telling anyone about this!
  • My pet ran away, I got fired from my job, it started raining out of nowhere and I fell in the mud, and you’re just a random stranger at my bus stop but I really need someone to talk to
  • Alternatively, I’ve always wanted to tell a stranger my life story and I’m choosing you
  • It’s Spirit Week at school and I’m determined to out spirit you for once
  • We got put in the same group for the senior trip
  • This is a big ass mall and I just got lost, please help me
  • My rival and I are determined for us and our respective partners to be the ultimate power couple, but you and the other person in our rival couple really don’t care
  • You keep coming in to get your laptop fixed but I’m pretty sure your breaking it on purpose but you’re cute so I’ll let it slide
  • You’re my apathetic (onesided) rival at work and this month I’m determined to get Employee of the Month, which you always get without even trying
  • I met you at a convention and you’re cosplaying Person B to my OTP and I’m cosplaying Person A
  • We’re internet friends and we’re meeting up in real life today and I’m super paranoid because what if you’re a deranged killer and– omg you’re perfect
  • You got me addicted to playing Love Live and I’m ruining my life
  • I’m an artist who was at shit creek until I met you, so please be my muse, no, I’m not asking you out
  • I just showed you all the Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life videos and I think I just scarred you for life
  • I just crashed this wedding and one of the guests just asked me to dance and I’m pretty sure that they know I’m not a guest from either the bride or groom(brides, grooms) fml
  • Dude check it out this pair of jeans fits us! Shut up, they aren’t sweatpants they’re jeans
  • I’m donating blood today and I’m afraid of needles
  • We’ve been hooking up for the past few weeks and holy shit it turned out you’re my fifth grader’s teacher oh god this embarrassing!
  • Pack up man; we’re going on a road trip
  • Let’s get tattoos together
  • Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but can you go on the bungee jumping thing with me? Cuz I’m too scared to go by myself
  • I’ve never had a proper conversation with you, but I always see you at this cafe folding paper cranes and I you’re really peaking my interest
  • I’m forcing you to watch my favorite show and you’re more into it than I am now
  • We’re having our first argument as a married couple: do we explore this island, or do we stay in bed all day
Master List of Soulmate AUs

Edit: Updated 10/December/2016
Edit: Updated 30/August/2016
Edit: Updated 5/June/2016

I’ve been posting Soulmate AU Lists. Since I’ll get tired of linking every list individually on each and every post I make, and because it’s pretty disorganized, I decided to compile them all into one big list. So that means this post will constantly be edited and whatnot.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [More TBA]
(Full list below, these are just the posts the lists are from) 


–Something Written/Drawn–

-Each others’ names on their wrist/palm/etc

-Names on both wrist, one soulmate other enemy, can’t tell which one is which

-Each other’s initials on their wrist/palm/etc

-Each others’ first words to one another

-Each others’ last words (to one another)

-Same marking on each other’s skin

- Each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship.

-A timer for when they shall first meet

-A timer for when the other dies

-Timer counting up and stops when you’ll meet your soulmate

-Timer starts counting the moment you meet your soulmate

-Writing that says how old your soulmate will be when you meet

- Everyone is born with a unique number only they and their soulmates have. 

-Writing that says what your soulmate is most passionate about

-Your soulmate’s feelings about you is written on your body

-Your soulmates first impression/thoughts about you is written on your body

-Written on your palm is what your soulmate is thinking

- Each year imprinted on your arm, whispered in a dream, sent in a mail or whatever, is a hint to who/where is your soulmate. 

- Each day on your arm is a particular event your soulmate will face today. (Examples: Promotion, family death, new pet, meeting soulmate…)

-Every night you receive a message about a random sentence your soulmate has said that day. 

-You have a watch that says the timezone your soulmate is in

-The first drawing you see from your soulmate is tattoo-ed on your skin

-Meter of how dangerous your soulmate is

-Meter of how in danger your soulmate is

- A touch from your soulmate will leave an imprint there (like a different coloured area on your skin, or a symbol, or name)

- Ink marks (similar to tattoos) are on your body. When your soulmate is in the vicinity, it’ll slowly move, as if reaching out. When you two touch, the tattoos will connect with each other.

-Counter (maybe on your palm) that depicts how many times you pass your soulmate

-Timer of how much time you spent with your soulmate

-Timer of how much time you don’t spend with your soulmate (maybe only in effect after you meet them)

-You only get the first letter of your soulmate’s name

–Changed Vision–

-See colour for the first time when you meet, fades away when they die

-Will only see shades of your soulmate’s eye colour until you meet

-Can only see colour to places your soulmate’s been/touched

-Everyone is technically “blind”. You can only see what your soulmate sees (until you meet them maybe)

–Different Abilities–

-See/hear/speak/etc for the first time when you meet 

-Being next to soulmate heals injuries

- You stop aging at a certain age, until you meet your soulmate and grow old together.

- Everyone has super powers, but when soulmates are together their powers are nullified by each other.

- Everyone has weak powers, but when soulmates are together their powers are amplified

-Have the same super power

-Soulmates have opposite powers from each other (fire and water, invisibility and high noticeability, etc)

- Teleport to each others side

- Everyone has the ability to manipulate the force of wind to an extent. The wind blows in the direction of where their soulmate is. (Maybe the wind is stronger depending on your bond)

- Everyone has powers, and when you meet your soul mate you swap powers. (Probably have to hang out with them to get pointers on your new powers)


-Get the same emotions as your soulmate does (They’re sad, you’re suddenly sad) 

- Get the same injuries as your soulmate does

-When you get sick, so does your soulmate

-Soulmates share the same handwriting

-Soulmates share the same fingerprints

-You share your knowledge with your soulmate

-You share your temperature with your soulmate

- Songs sung by your soulmate is stuck in your head.

- Whatever music that is stuck in your soulmate’s head is stuck in yours too.

-There’s a radio in everyone’s heads that they share with their soulmates, the two(?) of you can change the tunes

-Unique song imprinted in your mind that only you and your soulmate knows

-Have the same tics at the same time (verbal tics, drumming fingers, humming, etc)

-Cellphones between soulmates are in the same condition (cracked screens are in the same places)

-If you’re having a good/bad day, your soulmate will have the same amount of good/bad day. (Or alternatively, the opposite)

- There’s a small screen only visible to you that allows you to see what your soulmate is seeing (think kind of like those video games with splits screens)

- Soulmates share the same afterlife   

-Have the same heart beat

-Heartbeat morse code for soulmates name

-Soulmate’s heart beat on your wrist

-Everyone has life points/years left in their life, and people can give their soulmates their own life points/years if they’re lacking

-Whenever you lose an item (like a sock), it ends up in your soulmates’ possession somehow

-Everyone has a different sky that is shared with their soulmate (except clouds/sun/moon stay in the same position for everybody, so weather is not affected). Everyone has the ability to draw on the sky, making splash of colours or little notes for only them and their soulmate to see.


- Telepathic link with your soulmate.

-Write something on your own skin, appears on the other’s skin as well

-Meet soulmate in dreams every night (with the ability to interact)

-Can meet soulmate any time in a shared mind space

-Before you die, you get to send one last message to your soulmate

-You can send one item to your soulmate every year (or whenever)

-You have this limited stack of sticky notes. Write whatever you want on it, and that note would magically appear somewhere in your soulmate’s line of sight during that day. 

–Changed Physical Features–

-Your eyes are your soulmate’s hair colour, changes when they dye it

-Everyone has heterochromia, one eye is your natural colour the other is your soulmate’s natural colour. Once you meet all eyes return to natural colour. 

-Your hair colour is your soulmate’s sexuality flag (remember that there can be platonic soulmates, and that sometimes you can be soulmates with someone but they’re not soulmates with you)

- Once you meet your soulmate, you grow wings like an angel. You gain one new feather each time something special happens between you two. When your soulmate dies, you lose all your feathers and can no longer fly.


- It is impossible to lie to your destined soulmate.

- Under a curse until you meet your soulmate 

- They have to say each other’s name to figure out they’re soulmates.

- Only your soulmate can kill you.

-The only voice in the world you can/can’t hear is your soulmate’s

-If you don’t find your soulmate by your #th birthday, you die

-Everyone wears a mask. You get to finally take it off when you meet the one with your identical mask, your soulmate.

-You’re stuck in a room filled with clones (with maybe slight differences) of your soulmate. You need to kill all except your soulmate or else you won’t get out/be together.

- On top of everybody’s head is the name of their soulmate. You can’t see your own. If you tell somebody their soulmate’s name, something unfortunate/death will happen to them/yourself/a soulmate.

-Your soulmate is invisible to you until you figure out a certain trigger.

- If anyone except for your soulmate says your name, you die

- Opposite of the above, if your soulmate says your name you die

-The only words you can say is your soulmates name until you meet them.

-You can’t harm your soulmate

-You can only harm your soulmate

-You have a limited number of words, and you can only recharge when you’re with your soulmate (when you use up your word count, you die)


- When you meet your soulmate, time stops for a month for everyone besides you two.

-For a month, you and your soulmates have to go through different soulmate AUs each day (ooh you can use my lists for ideas *cough cough*)

-Each year at a certain age, soulmates are paired together into some sort of battle royal thing, best OTP wins

-At the corner of your eye, you can see a blurry vision of whatever your soulmate is doing (like sitting down drinking coffee in your living room, even though they’re doing this in another area)

-Soulmates can switch lives whenever they feel like it

-When you meet your soulmate for the first time, you get a flashback/relive their entire lives

-Similar to above, except you get glimpses of their future

-Before you die, you flash through your soulmate’s entire life (what they were doing before they met you, if they’ve ever lied to you, etc

-Hidden in dreams, but never interacting, is your soulmate

-A certain time frame began to loop, and the only way for it to stop is to find your soulmate

- You will keep looping your life until you meet your soulmate.

- Legend says that if you fold 1000 paper (Cranes? Planes? Rabbits? Anything really) You can meet your soulmate.

- Everyday, you have the chance to spin a wheel that will determine an event your soul mate will face. (Some people may avoid it for bad luck, others may spin it for the slim chance of your soulmate getting a cure for their illness or something)

-There’s this special video game where your partner is your soulmate. You only get to meet if the two of you finish the game.

-At the age of sixteen, everyone goes into another world for two years, hanging out with their soulmate. Time is warped to make sure the two of you are sixteen in this world. When the two years are up, you’re sent back into the real world, with fractured memories of what happened. These foggy memories make it hard to find them again. (Numbers can be changed.)


- A red string tied around your pinky is connected to your soulmate’s pinky (when the two of you are in a certain distance)

- You can only see the string of fate when you close your eyes.

-Temperature gets hotter the nearer they are, colder when they are further away

-Each person has a spirit animal that can lead you to your soulmate

-If you send off a paper airplane, it shall reach (or move in the direction of) your soulmate.

- Counter of how many footsteps away you are from your soulmate

- Your soulmate leaves coloured footprints only visible to you

- Throwing something you love on the full moon will land on your soul mate

-You can feel a tug from wherever your soulmate is. These may either be automatic, or have stronger tugs whenever your soulmate is in distress.


-You get a photograph of your soulmate and vice versa, somehow (Could be yearly, could be at a certain age, could be a photo of when you first met, etc)

-The voice in your head (example: your conscious) is your soulmate’s voice (by that I meant that they have the same voice, not that’s it’s your soulmate’s personality in your head– y’know, take it as you will)

- Every year, you receive a puzzle piece. The whole picture is your soulmate’s name/appearance/location/etc.

-Mysterious letter detailing to one person when they’ll meet, and another letter detailing where they’ll meet to their soulmate, but not both (Person A gets when they’ll meet, Person B gets where they’ll meet)

-Letter about details of how the meeting between soulmates go (example: “you get pushed into a lake by a guy in a duck suit and your soulmate helps you”, etc)

-Bubbles gives you a blurry glimpse into your soulmate’s world (visions of possessions, friends, family, laughter, crying, etc)

- Everyone holds a locket with their soulmate’s picture, but it can only open when certain conditions are met

- Instead of removing flower petals for “loves me, loves me not” the flower petals dictate whether you’ll meet in this lifetime (“meet me, meet me not”) and it’s forever accurate.

–Your Soulmate–

-If you and your soulmate possess the same item, it’ll glow

-Everyone has a special pen/marker/drawing utensil. Using it, the lines are thicker when their soulmates feel strong emotions, thinner when they’re feeling weak, run out of ink when they die, etc.

-There’s this special block of clay that represents your soulmate. It has a special colour and changes forms depending on how your soulmate is feeling.

- There’s an object that changes colour depending on what mood your soulmate is in

-Reflecting in the mirrors is the appearance of your soulmate

-Plant that represents the soulmate

-Receive piece of cloth with soulmate’s scent

-You get a notification whenever your soulmate is asleep or awake (like a real life friends list)

-Everyone gets a list of their soulmate’ worst qualities

-Everyone is born knowing their soulmate’s (future) biggest secret

-List detailing the differences between you and your soulmate

- You can sense when your soulmate is in distress

-Whenever you have a question, your soul mate has the answer.

-Once you’re an adult, you get kicked out of the house until you find your soulmate.

-Everyone gets little books of what people think about their soulmate (but never said out loud)


Okay yeah my organization skills kinda stink, but I did my best. And hey, categories! You can ask me for more of a specific category if you’d like and if I can, I’ll think up some more for that specific category. (I also know that some AUs fit in multiple categories but blergh…)

Enjoy! You can use any of these without permission, half of these aren’t mine anyway (but if you do tell me you’ll use one I’ll be giddy that you read this and it’ll make my day, I swear). Happy writing! :D


In about 13 hours, my friends Matthew, Christina, and I will be folding a thousand cranes, in 24 hours! We’re doing it on a livestream to raise money($10,000!) for low income immigrants and refugees in NYC! You can learn more at
Here’s how you can help.

1. Purchase a limited edition handfolded crane! They’re $10 each(plus shipping and handling), and all of those proceeds will be going to the NYC chapters of the International Rescue Center and the National Immigration Law Center. You can buy these cranes at starting 12noon EST on Feb 25th(tomorrow!).

2. Tune in to our livestream, and cheer us on on Twitter or Facebook. Especially during the later hours, when we are exhausted and loopy and weird. You can use the hashtag #resistancecranes or @ one of us; we’ll be checking it regularly(I am @sawdustbear on Twitter).

3. Fold a paper crane in solidarity with our endurance art project. Post it on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Twitter with the hashtag #resistancecranes, and link to our website(!

mama, and the way flowers leave her chest. mama, and her rosary, as friends. mama, and i on the bathroom floor- no more talking, here; sleep between whispers. the tap won’t bother you much anymore, she says. 

mama, with her shedding hair, and a little bulge on her head; and i, not allowed to ask her about it. a walk, to a dying ground as a new beginning- with folded paper cranes in both our bellies; her’s a little more worn out than mine- i,

trying to burn the little pieces - no tears. her head bulge. the locked rooms. five year old memories. one from eleven, about needing to have your legs open. a grand mother talks about satisfaction, and i’m too young to comprehend- 

something about it being the woman’s fault- back to the dying ground- mama, and i- making candles from old skin, and fallen hair. i, trying to burn little pieces, since i got there, and her, showing me how to be more woman than a man

could need; not for him darling. not for him- mama, in white sandals, and falling flowers. mama, with a book of words, as silence. mama, with the bones of my dead father; and the weight she carried [for her]. mama, with a love so sickly.

mama, with her eyes. mama, with her hands- holding mine. mama, with her spine. mama, with her bruises, and half broken pieces, that only came out at night. mama, with her missing, and i, with my disgust; the both of us together, 

                                        with our mouths shut. 
                         and [our] man, with all the missing pieces;
                                all the stories he told the world.

STORY TELLER [SECRETS] // NAPOWRIMO 4/30 [LIT NIGHT * 30 Poetry Prompts for national poetry month 2017- Write about the secret your mother asked you to keep.]

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Hi! I absolutely love your writing, and no pressure or anything, but I thought of a great writing prompt - there's this story how if one folds 1000 paper cranes, one's wish will come true. Hux makes 1000 cranes, wishing for Ren's affection!

It’d been a story his mother had told him before she passed away. Hux remembers sitting eagerly in his bed as a boy, waiting for his mother to come to his room after finishing her kitchen duties, his favourite red book cuddled close to his chest. Mother was never late, always creeping into his room one night a week to read to him before bed. 

“1000 paper cranes,” she would whisper to him, turning the book around so little Armitage could see the picture of the paper birds suspended in the air as though gliding. “Fold them with care and hang them on string, and you will be granted the wish of a king.”

Repeating the rhyme over and over in his mind, Hux stares at the piece of paper in front of him, slightly battered and crisp white against the dark wood of his desk. As a boy, he’d wanted nothing more than to spend his days folding paper to get his wish, though he was never sure what he’d wish for. To be taller? More time with his mother? For the rain to stop falling?

There’s a knock on the door of his office, three harsh rasps that startle Hux from his daydream. Before he can open his mouth, the door swishes open and Kylo Ren breezes in, the only storm that Hux would ever welcome. Kylo’s mask is tucked in the crook of his arm, held tightly against his ribs. Hux wishes the damned thing was on Kylo’s face, hiding his dark, brooding eyes from Hux’s sight. 

 "General,“ Kylo greets blandly, though the sound of his voice is like a perfect symphony to Hux’s ears, in-tune and blissfully warm. “The Supreme Leader is requesting an audience with the two of us. He wishes for an update on Project Starkiller.“ 

As Kylo talks, Hux fixates on his lips, plush and pink, imagining how they’d feel against his own. Kylo is a beauty to behold, an odd mix of uniqueness and paleness that attracts Hux to him like stars to the sky. 

Hux wants, but knows he can never have. 

“Very well,” Hux replies, mimicking the monotone that Kylo had used, doing his best to disguise his feelings. “I’ll be there momentarily." 

Kylo nods, turning around quickly to leave, as one would to get away from a bad smell. Hux sighs, sitting back in his chair. Kylo intrigues him to the point where Hux thinks he’ll go mad if he dwells on it for too long. The moment the knight removed his helmet in front of Hux for the first time, Hux knew he was ruined. 

But it’s impossible, Kylo would never– 

Hux looks down at the paper, suddenly knowing what his wish is. 

He begins folding, remembering how his mother had shown him how to make the perfect little crane. It’s tricky with gloves on, but with his nimble fingers, Hux manages to make his first crane out of the white paper, albeit rustily so. 

"I wish he would fall in love with me,” Hux says aloud, quiet enough that no eavesdropper would hear but loud enough that the gods and stars would take note of his beginning. 

He leaves the paper crane in the middle of his desk and stands, straightening his jacket, ready to meet with Snoke, and to see Kylo again. 

Only 999 cranes to go.

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okay but what about: wizard school where all magic is made by arts and crafts. Like to get good at crafting spells you have to practice braiding hair and crochet and folding paper cranes, and all the intro classes are basics like how do you knit and purl or how to read sheet music. And advanced classes revolve around designing new spells and how patterns interact with each other if you try to combine them. 

Weaving a flying carpet for your thesis project

Getting practice casting glamours by applying makeup
Folding Paper Cranes - imagine_ice_babes - yuri on ice [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Viktor Nikiforov, Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri, Yuri Katsuki, Yakov Feltsman
Additional Tags: Paperman AU, paper cranes, 1000 Paper Cranes, Pining, Japan, Viktor is a businessman, Fluff, AU, Viktor’s life is boring, Yakov is kind of an ass, Love at First Sight, Origami

Viktor Nikiforov is a lonely Russian businessman who dedicates his entire being to his work. A business trip brings him to his senses when a Japanese man catches his attention. He finds himself feeling empty and lifeless after encountering a certain pair of brown eyes, and he’ll do anything to get to know them.

Belle has big dreams for such a small town.
Here, people fold themselves into paper cranes,
cut away the edges that stick out,
because they can’t imagine a sin worse
than being unable to fit in.

She pretends not to see the grief
in the face of her father as he fails to meet
the eyes and expectations of others.
They have suffered deeper losses,
but this still breaks him a little.

Written words take her elsewhere,
to a land of bigger graces, of thrills
and the sort of love none of these boys
– alcohol and bile and lies on their throats –
could ever give her.

If there ever was a place for running,
this is it; dirt roads and frozen time.
A pallet of colors and people and slurs
that never change, don’t know how.
A book of pages unturned.

The popular kid wants her on his arm,
but refuses to lend her an ear,
and she has no part of herself to give
to someone who will treat it recklessly.
Belle wants more out of life than scraps.

One day, she finds another kind of boy.
He is a giant in glasses and leather,
hands like claws, holding onto reality
as if it’s about to slip away from beneath
his towering, awkward figure.

Belle kisses him an I’ll see you later,
as he drops her off a month after graduation,
and her father cries as they fill up her dorm.
She loves them very much,
but she has big dreams.
—  A beauty but a funny girl (Larissa M.)
Shaman King - Osorezan Revoir English Translation

To Yoh
The person that is waiting for you
Will definitely not want you to feel any lonesome feelings
At the very least, not even the very the least

The person that you are going to meet
Will definitely not want you to feel any lonesome feelings
At the very least, not even the very least

The feelings of discouragement you’ve abandoned on your journey
The feelings of dejection you’ve abandoned on your journey

Love is an encounter
A departure
A transparent piece of veil (1)
Let us meet a Mount Osore

To Anna
A thousand folded paper cranes in black (2)
That person has always been carrying heavy secrets throughout the nights
Even if unfoldable, even if unfoldable

A thousand folded paper cranes in black
That person has always been carrying  heavy secrets thoughout the days
Even if unbreakable, even if unbreakable

Despite the arrogance and the headstrong personality being displayed
She secretly longs for a bromide (3)

Love is an encounter
A departure
A transparent piece of veil
Let us meet at Mount Osore

To Myself
Throughout these thousand years
I have finally learned how to let go of this sadness
Even if it is ever so fleeting, even if it is ever so fleeting

This weak heart of mine
I can finally let go of this heavy burden of mine
Even without a grave, even without a grave

I have distanced myself from the crowds for such a long time and gone through much solitude
Hence I was very delighted to meet you during the New Year

Love is an encounter
A departure
A transparent piece of veil
Let us meet at Mount Osore

Although I have turned my back against you
But I have felt nothing but utmost happiness throughout this journey with you
It’s alright if you think that I have acted heartlessly
But can you greet me with a smile the next time we meet?

This song is barely capable of delivering my feelings of admire
Yet, it must end here, once and for all

I wonder, what that shining land above me is
I suppose it’s where Jizou-sama (4) sits

Love is an encounter
A departure
A transparent piece of veil
Let us meet at Mount Osore

Let us depart at Mount Osore (5)


(1) Transparent piece of veil: Probably refers to a wedding veil

(2) Black paper cranes: In Japan, paper cranes (senbazuru) are considered auspicious and are usually folded as gifts. However, some say that black origami paper shouldn’t be used when folding paper cranes as the colour symbolises death and misfortune. Matamune is probably using this metaphor to describe Anna as somebody who would have led a normal life but for her spiritual abilities

(3) Bromide: Wedding photo

(4) Jizou-sama: King Bodhisattva, read more here

(5) Mount Osore: Known as the entrance to hell in Japanese mythology, read more here

Home (Remus Lupin x Reader)

A/N: Based on a request for a Remus imagine where the reader is on her monthly and is a bit snappy. Remus comforts her with chocolate, tea, reading, and lots of love. Hope it’s what you’re looking for!

Remus sat in the library, his books and papers spread all over the table in front of him. He was becoming distracted fairly easy, his mind wandering to thoughts of you, the girl he loved. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, Remus was crazy for you. Your gorgeous features, intelligent mind, and humor that kept him entertained for days kept him craving more of you. He couldn’t imagine life without you.

James and Sirius often teased him for being whipped. He would brush them off with a forced smile, acting as if they were talking nonsense. The thing was, however, that you weren’t exactly his. Sure you occasionally had a moment with him, a type of intimacy that he wanted with no one else, but you had yet to show that you reciprocated his feelings fully. Remus didn’t mind, though, he would wait for you to be ready or simply just be the best friend he could.

“Lupin,” a girl’s voice called out softly from behind him. Remus turned around quickly, his eyes landing on a girl from Gryffindor he knew to be friends with you.

“What?” Remus whispered curiously as the girl scooted her chair from the other table closer to his.

“What’s wrong with Y/N?” She asked. Her hands played with her curly hair, batting her eyes at him as she tried to lead him on.

“Something is wrong with her?” Remus asked immediately.

“Lily won’t let anyone into their room,” the girl explained. Remus felt his heart race from the worry coursing through his veins. “Said something about her being hurt or-”

The girl had no time to finish her sentence, for Remus quickly gathered all of his things and bolted out of the library. He rushed through the corridors, almost running over multiple students as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Once he made it to the common room, he spotted James sitting by the fire and Sirius sitting in a large chair.

“Nice of you to join us, Moony,” Sirius snickered as he took in his friend’s frantic state.

“In the last minutes of Y/L/N’s life, her one true love has finally arrived,” James joked with a smirk. Remus rolled his eyes and told them a few colorful words before heading up to the girl’s dormitory. He easily used his wand to charm his way in before entering your room.

“Remus, get out!” You exclaimed as he opened your door and stepped in. You sent a large book his way that he barely dodged. Lily let out a small laugh as she saw his eyes widen in fear. “Don’t just stand there, you bloody idiot!”

“What’s wrong with her?” Remus asked Lily, refusing to look you in the eye. He was slightly afraid it would agitate you even more.

“Some things just shouldn’t be explained,” Lily told him, ducking as you threw a small pillow at her. “You are so lucky you’re my best friend, Y/N.”

“Are you on your monthly?” Remus asked bluntly, preparing to hide from anything you could send at him. Instead, he was met with a small sniffle and nod from you. “Don’t be sad, love.”

“I’m not bloody sad,” you argued, wiping at your eyes. “I just don’t feel well.”

“Do you want me to read to you?”

“You wouldn’t mind?” You sniffled quietly with a soft laugh.

“Anything for you, love.”

Lily slipped out of the room silently, not wanting to intrude on the moment. It was a known fact that both you and Remus had strong feelings for each other, but you were both too scared to reveal them. She couldn’t wait to tell James and Sirius about how you were alone in your room with Remus.

“Remus!” You laughed as he used his wand to fold a paper crane and make it fly around the room. You smiled brightly, watching as it flew above where you were snuggled into his side.

“Shall I have it fetch us something from my things?” He questioned with a grin. You nodded as he placed a soft kiss on your forehead and used one of his hands to cover your eyes. “You can’t look until I tell you.”

“Okay,” you murmured as you relished in the feeling of his touch against your face. His rough hand that was soft against your skin, the warmth radiating from him into you. You were so distracted by his hand that you almost didn’t hear him tell you it was okay to look. His hand moved from your eyes and you popped one open, glancing to where the paper crane was setting a piece of chocolate onto your sheets. “Remus… Thank you.”

He just smiled at you and let you grab the chocolate, watching as you nibbled on it. He reached to the nightstand beside your bed, pulling out a book about dragons that he knew you loved. His smooth voice filled the air, your body relaxing slightly despite the pain in your lower half. When you began to feel the cramps at a higher level, a quiet groan fell from your lips; Remus fumbled over his words, his worried eyes flickering up to your pained form.

“Come lay down, yeah? You’ll feel better, Y/N,” he suggested lightly. He readjusted the glasses that had begun to slip down his nose, his concern for you evident on his face.

“It’s fine, Rem,” you reassured him as you wrapped your arms around your middle and began to rock. You just had to wait for the worst of it to pass and then you could lay with him.

“What can I do?” He asked, leaning up so he could set the book aside and place a hand on your lower back.

“Please don’t touch me,” you demanded through clenched teeth as you flinched away from his touch. Remus’ face dropped and he pulled his hand back, nodding to show he understood. “It’s not that I don’t like when you touch me, I love it, I just really don’t feel well.”

“You love when I touch you?”

“I-I, uh, yes?” You stammered out, embarrassment consuming your body. You were momentarily distracted from the cramps, your body not feeling as tense.

“I know you said not touch you, but can I-“

“Yes,” you blurted out. Anticipation of what he was going to do struck you to your core, your heart thudding loudly as the cramps began to subside.

Remus moved in front of you, one of his hands moving to rest on the back of your neck. He pulled your face close to his, his lips brushing yours as a light gasp escaped him. The moment he had been craving for so long was finally happening, and you were kissing him back. You pulled away slowly and looked into his eyes. Remus watched you nervously, scared that you would reject his affection.

“W-Was that okay?” He stuttered out as you placed your hands on his cheeks, cupping his face.

“It was perfect,” you whispered before placing your lips on his again. He smiled against your mouth, his hands tangling in your hair as the world around you became a blur. You both pulled away after a bit, struggling to catch your breath as you looked at each other with wide grins. “Read to me some more, Rem.”

And so you laid beside him on your bed, your head on his chest as one of his hands played with your hair and the other held the book. You may have been experiencing the worst cramps, but it didn’t matter. You finally had Remus in your arms the way you wanted him. The afternoon was full of sweet kisses, tea, and chocolate as you basked in each other’s company. You wouldn’t have traded those moments with him for anything else in the world.