folding kit


  • Kit borrowing Ty’s clothes because he doesn’t have any at the institute, and they’d be both around the same size anyway.
  • Kit only talking to and trusting Ty for the first few weeks of being there.
  • Kit and Ty have called each other their full names (ie Christopher, Tiberius) and it doesn’t bother either of them.
  • Kit refusing to learn about Shadowhunters, until Ty tries to teach him and he accepts.
  • Ty recommending Kit books to read.
  • Ty is probably the one who gives him his first rune, I mean come on who else would do it.
  • Training together??
  • Ty giving Kit a tour of the institute.
  • Just consider them please I love them both too much for my lil heart to handle.

Dead Foot Arms MCS

The Modified Cycle System is a drop in side-folding stock kit for the AR-15 platform. What makes it different from competitors like the Law Tactical AR Folding stock is that the MCS allows you to fire your rifle in the open and folded position. The overall length of pull doesn’t seem to be impacted too much depending on what stock or brace you install. MSRP is about $499 and up, with the pistol versions costing just a little more. (GRH)

S13 Mini-Prequel - The Day After the Night Before...

Dean eased onto his bed with his boots on. The ‘50s yellow lamp-light of the bunker threw out soft grey shades. 

Half a dozen cuts and abrasions, including a split lip, were stinging like crazy after Sam’s over-liberal application of antiseptic. Gotta be more careful now, he thought dully. 

He pulled up his T-shirt and stared at his stomach. Felt as if he’d taken a hail of bullets, but there were no entry wounds. He scrabbled at the night stand and wet his lips with his emergency bottle of Johnny Walker. 

“Fuck you, Cas,” he rasped out.

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locker room surprise

author’s note: requested! i hope you enjoy :-)

It’s an El Clasico game day, which means that she’s scheduled to work.

She grabs a few of the fresh, clean kits – as many as she can hold in her arms – and makes her way down the hall to the locker room. It’s her job to set out the new kits before each game and to clean up the dirty kits out of the locker room after each game. It’s pretty easy work and she likes getting to see behind-the-scenes on match days, but she’s never been lucky enough to interact with the players.

Of course, she gets close – she’s even watched a few of the games from the sidelines, but she always manages to miss the perfect opportunities to talk to the players.

So when she rounds the corner into the dressing room and sees Rafinha – who must have arrived early – sitting on the little bench in front of his locker playing his guitar, she’s so surprised she drops a few of the kits.

“Hi,” he greets her cheerily with a big smile.

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If Nuzlocke Comics had an anime series...

So while I was making my most recent update, my brother and I started talking about what anime studios would produce our favorite nuzlocke comics. These are the results.

Myths of Unova- David Production

Doubt and Trust- Madhouse

That Comic About That One Kid- BONES

Cross Out- WIT Studio

The Fall/From Grace- Ufotable

Folded- Tatsunoko Production

Canvas’s Diamond Nuzlocke- Production I.G.

Kit’s Nuzlocke- TRIGGER

Goddamn Critical Hits- Studio 3Hz

Everything’s Peachy- SHAFT

Maybe there will be a part 2???

anonymous asked:

Galra Lance anon here! What if Lance WAS Lotor, when Zendak(sp!?) found out, he tries to bring Lance back over HIS side, and Keith is like "no, he's MINE!" But Lance is like, "Keith, you don't really love me" because (part 1/?)

Now, anon, your third message is Un-annoned, so I will just answer it all on the first one:D 

(Part 2/?) He thinks he is NOT LOVED, and all the others are like, “but??? You are???” And Lance doesn’t believe him because, who would, right? And so he tries to studio down from Voltron, and goes toward where his “father is” and

(Part 3/3) the others are like, “NO WAY ARE YOU DOING THIS” & they go on a mission to find Lance, & they finally find him, only to see that Zarkon, seeing as how Lance didn’t bring the blue lion with him, made him into a personal whore for his army.

Ok, so everything was ok, until the last part;p 

Zarkon making Lance into his personal harem girl/breeder? YES Zarkon making Lance into a whore for others? NOPE

And I will tell you why, friendly friend! 

Galran army absolutely can’t operate like that! It’s an advanced militaristic nation, here, half cut with droids, they are way above the filthy shared goods like that. It’s animalistic and undignified. They have whore houses that are well respected, they have kahrasz, who are always scouting for strong, brawny warriors to bang, they are taken care of in that respect;] Lance, as skinny and small as he is, simply wouldn’t cut it for an officer who is two feet taller than him >_> 

Also, in my head-canon Galrans are not intentionally cruel, not one bit, not even Zarkon. They’re just an empire in the swing of conquest, they do what they have to, but they have personal morale. Zarkon, forever pragmatic, wouldn’t see that sort of a future as a suitable allocation of a precious resource like a Paladin of Voltron. Too easy to lose him somewhere. No, a good, practical option would be to let the Druids have their fun with the boy - or have fun with him on his own. 

Zarkon would take care of a pretty, confused young one like that, bring it into the fold - especially that the kit is small and thin, and can’t be a part of the army. He needs to be protected and coddled and kahrasz would take Lance in with open arms. He would be suffocated with affections and instincts his people know how to awake in him and play on:]  

So, when the Paladins finally find lance, he is half out of his mind, because he has a place now, he is being coddled by the shrine-full of  beautiful, sensual beings, his instincts tell him he wants to be there where every day is a haze of softness and gentle touch, and he wants to stay… but he also want to go back to his friends, too, he is a Pladin, he needs to return… 

And the team has a hard time seeing that new calm, sensual being as their Lance - especially when his idea of bonding now includes getting naked;D


A few photos of my portable wizard’s kit! Everything folds up nicely and there’s still plenty of space in my bag for all my practical and mundane necessities, too.

There’s a small case of sigil chalk, a bottle of all-purpose candle dressing oil, blessed salt, an energy amplifying powder and a banishing powder of my own recipe, two tea lights (one black, one white), a pendulum, an altar cloth, and of course… A wand! It’s wire-wrapped lemon wood and Quartz crystal; it tucks up nicely behind the altar cloth when packing everything away! All I need now is to restock my matches.


Emergency Survival Kit

A special little package sold by Smith & Wesson, it has been discontinued. It’s become somewhat collectable but it does have some practical uses. There were two options; orange colored cases meant a Model 500*. Yellow cases indicate the Model 460. Contents of the waterproof case…

  • S&W Model 500 (2 ¾" barreled version)*
  • S&W Folding Knife
  • Fire Starting Kits (Wet & Dry)
  • Whistle
  • Signaling Mirror
  • Mylar Emergency Blankets
  • Bear Attack Survival Book
Entry Wounds

Words: 1, 226
Notes: Another shorter piece for the weekend while I’m fixing and adjusting other things.  Thank you all for reading, and any comments, critiques, or suggestions are appreciated.

The needle is delicate and silent, fine as a strand of spider-silk there in his hand. He holds it in the same way he now holds her forearm, which is with the very tips of his gloved fingers, thumbs rested over the plunger and the pulse in her left wrist, respectively.

“All right,” Bruce says. “What do you prefer – ‘one, two, three, and then go,’ or ‘one, two, and go on three’?”

A suture kit sits open on the table beside them. It is one of the only things left in the cruciform bunker they’ve spent the last few hours clearing, save for a hanging lamp and the two chairs on which they now sit. Gauze sponges, speckled with blood and iodine, have been piled into a stainless steel pan. The laceration itself is thin and red where the knife has sliced through her suit.

And Natasha could likely tell him it doesn’t matter, that she has at one point or another broken almost every bone in that arm he’s currently holding as though it is the stem of a heavy-headed flower.

(Her medical records can testify to all of it: contusions and hematomas, oblique and comminuted and transverse fractures, ballistic trauma and penetrating trauma and the honest, visceral brutality of blunt force trauma for good measure.

“Note scarring of plantar fascia, general peripheral neuropathy,” the typed report also reads, no doubt available in electronic form somewhere on the Internet by now. “Indicates prior encounters with bastinado and parilla interrogation methods.”)

But Natasha cannot tell him any of that, so instead she answers, “Do it on three, then. Three’s a good number.”

“For wishes, maybe.” The needle rests poised against her arm. “Ready?”

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I got these two things for only ~$17 holy shit
That love and beauty make up kit folds up and holds 40 eyeshadows, 30 lip colors, 4 blushes, and 2 eyeliners + brushes, I feel so lucky