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This tutorial will show you how to make any amount of icons you so desire - IN ONE SITTING!  (up too 500 at most to respond properly without lag).  This is largely an image based tutorial, but if anything is unclear, please send me your questions!

you will need:


-some screencaps or images you wish to edit

tutorial below the cut:

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Cropping & Editing Icons in GIMP

Hello everyone!

This is Bubbles-mod here with your second tutorial! Like Jerry-mod, I’ll also be going from start to finish on how I crop and edit icons on the wonderful program known as GIMP. GIMP is a lovely alternative for anyone that’s seeking Photoshop and cannot afford it because – guess what? It’s free! It’s also able to run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux which makes it very versatile. Whether you’re an old timer with GIMP like myself, or a newbie, I’ll guide you through the many steps on how to complete this. And if you don’t have GIMP and wish to learn with this tutorial you can grab it from here!

That being said there is a few things you might need while working with this tutorial.

                                          Important things to have

  • Of course having a method of downloading your video is a must. So there’s many sources you can get videos from, youtubemp4s converters and also Kissanime/Kisscartoon (the latter once they get the site back up and running).
  • Next you’ll need your trusty GIMP program.
  • Then we’ll need my favorite plugin: BIMP – the Batch Image Manipulation Plugin which you can also get from here. Now if you’re not familiar installing Plugins, I recommend following the instructions they have there as this won’t be the main focus of my tutorial.
  • Finally, you’ll want a frame ripper. The one I tend to use DVDVideoSoft’s Video to JPG
  • One other script that can be added is the ExportAll script. This just allows you save all the images you have opened at one time to a location. This comes in handy if you don’t want to save images one by one later on while cropping. It is not necessary needed. Remember to add it to GIMP like you would any other script/plugin.

Now, this is going to get a bit image heavy so I’m going to be putting everything under a cut from this point on. Good luck and happy iconing everyone!

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Willow Creek is a completely CC free save file that includes my own  builds and families. Since I won’t be playing Sims 4 anymore - I love the building side of it but I find the gameplay extremely dull (could be the no seasons or pets and limited interactions thing it’s got going on) I have decided to upload my files somewhere safe for those who may be interested in having them. I will be deleting my game permanently from my PC and since I believe this leads to llama icons in the gallery I am uploading this nice safe save file instead with nothing to do with the gallery!

The file is completely CC free - I rejigged some of my old builds to be cc free.

I am 100% thanking Jenba for figuring out how to even upload and create a game save file in the first place. Without her own amazing upload, which you can find here my sims 4 downloads would have been completely wiped from the community.

Required Packs:

  • EPs: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Vampires
  • GPs: Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out
  • SPs: Luxury Party, Perfect Patio, Cool Kitchen, Spooky Stuff (not much), Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Kids Room, Backyard Stuff, Bowling Night Stuff (don’t think it’s needed - I paid for it and never used it - wahhhhh), Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • erm, I think that is all of them…….I don’t own the new parenthood one

Important Info:

  • You do NOT need to download or install any of the lots separately to make this save work - they are already installed as part of the save - also unless they are on my simsfileshare account I believe they are gone?
  • Feel free to delete the households or lots, or save them to your library and remove my save file. Really don’t mind
  • I haven’t touched the Goth, Spencer-Kim-Lewis or Pancake families - they just have new homes, or, well, for the Pancakes no home at all atm, so give them one!
  • For more pics see my sims 4 downloads tag on my simblr page. 

Download: SFS

To install this save:

1. IMPORTANT!!! Back up your Save files before doing anything else, just in case things go wonky. Just copy and paste them somewhere safe. (You can find your Saves folder in the following location for PC: \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4)

2. Download the “” file.

3. Using a program like WinZIP or WinRAR, extract the “Illawara_WillowCreek_GameSave_noCC” folder somewhere safe.

4. Open the “Illawara_WillowCreek_FameSave_noCC” folder. Copy the file within ( and paste it into your \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves folder.

5. Start your game. From the main menu, click on “Load Game”. You should see “Illawara_Willow Creek SAVE No CC” as an option on the menu. You may have to scroll down past your other saves to find it (it has a date of 1.09PM 13/06/2017).

6. Select “Illawara_Willow Creek Save NO CC” and load the save.

7. Feel free to “Save as” and rename it to something else.

NOTE: Please don’t claim anything as your own. I don’t mind you using the lots or sims as a base, but don’t pretend they’re your own work just because they don’t exist on the gallery anymore.

I have tested this. I have removed all my tray files and deleted and restored the save file, but if you have any trouble, please let me know!

musiclovingbitch  asked:

Can I ask where you get your inspiration from? Also, I love your work!! Thank you for sharing it with the world!

thank you! i try to get inspiration from everything, not just other artists but anything that i’m interested in.

 if you mean other visual artists, then i’m super inspired by glen keane, annette marnat, marc davis, junji ito, shiyoon kim, jillian tamaki, eyvind earle, waterhouse, and hayao miyazaki. 

but on the other hand i have a huge reference folder of interesting people, fashion, locations, etc to look at to get inspiration for drawings. i’d recommend this to pretty much anyone interested in art, all you have to do is save things that interest you and organize them.

letssimmerforlife  asked:

Could you please tell me how to download CC? I'm really dumb when it comes to this...

Hi, so when a cc creator posts cc here on Tumblr they’ll usually have a link saying ‘download’ it will redirect you to either thesimsresource or their website/blog.

With thesimsresource, there will be a green download button. See (1), it will come up in the same way.

On a blog/website, it will say ‘download’ somewhere usually under the post. Once you click download it will redirect to adfly where you’ll see in the top right corner a countdown of 5 seconds, after it will say Skip Ad (side note you will need to turn off Adblock, this also supports the cc creator which is brilliant).

CLOSE POPUPS! Including but not limited to ads, things saying you have an error/virus, anything that isn’t what I’m about to say.

After you’ve skipped the ad it will redirect you either straight to simsfileshare (you’ll be able to download the cc then) or anotepad where there will be another download button so same deal.. adfly, skip ad.. which will take you to simsdom (OR any other download site) where you will see a big green button saying ‘download’, you can now finally download the cc.

PSA, please make sure you are downloading the custom content ONLY, the custom content creator is NOT responsible if you download the wrong thing. 

(1) When it’s downloaded it will come up on the bottom left of your pc/laptop screen as a tab of sorts, you’ll click on the arrow and select ‘show in folder’, this will take you to a folder called downloads, where you will right click, cut, and paste in your MODS folder (located in Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods).

If it is a zip file, which will look like purple and green stacks of books, you will need WinRar (download via google). With a zip file you left click on the tab itself, it will open a small window displaying the cc file, you will right click on the file and select EXTRACT TO THE SPECIFIED FOLDER, where you will follow this path Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods and you’ll click once on mods and select OK, the cc is now downloaded. 

I know this is super long but I remember asking this same question years ago myself. If you’re a little lost with my descriptions, you can go on YouTube and search for a tutorial, I didn’t want to be rude by telling you to do that yourself and not at least help you out.
I hope this all makes sense!

Cold Eyes, Colder Shoulders (Avengers x Reader)

Hey! Soooo that last fic? You guys are AMAZING! I will never reach that level again so please forgive me haha! Honestly I love each and every freaking one of you!<3 

For this next one I got a request for a fic but with all the avengers reactions so I’m hoping I can do the request justice because it’s super awesome and different than my usual fics! If you requested this and you don’t like it please let me know and I’ll try to fix it!(: 


Base after base, country after country, realm after realm the Avengers were searching everywhere and were continuously coming up empty handed. What was so important that every other mission was being ignored? You. 

You had been missing for about a month now and the team was distraught. You had been an Avenger since the Battle of Sokovia and every one on the team loved you dearly. You had forged special connections with them all and now that you were gone they were all kind of lost. That’s why they had to find you.

No enemy could be ruled out as everyone on the team knew you were their weakness and everyone and anyone could be after you. That’s why they had all split up and were scouring the universe looking for you.

Thor was running between realms with some help from Loki. Sam and Rhodey were looking into sketchy military personnel. Tony and T’Challa were cracking down on business and political world leaders. Natasha and Bruce were going into the undergrounds of countries on every continent. Clint and Director Fury were keeping close eyes on all of SHIELD’s known enemies. The Maximoff twins, Vision, and Scott were stationed between Avengers Tower, Avengers Base, and your old house all waiting for you to come back to them. 

Every day they searched for you. And every day they didn’t find you felt like another little piece of them died inside. 


It was Bucky and Steve who finally called in a lead. They had been racing around the world crashing HYDRA bases at record speed when they finally found a lead to your location. They had run down a facility when they caught sight of a folder with your picture in it. The only other things the folder contained were a location and a list of words which made Bucky’s stomach turn as he realized their purpose. 

“We have to find her Steve. They’ll kill her. They’ll kill the most precious human left on this earth.”

“We will Bucky,“ Steve promised, opening the folder and lowering his voice as he looked at your picture, “We’re coming for ya doll. Hold on.” 


It took less than 32 hours for the Avengers to assemble. Each one was prepared to do whatever necessary to save you. All their hearts pumped with adrenaline and stomachs twisted with anticipation. To see you safe once again and to hold you in their arms. That’s what they wanted. What they needed. 

The jet ride over there was tense and felt like an eternity. No one spoke as they feared the worst and quickly tried to hush their inner thoughts for being so negative. The second the quinjet touched the ground the team was gone and on the offense. 

The fight lasted about three minutes before the ground was littered with fallen HYDRA agents. Parts of the base were on fire and the Avengers stood huddled around a room marked with your name. Everyone was scared to open the door, afraid of what they’d see inside. But eventually Tony couldn’t take it anymore as his shaking hands threw open the door.

A plain grey room laid on the other side. Grey walls, a grey concrete floor, and a grey bed which held your sleeping frame under grey sheets. 

Pietro was the first one in as he sped past the others to kneel next to you. His hand lightly touched your shoulder as he whispered a desperate, “Printesa?” 

You sat up slowly and turned to face the anxious superheroes as they all filed into your room. Their faces held a wide array of emotions from pure relief to utter confusion. Why weren’t you happy to see them? 

Your face had remained stoic as you sat on the edge of your bed and studied the people who had previously been considered family. Much like the bare walls your face was free of any emotions. It was starting to unnerve some of the Avengers as they stepped closer. 

“Why are you here?” Your question stopped them in their tracks and Pietro’s hand, which had remained on your shoulder, pulled away like you had burned him.

“Little Bird we’re here to bring you home,” Clint’s voice was soft but firm, thinking you were just scared and confused after being hostage so long. 

“But I am home.” Your head tilted to the side as they all looked shocked. Bucky fled the room while everyone else tried to keep their breathing in check. Of all the possibilities they had prepared for none of the Avengers were prepared for this. 

“No baby girl, back to the Tower with us where you belong,” Tony’s brown eyes looked broken as he reached out to stroke your cheek but you jerked away.

“I belong here though.”

“Listen Bitsy Spider I know it’s confusing, but they tricked you,” Nat’s voice was quivering as she tried to sooth you. 

However, before Natasha could continue any further Bucky burst back through the door and threw a manila folder onto the floor, letting the contents scatter across the room. “You lied to us!” His metal hand went up to point an accusing finger at you, but T’Challa threw up his hand and pierced Bucky’s arm through with his claws. 

“Do not touch my Queen.” T’Challa warned with an even tone that Bucky barely even registered as he simply yanked his arm free and continued to stare down at your still blank face. 

“You lied to me,” Bucky’s jaw was clenched, his nose twitching and his eyes welling up with tears he fought not to shed. He swallowed down the crack he could feel rising in his throat as he raised his voice.”To us! You sat there for years and pretended to be something you weren’t!”

“Bucky what in the hell are you talking about?” Sam asked defensively. He had fought the soldier before and was willing to do it again if Bucky continued attacking you like this. 

“She’s a HYDRA experiment. A blank slate that can absorb a person’s power and personality.”

“We were HYDRA experiments too Barnes. That does not mean (Y/N) is evil!” Wanda’s hands were starting to glow red with anger.

“No. It doesn’t,” Bucky agreed. His icy stare had never left your blank cold one. “But using that power to get close with the Avengers and give all their information to HYDRA does.”

“What?” Bruce whispered feeling more confused than the first time he had Hulked out. “Bucky that’s crazy. (Y/N) would never-”

“Agent Barnes is correct.” You finally stood up as your even voice sent the Avengers into a deeper state of shock. “I was given a power strong enough to put me on SHIELD’s radar and a personality sweet and luring enough to draw each and every single one of you in. After getting the information required I returned home and HYDRA wiped me clean for my next assignment.”

“So we were just another assignment to you?” Rhodey asked, glad he was in the suit to keep him upright.

“Don’t spend too long caring about what you were to me. I won’t about you.” You blinked calmly as you tore the teams world apart. Everything had been a lie, and now they didn’t know what to do. As they all stared in hurt at your uncaring face Thor turned on his heel and walked away not sparing another look back.

“Thor where are you going?” Vision asked, calling attention to the blonde god trying to make a hasty escape before his emotions could get the better of him.

“I am leaving. I cannot harm someone whom I care so deeply about. If you wish to bring justice then it shall have to be without me.” His red cape whipped out behind him as he continued to take large steps away from the scene. 

“I have died once before and the pain I feel now is just as strong. Count me out as well,” Pietro muttered, looking deep into your eyes one last time before seeing how truly dead they were inside, then speeding away.

“There’s some blood even I don’t want on my hands,” the tears were falling freely now as Natasha made her escape, Clint saying nothing as he crossed his arms over his chest to hold himself together just long enough to get back to the jet. 

“I thought I was going to be fighting bad guys. I didn’t sign up to fight loved ones,” Scott didn’t even bother putting his helmet back down as he shuffled away wondering how he was going to break the news to Cassie. 

“I can’t even read the thoughts going through her head,” Wanda whispered with tears in her eyes. “The (Y/N) we knew is already dead.” Vision followed the sobbing Sokovian girl and wondered what exactly the aching in his chest was. 

“I fill one hole in my chest just to get a new one,” Tony flipped his helmet down before flying off, Rhodey following quickly behind with defeated eyes.

“There is no hatred deep enough to cover the love which once ran through my veins,” T’Challa’s somber voice echoed around the quickly emptying room before he walked out with his head hanging unusually low..

“I’ve lost enough people I loved at the doing of my own hands. It’s not a mistake  I plan to keep making,” Steve seemed to be in a daze as he and Sam left Bucky alone with you in the blank grey room.

“Are you going to try to kill me now Agent Barnes?” Your voice was as cool as if you were discussing the weather. The air was quiet save for the sound of fire burning in the near distance as you stared him down waiting for his response.

“I just need to know if any of it was real,” Bucky’s blue eyes begged for something deep inside of you to snap. For you to remember who you were just like he had so he could take you back home and everyone could stop being so damned lost. So he could once again stop being so damned lost.


Bucky caught his breath in his chest as it expanded painfully to the point of implosion. He gave a brief nod and went to walk away, unable to look at the hollow shell of the woman he once loved.

“Wait!” You called as he reached the door frame and lingered in it, not looking back. “My name. My name was real.” 

And with that he was gone. Along with the last sense of warmth you had felt in your bones when the Avengers had first burst into your room. Your brain made the logical connection that the fire that had been ravaging your home base had finally died out, but you knew. Somewhere deep inside you knew that the closest thing you were ever going to get to a family had just walked away and they were never going to think twice about you again. 


I think I broke my own heart with this one guys…. but I hope you liked it and like always I’m sorry it’s kinda late! I should be catching up on requests though so!

As usual Requests, Ships, and Preferences are all OPEN!  The list is getting longer though (YAY!) so they should be coming more frequently (let’s hope) but there may be a slight wait (like that wasn’t the case before right?). 

Have a great day and send me love!^^^

Mac Shortcuts Masterpost
**super long! sorry😬**

•Command ⌘
•Shift ⇧
•Option ⌥
•Control ⌃
•Caps Lock ⇪
* cut = ⌘X
* copy = ⌘C
* paste = ⌘V
* undo = ⌘Z
* redo = ⌘⇧Z
* select all = ⌘A
* find = ⌘F
* again = ⌘G
* hide = ⌘H
* minimize = ⌘M
* all = ⌘⌥M
* new = ⌘N
* tab = ⌘T
* bookmark = ⌘D
* open = ⌘O
* print = ⌘P
* save = ⌘S
* close = ⌘W
* quit = ⌘Q
* force-quit = ⌘⌥esc
* spotlight = ⌘space
* quick look = space on selected item
* switch apps = ⌘tab
* switch windows = ⌘⇧~(tilde)
* screenshot = ⌘⇧4
* certain window = ⌘⇧4space
* whole screen = ⌘⇧3
* preferences = ⌘,
Sleep/Log Out/Shutdown:
* power button 
* wake from sleep = tap
* choose which = 1.5 s
* force shutdown = 5 s
* force restart = ⌘⌃power button
* sleep = ⌃⇧ power button
* quit; restart = ⌘⌃⏏
* quit; shutdown = ⌘⌥⌃⏏
* log out = ⌘⇧Q
* immediately = ⌘⇧Q⌥
* bold = ⌘B
* italic = ⌘I
* underline = ⌘U
* fonts = ⌘T
* define = ⌘⌃D
* spelling/grammar = ⌘⇧:
* mispelling = ⌘;
* delete (left) = ⌘delete
* delete previous character = ⌃H (or…deleteXD)
* delete right character = ⌃D or fn-delete
* delete rest of paragraph = ⌃K
* trash = ⌘delete
* up one pg = fn-up (arrow key)
* down one pg = fn-down
* top pg = fn-left
* last pg = fn-right
* start at the top (insert) = ⌘up
* start at the bottom (insert) = ⌘down
* start at the beginning of current line = ⌘left
* start at the end of current line = ⌘right
* start at beginning of prev. word = ⌥left
* start at end of next word = ⌥right
* select all text above = ⇧⌘up
* select all text below = ⇧⌘down
* select to the beginning of line = ⇧⌘left
* select to the end of line = ⇧⌘right
* select to same location above = ⇧up
* select to same location below = ⇧down
* select one character left = ⇧left
* select one character right = ⇧right
* select paragraph above = ⌥⇧up
* select paragraph below = ⌥⇧down
* select previous word = ⌥⇧left
* select next word = ⌥⇧right
* move to beginning = ⌃A
* move to end = ⌃E
* move one character forward = ⌃F
* move one character backward = ⌃B
* center cursor = ⌃L
* move up a line = ⌃P
* move down a line = ⌃N
* insert new line = ⌃O
* switch 2 characters = ⌃T
* left align = ⌘{ (left curly bracket)
* right align = ⌘}
* center align = ⌘⇧| (vertical bar)
* show/hide toolbar = ⌥⌘T
* copy style = ⌥⌘C
* paste style = ⌥⌘V
* paste & match style = ⌥⌘⇧V
* show/hide inspector/format = ⌥⌘I (i)
* page setup = ⌘⇧P
* save as = ⌘⇧S
* decrease size = ⌘(⇧)- (minus sign)
* increase size = ⌘(⇧)+
* help menu = ⌘⇧?
* duplicate file = ⌘D
* eject = ⌘E
* spotlight search = ⌘F
* get info = ⌘I (i)
* computer window = ⌘⇧C
* desktop folder = ⌘⇧D
* all my files = ⌘⇧F
* go to folder = ⌘⇧G
* home folder = ⌘⇧H
* iCloud Drive = ⌘⇧I (i)
* network window = ⌘⇧K
* downloads folder = ⌘⌥L
* documents folder = ⌘⇧O
* airdrop window = ⌘⇧R
* add to dock = (⌃)⌘⇧T
* utilities folder = ⌘⇧U
* hide/show dock = ⌘⌥D
* add to sidebar = ⌃⌘T
* hide/show path bar = ⌘⌥P
* hide/show sidebar = ⌘⌥S
* hide/show status bar = ⌘/
* view options = ⌘J
* connect to server = ⌘K
* create alias = ⌘L
* new finder window = ⌘N
* new folder = ⌘⇧N
* new smart folder = ⌘⌥N
* show original file (alias) = ⌘R
* hide/show tab bar = ⌘T
* hide/show finder window = ⌘⇧
* quick look slideshow = ⌘⌥Y
* quick look = ⌘Y (or just space)
* view as icons = ⌘1
* view as list = ⌘2
* view as columns = ⌘3
* Cover Flow = ⌘4
* go to previous folder = ⌘[
* go to next folder = ⌘]
* open folder w/ current folder = ⌘up
* new window = ⌘⌃up
* open selected = ⌘down
* show desktop = ⌘mission control
* open new folder, close prev = ⌥double click
* open new folder (window) = ⌘double click
* trash = ⌘delete
* empty trash = ⌘⇧delete
* w/o confirming = ⌘⌥⇧delete
* copy item = ⌥drag (trackpad)
* make alias = ⌘⌥drag
* see folder location = ⌘click window title

Know any others that are useful that i left out? Let me know! Thanks for reading😊

**shift arrows look kinda funky :/ sorry**

Hey guys, Here’s a little tutorial for all of you, especially the people that are wondering how i do this magic in Paint Tool SAI. [since i get asked this about 50 times a day on how to do this ahaH /lays in the hellfire]

I’m really bad at explaining how i do things so HOPEFULLY everything makes sense yeye lets GO !

• Go to your “PaintTool SAI folder which should be located in your documents library or wherever you got the folder hidden!

• OK ye, open up the folder; scroll down until you find the file name "misc.” [Miscellaneous] and click it! [It should open up in notepad]

• Once you open the file, Scroll down to “Panel Settings”. Your setting will probably say “PopupPanels = 0 / PopupNavigator = 0” as the default. For the Popup panels to show up in SAI, Set the settings to “1”

• Restart SAI and yAHoo thERE YA GO, you got floaty pop up panels!

►►If you ever want to have the panels back to the way they were, just go back to the “misc.” and change the popup panels back to “0"◄◄

I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU GUYS AND I HOPE EVERYTHING MADE SENSE. If you have any questions send me an Ask and i’ll try to help!

anonymous asked:

After a day of testing with a few game restarts graphic randomisation seems to work A-ok, but the splash music is always the same for me, though it had changed to a new one and I added at least one custom splash made with the instruction you provided. Anything I could've done wrong while setting up?

Perhaps you set the root directory wrong so the program could not find any Splash files? What’s written in the installed_splashes.txt file? Is the path to the exe correct? Does the application start the game? If so, then it’s correct.

Have to tried to move the Splash file in the TSBin/Sound folder to any location and then to start the Randomizer 1-2 times? Does the music change then?

Sorry for any inconvenience! It works well for me and I tried the program on a clean virtual Windows 10 machine and then it started an (dummy) exe as well (I didn’t want to download Sims 2 all over again), so I assumed it would work for everybody.

As always, let me know about your problems.. or let me know if it works which would be nice as well :D

Top 15 Interview Questions with Answers for Network Administrators

Q-1: What is Active Directory?
Active Directory provides a centralized control for network administration and security. Server computers configured with Active Directory are known as domain controllers. Active Directory stores all information and settings for a deployment in a central database, and allows administrators to assign policies and deploy and update software.

Q-2: What is NetBIOS protocol?
NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) Protocol allows applications on separate computers to communicate over a LAN. It runs over TCP/IP giving each computer in the network a NetBIOS name and IP address. E.g. It can be used for computers running Windows 2000 (or before) to join a computer network running Windows 2000 (or later).

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princessgotgame  asked:

How do I download the custom content and also do I transfer it to my files??

Hi honey! It’s simple, custom content for Sims 4 will be in package files, you will need move the package files to mods folder. The location of this folder is usually: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods 

If the cc is a recolor, u will need to download the original mesh too.

If I have not explained right feel free to ask about what did not understand. 

Some items are compressed in zip or rar format, in case the rar will need the Unrar program that the download is free.

I hope I helped u honey! ♥ xoxo

❝  The stars winked through the beech leaves. She’d read that new stars tended to form in pairs. Binary stars, orbiting in close proximity, only becoming single stars when their partner was smashed off them by another pair of wildly spinning new stars. If she pretended hard enough, she could see the multitude of pairs clinging to each other in the destructive and creative gravity of their constellations.
Maybe she was a little impressed. Not by pulling the plug on a dead boy ––– that seemed sad, nothing to brag about. But because she’d learned something about herself today, and she’d thought there was nothing left there to discover.
The stars moved slowly above her, an array of possibilities, and for the first time in a long time, she felt them mirrored in her heart.