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This tutorial will show you how to make any amount of icons you so desire - IN ONE SITTING!  (up too 500 at most to respond properly without lag).  This is largely an image based tutorial, but if anything is unclear, please send me your questions!

you will need:


-some screencaps or images you wish to edit

tutorial below the cut:

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Playing a game of make-believe, are we, Captain?

thecoldpyromaniac  asked:

What program do you use to pack/unpack .xnb files? All the ones I can find look super shady.. (Sorry if you've already answered!!)

Lmao super shady. Yea I guess they look like it, but they’re not! I personally use XNBExtract version 0.2.2 (this links directly to mediafire). This is the easiest one to use imho. All you gotta do is place the xnb’s into the Unpacked/Packed folder and click the button to activate xnb node. Good luck :D

Toob’s Tips: Screenshot Folders

Do you take a lot of screenshots and like to keep them organized? Start a new tradition by creating a new FFXIV screenshot folder for each year.

It’s simple!

Step 1: Find your FFXIV Directory with all ya junk. For me, it’s located in My Games folder, but it may be different for you. You’ll know you’ve found it when there’s a lot of folders.

If you’re in the right spot, you’ll see your current screenshots folder. If you’ve never done this before, there will likely just be the one folder, labeled “screenshots.” (In this instance, I have two others) 

Step 2: Now it’s time to make a new folder in this directory. Feel free to call it whatever you want, but don’t make it too complex, as you’ll need to imput it later. For now, I’ll name mine “screenshots 2017.”

Step 3: Cool. Now that that’s all set, start up FFXIV and log in. You all know how to do this.

Step 4: Once you’re logged into any of your characters, pull up the System Config (CTRL+K) and select the “Other Settings” Tab, with the ellipsis.

Step 5: Oh man, we’re almost there. Click the “Change Folder” button. A little window will appear! Face it with confidence, friend, for today you are indeed an ADVANCED USER™

Step 6: This is the last and most important part. But I believe in you. So what you’re gonna do here is change the name to the new one. Since my new folder is named “screenshots 2017,″ that’s what I’m gonna put here. Then I’m gonna hit OK.

Step 7: REJOICE! Your screenshots are now prepared for the new year. GG.

Obviously you can do this at any time of year, but I especially find it useful going into a new year. :D