folded leaf pose



If you’re also the type who snoozes till kingdom come and doesn’t flinch from your bed before you smell the coffee brewing this might help you out a bit. I am not the one to do 20 sun salutations first thing in the morning - but I’ve found that doing a little goes a long way. Research has shown that how you get out of bed in the morning has a tremendous impact on your entire day. Anyone can do these poses and benefit from them, but they might not all work equally well for you. Try them out in the comfort and safe haven of your bed to see which ones works for you. 

VASISTHASANA: Side plank pose invigorates the entire body, especially the lumbar area and tailbone. This pose boosts the powers of concentration and ability to focus the mind. This is great for doing in the morning because the mind is still here, so move your body before your mind.

BALASANA: Childs pose also known as folded leaf pose is usually used for gathering your thoughts and looking deeper into your “inner self”. It also provides a neutralizing position for the spine after an uneasy night. Some people can actually sleep in this pose, so it’s a good one to start in - just don’t stay for toooo long as it can hinder the bloodflow to the legs.

APANASANA: In knees to chest pose the whole spine, especially the lower back is stretched and relaxed. If you rock around a little in this pose pressure is given to different parts of the lower back - functioning as a massage. If you rock really hard you can rock yourself all the way out of bed. 

JATHARA PARIVARTANASANA: Reclined twist pose is one of the easiest to slump over into while you’re still asleep, but it will waken your entire spine, stretching it from the hips to the shoulders. Remember to do both sides and feel the joy of letting your own body wake you up. 

VIPARITA KARANI: Legs-up-the-wall pose is usually known as a “simmer down” pose, but if you are still asleep “simmering” can be an energy level higher than what you’re already at. It’s also great to do a backwards rolley-polley out of bed afterwards and land on your feet on the ground. It gives a great boost of energy. (plus its fun) 

SUPTA BADDHA KONASANA (VARIATION): Reclining bound angle pose variation provides a small backbend and functions like the traditional stretch we know. The chest is opened as well as the hips and the circulation system is awakened. Also you can slide onto the floor from here where it’s more difficult to continue snoozing. 

URDHA MUKHA SVANASANA VARIATION: Upward facing dog variation is great for getting the entire bak of the body started. By bending your knees the stretch is increased and forces you to activate your legs (which can be demanding in the morning) By letting your head drop back your chest is opened - take a deep breath here before venturing out to the coffee pot. 

Don’t hesitate to ask or feedback. Love & light