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{PART 17} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; As Taehyung finally reveals his creation to you - you find yourself sharing soft, tender and heartfelt moments with both him and Jimin; before being reunited with Jungkook - The Prince and Princess of the Ball.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 16} {Part 17} {Part 18}

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Not Her, Please

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Requested by anonymous: one where he’s getting married but not to u

Note: thanks for playing with my emotions with this request!!!! lmao, I liked writing this actually I had fun


It shattered you when he told you he couldn’t devote enough time to you, and that it wasn’t working.

You begged him, to not throw what you had away. He wiped any tears that slipped onto his cheeks away, trying to seem as if it was harder for you than him.

He was lying to himself.

You were messed up for weeks, for months. You weren’t the same; you would cry, a lot; you would be incredibly isolated; you would get so angry and lash out; you would get drunk and call him, leaving various messages that you would hate yourself for in the morning. And yet, you couldn’t bare to say his name. He threw two and a half years down the drain.

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Every Other Weekend pt. 8

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,538

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. i am sooo sorry it has taken me so long to get this up but thanks for hanging in there! hope the wait was worth it.

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Part 7


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(let’s pretend his hair is as long as it is in the fic. the gif just fits too perfectly.)

“Dad, no!” Gavin latched himself onto Bucky’s leg, crying. It was what you wished you could have done. But it would have been frowned upon. At least if it was your son acting out, it was acceptable.

“I have to go.” Bucky fought Gavin on his leg, handing you the bag you’d given him the week before. “You get to go home with your mom.”

“But I want you.” Gavin continued to cry, his tears wetting Bucky’s jeans. You felt helpless. You wanted to scoop up your son and protect him. You had wanted to since all of this started. It wasn’t his fault, but he didn’t know. All he knew was his dad picked him up, they spent a week together and then he dropped him back off to you. That was one of the hardest things. You were unable to tell your son why his dad wasn’t home, why he left.

“Come on baby. Dad’s gotta go.” You frowned, holding Avery with one arm and bending down to help Gavin. Gavin cried harder, grasping at the folds in Bucky’s jeans.

“I’ll see you next week.” Bucky nodded, seemingly unfazed by Gavin’s cries.

You fought a scoff. “Yeah. See you then.” You sighed, picking Gavin up and walking to the car. Bucky didn’t stick around any longer than he had to. You blocked Gavin’s view of his father driving out of the parking lot.

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Sterek A-Z: one word prompts

Week 9: I - Illegal

Traipsing through the woods in Central Park at night during the full moon probably wasn’t the most brilliant idea Stiles has ever had. Not that he felt unsafe. Wandering off the path into the woods with a grumpy, former alpha werewolf added certain level of security. Most of the supernatural in New York avoided Central Park. Too many people. The danger in the park was human.

At least until a t-shirt smacked Stiles in the face. He pulled the light grey Henley off his head and glared at the werewolf stripping in front of him. He’d gotten over his embarrassment of seeing Derek naked long ago.

“This is so many levels of illegal,” Stiles said when Derek kicked off his shoes and shimmied out of his jeans. Yes, shimmied. Derek Hale knew how to work his hips, which never failed to get Stiles a little hot.

Derek glared at Stiles, and balled up his jeans to throw at him. They knocked the wind out of Stiles when they collided with his gut.

“Okay, well. Public indecency for one,” Stiles said. He gestured to Derek, then fumbled to catch the boxer briefs aimed at his head. “Not that I mind, but hey, you know.”

Derek cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders, apparently set on ignoring Stiles rambling, and he shifted into his wolf form. If Stiles had blinked, he would have missed it. One second Derek was there, and the next, there was a large black wolf with glowing blue eyes staring at him. Even as a wolf, Derek still managed to look annoyed.

Twigs snapped underfoot. Stiles hurried to gather Derek’s shoes. “Also, a dog off leash, big no-no,” he said. He folded Derek’s shirt and jeans and set them on top of Derek’s sneakers under a tree.

Derek growled.

“Okay, fine,” Stiles said and threw his hands up in the air. “Wolf. Like owning a freaking wolf is any less illegal.”

Derek huffed and tossed his head.

“Yeah, whatever, big guy.” Stiles ran his fingers through Derek’s fur when the wolf brushed against his side. Stiles recognized what he was doing; scenting. Derek loved when Stiles reeked of him.

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Hey I wanted to see if I could make a headcanon list request for got7! I was wanting to see what you think Mark would be like as a roommate... or any of the members really!! Thank you!

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  • okay so i hope you don’t mind if this one is a lil short and kind of a different style today but!!! mark is both a great roommate but also gives you a bit of grief imo
  • mr. tuan don’t play no games, so he’ll always have rent on time
  • even if he’s sliiiightly late, he’ll buy you your favorite takeout or get that new accessory you’ve been eyeing as his apology
  • for a guy, he’s pretty clean, but he still has his moments
  • his worst habit is laundry
  • boy don’t know what’s clean or not all he knows is it’s getting drowned in febreeze and he’s not missing his morning lecture for  a n y t h i n g
  • sometimes you’ll find like a pair of his skinny jeans folded in the food pantry next to the cereal and you’re like ??? and mark’s excuse is “at least it’s folded”
  • you really have no idea how he’s able to put together an actual outfit everyday with the state of his closet and dirty clothes basket
  • but he’s mark and he can pretty much do anything if he puts his mind to it
  • he attempts (keyword: attempts) to make you dinner sometimes
  • it doesn’t always turn out the best but he does try
  • and plus, when you take the first bite of his burnt homemade pizza, he immediately dials up your favorite place and makes sure to get extra of your fave sides so you won’t be mad at him
  • he’s very considerate so if he notices you’re having a tough day, he might take over your week’s chores for no other reason than for you to take it easy on yourself
  • sends you texts like this:
  • mark: if a girl comes by later asking for mark tuan tell her that i’ve left the country for good
  • you: mark,,, what did you do
  • mark: all you need to know is i’m terrible at breaking up with people
  • it’s not necessarily his fault that he attracts troublesome people, he’s just got that kind of peaceful spirit that invites chaos unfortunately
  • and okay,,,, he has questionable friends
  • he always lets you know in advance if they’re coming!! but you still hate them
  • they’re always way too loud, move all of your stuff around, and don’t know how to clean up after yourselves
  • which can be super irritating bc mark is over there trying to have a good time but like… one of his drunk friends is threatening to drop your precious plotted plant from the balcony
  • but it’s like… if they go too far then he knows that’s when to call it a night
  • like if his friends try to sneak into your room to bother you or they actually break your precious plotted plant, mark has them packed up and leaving immediately
  • and he’ll spend the rest of the night guiltily cleaning after them, making note of the things he needs to pay you back for
  • once he sees you come out of the room, he’ll turn to you and immediately start apologizing
  • he makes all kinds of grand apologies about how those friends are never invited again and that he wouldn’t be surprised if you were considering kicking him out or something 
  • but you just tell him that he can make it up to you by hosting your next girls’ night since all of your friends are in love with him
  • and he wants to protest so bad cause all your friends love to tease him relentlessly but he’s just like -___- very well
  • sometimes you do something and mark doesn’t like it, but he’s very non-confrontational so you have zero idea that he doesn’t like it??
  • and this pisses you off to no end bc it only comes up if you guys have some kind of disagreement and usually it’s over the smallest thing
  • and you find out that he’s had this mental list of everything that you do that annoys him
  • so you end up waiting until he’s spilled it all out, one thing after another, even though it infuriates you to be patient when you’re angry
  • and then when the red in his face fades and he looks so regretful for unloading so much on you at once over something so silly, you pull him into a hug
  • bc you may be roommates, but he’s also your friend
  • and you know that when you’re stressed over school or having a tough time with life in general, mark is always there, doing exactly what you need him to to cheer you up
  • and you know mark doesn’t mean to be kind of messy, or to have bad judgment, or to bottle things up, he just does
  • but he tries so hard to fix it
  • sometimes all he needs to know is that he’s doing his best so far and that’s all that matters
  • “sorry for yelling at you… want me to massage your back while we watch that drama you like? i won’t even complain this time” he says into your hair, smiling proudly when you laugh into his chest
  • “yeah, but if i hear anything out of you about how you could out-boyfriend nam joo hyuk, you’re doing the dishes”

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BLESS THIS CUSTOMER!!!! she saw our jeans table was a fuckin wreck so she folded a bunch of the jeans because she felt bad! it was towards the end of the night too so they didn't get ruined. what an angel honestly

I’ve done that (mostly out of habit and not realize I was doing it) so often I have been offered jobs at three supermarkets and two electronics stores. If I stop and start talking I just start fixing shelves.


Valentine’s Day Yooran Ficlet~

So, I personally have a huge vendetta against Valentine’s day (ihateitsomuchohmygod) BUT. The concept of Yooran on valentines day/first crush/admitting feelings/etc etc cute FLUFF just brings me joy. Because Yooran. 

SO. I wrote a Yooran Valentine’s day fic. This one switches between Yoosung and Saeran’s POV. Each switch will be notified with their name Bolded like so- Yoosung. or Saeran.

I hope you all enjoy it, and happy V-Day! And if you don’t like it like I do, happy tuesday lmao

“Will You Be my Sun?” a Valentine’s Yooran Fanfiction by Pansexualtrash.


I twirled my pen in my fingers, my lip caught between my teeth as I stared at the paper before me. I dropped the pen in frustration, tangling my hands into my hair, shaking my head in defeat.

Valentine’s day was only two days away- and I finally had someone I wanted to give something to, for the first time in my life- but there was one small problem. I had barely spoken to them.

Ever since Saeran started living with Saeyoung, I ran into him a lot. Saeyoung was one of my best friends, so I often went over there to play video games and hang out with him- of course, Saeran was there. I was intimidated by him at first, but I realized very quickly that he was shy, and awkward, in a different way than I was, but I couldn’t help but find it endearing.

I remember there was one day I showed up to see Saeyoung, but it turned out he wasn’t there. Saeran had answered the door and told me this, and I made to leave, but he stopped me, shyly inviting me inside for tea.

We didn’t speak- we just sat across from each other, occasionally exchanging glances, sipping the tea before us. I thanked him, and left.

The smile on his face as he waved goodbye made me realize that I definitely had feelings for him. I wanted to give him something as a Valentine’s gift- and hopefully ask him to go on a date with me, maybe eventually even be my boyfriend- but I had no idea what to do, I had never done this before.

I sat up in my chair, looking out the window in thought- now that I think about it, Saeran probably hasn’t either? He was just saved from the cult- this past year is the first time he’s experienced anything outside of that, so, it wasn’t just me who was inexperienced.

This thought comforted me somewhat, and I felt a smile curl up on my lips as I turned back to the pale pink paper before me, picking up my pen once more.


“You’re going away on the 14th?”

“Yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m taking Layla away for the night.”

I raised an eyebrow at my brother, still not quite understanding why he was doing such a thing.

“…What’s Valentine’s Day?”

Saeyoung’s shoulders fell as I spoke, realizing I had never been told about such a day, holiday, whatever it was.

“Right. I didn’t find out what it was until after I left our mother’s house,” Saeyoung rubbed his neck softly, shaking his head to dispel the sad memories, “Valentine’s Day is a day where you celebrate the person you love, or confess your love, or just do something for someone you love- it’s basically about love.”
“Love.” I repeated the word, my brow still raised sceptically, “It sounds stupid.”

Saeyoung smiled, laughing under his breath.

“I used to think so too, but maybe things will change for you someday too. Regardless- you’ll have the house to yourself on the 14th. We’ll be back around mid-day on the 15th, okay?”

I nodded, watching him as he walked back towards his bedroom. I stood as soon as he was gone, making my way back to my bedroom, closing the door softly behind me. I walked over to my bed, softly sitting on the downy bedding, leaning back onto it, staring up at the ceiling.

I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to celebrate such a day. It seemed pointless, and completely arbitrary- although, ‘love’ was not something I had any experience with.



I took in a deep breath, willing myself to knock on the door- the day had finally come, February 14th, and here I was, standing before Saeyoung and Saeran’s house. I was just silently hoping I would get the answer of the twin I desperately wanted to see.

I heard footsteps padding behind the door, a lock clicking out of place, just barely beyond the sound of my blood rushing in my ears as the door opened, and I met mint-coloured eyes burning into my gaze, shivers quaking down my spine.




I stared at Yoosung in confusion- His face was bright pink, his eyes staring at mine like a deer caught in headlights. He was holding a bag in front of him, his thumbs nervously picking at each other. He wore a purple button-down shirt with a folded collar, and black skinny jeans, along with nice black shoes.

I looked back up at his eyes, blinking slowly, unsure of what to say.

“…Saeyoung isn’t here.”

Yoosung laughed nervously, his voice breaking in high-pitch, and he brought a hand up to his mouth, clearing his throat quickly before speaking.

“Um, well, actually- I’m not… I’m not here to see Saeyoung.”

I continued staring at him, now truly confused.

“Who else would you be here to see? There’s nobody else here. Layla is out with him.”

Yoosung stared at me, shifting awkwardly where he stood, his violet orbs seeming to flash with nerves. Realization suddenly washed over me, and I felt my cheeks warm up ever so slightly. I looked at the ground, my grip on the doorknob tightening for a moment before I stepped aside.

“…Do you want to come in?”


My heart skipped as he invited me inside, and I flashed him a nervous smile, walking inside the doors. I took off my shoes, walking into the living room, Saeran following close behind. I set the bag on the coffee table, turning back to him nervously, my fingers dancing together nervously in front of me.

“Um, so.. Do you… Do you know what today is?”

Saeran crossed his arms, nodding slowly. I couldn’t help but notice his cheeks were slightly flushed- he looked so cute like that. I blushed harder at this thought, shaking it away from my mind, focusing on my task at hand.

“Yeah, so… This might seem strange since we haven’t talked much, but um… I wanted to give you this.”

I reached into the bag, pulling out a handmade card, holding it out to him. Saeran looked at me apprehensively, taking it gently in his hands, opening it to read.


I felt my hands shaking as I read the card, my body reacting on its own. I wasn’t sure why I felt so nervous- maybe the idea of someone giving me something? I had no idea.


Since meeting you, there is one thing I’ve realized-

You don’t need to exchange many words to see the light in a person.

I see a light in you- and I want to see more.

Will you be my sun?’

I read the words again, my face heating up even more. I looked up, and blinked in surprise as I saw Yoosung holding out a rose towards me. I gently took it, staring at the deep red of its petals. He cleared his throat nervously, his eyes searching the room anxiously.

“So, um…”

I looked back at the card, the rose, and back to Yoosung, my heart pounding in my chest. I felt my lips curl up at the corner, a small smirk settling there.

“… ‘Will you be my sun’..?”

Yoosung threw his hands into his hair, pacing back and forth immediately.

“Oh god, was it too corny? It’s too corny isn’t it. Oh man. This is so embarrassing, oh my god, I’m so sorry, just forget you saw that-“


He froze mid-sentence, turning back to me, tears dotting the corners of his eyes. I set the flower and the card on the table, rubbing my wrist gently.

“… It’s corny, but I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”


I stared at Saeran in shock, sniffling gently as I stepped towards him.

“R-Really? You like it?”

Saeran avoided my gaze, his grip on his wrist going stronger.

“… I guess.”

My heart jumped up in my chest, my smile growing wide across my face.

“So, you’ll accept it..?”

“Accept it?”

I shook my head slowly, remembering how silly I must sound.

“Right, you probably don’t know much about that- Um, i’m basically asking if you would go on dates with me, or… Um…”


I rubbed my neck softly, smiling up at him through my lashes.

“…Or be my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend,” He repeated the words slowly, glancing back at the rose and the card on the table, “…What do boyfriends do?”

I swallowed hard, tapping my foot in a feeble attempt to get rid of some of the nervous energy I was feeling.

“Um, well they go on dates, spend time together, get to know one another, romantically and um, physically-“


I blushed harder as he stared at me, his eyes genuinely curious.

“Do you mean like the kissing and hugging that Saeyoung and Layla do?”

I felt relief wash over me as he mentioned this, having worried he was implying something else-

“Or did you mean what they do at night?”

My heart felt like it was going to burst as I met Saeran’s gaze, a small smirk on his face, his mint eyes flashing with a hint of playfulness behind them. I couldn’t stop the flip my heart did at the sight.

“Are- are you teasing me?”

Saeran’s smirk grew wider, his hand coming up to cover his mouth.

“Was it that obvious?”

I let out a soft laugh, shaking my head.

“God, you and Saeyoung really are twins…”

“I meant it though, about the first part at least.”

I looked back at him, how the blush on his cheeks enhanced his eyes even more, made them even more striking, if that was possible.

“..Which part?”

Saeran didn’t speak- instead, he simply stepped towards me, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug. I gasped at the action, not expecting this reaction, but my arms slid up around his neck on instinct, my eyes fluttering closed as I took in his scent.

Saeran leaned his head against mine, burying his face into my neck, his grip tightening ever so slightly.

“…You’re warm.”

“So are you.”

The silence hung in the air, but it was different than the other silences we’ve shared. This one was much more comfortable- and also much more connected. Saeran shifted in the hug, bringing me back to reality.

“So… Are we boyfriends?”

“I would like that- but, do you want to be?”

Saeran pulled away gently, looking me in the eyes, giving me a nervous smile, his hair falling into his eyes gently. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up and brushing it away, my heart skipping as he leaned into the touch slightly.

My body leaned in as if on autopilot, and I was in too deep to really register that he was doing the same until our lips had met- the kiss was warm, and he tasted like these gummy candies Saeyoung always buys him.

He pulled away from the kiss fairly quickly, his face almost as bright as his hair, looking up at me slightly.


I smiled, gently sliding my hands into his.


Saeran looked away, staring at the ground with a hard gaze.

“…Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I laughed gently, leaning in and kissing him on the cheek, smiling as his blush grew deeper.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran.”

Colors (part 14) [Min Yoongi X  Reader]

Genre : Mafia AU

Word count : 8K

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 15


Originally posted by ksjknj

You tried to ‘look’ miles and miles ahead, as far as you could see, even past the horizon.  But All your eyes could capture at that moment was the darkness; nothing beyond that.

“This is the dead end” you said to yourself as you sat on the cold ground, tired of looking, tired of hoping and tired of fighting. The place was just as devoid of beauty, as you were of hope.

“There’s no point” you hid your face between your knees and waited for the nightmare to end. “There’s no hope. Why even try?”

“There’s-” a voice beside you said. You turn your head to look at the man. “There will be, if we keep looking”

“Liar” you mouthed, Min Yoongi gave you a crooked smile. Even in your dream he was a conceited man.

“Why would I lie? Have I ever lied to you?” he questioned.

“You have always lied to me-” Min Yoongi looked straight at you, the color in his eyes melting from deep brown to a shade that was somewhere a mix between caramel gold and hazel green. The light in his eyes was ever changing, from coral to purple; sometimes it was as dark as ebony sometimes as blue and deep as the ocean itself.

“I never lied when I said I was in love with you-”

“When did you say that? I never heard it” you looked away.

“Of course you didn’t” he replied with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

“What does it matter now? You’re not here anyways. We’ll never see each other again. Also, You’re not real..I’m just dreaming. I’ll wake up soon-”

“You’ll be safe y/n. Where ever you are right now, you’ll be safe with Jin. Trust me.. and trust him.”

You stayed quiet and closed your eyes.

“Isn’t it time for you to wake up? You’ve been dreaming for way too long?”

“I don’t know” you shrugged “Maybe I’m dead”

“Lucky for you dead people don’t dream. Wake up now love.”

“You’re such a horrible human being Min Yoongi, have I ever told you that? And I hate you so much.”


You woke up to the sound of shuffling noises coming from outside, heavy footsteps on the creaking wooden floor, doors opening and closing and a faint murmur in your ear. You could hear the trickling water, sound of dishes clinking. Something heavy getting dragged on the floor, also food. You could smell the rice cooking and Kimchi stew. Were you home? How is that even possible? Maybe all this time.. Everything that happened was really just a long nightmare. And now you’ll wake up and everything will be alright.

You opened your eyes and stared at the white ceiling above. For a long time, you just lay on the bed that didn’t feel really like yours and stared above while listening to the noises coming from outside.

“You should’ve become a chef. Why did you choose a Gun over a fork? I mean if it was me and I had to choose between Min Yoongi and a tasty cheese burger. I would pick a cheese burger any day”

“Shut up and eat your lunch”

You sat up straight on the bed. The morning daze was starting to set in your head as you let your eyes wander around the room, adjusting to the sudden bright light that was coming in through the window in front of you. The room was small, with walls painted in a dull shade of beige and the floor carpeted with grey old newspaper. A brown table sat in one corner with a vase atop of it, a single white lily blooming inside. Other than that, the room lacked any kind of luster.

You removed the blanket that was covering you and found another blanket underneath. It was only when you moved the second layer of blanket from above you; you realized you weren’t wearing your own clothes. You were wearing an oversized t-shirt and no pants. That’s when you quickly crawled back inside the blanket, pulling it up to your shoulder.

“You know she pulled a gun on me last night. Jimin told me once that the girl was “too pure”, “too innocent to even hurt a fly”. Well, I beg to differ. I could’ve died yesterday”

“It was for her safety. I had told you to get her home safely, you chased her around town, scared the crap out of her; obviously she pulled a gun on you. Anyone would. I would’ve shot you without blinking”

“..It’s not that serious. I was just playing with her, I had no intention of killing her of course -”

They were talking about you. You could identify one of those voices out of the two: Kim Seokjin. The other one must be Kim Tae Hyung. You were still listening to the conversation when the bedroom door creaked open and you pushed yourself to the farthest corner of the bed.

Hey.. You’re awake” Seokjin said as he walked in with a tray of food in his hand and all you could do was stare back at him dumbfounded. He looked like a different person today. The Jin who had stood beside you yesterday, the one who had held your hand under the rain, the one with whom you had fled the storm.. He was no longer here.

This man standing in front of you didn’t look burdened, there was nothing holding him back, no unseen force that worried him out. Instead he just looked happy. Relieved and free of all his duties, all his woes and troubles had faded with come morning.

A man who no longer needed to run’.

“I brought breakfast” he placed the tray on the table and turned towards you smiling. Wearing a cream colored turtle neck sweater, moppy brown bed hair with honey glazed eyes beaming in delight, any person in their right mind would deny the fact that this man was a part of some mafia organization.

“Is your head still hurting?”

“No..” you replied politely and played back all the events of yesterday night. The pouring rain, the alley where you hid and that one name still ringing in your head too loud: Kim Tae Hyung.

“You had fever last night. Come here, Let me check again-” he said walking towards the bed when you hastily pulled up the blanket and covered yourself up in embarrassment. “I’ll just check the temperature”

“.. my clothes?” you asked while avoiding his gaze “who changed my clothes?”

Visible red peaked on the apples of your cheeks and Jin saw it.

“They’re in the bathroom. I dried them with a hairdryer last night.. You clothes were all wet and you were burning up so I had to. I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t look-”

“Can you give me my clothes back, please?” you asked

“Of course” Jin nodded before turning around and going out. He came back in with your folded jeans and t-shirt in his hands.

“Here” he placed them on the bed and turned the other way. You changed your clothes under the covers as fast as you could and Jin turned his head slightly and asked

“Are you done?”

“Yes” As soon as you said that he placed his palm on your forehead.

“You don’t have fever anymore that’s good. How’s your head doing now? Is it still swollen? Also, let me look at your hand… should i change the Band-Aid again?”

“He tried  …to kill me. I was so scared. I thought I was going to die” Jin let go of your hand “I thought I was going to die. I didn’t want to die.. After everything that happened..After coming so far”

“I told you to trust me Y/n, didn’t I? You’re safe now”

“I was running and I fell and I hid. But he still found Me.” tear spilled down your cheeks as the trembling words poured out of your mouth “I thought you.. I thought you left; I thought I was never going to see you again. I was all alone and I knew i was going to die. I even begged for him to stop but he-”

“Sssh.. shush it kid. You’re safe now. Nobody is going to hurt you; I’m not going to let anyone hurt you ever again I promise. ”

“I just want to go home. I want to go home Jin. Why can’t I wake up from this nightmare? Why doesn’t this ever end?” He pushed your head onto his stomach and let you sob on him for some time. Your clutched his sweaters tightly as he placed his one hand on the back of your head and rubbed it gently. Tears kept rolling down your face like the rain last night, soaking his clothes wet again.

“Cry if you have to” Jin talked softly “There’s no shame in crying. Take your time” and so you did.

“Wow! It’s like a happy reunion” suddenly a voice behind Jin spoke up. You remember that voice, that husky deep voice from last night. Ashy blonde hair and deathly cold fingers wrapped around your throat.

‘Kim Tae Hyung’ that’s what he said his name was.

The fear that he instilled inside of you was crippling, you could feel your chest tightening and palms going sweaty all over again. Your eyes widened in absolute dread and panic. You held your breath and clutched Jin’s sweater even more tightly when you heard footsteps slowly making their way inside the room. Right behind Jin he stood now.

“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” he said bending a little to look straight at you. And for the first time you got a good look of Kim Taehyung’s face.

In stories and fairytales monsters and ghouls usually look scary; they are supposed to be frightening, with large fangs and burning red eyes. In real life however, monsters don’t look any different. They look like you and they look like him.

Sun kissed skin and a finely sculpted face; you observed the sharp jaw, his chin and cheekbones so prominent when he grinned from one ear to another, eyes murky brown with just a glint of playfulness in them. At first look he wasn’t so displeasing to the eyes but when you looked past that radiant smile and those smooth features there was something so frightening about this man.

And that was the worst part; the fact that he looked so normal, the fact that he could fool the world so easily, make them falsely believe that he was what he actually looked like. It sends a cold jitter through your spine.

You’re not real” you whisper just before turning your face to the other side and shutting your eyes.

“I told you to stay outside” Jin removes his hand from your head and frees himself from your grip to face Taehyung “I told you to not show your face in front of her until and unless I tell you to do so”

“I couldn’t help it. I wanted to see her too.. I didn’t get a good look of her face yesterday. In that alley, it was too dark-”

“Good. Now you can apologize to her face” Jin’s word made you turn your head. “Apologize for what you did to her yesterday.”

“What?” Taehyung scoffed “for what?.. For saving her life?”

“No. Apologize for traumatizing her, for giving her a concussion. Apologize for not doing the job you were given properly”

“Ha! Hyung..” Taehyung eyes made their way to your face and your gaze instantly fell to the ground “I have never even apologized to Yoongi Hyung, not once in my entire life. What makes you think I will apologize to this girl?”

“Because I’m not your ‘Yoongi Hyung’, I don’t just let things pass because you score an ‘A+’ in ripping out the limbs of our enemies. Yoongi purposely forgets the past, i don’t do that. I remember everything. Every single thing we did for you, everything you owe to us-”  a shadow of hesitation that was starting to grow darker on Taehyung’s previously proud face.

“I’m not. Apologizing to her.. You can’t make me” Jin walked past Taehyung and picked up the tray of food from the table before placing it on the bed beside you.

“Then you can leave” Seokjin said so casually while stirring something in the mug with a small spoon “and by ‘leave’ I don’t mean just this room. I mean you can leave this organization”

“Hyung..” a soft yelp like voice came out of Taehyung’s mouth. Seokjin passed the mug to you and you took it from his hand. “You’re joking right?”

“Pack all your stuff and go; you can take the money you stole from Namjoons place. But not the one we gave to you. We have had enough of your childishness; we’re all suffering because of you Taehyung. You’re inconsiderate towards everything we did for you. How easily you forget..We raised you and saved you”

“This isn’t fair!” he yelled. “You can’t do this. You don’t get to decide! That’s not on you”

“We let you have you way with everything. When you wanted to run we let you.. we overlooked your bad behavior, Yoongi was willing to forgive you for that Namjoon incident. Even that girl…Even when you ruined her life-”

“Stop it.. stop it. Shut up hyung. You’re going to throw me out for such a shitty reason?”

“I was the one who bought this place for you. Because I wanted to give you a chance to a better life, you begged for it, remember? You said you loved her. And what did you do in the end? You threw it away, just like that. We keep giving you chances and all you do is throw it away. How many more Tae? I’m tired of looking out for you. You never considered us family so why even stay? Just Go”

“That’s not true”

“You have never failed to disappoint us and you’re ungrateful. Now I can’t bear to look at your face-”

“Hyung please-“

“Go, before I say something that I may regret in the future.”

“I’m sorry…” Seokjin stood taller than Taehyung. Or so it seemed when Taehyung stood with his head hanging so low and Seokjin just stared down at him with eyes lacking any kind of emotion.

“I’m sorry hyung.” Taehyung repeated himself, a drop of tear plopped on the floor. And another one and then another one after that.

“This is the very last one.” Seokjin said to Taehyung “if you fuck up this chance, I’ll consider you dead. You can forget that you ever had a family. Now, Get out of here, don’t show me your face until I call you up.”

Taehyung turned to leave the room but just before he did you saw how his gaze lingered on your face for a second too long. A cold hard stare that was intentional; It was look that conveyed pure hatred. A grudge you sowed inside of him too deep unintentionally. How much was it going to cost you in the future?

“Eat your food now” Jin placed the tray on your lap and you looked at him sadly.

“You were too harsh” He smiled hearing your words and placed a hand on your head ruffling up your hair.

Tough love


The dawn was breaking; The morning sun was peaking through the horizon, slowly emerging from behind the greats valleys as the rays of gold dribbled on the world around him, silhouette of houses were now visible, the vacant road in front of him finally showed a way. Hues of orange and red bled across the ocean of blue, light hits him across the face and he shields his burning eyes with his one hand.

Min Yoongi emerges from the dark, not tall and brave like a hero but more drained out of life. Tired both physically and mentally, his eyes were heavy and stingy, every muscle screamed in pain. Every nerve in his body was pushing him down to the ground forcing him to surrender but he still kept going.

He walked all the way to this scanty little town, for 2 hours straight he walked and walked and walked some more. And now, here he was, standing right in the middle of this unfamiliar town with not even a dime in his pocket only a gun and pack of cigarettes, he left the car in a ditch and his phone was out of battery. How was he supposed to contact anyone? Where was he supposed to go from here? The only person he knew he could contact he didn’t know how to?

“Fuck” Yoongi cursed and sat on the side walk. The world slept peacefully around him while he was dying to scream his lungs out. There wasn’t a single soul on this earth that he didn’t hate at that very moment.

As he sat there staring into the abyss he felt a presence around him. He turned his head to the left and found an old man staring at him from a far distance. Even when Yoongi saw him, the man was unhinged and just kept looking; instead of turning away he started walking straight towards Yoongi.

Yoongi watched as the old man slowly strutted towards him and stopped at the safe distance. He looked like he was in his 50s, with salt and pepper hair unkempt & unruly; he wore a torn old blazer and under those he was wearing basketball shorts. His shoes were worn out too.

“Do you have some change?” the old man spoke in a broken raspy voice. Yoongi scoffed at the man’s request. He’s the one who needs money so desperately right now.

“Help a man out” the man said. The old man’s presence made him feel miserable, helpless and even a little angry.  

“No” Yoongi replied, trying hard not to show his growing frustration “But I have a cigarette. Do you want one?”

Lucky for both of them the old man carried a lighter with himself for reasons unknown. Yoongi didn’t bother to ask ‘why’. The man sat beside him now as both of them smoked and puffed out a cloud of grey one after another.

“A young man like you shouldn’t be smoking. It’s bad for your lungs”

“I gave you a cigarette not the right to become my father” Yoongi inhaled slowly, sucking in his cheeks and letting the smoke seep through this system. His lungs felt warm as if wrapped cozily in a fur blanket.

“Has nobody ever told you that smoking is bad? Smoking was one of the reasons why my wife left me. The bigger one being I cheated on her but that’s not the point- ” The man was tripping on all sorts of irony . “The point is when someone who cares for you tells you to stop doing something; you should stop doing it for your own good. I learned the hard way”

“ I wouldn’t know. I don’t have people in my life who give such life changing advices-”

“World is already so cold.” The old man continued “It’s better to have a friend or two in such places. That way surviving become a little more easier kid”

“why do we even bother?” Yoongi sighed. His face was cloudy behind the smoke“In the end it’s all for nothing. Friends, family.. Love.. In the end this is what we’re left with” he said staring at the butt of cigarette that was left between his fingers.

“It isn’t all for nothing. In the end, we all leave a mark that people remember, good or bad. Whatever it may be.. There are people who look up to us, people who wait for us…There must be someone waiting for you?”

“Probably. Probably not”

The old man got up and crushed the cigarette underneath his shoes and wiped his hands clean on his coat before turning to Yoongi

“You’re wrong kid. About a week ago I was roaming the streets like I do every day when this boy came up to me, he didn’t tell me his name but he said he had a work for me. All I had to do was go around town everyday and look for someone.”

Someone?” Yoongi listened intently.

“ “A young man, between 22 or 23, bright green hair and awfully pale skin – Pretty easy to spot. He’ll come here one day. And when he does you bring him to me and I will pay you 10grands in cash”. I called bullshit on it but the boy placed a fat dollar on my hand and I was hooked. And here you are now.” the man smiled, in the process showing his one missing front teeth.

“So you came here to escort me” Yoongi smiled both inside and out. “Why didn’t you just say that in the beginning?”

“I was seeing for myself what kind of person you are. What am I really delivering? I believe you’re a good person”. That’s the first one, Yoongi thought.

“But also, you’re my paycheck. It’s like god has a purpose for us all. Enough talk, shall we go? My hands are already itchy”

“hey, Just a warning” Yoongi said while getting up and dusting his hands from behind “If you try to do something shady or this is some kind of trap I will put a bullet through your skull first before anyone else” the old man nodded and asked Yoongi to follow him and Yoongi obliged.

The man led him from one street to another, weaving through labyrinth of roads and narrow alleys, the town looked like maze to Yoongi. The small town sat so still, sleeping quietly under a blanket of silence. No cars jammed the road, no sign of life anywhere around. But Every now and then, His eyes would catch a humanoid form in a far distance, sometimes it was an old person opening a shop or some man doing his routine morning exercise. The early morning mist was starting to fade away and he could now feel the warmth of sun on his pale skin. Even though he had always been a morning person, strangely it was the first time Min Yoongi was witnessing the universe around him.

“Is it always so quiet? This place?” Yoongi asked the old man who was walking ahead of him.

“It is a very small village town. With barely 20,000 people living here! I was born here and so were my mother and father. The younger ones have all left for bigger cities, the ones who remain are like me. Old and all alone. Do you like it?”

“Its peaceful” Yoongi replied and walked the rest of the way quietly.

When they finally reached their destination Yoongi found himself trapped between two brick walls inside a congested narrow alleyway where the day light wasn’t passing, a sharp smell of stagnant water and Chinese food was too heavy in the air. The place was gloomy and cold, the ground was wet and muddy and he could feel eyes all around him. people stared at him from above, poking their head out of the windows and looking at him as if he was the first ever human to step inside their ghost town.

The man knocked on the door in front of them, exactly 4 times.

“By the way, my name is Choi Dong ho. What about you?” he asked making some space, pushing Yoongi a bit in the process to look at him.

“Let’s not get too friendly right now. I’ll tell you after we get inside. How about that?” Yoongi gave him a fake smile and the man shrugged.

“Works for me”

Choi knocked on the door again four times… After waiting for sometime Yoongi heard a loud clunk on the other side and the door flew open.

“It’s 6 in the fucking morning you better have something amazing to tell us” It was women, to Yoongi’s surprise. He lifted his eyes and found something very familiar when he started mapping that face. A bleached blonde hair, tinted lips and a natural pout that made her look arrogant. Eyes big and glossy and skin ivory and clear, and that rude way of addressing everyone.. Was she always this cold? How is it that He never noticed it before?

“Did you knock on the door for fun? Now talk quickly. What is it?”

“I… I bought.. the person- Uh, you asked me to-”

“What? Speak clearly you old bag of-“

“Minah” Min Yoongi interrupted the stammering old man and looked straight at the girl. For a second she showed no sign of recognition, her eyes remained blank as she tilted her head and looked at Min Yoongi while fluttering her coated eye lashes a few times.

“Min.. Yoongi” she clucked her tongue. The name came out of her mouth with a slight giggle “You finally came. I thought my hair was going to turn white waiting for you”

“Who else is with you?”

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned about me?” she replied leaning against the frame of the door, hands crossed over her chest “I know you didn’t miss me but I missed you”

“Who else is with you?”

“Come inside and find out” she said making way for him to go inside. The old man started following Yoongi but she stopped him.

“Not you.”

“What about my money?”

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

“That’s not fair. Hey wait-!” Minah closed the door on his face and Yoongi almost felt bad for the man.

“So, was it worth it?” Yoongi ignored her question and kept walking up the stairs behind her. “Screwing everyone over for a girl?”

“You always boosted about putting the organization first. Above everything, nothing mattered to you. You said you couldn’t feel, you weren’t allowed to” She stopped and looked back at him over her shoulders. “And I accepted that.”

“Walk” Yoongi ordered and she continued walking.

“I always thought the fault must be in me. But now I have realized you’re the one with serious issues Min Yoongi”

She stopped in front of a door and just stood there quietly.

“But you know what..This is just karma. You don’t deserve anything good in life Yoongi. You don’t deserve the happiness you snatched away from my life. I prayed to god that he made you suffer everyday-”


…Have you always been this cold?” She finally turned and looked at Yoongi . “It’s sad. The world is already cold enough. And people like you tend to make it worst. No offense, I don’t hate you. I just pity your vain existence”

The door opened behind them


Yoongi smiled, for the first time in forever, he had a reason to be happy. He had realized he had warmth in him after all.

The house remains too quiet even with 3 people living in it. You rarely ever step out of your room fearing you would bump into Taehyung, Jin locks himself in his room often and comes out only to cook or to ask you how you’re doing. Taehyung is the only one who creates any kind of noise in the house – coming in and going out often, moving furniture, opening drawers and just throwing random stuff around and leaving mess on his way out.

Days pass by in a flurry; for the time being you’re living here, you decide to pretend like it was your own house. Helping Jin in cooking, cleaning the house and doing the dishes often. You spent your days reading books, sleeping or just wandering around the house like a ghost.

“I was thinking It would be nice to step out. I get kind of bored staying in the house”

“It’s not safe” is what Jin always said in return “I have informants all over the town that’s why I’m saying it. After a while maybe.. When things simmer down…they’re still looking for us. Yoongi’s dad is a powerful man Y/n” that always shut you up.

A week later you were all alone in the house. Jin said he needed to meet someone so he had to go out, it was important he said.

“Lock all the doors” you nodded “If Taehyung comes home make sure he doesn’t see you. He’s still pissed. Food is in the fridge and don’t go out.”

“I won’t”

“If something bad happens call me”

“I will”

“We trust each other right?” you stayed quiet, moving around an imaginary rock with your one foot “fine, then maybe I won’t come home”

“I trust you” you answered like a kid being questioned by their parents.

“And I trust you” it has become some kind of ritual between you and him. To always assure each other every day that trust is maintained. He places a hand on top of your head to mess up your hair. And brings you into hug..

“I’m scared of Taehyung. What if he tries to attack me?”

“You can attack him first”

“Should I hit him with a pan?”

“He could die…

-Just make sure to check later on that he’s breathing-” you both laughed and he let you go and placed a light kiss on your forehead.

“I’ll be back soon” you waved him goodbye with a heavy heart and locked the door after him.

After he left you did every possible chore in the house that needed to be done; you cleaned and washed and even cooked. Then read a book and cleaned some more. You were sitting on a chair, your head flat on the table as you stared out the window when your eyes started feeling heavy and you drifted away.  

A loud thump startled you. You had drooled over the table; you wiped it with the back of your sleeve and looked around. The left half of your face felt numb.

“You must be dreaming about something really good” You gasped too loud when you found Taehyung sitting in front of you. He had a water bottle in his one hand and sat comfortably with his chin propped on his other hand while he looked at you.

“What do you dream about Y/n?” he asked and you chose not to answer instead got up to go to your room when his voice stopped you.

“Sit down, don’t be disrespectful sweetie” he brought the bottle up to his mouth and gulped the water. You sat down.

“How did you get in?”              

“I thought you were pretty and smart. sad, you’re just pretty. This is my house in case you weren’t aware after so long. I have the house keys.”

“That’s nice.”

“Isn’t it lovely? This house?”

“It is” you replied “..Lovely”

“Pathetic how some people come into your house and start acting like it’s their property. Rats I tell you! And then you get threatened of getting thrown out of your own house” He glared at you. You avoided his gaze and looked at your own hands placed flat on your lap.

“Suddenly you’re more important than me? Who are you even? I should’ve killed you in that alley.. And lied to hyung that I never found you. I was being too nice-”

“Why does a worthless shit like you deserve so much attention? You’re nothing you know that. Stop acting high and mighty Look at me when I’m talking to you-” you didn’t listen.

“Yah! I said look at me when I’m talking to you. or I’ll tie a fucking rope on your head and pull it-“

“Go to hell” you said finally lifting your gaze. “Go to hell and eat shit”

Taehyung leaned back and looked at you, eyes widened in surprise.

“What did you just say to me?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“I’m not scared of you anymore. You can’t even touch me. So bark all you want but you can’t really bite. You’re a crazy fuck and you need to stay away from me-” a high pitched laugh came out of Taehyung’s throat.

“I’m going to fucking kill you right now, how about that”

“No you’re not. You can’t! You won’t.” He got up and his chair fell to the ground behind him. Taehyung walked towards where you were sitting and grabbed your sleeve with his one hand pulling on it.

“Get up” he ordered. “Get the fuck up you rat”

“Let go of my shirt”

“I’ll drag you out of his house by your hair. You think Jin is always going to be around to protect you? ” You got up and pushed him with both your hand and he fell back, hitting his back on the sink.

“This bitch..” he mumbled and before turning towards you. “Fuck it. I’ll just strangle you right here, right now”

And before you knew anything else your hand grabbed the closest weapon near you and you threw it at his head. It turned out to be a big wooden bowl that hit right above his left eye.

“Aaah. What the fuck-?” he held his palm over the bruised surface “Did you just hit me with a fucking bowl! YOU BITCH!” before he could look properly at you, you fled to safety and locked yourself in the room.

Jin stood outside the gate of the house with an umbrella in his one hand, even though the day was great he couldn’t risk being seen in public. Each time he went out he had to wear a mask and shades to hide his eyes. He felt confined; even though he was free he wasn’t really. Jin looks up at the sky and sighs.

The weather was great. It was a cloudy day; the sun was hidden behind the wispy woolen blankets and there was bit of warmth in the air, a breeze passed through his hair and he closed his umbrella. He removed his face mask and glasses and took a deep breath. At home at least he could breathe freely.

He opened the front gate and stepped inside, closing the gate behind him. Jin started walking towards the door. The key was in his overcoats left pocket and there was a book in his other pocket. He bought it for you. That was your only medium entertainment left. That and the television but you didn’t really seem to enjoy that. He wished for you to go out, take a walk in the park. You asked for it numerous times but he couldn’t allow that. On one such good day he’ll take you out of that cage. But until then..

Seokjin unlocked the door and pushed the door open stepping inside.

“I’m home” he placed the umbrella in a corner and removed his shoes before walking in. Home felt strangely quiet today.

“Y/n? you there-?” is she sleeping again? Jin wondered as he walked in. He heard a loud BANGING noise.


Seokjin looked around. The place looked like it was hit by a tornado. Tables and chairs were turned over, broken plates were on the floor and Taehyung was trying to kick down the door with his foot.







“TAEHYUNG!”  Seokjin yelled and Taehyung finally turned to look at him. In that moment Jin saw how Taehyung’s eyes lacked any kind of light, pupils dilated in nothingness. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold and hard.

“Taehyung..” Jin called out to him more softly. There was a bruise glowing red right above his eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m going to strangle that little shit. I should’ve done it in the alley. I should’ve broken the damn door in the headquarters but Jimin had stopped me. I’m going to find a sledge hammer and break this door-”

“TAEHYUNG! Have you lost it? You’re talking about killing an innocent kid! Get a grip on yourself”


“It’s because of us she’s here. It was our fault”

“It’s because of her we’re here hyung. It her fault we have to hide, why everything is a mess. And we’re still protecting her. Do you care more about that girl than your brother? Answer me! ” Jin saw hurt in Taehyung’s eyes.

“We’re family tae, we will always be”


“..Because.. Yoongi wanted it.” was all Jin could say “Yoongi wanted me to protect her”

“Yoongi hyung isn’t here. He doesn’t need to know”

“Taehyung NO.. We can’t do that, I can’t do that to Yoongi-“

“Why is it always for him? Why is it always you and him hyung, tell me? Are we all just pawns to use when you don’t want to dirty your hands? If that’s so.. then stop giving us this family bullshit when it means nothing to you! Specially you hyung-”

“Taehyung wait-“before Seokjin could say another word Taehyung walked past him so fast, leaving him speechless. He heard the door getting closed with a loud BANG and then the house was silent again.

He dragged his feet towards your bedroom and knocked on the door lightly. ‘

“Open the door Y/n, its me.” he knocked on it again “Taehyung left. You can come out now”

The door knob turned and clicked, the door slowly opened

“He’s not here anymore” Jin reassured. You stood there clutching a vase in your one hand. The moment you saw him the vase fell from your hand to the ground. All Your efforts of trying to hold it in failed miserably. Your lips trembled and shoulders heaved emotionally just before you crashed into him without a second thought.  

“Hey! I’m here now” Jin wrapped himself around you, shielding you in every possible way he could.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you. I’ll do a better job next time. I promise-”

A silent howl of pain came out from your throat, you trembled underneath him and all he could do was hold you more tightly.

“Hey look at me” Jin held your face and made you look at him, with his thumb he wiped your tears away.

“I’ll take you somewhere okay; someplace where you’re safe. We’ll go somewhere nicer” he moved a strand of hair sticking to your face “I’ll take you to a warmer place, where you can go out any time of the day, where you’ll be happy. Where you’ll be safe. You trust me right?” you nodded while beads of tears kept flooding down your face and he smiled.

“I’ll take you there. I promise Y/n. We’ll find you a home together-“

The boy was 14 when Yoongi saw him for the first time. He was just a timid little boy, not even brave enough to look anyone in the eye. His skin was bruised all over and so was his soul.

“I want to be brave” He had said. “I want to be powerful. Just like you

He recalls the day now as he sits on the sofa and looks out the window behind him. Powerful, just like him?

“Hyung..” Yoongi turned instinctively and found Jimin handing out a bottle of alcohol to him. He didn’t look like that boy anymore. That boy was long dead. Yoongi was proud of what he had made.

“It’s a pretty view isn’t it?” Jimin asked as he sat on the armchair in front of him. “You can see the sunset in the evening and the mountains are a pretty sight too. That’s the only perk of living inside this cardboard box sized apartment.”

“How did you know I would come here?” Yoongi asked taking a sip of the bitter liquid.

“You had told me.” Jimin replied with a small smile “Jimin-ah! When shit hits the fan and you don’t know which way to go.. just come here. Stay there and hyung will find you.”

“You remember that?” Yoongi twirled the bottle lightly in his hand and watched the drink fizz up. “That was years ago and I was a bit drunk”

“You were a lot drunk” Jimin’s smile grew bigger to the point where his eyes closed up and two straight lines replaced them. His smile was admirable – the way his face would scrunch up and the top row of perfect front teeth would show up, he had the type of smile that led people into believing that everything in the world was made up of happiness and love. Yoongi smiled in return.

“But I knew you were serious even back then”

“And how did you know that?”

“Because this is where your mother was born” Yoongi stopped drinking mid way “You always said you wanted to come here at least once. Though you only said that when you were drunk.”  

He took another sip, the beer felt weirdly bitter than before.

“You didn’t come here looking for me, did you hyung?”

“I have an uncle, my mother’s older brother who lives here. I lost contact with him a year ago. He seemed like good guy, always told me to visit him. I was the only family he had left. And same was the case for me. I thought if I could find him I’d have a place to crash -.”

“You do still have a family” Jimin said before getting up “You have me now and we’ll find the others. Hoseok, Taehyung and Jin hyung and we’ll get to them-“

“I let Jin go” Yoongi said placing his empty bottle on the table “I purposely told him to go, leave”


“My father was going to sell Y/n to Hani. I couldn’t see him destroy someone’s life like that right in front of me while I watched helplessly. I knew I couldn’t fight back so I told Jin to take her somewhere far where she’s safe, no matter how long it took-”

“Then you did well. If it saves her life then you did good hyung”

The bedroom door opened and both of them looked over at Minah who came outside. She didn’t even bother to glance at any one of them and made her way straight to the kitchen

“What is she doing here?”

“When Hoseok and I fled we crashed at her place on the first day. We decided to go different ways, Namjoons men found out we’d been hiding at her place. So she had to tag along.”

“You two have been sleeping together-?” Yoongi’s bluntness surprised Jimin a bit.

“What-? Her? No, not even once. She’s not really my type. On top of that she seems kind of clingy. Also I know you had some kind of history with her so-“

“Good” Yoongi said getting up “She’s not just clingy, she’s also crazy. Stay away from her”

As Yoongi was making his way towards the bedroom, Jimin’s voice stopped

“About Y/n.. Do you know where she’s now?” Yoongi looked at the boy curiously “I mean.. I was just wondering. Maybe when things are better in the future, I can see her.”

“Why do you want to see her?”

“I have a lot to say to her that’s all” Jimin shrugged “We became fond of each other when we were in that room. I kind of liked her-“

“You liked her?” Yoongi’s question came out with a laugh.

“I think it was more than that but I don’t know-” a slight tremor was starting to grow in Yoongi’s chest. He was a little taken aback by that strange feeling. “It’s more guilt than anything else. I couldn’t apologize to her. I wanted to, that day when I came to Namjoons place.. But I never got to see her. I should’ve been the one to save her-”

“She trusted me and i was the one who handed her to Namjoon. I had promised her I would keep her safe-“

“I was the one who asked you to do that-”

“I bet she hates me now”

“Jimin, listen-“

“I should’ve never kissed her” something loud snapped inside of Yoongi. It cut him open, left him frozen on the spot. Unmoving he stared at the boys face in front of him and for just split second, he hated Jimin, he hated every inch of him. Hated his bright smile and hated how his eyes sparkled at that moment.

“I don’t know why I did it? But I just wasn’t thinking at that moment. It happened in the car and it wasn’t normal. I have kissed girls before but it was different with her. It felt as if my world was collapsing.”  

..But most importantly Yoongi hated the fact that out of every living body on this earth it had to be him.

“I should’ve never kissed her cause now I can’t stop thinking about it. Even after so many days”

..Anyone but him

“Why are you telling me this right now?”

“Because. Hyung, we’re not allowed to feel. You said to me once “Us, we don’t get to love, love becomes an obstacle. Stop feeling and you’ll live easier”. But I don’t know how to.. I don’t know how to stop feeling anymore.”

..Why him?

“I don’t know Jiminie. I wish I did. I wish I could help you. I’m sorry”

Yoongi opened the door and stepped inside the bedroom and locked himself in.

“Do you want to hear a poem?”

“Which one?”

“Ummm… let me think” Jin gave it a long thought. “Aaah it’s a short one. It’s called: Meet me at midnight

“Tell me”

“Meet me at midnight, in the forest of my dreams.

We’ll make a fire and count the stars that shimmer

Above the trees”

You stayed quiet and so did Jin for some time.

“Why? You don’t like it?”

“No” You shook your head “It just makes me sad”

“That means it’s a good poem” he smiled, moving his one hand under his head to support it.

“Do you want me to tell you another one?”

You shook your head again.

“I should just feel really sleepy. You should go to sleep too. Goodnight Jin” you pulled the blanket up to your face and closed your eyes.

“Please, Tell me.” you heard him “Tell me what is bothering you. I’ll do anything to make it stop y/n.”

“I hate it” you looked up at him “I hate everything right now”

“I know” he replied sadly placing a hand on your cheek.

“I hate this house and I hate Kim Taehyung. I hate Min Yoongi! I hate his father. I hate this life so much. I don’t deserve all this? Then why me?”

“Tomorrow will be better”

“Nothing ever gets better. It keeps getting worst. I hate it! I hate everything”

“Even me?” It was happening again. The tears started to pool up in your eye all over again, the wall of hope – no matter how many times you build it up – always came crashing down, muffled sobs and tear stained bed covers is all that you’ve seen all day long. It hurts to even cry anymore.

“No..Not you-” you replied sniffling. Jin smiled and brought his face closer to place a kiss on the apples of your cheek. He leaned his forehead against yours and closed his eyes all the while you gawked at him with eyes wide open and fluttering eyelashes.

“Do you want to hear another poem?” He whispered

You nodded.

The days were lonely

And the nights were cold

But I never stopped searching for your warmth

Before I finally found your love in a place we called home”  

And then he opened his eyes, leaned in and kissed you. You were startled, you gasped but you never pushed him away. There was no spark in it, no flames were ignited no butterflies ever left the cage. You just closed your eyes and decided to melt. It was just an innocent kiss; time slowed down and heart beats synchronized. The world became quieter. Just you and him, no pain, no war and no suffering..

“Let’s go out tomorrow. I’ll buy you some ice-cream”

 A/n: Thank you for reading colors and liking it.♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) Do tell me your opinion! did you like it? Do not hesitate to send an ask or PM. Have an amazing day xoxoxo

Ps: both the poems were by ‘Christy Ann Martine’! do check her out she writes amazing poems.

Screaming from the Dr’s room

A smut request where Gerard is a gynaecologist, and things go a bit better than you expected.

Part two x

Staring down at the multiple tweets that didn’t interest you, you switched to another app to try and find something interesting that would fill your waiting time. Sure, you could just do things the old fashioned way and not have to have your eyes glued to the screen of your phone; but you didn’t feel comfortable enough to do that. You were at the doctors to get your pelvic examination done, nothing had been worrying you, but it’s always best to get checked out. You’d rather a bit of awkwardness  instead of being surprised with some kind of STI. Even though you knew it was a perfectly normal thing to get done, you didn’t really want to look around at the other people in the room, who would make it obvious that they were judging you.

After scrolling through twitter, facebook and tumblr five more times, you heard a little beep, as your name appeared on the screen in the waiting room. Putting your phone away, you walked towards the doctors room. You weren’t going to lie, you were a little nervous, you’d never been to one of these things before, so you didn’t really know what to expect. Your legs went wobbly beneath you, and you could tell that anything would set your cheeks alight, even if you got the tiniest bit embarrassed. Knocking on the door you took a death breath in, closed your eyes, entering when called by the doctor. You were met with a peculiar man, or at least peculiar for a doctor. A man in a blue suit stood in front of you, with crazy flame red hair. Well this certainly wasn’t what you were expecting. You expected maybe a fat middle aged man who hated his job, or a judgemental women in her 20’s who seriously regretted her life decisions. Instead this man introduced himself as Dr. Way, and seemed friendly and alert, not to mention… attractive. You sat down, placing your rucksack on the floor, thumbling with the strap whilst avoiding eye contact.

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Called Out (Part 10)

Summary: Bucky has been crushing on you for a while now, but he refuses to say anything. That is, until he butt-dials you and leaves a voicemail that records a very compromising conversation.

Word Count: 1,151

Warnings: Brief violence.

“Called Out” Masterlist

A/N: Whoooo! Have part 10 to this. Hope you all enjoy :D 

Two weeks went by like this, in which you and Bucky avoided each other at all costs and refused to talk things out. It made everyone miserable, but being stubborn, neither of you gave in and continued to pretend as if you weren’t being torn apart by the distance that now gaped between you.  

Diego was promptly fired from his job by Tony the morning after you and Bucky had discovered him cheating on you with Laurie. Tony had even offered to put in one or two words with Laurie’s boss to make sure she never worked in the city again, but you thought it punishment enough that Diego had been fired.

A Tuesday evening, a few hours before you were all set to head out for a mission overseas, Steve stepped into your room, only after knocking once and not giving you a chance to reply and allow him inside.

You raised a brow at him. “What’s the purpose of knocking if you’re just going to barge in here?”

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Rusty Back to the Future - Dean x reader

(Vacancy open for a name giver, because I suck)

Imagine: Dean doesn’t want to admit his age, therefore, he and (Y/N) travel back to the 80s where Dean meets with himself.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam (small cameo), Castiel (small cameo), John (mentioned), Little Dean, Baby Sam, Bobby (mentioned).

Warnings: A bit of angst, mentions of blood and open wounds.

A/N: After watching Dean struggling to jump the fence, and playing on repeat Little Me by Little Mix, I got this idea. I’m happy with how it turned out, although I almost cried writing some parts of it. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

The sirens from the police’s cars where filling the air. The three hunters were surrounded, with only one way out – said way out required jumping a fence.

Sam went first. He basically flew to the other side, no stuttering and no failed landings.

Next it was (Y/N). She climbed the fence and jumped to the other side, stumbling a little when she touched the ground but managing to stay on her feet.

Lastly, Dean. It wasn’t the first time he was jumping a fence, that’s for sure, but it also wasn’t the first time that he struggled to.

Yes, in the past he had been an expert; he could jump any fence, escape from any situation without a problem and even sneaking into hot girl’s houses for that matter. But now, after many years of not worrying about his health, his age was beginning to be a problem.

Sam had always told him so, (Y/N) too. Dean didn’t exercise except when he trained body combat with Sam, and the only healthy food he would eat were the vegetables on his burgers. He would stay hydrated only with alcoholic drink and God helped the person that suggested him to visit the doctor or take vitamins, because Dean would begin a rant (if not a fight) trying to defend his non-existing youth.

“Hurry!” Sam urged his brother, taking notice of the police’s flashlights – searching for them.

“I’m trying, Sam!” Dean roared as he finally reached the highest point in the fence.

“Jump!” (Y/N) shouted. The officers had finally seen them.

Dean jumped like he had done in the past, falling on his knees when landing. However, he didn’t have any time to complain because, before he could even groan, Sam had already got him up and dragged him into the dark and to the Impala.

Obviously, Dean asked Sam to drive.

The older Winchester was lying on the backseat of his beloved car as the huntress, who was sitting beside him, looked on her purse for any pain-killer that Dean could take. Meanwhile, Sam managed to blend in on the usual traffic from that crowded highway Dean hated so much.

“Got anything?” Dean asked with a raspy voice. He had his legs over (Y/N)’s lap, and through his jeans fabric he could see blood.

“Unless you got menstrual pain, no.” She replied, closing her bag.

“Sweetheart,” Dean called, “I’m sure this hurt like menstrual pain.”

The huntress laughed and gave him one of her pills. Dean swallowed it without thinking twice and then proceeded to look for the emergency kit he always kept in the car. He found it under the seat.

“Need any help?” (Y/N) asked, noticing how Dean was struggling to reach the kit.

“No.” He simply said; his fingertips were almost touching the box.

After ten minutes of struggling, Dean managed to reach the box (although it had been Sam stepping to fast on the brakes, causing the kit to move closer to Dean) and handed it to the huntress.

“I can’t fold your jeans far enough… I’m going to need to cut them…”

“No!” Dean cried. The huntress and Sam rolled their eyes.

“Then you’ll have to take your pants off!” She roared.

“Sweetheart, if what you want is to see me naked, you only need to ask.” Dean winked.

“Aren’t you too old for those pick-up lines?” Sam joked from the driver’s seat.

“HOW DARE YOU?” Dean shouted. Yup, he was getting defensive.

What followed is simple: Dean giving useless arguments to Sam about why he’s not old, and his perfect shape and how stupid it is to exercise when they literally run after monsters every week. As always, he stood up for his true love: fast food and alcohol.

“Dean…” Sam called once more.

“No Dean, I’m in perfect shape. The fall was just because this goddamn flannel got stuck with one of the wires of the fence. I’m not old!” Dean insisted.

“Shut up, Sam.” (Y/N) shouted seconds after Sam opened his mouth to argue. “I’m sick of you two fighting.”

“Ha!” Dean mocked his brother.

“And I’m ALSO sick of you not accepting your age!” She continued, giving Dean a glare.

“My age? There’s nothing wrong with it and…”

“And you’re no longer a twenty year old that can binge on alcohol and pull off all-nighters every night!” She cried, “You need to take care, for God’s sake!”

Dean didn’t argue anymore, he just crossed his arms and looked away.

It wasn’t his fault; I mean, who would want to grow up after twenty? Dean was on his right to be mad, or at least that’s what he thought.

He wanted to be young again. He hadn’t had a proper childhood, his teenage days sucked and his twenties had been the best out of the worst in his life: free from stupid school, having any girl he wanted, being able to do what he wanted with his body without any consequences… It was heaven on Earth.

The road trip was silent. Dean didn’t let (Y/N) cure his wounds – he was far too upset with her.

(Y/N) limited herself to caress Dean’s thigh, not quite conscious about it. Eventually, she and Dean fell asleep and didn’t move until they reached the bunker.

As obvious as it sounds, Dean didn’t let anyone take him to his room. Hell, he didn’t even let Sam help him out of the car or down the stairs. He literally swallowed his tears until he was locked inside his four-walled cave.

The blood was dry and his jeans were glued to his wound because of that. It was hard and painful to remove them and (Y/N)’s pill had only worked for a while and now he needed another one – but he was too proud to go on and ask her for more.

Once he had his pants out and a bunch of alcohol and some strange red liquid Sam had bought for these cases, Dean was able to sit down at his bed, beer in hand, and think about the past conversations.

Sam and (Y/N) where right, he was getting old. Even when he didn’t want to admit it, blame it on the pre-forty’s crisis, he had to do something. He stood up, with all the pain possible at that point, and searched between his books.

“Hey, Dorian.” Dean mumbled to himself as he took the slim book from one of the boxes on his closet.

Yes, Dean wasn’t the best thinker when it came to desperate measures. He had “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” in hand and a terrible idea in mind.

“Really?” A voice spoke. Dean looked up and to the door where (Y/N)’s small figure was staring at him.

“I thought we agreed on knocking the door first.” Dean chuckled.

“I did, but you were far too interested in Mr. Gray to notice.” She replied.

“I uh… I was just looking for a light reading…” Dean excused himself. (Y/N) didn’t buy it, she crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her eyebrow.

“A light reading about a man obsessed with his youth, enough to make a deal to stay young while his painting ages… Nice.” (Y/N) spoke.

“Fine,” Dean sighed, “you got me… I just… I don’t want to be old.”

“I know, Dean.” She whispered walking closely to Dean.

“I have wrinkles all over my face and white hairs starting to grow… I can’t run, nor jump small fences like I used to and…” Dean couldn’t finish his sentence, it hurt him to even think of the life he didn’t get, of losing time as fast as he had.

“If it works… You look hotter with wrinkles and the white hairs you talk about are barely noticeable.” (Y/N) comforted Dean, sitting beside him on the floor.

“Yeah? And what else? Those are the only good things about ageing…” Dean grumbled sadly.

“Well, your voice got deeper.” (Y/N) observed, remembering how high Dean’s used to be compared to his voice now.

“I just want to get a few years back… There is so much I didn’t do because I figured I had enough time to do it later…” Dean sighed; his eyes were watery with thoughts.

“I think we can manage that.” (Y/N) spoke.


“Don’t you love the 80s?” Asked Dean as he breathed in deeply.

“Not particularly.” (Y/N) replied, hating the clothing she had to wear to fit in.

They walked over the sidewalk Dean barely remembered, heading over to the school where a five year old Dean waited for his dad to pick him up. Dean knew that John wasn’t going to be there on time, remembering how he ended up walking back to the motel at 7 pm.

Dean was looking happy, though, which made (Y/N) happy. That until a kid punched Dean with a football and apologised to him with a “sorry, sir.”

“This is crap, we shouldn’t have come.” Dean complained afterwards.

“Dean, please.” (Y/N) begged.

“No, (Y/N)! This is bullshit! I asked a few years back for myself but not too literally travel in time and…” Dean was interrupted by someone pulling from his jacket.

A blond, green-eyed boy was staring up at him. He was wearing a flannel that was too big for him and his shoes where a little torn apart. He had sad eyes and yet he was smiling at the hunter.

“Hi.” He said.

“Hey.” Dean replied, feeling awkward around himself.

“I like your jacket.” The kid compliment, having a closer look at it.

“Thanks, it belonged to ou… my dad.” Dean explained, turning completely to be face to face with himself.

“My dad has one exactly like this one,” Little Dean observed, “except my dad’s is newer…”

“Cool.” Dean said, not knowing how to reply without spilling out the truth. (Y/N) giggled at the exchange, calling the attention of both Deans.

“Woah, is she your girlfriend?” Little Dean asked Older Dean in a whisper.

“No…” Dean answered.

“Is she your sister? Or at least a familiar?” Little Dean continued whispering.

“No, she’s my friend.” Dean explained using his children-voice.

“Are you dumb?” Little Dean asked sassily.

“Er… uh.. What?” Dean furrowed. He didn’t remember being a little bitch.

“I asked you if you’re dumb?” Little Dean repeated.

“I’m not.” Older Dean responded angrily.

“Yes you are, otherwise you’d already be dating her.” Dean’s eyes widened at his own words. He, in fact, had had a good taste in women since he was a child.

“I will ask her out, just not yet.” Dean mumbled, but the kid was far to hypnotised by (Y/N) who was trying to fix her hot pink skirt.

“Do you mind if I talk to her?” Little Dean asked without taking his eyes off of (Y/N).

“Go on,” Dean encouraged himself, “You’ll talk to her anyways.”

Thankfully, Little Dean didn’t hear the last part. He was already in front of (Y/N) complimenting her skirt and hair.

“So what’s your name, sugar plum?” The kid flirted.

“I’m (Y/N)” the huntress replied with a laugh.

“I’m Dean Winchester, pleasure to meet you.” Little Dean took the girl’s hand, pressing a soft kiss on it

“Hey, hey, hey,” Dean fumed, “hands off her.”

“She’s not your girlfriend.” Little Dean frowned, looking at the old man.

“And she’s not your girlfriend either.” Dean responded.

Sometimes, Dean would forget his age and act like a total kid. In this case, he was arguing with a kid while behaving like a kid, which was far too fun for (Y/N) to ever forget it.

“Hey, Dean.” (Y/N) spoke, interrupting the Deans’ discussion.

“Yes?” Both of them asked in unison, followed by a death glare to each other.

“I mean, Little Dean.” (Y/N) corrected herself but wasn’t able to finish her sentence because Little Dean was far too excited for having found someone with his same name.

“What’s your last name, Dean?” The kid asked with wide eyes, “Maybe we have the same one and we could be like twins from different times and…” Little Dean proceeded to create a whole conspiracy theory about aliens and time travel.

“Winchester.” Dean answered, interrupting the kid.

“I KNEW IT!” Both Deans high fived and then decided to sit down back at the bench where Little Dean had been waiting for John.

“What do you work at?” Little Dean asked.

“I’m a hunter.” Dean replied honestly.

“My dad’s a hunter too! Maybe you know him, his name is John.” The kid smiled.

“I do know him, he’s…” Dean couldn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t have to because Little Dean understood perfectly.

“I know…” The awkward silence was soon filled by happier topics such as: Led Zeppelin, apple pie, hot girls, and monsters.

(Y/N) sat down quietly; listening to both Dean’s exchanging the same points of view and thoughts about the simple things in life as well as the most complicated ones.

“How old are you?” Little Dean asked. Older Dean swallowed uncomfortably, not wanting to talk about that.

“I’m uh… I’m thirty-seven.” Dean answered, unable to lie to himself.

“THIRTY-SEVEN?” Little Dean’s green eyes widened.

“Yes, I know… I’m o…”

“AWESOME!” Little Dean finished his own sentence, “My father says no hunter lives that long… You must be invincible!”

“I’ve died a few times…” Dean mumbled, trying to act humble but failing.

“You’ve died? AND YOU’RE BACK?” Little Dean couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It sounded like something out of a sci-fi film.

“Yes… Been to Heaven, Hell and even Purgatory.” Dean smiled proudly.

Little Dean was now standing on the bench. He couldn’t be sitting down with the stories Dean was telling him about the three after-life places he had been to.

“You are awesome, Dean!” Little Dean finally spoke, throwing his arms around Older Dean. “When I grow old, I want to be like you.”

A tear left Dean’s eye. Not only because he was his own hero, but because of the many feelings he had touched that night as well as the pain it caused him to think that Castiel would eventually erase Dean from his own memory in order to keep things in place.

“I uh… Do you want an ice cream, or something?” Dean asked, wanting to make that day as happy as possible for himself.

“I can’t, I’m waiting for my dad.” Little Dean replied.

“I talked to him and… He’s not coming, something got on the way.” (Y/N) immediately interfered, taking advantage of her silence during the whole conversation.

“Typical…” Little Dean whispered.

“So, ice cream?” Older Dean offered sadly.

Dean made sure to give Little Dean the best afternoon he could, knowing that the next months would be a pain in the ass until John met Bobby; and even so, Dean knew all about his own suffering.

They had ice cream, and Dean answered to every question Little Dean had and eventually took him back to the motel.

Dean took his time to check on Baby Sam. He was so small, so fragile; he barely remembered it now because it had been too long. But having his baby brother back in his arms was bringing many lost memories back to his mind.

“Who would’ve thought that a flea like you would end up being a giant moose?” Dean joked. The one year old baby did nothing but laugh at the stranger’s words.

“How do you know that?” Little Dean asked. He had been standing behind Dean, and he had heard everything.

“I uh… Where’s (Y/N)?” Dean asked, putting baby Sam down at his improvised crib.

“She’s praying to some Cassiel.” Little Dean answered.

“Castiel.” Dean corrected. He was hopeful that Little Dean would forget his words to Sammy, but he had always been a stubborn pain in the ass.

“How do you know Sam is going to turn into a moose?” Dean chuckled.

“Not a literal moose… He’s just going to grow up really tall.” Dean explained.

“As tall as a moose.” Little Dean inquired.

“Exactly,” Dean smiled, “Sammy will be taller than us one day.”

“How do you know?” Little Dean asked again.

Before Dean could answer, the sight of (Y/N) and Cas behind Little Dean took his thoughts away.

“It’s fine, Dean.” Cas spoke in his usual low voice, “You won’t remember.”

Little Dean was confused. A man had appeared in the room without him noticing and now the Old Dean was telling him about how he was himself but from the future.

“So we get to time travel?” Little Dean asked with widened eyes.

“Yes.” Dean answered, “We’re like Marty McFly.”


“Wait ‘till next year, next?” Little Dean shook the strange reference and continued his interrogation.

“So we have angel friends?”


“And we get to live for longer than normal hunters?”


“Tell me, do we have a cool car? Like a flying car?” Dean chuckled at his own question.

“There’s still not flying cars in the future but uh… We get to keep the Impala.”


Again, Little Dean bombarded Older Dean with questions. Except this time they were more specific.

After almost an hour of talking, the time to go came. Dean knew John would be back at any minute, and Cas still had to erase his own memory.

“I have to go, buddy.” Dean spoke softly.

“I don’t want you to go… Take me and Sam with you!” He begged.

“I can’t…” Dean let out a small tear.

“Why? We can be hunting partners and you can teach me how to drive and…”

“I can’t alter the future, buddy.” Dean explained, interrupting Little Dean’s illusions.

“So… But you already told me everything; you’ve altered the future already!” Little Dean cried.

“About that… We have to… Men in Black you.” Dean struggled to say.

“Men in Black me? What does that mean?” Little Dean asked angrily.

“You’re too young… In the future there’s a movie… Doesn’t matter, you’ll see it like thirty times.” Both Deans chuckled.

“I will remember it then, and when I see it I’ll know.” Little Dean stated proudly.

“I’m afraid not.” Dean whispered.

“You… You’re deleting my memory.” Little Dean mumbled after a few seconds of processing his own words. Dean only nodded, not being able to say it directly. “Please don’t, I want to remember you!”

“I’m sorry.” Little Dean hugged Older Dean once more. Both Deans cried in each other’s embrace, both for the same reason, yet a different point of view.

Saying goodbye to himself was harder than he expected. Little Dean used to be a real cuddle bear, a quality that Dean had lost over the years.

(Y/N) and Dean were walking out of the motel room when Little Dean called for them from the door. He was supposed to be inside, letting Cas clean his memory.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked with a smirk.

“Before I forget you… There’s something I need to do.” Little Dean explained, winking at the older version of himself.

“Go on.” Dean encouraged, not quite sure what he was going to do.

“(Y/N)” Little Dean called her.

“Yes?” She asked. The huntress had the same puzzled look on her face as Older Dean.

“Would you be my girlfriend?” Little Dean asked with the flirtiest tone ever. (Y/N) laughed and blushed fifty shades of red before answering with a “Sure!”

Little Dean high fived it with Older Dean mouthing a “you’re welcome” and going back into the room, closing the door behind him.

“You were a lovely kid.” (Y/N) observed a big smile on her face.

“I know… I almost hate myself for letting Cas wash my brain.” Dean replied.

“It was under your own consent, Dean.” (Y/N) reminded him. In fact, Little Dean had allowed Cas to do it.

“Speaking of consent…” Dean wiggled his eyebrows. (Y/N) knew too well what he meant.

“Seriously? You always find the worst situations to flirt with me.” She laughed.

“Well, you’re technically my girlfriend now,” Dean chanted, “you’ve been my girlfriend since 1984 which is far too many years to catch up on to.”

(Y/N) let out a breathy laugh as she shook her head.

“Guess I can’t help falling for the Dean Winchester charm, can I?” She joked, looking up at Dean.

“You can’t… I’m afraid you’ll have to live up with it.” Dean responded.

“Well then, let’s go back to our time to catch up on the thirty two years of dating we missed!”


“Since when are you two together?” Sam asked after catching his brother and (Y/N) making out in the kitchen.

“Since I was five.” Dean replied.

Sam, who was unaware of the whole time-travel thing, started to formulate a question but got interrupted by the huntress.

“Don’t ask, just roll with it.” She said.

“Okay.” And with that, Sam left the kitchen. He was certain that the story behind that was amusing, but he knew his brother and was far too scared to ask. Therefore, he just kept the questions for himself.


Member: Vernon
Word count: 1358
Content: Unplanned sex between two needy people um? Girl on top? Idk what else??
Summary: Spur of the moment, and first time with him, sex with a needy Vernon.

“Babe, what is this and where does it go?”

You looked up from the t-shirt you were folding to see your charming boyfriend holding up one of your favorite skimpy thongs. Of course, he had to draw attention to that out of everything else in the pile between you two, but you couldn’t deny that the growing smirk on his face was stirring a few feelings.

“Ugh, quit swinging it around, Vernon,” you snatched the flimsy material from his hand and tossed onto the pile of folded clothes. Vernon began laughing.

“Sorry, sorry!” A few more snickers. “Do you actually wear that?” He bit his lip as if to prevent his smile from increasing while his eyes darted to the gray underwear. You narrowed your eyes and moved into his line of sight, blocking the view.

“Yes, in fact, I do. And I enjoy wearing whatever the hell I want,” you stated, grabbing a bombshell bra from the pile of clothes and waving it in front of him for good measure, making him blush. You two had meant to have a relaxed day since your parents were out of town all weekend, but your boyfriend decided to show up early, meaning he was then forced to help you finish chores before the movie marathon could start. Your parents hadn’t been too keen on letting him over when they were away, but with much convincing you were able to make it so. Besides, the two of you had been dating for a while now, and things have been steady.

“You think you can finish the rest? I’m gonna start putting these away,” you stated, picking up a pile of your parents’ clothes to bring to their room.

“Yeah, I got it,” he said, nodding assuringly while folding up your jeans. You left and came back, getting what’s left and putting all the clothes up, then, after going into your bedroom, began to change out of your school clothes. Humming to your favorite song, you didn’t hear the door open.

“Y/N you forgo-” Vernon froze and stared at your exposed skin as you were bent over, looking in your dresser for some comfy pjs. Your hot pink underwear accentuating your curves and especially drawing attention to the mound at the apex of your thighs. Without uttering another word from his now dry mouth, he stepped out, closed the door quietly, and waited on the couch for you with a pillow to cover his boner. When you walked back out in very short thin shorts and only one of his hoodies he shifted and tried his best not to show how he felt.

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▪Folding stool (pliant) (one of a pair).
Maker: Jean-Baptiste-Claude Sené (1748–1803)
Decorator: Carved by Nicolas François Vallois (1738–1788)
Maker: Gilded by Louis-François Chatard (ca. 1749–1819)
Maker: Rosette-shaped bosses on bolt ends gilded by Chaudron
Date: 1786
Culture: French
Karlie Kloss proves simple is stunning in T-Shirt and jeans
The former Victoria's Secret model completed the outfit with light brown Timberland boots that added extra height to her 6feet2 frame.

Natural beauty! Karlie Kloss proves simple is stunning as she shows off svelte figure in tight white T-Shirt and jeans

By Reporter
PUBLISHED:  13 April 2017

It doesn’t take much for Karlie Kloss to impress.

The 24-year-old natural beauty proved simple is stunning as she stepped out in New York City on Thursday (No DM, it was Wednesday) in casual attire to run some errands.

The top model opted for a fitted white tee and folded denim jeans that highlighted her extremely svelte figure.

Doesn’t take much! Karlie Kloss wowed in a casual white tee and denim jeans as she stepped out in The Big Apple on Thursday Wednesday

The former Victoria’s Secret model completed the outfit with light brown Timberland boots that added extra height to her 6feet2 frame.

She carried minimal accessories with an exception of a signature brown Louis Vuitton purse that slung over her shoulder.

Karlie added a light layer of make-up, showing off her flawless complexion, and allowed her blonde locks to fall freely around her face.

Model body! The 24-year-old top model flaunted her extremely svelte figure, rounding out her look in trendy brown Timberland boots

Flawless: The former VS model wore light make-up and allowed her blonde locks to fall freely around her face

And besides proving the catwalk queen she is - Karlie is also keeping quite busy behind the scenes.

It was announced recently that her successful Kode With Klossy program is expanding to provide 300 scholarships to teen girls - up from 80 in 2016.

The two-week program - which strives to teach young women and girls about software engineering and app development - will include 15 summer camps in 10 U.S. cities, including her hometown of St. Louis.

Exciting times: Karlie was in SoHo on Tuesday Monday to check out her Express x Karlie Kloss Collection in store for the first time

Living the life: Her collection, she stated, is ‘made for the everyday woman; the strong, dynamic, on-the-go achievers’; here she is pictured a week ago for KarliexExpress launch

Meanwhile, the fashionista partnered with clothing company Express as she launched her own line, Karlie x Express (Karlie4Express).

The collection is made up of 17 styles ranging from tees, blazers, maxi dresses and embellished bombers.

The model said in a statement: 'This collection is made for the everyday woman; the strong, dynamic, on-the-go-achievers among us.’

Strong and successful: The beauty is also expanding her successful coding program, Kode With Klossy, offering programs for young women and girls across the country; pictured here last week

Daily Mail

Creepypasta #1013: As A Dispatcher, This Is The Scariest Call I Have Ever Gotten

Length: Long

“911. What’s your emergency?” I said as I answered the phone. 

“There’s a bat in my house!” A loud scream came over the speaker. “Send someone to come and get it.“

“Alright ma’am, I will send animal control over as soon as possible.” The caller thanked me and said she will be outside waiting. I pressed the button to dispatch the nearest unit.

I sat in my cubicle, doodling with my ballpoint pen on a piece of blank white paper. Being a dispatcher isn’t always easy. Especially in the middle of nowhere Montana with a population of 500. We get random calls about bobcats, bison, and bears coming in the front yards, teenagers prank calling because they are bored, and of course, the regular hunting emergencies. But all of this is few and far between. Sometimes we could go hours without getting a call, which made it hard when you work the night shift alone.

“Kara?” I heard my straight-laced boss say as he came down the hallway. 

“I’m here.” I yelled back, still doodling on the white paper. I could hear his staggered footsteps coming my direction. 

“Oh hey,” he said, popping his head around the corner. “I’m leaving. Do you need anything before I go?” 

“I think I’m good.” I held up my now cold coffee. 

“I’ll turn off the rest of the lights then. Have a great night.” I heard the sound of the lights turning off down the hallway. It’s those florescent lights that make a buzzing sound whenever you’re under them. I hated when they get turned off, everything gets so silent. Being in this building at night all by yourself, the imagination can get the best of you.

I sat at my desk and looked at the seven computer screens. On one screen, I could see exactly where the emergency responders were located at any given moment. I started memorizing the street names in our designated area. At this time nothing was going on. It had been a very quiet night.

I took sip of my cold coffee and started jotting down my grocery list for the next day. At this point the coffee was only doing so much to keep me awake at 1am. “What do I need?” I asked out loud. I wrote down that I needed: chicken, vegetables, toilet paper, wine… multiple bottles of wine. I finished making my list, folded it into my jeans’ pocket.

A beeping sound started coming through my headphones, meaning someone was calling in. I looked up as a name and number flashed on the screen in front of me. “911 what’s your emergency.” I said clearly to the person on the other line. 

“I need help.” A child’s voice said. 

“What’s your name? What can I help you with?” I said back to the frightened young girl. 

“I need help.” She said again. 

I replied, “I can’t help you unless you tell me what’s wrong,” and then the phone line went dead. I Immediately dialed the number back. But there was no dial tone and it wouldn’t reconnect. I decided to call one of the responding officers to check it out. “Jenkins, I need you to respond to 5689 Hickory Valley Road. There could be a possible VIC. I tried calling her back but I got no answer.” I said into my headphones. 

“Thanks Kara. Hope you’re having a good night all by your lonesome.” He started laughing. “What are you going to do all by yourself in that little cubicle of yours?” 

“You’re an asshole. As a matter of fact, I am having a great night by myself. Keep me updated.” I said back. 

“Roger that!”

I sat back in my chair, looked at the right hand screen. A red dot started moving slowly toward the area where the young girl called from. I Watched as it got closer and closer. Then the dot just stopped. This usually meant the responding officer got to the location or close to it. Our map showed streets, but it didn’t pin point the exact spot.

As I waited for Jenkins to call me back, I took another sip of coffee. I watched the clock as it slowly passed- second by second, minute by minute. I was about to ring him back when the computers lit up. “911 dispatch, what’s the exact location of your emergency?” I looked up as the name and phone number flashed on the screen. This time I said the name out loud – Olivia Taylor. 

“I tried calling you back but we couldn’t get an answer. A responding officer should be there shortly.” I said fast, but in a stern manner. 

“Why won’t you help me?” She whimpered. I heard her crying on the other line. 

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J/C as Exes AU Part Nine: Only If For A Night

Well, after the amazing comments I got about the last chapter, I just couldn’t help myself and dove in to chapter 9. I started talking to @thescarlettpeacock and brainstorming ideas and then well… She got hit by the bus of inspiration. So at least 90% of this chapter is her amazing work. So please please stop by her page and tell her how amazing she’s done. I’m posting it here so that it’s easy to find for those of you who are following it. But most of the credit really belongs to @thescarlettpeacock

And an eternal thank you, yet again, to my amazing chief editor @akb723 for her astounding work in making this thing actually make sense. And for putting up with not one but two authors for this chapter.

Catch up on previous chapters HERE

“And the only solution was to stand and fight, and my body was losing all the satellites. But you came over me, like some holy life. I know the whole story, you’re the only light.”

- Florence & the Machine ‘Only If For A Night’

Jamie knew he had not gotten enough sleep, even after a dreamless sleep he craved a continued oblivion. As he woke, wiping the sleep from his eyes, Jamie realised at once he wasn’t in his own bed. He was lying on someone’s lap, head cushioned by a pillow, with an arm wrapped around him. She was still here, and by the heaviness of her slender arm, deep into her sleep.

Jamie stirred gently in an attempt to sit himself up, not knowing exactly how long Claire had slept for. As he lifted her arm from his chest, she woke suddenly.

“Jamie-” She paused, voice laden with exhaustion and worry. “Are you okay?”

“Feel like I’ve been run o’er by a draught horse.” He sat himself up and rolled his shoulders while she stretched her arms in the air.

“I imagine that’s to be expected,” she yawned, covering her mouth with a numb hand.

He found he couldn’t bring himself to look at her yet; instead he stared down at his hands, picking at the fabric of his couch. There was a part of him that had been exposed the evening before, a person that Claire hadn’t ever seen before. Amidst the fear and the panic of the previous night, she had sworn as he dozed in and out of consciousness that she would be there in the morning. Could she keep that vow? Would she still see the frightened, cowering man or the man she had woken up to mere days ago?

Without thought, the words had slipped from his mouth. “Yer still here.”

She placed her small hand over his, steadying it from his nervous picking. “I am. I promised I would be.”

Jamie gazed up at Claire, her dark eyes heavy and rimmed with redness against her skin. “Have ye no’ slept at all, Sassenach?”

“A little,” she said with a small shake of her head, hesitating briefly. “I was too worried about you.”

“I thought…”

Cool fingers combed gently through his hair, sending waves of calm through his body.

“Thought what, Jamie?”

“That ye were a dream. Or that ye’d be gone before I woke.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her voice catching in her throat. “I’m not running anymore. I’m here for you through all of it, Jamie.”

“That’s good,” he said.

With a heavy sigh, he stood up from the couch, stretching his arms and twisting his back, various joints popping. Had he really been curled so tightly around her all night?

“What would you like for breakfast?”

“I’m no’ sure I have much to eat here.”

“You don’t-” Claire hesitated again, as if carefully selecting her words before she finished her sentence. “-but I’ve got food back in my flat if you’d like to come over?”

“Aye, I think that would…” he looked around a moment, the echoes of torturous visions haunting the corners of his flat. “That would be a good thing. I canna be here just yet.”

Claire too stretched and got up. He helped her fix the sheets and fold the mattress back into the couch.

“Jamie, I-” she stopped, looking away from him. He waited patiently for her to get her thoughts in order.

“I… I know it’s a little sudden, and you’re welcome to say no. But… If you’re comfortable with it,  you can come stay with me for a little while.”

The offer hung in the air, heavy between them. It wasn’t a small thing she’d suggested, even if
it was for a short while. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Having her near always helped ground him, or it had in the months since they’d restarted their relationship. And now she’d seen him in his worst possible state; surely they could make it work?

“I have a spare room you can stay in, if that would be easier for you. I’m just afraid to leave you alone right now.”

“Aye. Ian came and stayed wi’ me the last time.”

She looked around his flat dubiously. “If you’d rather stay here, I could-”

“No, Sassenach. Though I appreciate ye considering it. I think… If ye really dinna mind it, I think I’d like to stay wi’ you.” Tentatively, he reached for her, feeling absurdly shy about the gesture. Her cheek was soft against his hand, her eyes closing slowly as she leaned into his touch. Then she placed her hand over his, and turned her face to kiss his palm.

“Alright. Let’s pack your bag then, shall we?” Claire began to walk away from him, eager to get back to her apartment, Jamie however reached for her hand once more, confidence growing.

“Aye. An’… Thank ye, Claire. For staying.” His voice was small, filled with a gratitude she knew she could barely fathom.

She stopped on her way to his bedroom and came back over to him. “I promise you, Jamie -“ Claire stepped back toward him, their bodies flush and her eyes filled with sincerity, “I’m not walking away again. Not now, not ever.” Claire leant forward and gathered him into her arms, embracing him with a fierceness of loving. A sudden desire to kiss him, hard  fell over her. She wanted to reassure him that she did love him still, though she knew it was an impulse she could not act on. Instead, she placed a small kiss onto his jaw, brief but tender.

A moment fell between them, of acceptance and adoration for the other. Both knew that had the  circumstances been different, their desire would win and tenderly they’d fall into an oblivion, but exhaustion and the ghosts of fear hung overhead  instead. It was not the time, not yet.

“I treated you terribly and I’m so sorry. But I’m not running anymore. I’m here for you no matter what. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

“Thank you.”

Pulling his head down, she kissed him gently on his forehead and disappeared into his room. Even after sleeping hard, he was still exhausted. It had taken a few days to fully recover after the last episode. Jamie made to leave for his room, but Claire held out a hand in protest.

“I’ll get everything, just you wait here. It won’t take me long.” She smiled at him, lovingly.

Unable to resist, he smirked at her. “Ye still ken where everything is?”

A soft, musical laugh came from her as she moved about his flat. “You’re a creature of habit, James Fraser. Some things will never change.”

With that, Claire disappeared into the depths of his bedroom, leaving Jamie contemplating the impending change of scenery. What seemed like only a moment had passed before Claire reappeared with a weekend bag - one she had bought him years previously for their anniversary. Jamie hadn’t thought about the day she’d given it to him for an age. He’d come over to her apartment, entering the living room as she scurried off into another room. There sat a large white box on her couch with a piece of paper on top, scrawled with his name. He’d shouted for her, and she’d walked into the room wearing a huge smile on her face and wishing him happy anniversary. Jamie had opened the box with excited curiosity, finding the bag inside. “I thought maybe you’d like it, you know, in case we ever manage to take a little holiday.” He’d started to laugh and removed a folded envelope from his jeans pocket, presenting her with an email for a long weekend on Skye.

They’d talked about marriage that night. Kids, the dogs… A home together… of his home, waiting for them. Jamie shook his head, the images flashing before his eyes. He remembered those nights and days, the whispers and the excited promises. He couldn’t remember those, night right now. The irony was not lost on him, and he imagined it wasn’t lost on her either.  

“Shall we?” Her tone was hopeful and bright. She wanted him in the fresh air and away from the blanket of shadows hanging overhead like cobwebs.


He took her hand and followed her out. The simple touch of her hand in his felt like an anchor, keeping him in the present and not letting him drift out into the murky waters of his memories.


It had been a short drive to her apartment, neither particularly speaking to the other. She had pulled into the car park, he’d removed his bag and they had entered the building in silence. For now, all they needed to talk about had been said. Now was the time for contemplation, to understand the choice they had both made and how it would carry them forward. Separately and together.

Jamie remembered the flat like he’d lived there his entire life. He knew where the mugs were kept, where she stored her shoes and even where she kept the clean bedding. Her spare room, once dubbed “the shit hole”, now held a comfortable bed, a wardrobe and a large drawer unit. The room was almost flooded with light from the large window sitting tothe left of the bed, there was also  a lamp that helped illuminate areas that  the sun was unable to reach t on a small side table.

She had cooked as he had unpacked, everything he would need was neatly stored in his bag – even going as far as to bring his slippers. When Claire had finished, she called him into the kitchen;  an almost double sized portion of scrambled eggs and toast sat next to a steaming cup of tea.

“Thought you might be as hungry as I am.” She grinned, putting down a bottle of tomato sauce. He’d pulled out his chair, sat down and taken a mouth full before muttering out words Claire hadn’t heard in a very long time.

“Claire Beauchamp, I will never find another like you.”


The rest of the day had continued on as if the events of the last year, and last night hadn’t happened. She had sat checking her work, making calls to the hospital while  he had read and tried intermittently to sleep. He woke  now to her singing along to the radio as she cleaned the dishes he’d offered to tidy.

Shuffling from the bedroom, he’d appeared behind her and an overwhelming need to wrap his arms around her midriff and kiss her neck flashed over him. Memories of their history flashed before him in succession; kisses by the sink, torn clothes across tables and lying together… He shook his head.

“You missed your physical therapy appointment,” Claire said suddenly over her shoulder, noticing his reappearance.

“Did I? I dinna ken what day it is, Sassenach - let alone the appointments I have.”

“You did. That’s how I came to look for you. Your physical therapist called me, said I was the emergency contact number in your file.”

He turned away from her, attempting to hide his face. If he’d had full control of his faculties, he could have put on the mask that he’d been able to use most of his life when he wanted hide what he was thinking or feeling. As it was, he didn’t have the capacity for it just yet. “Oh… ah… Weel…” he stopped, the fingers on his damaged hand tapping wildly on his thigh. “Aye. I didna change it… I meant to, after we… I didna have the heart. Though I didna think he’d ever call ye.”

“I’m glad he did. Jamie… I want to apologise, properly. For leaving you, for not being supportive… I just… You deserve better than that and I-“

He interrupted her sharply, his knuckles biting against his flesh and he made a fist. “Sassenach – Claire please stop blaming yourself! It wasn’t –“

“But it was!”

The air between them thickened with tension as words of frustration flooded from their mouths and minds. Though, neither blamed the other, not really.

“I thought ye’d be gone, Claire. That ye didna want me anymore! I was afraid!”

“And I did that to you! I want you to say something, anything! Shout! Call me names if you must!”

Jamie stood, his chest heaving, Claire mirroring his movements. They both knew this wasn’t the right time to be fighting, for this discussion to make it to the forefront already.

“I want you, I want you so much I can scarcely breathe. I made you think that I didn’t want you,  that for the first time since we met, you weren’t everything in the world to me, James Fraser! And all I can do is apologise and promise not to go!”

He stood silent, truly shocked at her admission. She was equally shocked and relieved to have finally spoken the words, she was terrified that it was all far too much and entirely too soon. Time passed silently between them, each second longer than the last. Finally, Jamie spoke.

“What happens the next time ye get scairt?”

“I’ll be right here, guarding your weak side.” She said firmly, her eyes staring into his. “If either of us are afraid, we tell the other. We have to if we’re going to survive – together as one.”

Silence cut like a sharp blade, their hearts a bleeding wound. All cards on the table, admissions made. Jamie found himself replying, answering with a warm feeling flooding his limbs, right into the core of his chest.

“‘Til our life shall be done.”

Good Enough (14)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eightpart nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“Sehun, can I ask you a question?”

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Fandoms: The 100 (TV)
Rating: T/M/Explicit
Pairing: Bellarke
Categories: F/M
Word count: 1,439
Additional tags: Smut, My First Smut, PWP, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Sexual Content, bondage, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Orgasm Delay, a little bit of dirty talk

Summary: Bellamy saw them, Finn asking Clarke if they wanted to team up to hunt, Clarke saying yes. He noticed the way spacewalker looked at her when she was focused, the way he touched her waist when he thought he found some tracks. She never stopped him once, even though she knew Bellamy was right there. She wanted him to feel jealous, and it worked. 

She was going to pay.

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