folded horn

Been a while since I’ve done any digital painting…but here’s a try at it. Thought I’d post my own since we’ve reblogged other fan art before.

Just some Gabriel with his horn up in Heaven. I imagined it to be in the morning with him being like a rooster and waking everyone up or gathering everyone together.


Keep the Light On

It’s been a while since I posted something fluffy and something with Gajevy. I thought of this at my internship while looking at lighthouse pictures and thinking of watching Pete’s Dragon. Man, I love that movie.

The winds howled outside, hammering against the walls of the house like angry swarms of bees. Levy was positive the house had lost a few shingles and part of the siding as well. She knew the small address sign down the road had already been taken by the storm.

Such fierce gales were nearly unheard of at this time of year, and the blue haired woman hoped Erza had tied down all the boats in the marina. It would surely be disastrous to have any loose in such conditions, floating right into the path of nearby ships. Fairy Tail’s marina master was never careless.

It would be a long night on the cape of Magnolia and Levy was positive she would have no sleep tonight. Nature made that extremely clear with all the racket.

So, she settled down in her old arm chair with a blanket and a book, the fire roaring inside the fireplace. The warmth of the living room made her comfortable after just arriving from a trip to town. Lucy’s bookstore was quite busy, nearly everyone looking for a good read to combat boredom from the nasty conditions.

It would be a shame for any ships to come into port with such winds. The waves and riptides must be nearly impossible to sail through.

At least the knowledge that no sailor was bold and daring enough to try to brave the cape in this weather at night was comfort enough to relax in her home. Not even he would risk something so dangerous.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sound. A single sound that echoed through the air over the wind and the rain; a faint horn.

The blue haired woman froze, the book falling from her fingers. The fire and wind raged on, but after a few seconds the horn joined in, blazing that single tone.

A ship was coming into port despite the hassle of tethering and strapping down the vessel afterwards. She would bet her whole book collection on just what captain was as stubborn and foolish to try such a task.

Gajeel…and his first mate Pantherlily.

Idiots. Both of them.

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A Librarian and her Chernabog

In which Rumple actually left Chernabog in the hat as a gift for Belle. 

I did the thing, please feel free to prompt me for this verse because I kinda adore it. 


To the library, of course. That’s where she did the best work, after all.

Belle quite enjoyed the silence that seemed to permeate the entire building, that wrapped around her and gave her a chance to properly breathe. In the library, she didn’t need to keep her smiling face, didn’t need to repeat her constant reassurances of: “I’m fine.” 

“Hold on, love, you-”

An uncomfortable shiver shot up her spine at the voice, her lip twitching downwards. She supposed she might actually get an actual apology from the pirate, maybe even a muttered admission of his various attempts to kill her and his successful gunshot into her shoulder. 

Belle struggled to turn and meet his irksome gaze, steeling herself to-

A yell caught her attention, Marco, the man pointing with one hand pushing August behind him. He was looking up towards her library, but why? 

She was about to follow the gaze when she finally noted the large shadow that had covered both her and Killian out of no where, a violent shake of the ground tossing her a few steps to the side. 

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