folded circles

Who watches The Sign of Three and thinks Sherlock is a straight man?

For god’s sake! The man literally:

-Plans a wedding including building a tiny diorama for the seating arrangement
-learns to fold not one but TWO different types of napkins for the place settings
-twirls in a gay little circle
-spends the ENTIRE time deducing things about eligible men at the reception

Like, my pals, friends, people of the planet earth and beyond…

The man is gayer than the desert is dry and the day is long.

Watch: Jimin (Tongues Series Part 7 of 7) [M]

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Warnings: Do I have to mention there’s cunnilingus anymore at this point like we’re seven part in…. hand cuffs and whiny Jimin. i bit of like… dry humping i guess maybe??? short read

WATCH: Jimin

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1. Fold paper in half both ways and turn over.
2. Fold diagonaly both ways.
3. Push two opposite sides together and flatten to a triangle.
4. Fold both upper layers to the midline above and turn form over with top down.
5. Fold the top over the bottom edge, so the tip sticks out a little bit. Not flatten the raised edges (circle).
6. Fold the tip over the side and turn the form over.
7. Fold in half along the centre line bringing both wings together.

Drawing people

Anatomy; eh, sure.
Head: Yeah, got it.
Hair: mm-hm. Not too much of a problem.
Eyes: Very pretty
Mouth: a line is a line.
Nose: The reason I draw anime. Just a line.
Arms: kinda funny looking but ok
Legs: is that a leg or a sausage?
Shoes: …… *draws a circle*
Clothing folds: *awkwardly draws random lines*

For once, Makoto didn’t mean to.

So this is a thing I’ve been wanting to draw for a while now. It’s from a fic I really really love! It’s HanaKuro, which is such a rarepair so I was really happy when @cywscross, one of my fav KnB authors, started posting it. It’s SO SO GOOD OMG. If you like this pairing and redemption arcs, you should definitely give it a read!!


for enfermes since they asked me how I did my wada hat! It’s actually totally not done at all but here’s a BASIC HAT BASE idea if you need guidance~
The pics go from left to right btw.

Pic 1- fold fabric, cut out a semi circle big enough to be the brim of your hat (be generous, mine is big so I can sew white fabric on one side and add wire like I did to the top part)

Pic 2- fold your circle

Pic 3- cut the corner of your circle SMALL(this is where your head will fit into)

Pic 4-open and fit it on your head, cutting it gradually to see what fits best

Pic 5- basically pic 4- you’re cutting the circle more

Pic 6- get some fabric and fold again (this is the top part)

Pic 7- Cut yourself a triangle, it should look like a right triangle, or maybe a curved triangle, this depends on how you want your hat to look. Curved is more canon from what I can see.

Pic 8- unfold your triangle and fold the bottom !!! Sew across that fold LEAVING SPACE FOR WIRE… And keep the ends open!!!

The pink links on the side should be sewn after when you fold that triangle back up again!!!!

Pic 9- now you push your wire through all of that! You’ll have a circle of wire on the bottom and one straight line for the height of the triangle. It should all be the same piece of wire so the circumference (base) of the triangle can support the wire across its height.

Then you turn everything inside out, and that’s all I have right now I haven’t even sewn my hat hahahha I’ll possibly do a FULL tutorial when it’s all done! さよなら~!

DIY Project: Wax Paper Backdrop | Style Me Pretty


10+ yards of ribbon
size 10 crochet string
tapestry needle, scissors
1 ½ boxes of interfolded waxed deli sheets
match stick


1. Fold waxed paper sheet in half to form a square and cut out circle shape.

2. Cut circle in half and set aside. Cut crochet string to desired length and tie a slip knot on one end.

3. Fold half-circle into cone shape by turning the corners in towards each other so that they overlap. Secure cone shape by stitching in and out of where the paper overlaps.

4. Fill length of string with cones, leaving about a finger’s width of space between each cone.

5. Prepare the ribbon by trimming a clean angled end. To keep end from fraying and unraveling, lightly singe the ribbon’s edge. Thread the ribbon through the slip knot loops.

6. Synch down slip knots to hold cone strands in place. Leave about a finger’s width between each strand.

7. Trim away the tails of the slip knots.

8. Continue to repeat this process until length of ribbon is full.