fold up chair

evilnips  asked:

What would the band members think if their S/O was really physically active (like sports) and made them do exercises?

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He would hate it, honestly. That lazy pickle man will look for any excuse to NOT get off the couch and if you think he’s getting up to jog you’ve got a screw loose. 
  • He’s proud of you for being active though, and if you ever compete in anything or run a marathon he’d happily pull up a folding chair and support you from the sidelines. This would include 2D as his personal waiter bringing him fancy lemonades. 
  • He’d be the most intense soccer mom ever, no matter what sport you play. He’d bring alcoholic beverages into stadiums or arenas and drunkenly make acquaintances with the other people supporting your team. 

Stu Pot (2D):

  • He’d hate it at first, mostly because he’s the laziest person on the planet (second only to Murdoc) and he enjoys lounging and eating garbage food. But, he sees how happy it makes you and eventually joins you on your morning walks.
  • He’d get into stretches and yoga with you, especially since he’s seen Noodle doing it a hundred times. It makes him feel healthier. 
  • He would definitely not participate in group sports or anything like that, but if you did he’d be your cheerleader no matter what. I’m talking Pom Poms and everything.

Russel Hobbs:

  • He’s actually very much into healthy lifestyles and has always wanted to pursue one, it’s just that his surrounding company is the worst at living healthy and he often lost sight of it. He’s happy that you’re there to motivate him.
  • He’d love to go on runs early in the morning as the sun came up with you. It’s the best time of day and the scenery is calming and tranquil.
  • If you ever had friends that wanted to play some sort of team game together, he would totally want in. He might not be the best but he would love a little friendly competition.


  • She loves it! She’s already super into yoga and she loves to go on runs, especially with you. She’s super zen and would be into the whole “healthy body healthy mind” thing. She thinks keeping exercised is a great way to stay positive.
  • She’s incredibly competitive and incredibly good at team sports without even having to try. She could tackle a full grown man to the ground without breaking a sweat. Because of this clear (and sometimes dangerous) advantage over your friends, she’s been banned from playing teams with you guys. But she aggressively cheers for you from the sidelines.
  • When I say aggressive, I mean very aggressive. She throws things, she full on screams at the opposing teams. Sometimes she shouts at a referee and there isn’t even one there.

you: if you could have any superpower, what would it be?
me: the ability to dramatically and flawlessly set up a fold-up chair
with one hand
you: what

you: holy shit

Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include

warnings: mentions of sex

- you and stiles are neighbors, but he didn’t really notice you much.

- that is until you hit a puberty stage in the seventh grade, and suddenly he was tripping over his feet crossing the street to your house. you were shocked when he asked if you wanted to ride bikes with him.

- but you said yes anyways cuz how could you turn down the adorable little spazz. 

 - you and Stiles became best friends easily in the one day, and overtime you him and Scott were a tight little group.

- scott asked you to your first dance in eighth grade, yes, scott. You’d looked between him and Stiles, and when the buzz cut boy said nothing, you said yes to scott

- no, Scott did not have a crush on you, nor you him, but you had a great time that night. though when a slow song came on, Scott made an excuse for punch and asked if you’d rather dance with stiles

- Stiles barely knew how to dance to slow songs, but you taught him. holding your arms around his neck, and his at your waist comfortably. and at one point you’d laid your head on his chest and made him promise you’d be best friends forever. he did without hesitation.

- in freshman year, it was painfully obvious that he was head over heels for Lydia Martin

- (or so you thought. that’s just what stiles wanted you to think)

- but your friendship continued nonetheless, and your growing feelings for the boy continued as well.

- the both of you always made witty remarks. as well as being on the same level of sarcasm. so the banter was great

- except to Scott, who was constantly worn out by it

- seriously. he always took out his inhaler whenever you two got into it

- you’d really pushed yourself to look for nice for homecoming that year.  You’d forced Scott to take you to the mall and critique each and every dress you tried on

- he told you nervously that you looked hot in the one you’d ended up picking, and you gave him finger guns


- you went with Scott and Stiles to the woods that fateful night, in hopes of seeing a severed body

- you and Stiles figured out together that Scott was a werewolf

- when he went to confront Scott about it, he made you stay at his house.  It turned into a nasty argument, which ended with him yelling that he wasn’t letting you get hurt in the process

- you made up easily.  It was you and Stiles.  Of course you did

- but you were with Scott and Stiles when Scott was chained up to the radiator, so that he wouldn’t go crazy on the full moon.

- you sat with Stiles in the hallway, both of you trying not to cry to the sound of Scott’s audible agony.  You saw your freckled friend close his eyes tight, and leaned your head onto his shoulder.  The action provided more comfort than you’d ever know

- the winter formal was a colossal disaster.  Scott snuck in, Stiles was with Lydia the whole night, Jackson was a jerk, you were left alone the entire night, and Lydia got attacked by Peter.

- you did comfort Stiles a little bit later that night in the hospital

- and you beat the shit out of Peter Hale with a baseball bat.  Which resulted in you getting scratched deep on your arm.  Scott Stiles and Allison took you to the hospital the second that Peter’s throat was slashed.  Scott taking Stiles’ keys and starting the Jeep, Allison rushing into the passenger’s seat.  Stiles was holding your nearly unconscious body in the backseat, letting you lay across his lap.  You didn’t really comprehend how hard he was crying

- you didn’t know that he slept in the waiting room for two nights in a row while you were under strict ‘family only’ visiting hours

- but he ran into the room the second Melissa allowed it.  You cried upon seeing him, weakly holding your arms out for him to hug you.  Your pain washing away as soon as he held you in his arms.

- you had to stay in one more night, and Stiles stayed again much to your protests, and he pulled up a folding chair in the room.  Sitting next to your bed and laying his head on the sheets.  He accidentally fell asleep before you did, so you spent half an hour just running your fingers over his buzz cut and thinking about the life you had.

- but don’t worry, the cut wasn’t deep enough to turn you into anything

- you and Stiles became messengers for Scott and Allison.  A tiring, yet sometimes fun job

- Stiles telling you all of his suspicions about Allison’s grandfather, Gerard

- as well as complaining about how cocky Jackson had become

- standing up for Stiles (and Scott when Jackson dared threaten a werewolf) whenever the little shit poked fun at him.

- he stood up for you too, because Jackson… well he was just a dick

- you became closer with Allison and Lydia, but your friendship with Stiles never faltered

- when Stiles found out that Matt was stalking both you and Allison, he flipped shit, and you were crying because you didn’t want him to know.  (because you knew he’d freak out

- Stiles didn’t tell you he punched Matt the next day

- you and Stiles laughed for a long time about how ironic it was that Jackson was the kanima.  I mean, come on, a lizard? Of course it was him.  Jackson’s a fucking snake.

- it got unfunny real fast at Lydia’s birthday party

- you had refused to drink, knowing someone had to have spiked it.  So you saw Stiles lose his mind in the middle of the party, and dragged him outside.  He kept mumbling on about disappointing his father, which made you cry.

- you and Stiles accidentally passed out spooning on Lydia’s couch that night

- the night at the train station still freaks you out.  First Matt tried to get you to join him, and when you’d told him to fuck off, he had Jackson the kanima paralyze you.  Your limp body was tied to a chair for the entire night, and you had to watch him pull a gun on Stiles, and shoot Scott.  

- you later caught Gerard drowning him when you’d been heading home.  You’d grabbed Stiles’ hand so fast, unsure of what to do.  Yes, the boy needed to be punished, you surely didn’t want him to have a happily every after… but he was so afraid and in so much pain.

- you Stiles and Scott picked a lot of classes together over the summer

- Stiles began to grow his hair out, which you supported more the longer it got

- also had a summer road trip to San Diego for a weekend.  Big back to school shopping spree

- you were nervous going back to school after the shitty way last year ended, but Stiles constantly assured you that it would all be okay

- you complained to him constantly about the awkwardness of being friends with both Scott and Allison, and how you barely mentioned one around the other.   

- “but I’m your best friend, right?” to which you’d eagerly nodded to

- groaning the second Scott told you about the alpha pack.

- “can’t i catch a break!?”

- you and Stiles catching a quick two second flicker in Scott’s eyes, shifting from brown to yellow, to red, then back to yellow.  You exchanged a glance that said you’d talk about it after fighting the alpha pack.

- you getting closer with Isaac, and sitting with him on the bus ride to the motel
(you didn’t know Stiles was pestering Scott as to why you’d choose to sit next to a boy who wore scarves that looked like scarves that you would buy.  But Scott was in too much pain to care about his friend’s love life problems)

- you had known all along Lydia and Allison were trailing the bus, because Lydia was snap chatting you about how Allison was so still in love with Scott.  While you were snap chatting her about your Stiles problems

- when you stopped at a rest stop so Allison could stitch up Scott, you were freaking out outside the bathroom, but Lydia and Isaac had no idea how to comfort you

- Stiles had rushed over and held you in his arms, cradling your head against his chest and cooing softly to you.

- “you’re okay, and you know Scott will be okay, don’t worry too much then others will wonder what’s going on in there” 

- after that, Isaac sat with Scott the rest of the bus ride to the motel, and you sat with Stiles

- most of the night, Stiles made you stay in his and Scott’s motel room because weird things were happening.  He’d told you to stay in there after Ethan tried to cut open his stomach with a saw

- “Stiles you know I can handle myself fine-”

- “I know you can, I do, but this is different, they have no idea what’s going on either so I need you to just stay in here, and stay safe

- you’d listened, and ended up falling asleep on the bed waiting for someone to return

- you woke up when the door opened, a soaking Scott and exhausted Stiles dragging in.  Stiles asked if you were staying with them instead of the girls tonight, and you’d nodded limply.

- after Scott got in the shower, Stiles collapsed onto the mattress next to you, mumbling ‘we’re sharing a bed by the way’ and you’d only nodded

- you restrained from screaming when he told you what had happened that resulted in Scott being drenched in gasoline.  The thought of Stiles… him being gone… it killed you.  But you didn’t say anything, just snuggled up against him and fell asleep in his arms.  It meant more than words could’ve said

- you sat with him on the bus the next morning too.  He didn’t wake you up when you left, just carried your sleeping body out to the bus and gave you his flannel to use as a blanket

- you woke up next to him relatively happy upon finding the clothing on you and your head on his shoulder, his head atop yours as he played on his phone

- you were taken with Melissa Chris and Noah, because you’d figured out that Jennifer was the darach, and what her next move was.  You were on your way to warn Stiles when she’d caught you

- you were trapped in the nemeton, but you still just had this feeling in you that Scott became an alpha.  You’d later learn that it was because in a way, without being a werewolf, you were his beta

- when Stiles got you and his father back, the group hug between you three was so tight you cried harder

- he called you the second he started getting night terrors

- and soon Noah began to just come pick you up and bring to the house in the middle of the night because you were the only one who could get him to stop screaming

shh Stiles, it’s not real I promise” you laid down next to him, pulling the covers over both of you. When Stiles shakily nodded, laying down with you, Noah left the room.

“It’s not real” He’d repeat over and over.

- you always stayed on your respective sides of the bed

- you helped Allison get her stability back in the woods, and helped Stiles get his ability to read back

- it took you stepping on a bear trap for it to happen, but hey! he did it!

- Stiles told you first about his dementia

- you were as calm as possible, hugging him and telling him it’d be okay, not shedding a tear

- you went straight to Scott’s and screamed and cried and beat up his chest with your fists in anger, eventually falling to the ground in defeat and exhaustion

- you felt as numb as Stiles looked

- you went with him and Scott to the hospital for the MRI, the three of you group hugging when it was all over

- Trying not to cry.  A lot those days.  Mostly not in front of Stiles, so you ended up crashing on the McCall living room couch and taking over Allison’s bed.

Maybe you should go talk to Stiles, I think you guys need some closure with each other”

“Scotty, I love you, but that would just end with me telling him I love him and there’s enough shit already”


“Stiles, you can’t just sit next to her anymore.  You gotta tell her it’s all going to be okay.  You’re little game of ‘we don’t need words’ can’t last forever”

“Scotty, I love you, but that would just end with me telling her I love her and there’s enough shit already”

- You eventually broke.  Like a twig actually.  You’d been sitting on his bed, messing around on your phone when he told you that he was going to admit himself to Eichen.

Are you insane? Did you actually lose your mind?!”

“y/n… maybe they can help…”

“Why can’t we help?!”

“Professional help y/n”

- You cried a lot, too much, you got tears and makeup all over his favorite flannel.  But he didn’t care, he was just glad you finally showed some emotion

- You went with him Scott and Noah to the hospital.  You stood silently with them as he checked in, holding his hand so tight you wondered if he was in any pain.  But he didn’t show any

- You didn’t let go until he hugged Scott and his father goodbye.  Noah excused himself to go ‘start the car’ and Scott ‘offered to help’

(they shipped you two hard)

- Stiles giving you the biggest bear hug and lifting you off the ground.

Just promise not to die in here, this place reeks of depression and I’m not even a werewolf” 

“I promise.  I’m coming back okay?”

- holding his face between your hands and wiping away the tears (he was trying not to let show) with your thumbs

I’m holding you to that promise”

- two days later not being able to take it anymore.  Lydia had offered a million times to conceal the bags under your eyes, and Allison offered a million times to take you shopping.  Kira even invited you over for a sleepover.

- Scott being the only one who wasn’t pushing you to do anything.  

- in fact he was the one who drove you to Eichen to give Stiles his pillow

I’m sorry ma’am, he can’t have visitors yet-”

“Tough shit”

- Scott being surprised when you pushed past the nurse and waltzed towards Stiles’ room because you were usually so calm and collected in public, and never disrespectful towards your elders

- Swiping a key card off of a passing orderly, and pretty much sneaking into Stiles’ little chamber that was hardly an actual warm

- Your heart broke when you looked at him.  His eyes were dark, there were pink bags under them, and his skin was much paler than usual

y/n? Scott? How’d you guys even get in?”

- being tugged into a hug that made you feel like home wasn’t a place anymore

- he smiled when you showed him that you’d brought his pillow

Stiles… what did they do to you?”

- your reunion was short lasted, and you were being dragged out by a male nurse named Brunski

Wait- y/n-!”


“I’m gonna get out soon!”

- hearing him yell those same words over and over as Brunski kicked you and Scott out of the building

- wearing Stiles’ lacrosse hoodie for the next few days, waiting for him to come back

- When Noah picked him up, he brought him straight to your house, again, shattering your heart at his clearly unstable persona

- He told you first that he’d known Void had taken over

- You both sat on your bed for a long time, criss cross in the middle of the mattress just talking over everything that happened

- He was crying by the time he got to the part about Void making him have sex with Malia (which he never really knew if it was Void..or him…) and kill his room mate Oliver

I’m a killer I’m a killer y/n I belong there I’m a psycho”

“No.. no Stiles that’s not you, that’s the demon it’s not you”

- He broke down a few times that day, and you had him lay his head in your lap so you could softly run your hands through his hair.  He fell asleep mumbling something about voices

- You called the pack quickly and had them come over

- BIG pack meeting (while Stiles was asleep in your room) about what you were going to do

y/n what if he takes over and you- or or- or anyone- what if someone gets hurt?”

“You’re not going to hurt me Stiles”

- having that conversation a lot

- in school just grabbing onto his hand when he’d get quiet, in the halls at lunch, in class

- whenever you were separated, texting him constantly

you: how do you feel?
Stiles: idk lonely
you: you’re in bio right?
stiles: yeah
you: I’m on my way over tell the teach you’re goin to the bathroom

- this happened many many times in a single day

- seriously his teacher began to ask if he had some bladder infection

- the day Stiles Void was in Derek’s loft was a hard day for you.  Watching Chris pull a gun on the boy made you scream, but before you could go up to the Man, Derek had pinned your arms behind your back

- it hurt more seeing Void smirk upon the action

oh your little spazz is so pissed right now.  he’s quite angry with you Derek” The demon chuckled louder when everyone exchanged confused glances.  “Well, you’re hurting y/n”

- you officially became afraid of Void when Allison had attempted to taser him, and it had no effect on him.

- you hid behind Scott while he was tied to the chair

“he’s so upset y/n, he’s upset that he’s the one scaring you”

- you moved further behind Scott, gripping onto the Alpha’s arm and burying your face into his back

oh this is new… jealousy.  he’s not a happy camper”

- you silently thanked Melissa when she put a thick duct tape over his mouth

- watching him pull foot after foot of rope from his throat horrified you in a way that will haunt your nightmares for many years to come

it’s me guys, I swear it’s me”

- beating Scott to it, and both you and Stiles crashing onto the ground in a hug.  You cried into his neck, your body crushing his chest.  His arms wound around you and he cried too

- you stuck next to him in the McCall living room while everyone else came up with the plan to get Lydia back from Void

you’re okay now?”

- he’d responded by putting his head on your shoulder, and taking your hand in his

I’m here to save my best friend”

“And I’m here to save mine”

- Scott had looked at you, prompting you to say what everyone (minus Stiles) knew you were here for (to save the boy you loved) but you’d only nodded, too afraid in the moment to say anything

- you’d screamed, nearly louder than Lydia upon seeing an Oni pierce a blade through your Argent friend

- Stiles had grabbed onto you so fast, holding your face against his chest as you were still screaming, body convulsing against his.

- he ended up having to pick you up off the ground, while Scott was with Allison.  He carried you to the jeep, and you sat in silence with him in the backseat

- Chris took you both with him, Scott, Isaac, and Lydia to the police station to *cough* explain the death of Allison Argent

- Noah let you stay silent, seeing how much deeper it was  effecting you

- the man took you with him and Stiles home for the night

- you barely slept, you just laid in bed across from Stiles, who was holding both your hands between his

It’s my fault, I did it to her-”

“Stop, you didn’t, you know you didn’t”

- you were already out of tears, the entire void experience had drained you, so you were mostly in silence.  But here and there Stiles would say something to you

Do you hate me?”

“Of course not”

- he asked this a few more times that night, until eventually you leaned up, and kissed his cheek, then buried your face into his shirt, whispering a soft ‘no’ before finally falling asleep

- you were pissed when he held the sword to his chest, the stupid boy thinking that it would help everybody

Stiles don’t, Stiles don’t please, please don’t, drop it Stiles please”

- when he’d dropped it, you’d wrapped both arms around his waist, and didn’t release the entire night

- you freaked when he passed out after void turned to dust

- but when he woke up, you were more relieved than you’d ever been before

- the both of you went together to get clothes for Allison’s funeral

Is this one okay?” you would ask softly

“I think it’s beautiful”

“Stiles you said that about the last four”

- your hand was wrapped in his throughout the entire ceremony

- and after, you him Scott Lydia and Kira went to the McCall house, just wanting to grieve together

- it took you a few weeks to find actual peace, but Stiles was there with you through all of it

- but the day Stiles came to your doorstep an eager and boyish grin on his face as he told you Malia Tate (a girl who’d quickly become your friend) was his girlfriend, you’d lied to him for the first time

good for you Stiles, I’m glad you found someone who made you happy”

while on the inside it was more like…

“that’s great Stiles, not like I had my fucking heart on my fucking sleeve for you.  glad that you found someone who’s better than me”

- but he was smiling so happily, you couldn’t tell him the truth

- Scott chewed you out for lying, Kira chewed you out for not telling Stiles you loved him, and Lydia chewed you out for not jumping Stiles’ bones when you’d had the chance

- and every time there was some sort of opportunity for you to say something to Stiles, Scott would give you a look, or Lydia would kick you under the table, or Kira would cough.  Sometimes all three

- but you were somewhat friends with Malia.  and you were friends with Stiles.  So you let them have their relationship, and you slowly grew away from Stiles

- you became closer with Liam, a new beta, and his friend Mason

- you loved Mason

Scott, Scott who’s that kid she’s talking to? Since when did she go for freshmen?”

“Stiles, he’s gay, and you have a girlfriend”

- you didn’t know this, but every time Scott reminded Stiles of his girlfriend, he did it bitterly.  

Is uh… is Stiles and Malia going okay?”

I dunno why don’t you ask”

- Scott became a very bitter person when either of you brought up the other.  But Lydia would back him up with something snarky

- when in Mexico, watching Stiles let Malia dance dirty with him, went right on the list of things that would haunt your dreams.  Which sucked, seeing that being stalked, attacked, and your best friend being murdered was on the same list

- you ended up getting yourself strapped to an electric chair, and Scott took most of the blows, but you got one for mouthing off to the Calevera’s henchman

- Stiles had screamed your name when you were released, your spasming body falling to the ground.  But Lydia had gotten to you first, and Stiles just stood and watched as she held you and asked if you were alright repeatedly

I-I-I-I’ll b-b-be al-alright” 

- when the spasming ended, she helped you up, and Stiles couldn’t tear his eyes off you

- he’d never been jealous of Lydia before, but her arm around your waist as she walked you back out to the jeep seemed threatening to him

- you sat in the backseat on the ride home (the day was interesting… a young Derek being in the backseat and weird bone men attacking Kira and Malia.  Not to mention the Calevera’s torturing you) Scott and Kira were on his bike following the Jeep.  Malia in  your  the passengers- seat.  And you were wedged between the younger version of Derek Hale, and Lydia on your other side

- young Derek was hitting on you, and you just let it happen.  What? you liked the way Stiles would glare at the teen through the rear view mirror

- you’d gone with Scott Malia and Peter to the school for the Hale loft, and ended up getting attacked by Berserkers

- Stiles came to pick you guys up, and yelled at you for going.  you’d stayed silent, not wanting to break the friendship you were painfully keeping up.

- Scott took you home on the motor bike, and when he dropped you off he asked you how much it was hurting you before you went to the door

I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“I know when you lie, y/n”

“Then it seems to me you knew the answer when you asked the question”

- and when he heard your voice crack before you walked away, he did know the answer.  more certain this time anyways

- you went to Lydia’s party, before it was a party anyways, and the blonde freshman lacrosse player, was hitting on you all.  night.  At one point he had himself leaning against you, both arms caging you against the wall.

Alright, really, you’re nice, but you’re too young for me and I’m not interested-”

“Come on babe, age is just a numb-”

“She said she wasn’t interested”

- your has had widened impossibly further when Stiles had pried the boy off of you 

go screw your actual girlfriend Stilinski” was all the boy said

- but thankfully he had left after that

- you’d exchanged a glance with Stiles, and he’d asked quietly if you were alright.  You nodded, thanked him, then excused yourself to find Lydia

- you told Lydia everything that happened in the last twenty minutes

- the entire pack spent the night at the lake house, even Liam did, spending most of the time talking with Scott about what being a werewolf meant

- the same blonde boy, Garret, tried to kill you a week later, to which you’d hit him over the head a few times with a bat before sprinting through the almost empty school, finding Scott, who told you the other girl, Violet had tried to kill him for being a werewolf

I’m on the deadpool”

- the realization meant you weren’t as human as you thought.  you’d said this at the pack meeting, and for some reason, your eyes were locked with Stiles’.  before Malia pulled his attention back to her

- so you went from researching with Stiles, to researching with Lydia

- you found out that you were a witch.  not the broomstick kind, but the kind with telekinesis.  You figured that the bite triggered it in you, but never really proved that theory

- so you did some training with Liam, both of you learning about your powers together since he was still trying to get the hang of the werewolf thing

- but you still missed Stiles miserably, and Lydia was the one who seemed to notice the most

y/n i love you, but you’re miserable.  All the time”

- and she was right

- so one night, on a total whim at 10 pm, you drove yourself over the Stilinski house hold to talk to Stiles.  Maybe tell him your true feelings, or just talk, because he had to notice the change in your relationship, right?

- but fate was against you that night.  your car got a flat tire, which lead to Kate kidnapping you and dragging your sorry lover ass to Mexico

- Stiles lost his freaking mind

- when the pack (+ a shady ass Peter) came to get you, Scott was long turned into a berserker

- and when he broke free from the curse, Peter revealed his true intentions, and knocked you out with one blow

- you woke up to a lot of movement, and barely opened your eyes to see Stiles carrying you, yelling that you were going to be okay over and over again

- you just smiled a little bit, and leaned into him as he brought you to the jeep

- he let you sit in the passenger’s seat on the ride home

- Lydia hugged you tight, and screamed at you for having a death wish

- you her Malia and Kira had a sleepover, where you might have had some drinks and maybe proclaimed your love for Stiles

- but Malia was actually cool with it

- you forgot all about it the next day

- that summer, all of you went to San Diego together, and promised each other to make it a tradition

- senior year was gonna be bad, and it was all Stiles would talk about.

I mean Theo? he seemed really shady don’t you think y/n? Don’t you think?”

“no, I think you mean to say he seemed dreamy

- you didn’t know how much more shady that made Theo seem to Stiles

- you opened up with him more though.  your friendship was still mending back together, but at least he no longer ignored you

- Theo made his advances on you, and when he asked oyu out, you’d happily said yes

- when you told Stiles, he made a face

what? I thought it was sweet”

“well I think he has other plans.  why else would he ask you out?”

- Stiles immediately realized his mistake

wow Stiles.  so what reason would a guy ask me out if he wasn’t trying to use me?”

- there were tears in your eyes as you stormed out of the house, ignoring Stiles as he yelled after you

- you went on your date with Theo, and he was a real gentleman

- you made big deals about kissing in front of Stiles

he reeks of jealousy”

“that’s not jealousy Theo, that’s just anger.  and that’s what we’re going for”

- after two weeks of this, you were trapped in your room on a school night, reading up on chimeras when there was a knock on your front door.  you didn’t expect Stiles to be standing there

we need to talk”

“if this is about Theo, then go home Stiles because-”

“I don’t care about Theo, I did something bad y/n”

- you’d quickly ushered him in, and upstairs to your room

- he began to cry, and you rubbed his back comfortingly, throwing all your past conflicts out the window, just wanting the boy whom your heart ached for to feel safe here

- you weren’t expecting him t tell you that he’d killed Donovan, but you sure weren’t mad at him like you thought he’d be

you don’t hate me?”

“no” you answered softly

- you had a movie night together, and for a few hours, it seemed great, pocorn fights, for a whole Star Wars film you’d even slept on his shoulder

- you were woken up by Stiles getting up, and cleaning the area

you can stay the night if you want, my parents aren’t home”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Malia’s probably already waiting for me at home, and I don’t think your boyfriend would like me staying over night with you”

- surprisingly, his voice wasn’t dripping with sarcasm, or bitterness, but with reget, and a sad undertone.  you’d nodded, and followed him to the door as he put on his shoes and jacket

- you told him to get home safe, and he pulled you in for a hug that you hadn’t had in so long that just… replenished your well being

- Theo was a lying, bitchy, manipulative, jerk

- Lydia was admitted into Eichen

- Liam hated Scott

- Kira was with skin-walkers

- Stiles broke up with Malia

- and you were broken

“you were right you were right” you cried to Stiles on his doorstep in the pouring rain.  “I should’ve listened you’re always right”

“Shh..shh come inside”

- he wrapped you up in blankets and towels until your body stopped shaking, and you broke down to him, just like you had both done before.  You told him how you missed Lydia and Kira, how Malia wasn’t talking to you (to which he said ditto) and how Scott steered clear of everybody

- you fell asleep in his arms

- it was difficult, but the two of you had managed to cinch the pack back together, enough to kidnap Kira, and plan to save Lydia

- Theo’s pack seemed to have plans for her too, and you ended up getting held hostage by Theo in Eichen

- Scott and Stiles found you, his claws to your throat

- and you’d never seen Stiles so furious

- Scott ended up kicking ass, and you were thrown into Stiles’ arms


- the pack barely did it but they escaped, and all went to Deaton’s where the emissary and Scott Kira and Malia stayed in the operation room to help Lydia

- you went to sit outside on the curb of the vet, needing frfesh air to clear your mind

- Stiles followed you and sat beside you

I was really freaked out tonight… when..uh.. when Theo had you”

“Trust me, I was to” You managed a soft laugh, and glanced over at him.  His eyes were stuck down on his shoes.

I didn’t like the thought of… of you being gone… or something” Stiles added in a weak voice.  Again, you smiled a little bit at him.

I’m not going anywhere Stilinski, you’ve got nothing to worry about” You put your hands into the pockets of the hoodie (the red one you’d stolen from Stiles earlier that night)

yeah but… but what if something did”

“Stiles” You turned to him.  “I’m fine, really, I don’t have a single cut, I’m okay, you don’t have to worry so much-”

- Stiles Stilinski had cut you off, leaning forward, cupping your cheeks, and kissing you for the very first time.  It was a long, warm, and very passionate kiss

y/n, I do have to worry… I-I love you-”

- you cut him off, holding his own face in your hands, leaning forward, and kissing him for the very second time in a needy, emotions displayed kiss

I love you too Stiles”

- you had a few happy tears in your eyes as you two kissed a few more times, only slightly aware of the pack watching you through the windows of the building

- you pretended not to notice Kira giving Scott thirty bucks

- Stiles drove everyone home, dropping you off last and trailing you to your doorstep

- he promised you that when all the Dread Doctor business was over, that he’d take you on a real date, to which you nodded, and kissed him quickly on the tips of your toes, before saying goodnight and heading inside for the night

- you high fived Stiles when Theo was dragged to the pits of hell, and that very night, went out on your first date

- it was a picnic at the overlook in the Beacon Hills Preserve, and it was beautiful.

- lots of kisses

- a really lot

- his hand was wrapped around yours as he drove you home, and as always, he stood with you at your door

I’m not usually one for taking boys home after a first date, but my parents aren’t home and I don’t wanna wait anymore”

- the infamous Stilinski smirk as you were pressed against the door in a matter of seconds, and familiar warm lips sealed yours

- the sex was nothing less of hot

- neck kisses, you weren’t surprised Stiles loved hickeys

- he let you set the pace, and asked you for consent five too many times

- the look on his face was priceless when you snapped on the sixth time, and you’d told him to shut up and fuck your brains out

- (but hey, he did just that)

- and after you fell asleep together, him on his back and your front pressed into his side, your head on his bare chest and falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat in your ear

- lazy morning sex

- then shower sex

- then he made you breakfast, and you giggled half way through eating it


“oh nothing, I’m just surprised you haven’t thrown me onto the table yet”

“well I was waiting for you to finish eating”

- he wasn’t lying.  *clears throat and sputters*

- you applied for a lot of colleges together.  but here and there you’d come across one that seemed good for you, but would be far from Stiles.  You applied, on the off chance you even had the ability to get in, but didn’t tell him about the ones in New York, or Tennessee.

- you told Lydia, because you couldn’t just keep it to yourself.  There was a certain hype that came with college applications.  Lydia hated keeping secrets nowadays, but promised not to tell.  You never questioned her loyalty

- but one day you were telling her and Malia about a university in Maine called Colby.  How great it seemed, but how you had other options that would keep you and the pack closer to Beacon Hills.  You may have gotten a little vocal about the situation.

You want to go to school in Maine?” you’d whirled around so fast upon the voice of your boyfriend.  Lydia and Malia ran off as soon as you were looking away.


“But you applied there?” Stiles asked, his voice a prime example of broken.

“Yes- but I didn’t- it was more of a wonder really” You felt guilty immediately.  “Stiles I didn’t want to.. I wasn’t- it was just-” You stopped trying to talk to take a deep breath.

Do… do you still want the vision?” He asked, stepping closer.  Your hands wrapped around his forearms.

“Of course I do Stiles, I want that with you” You said.  “I mean it, I want that” He nodded, eyes flickering to the ground with uncertainty.  “Stiles I love you, and the idea of going to college with you… maybe rent an apartment or something, really starting our.. our future? You held onto him tighter, and he looked at you.  “That excites me and frightens me at the same time okay?” He nodded.

- dramatic kisses

- everywhere.

- all the time.

- sometimes in lunch after a particularly difficult day in class, you’d wrap both arms around one of Stiles’, and lay your head on his shoulder in a half nap.

- but other days he’d have an arm around your waist, or your hands would be intertwined on one of your legs, or on the table.

- pushing him to take his class picture

y/n, I already took it”

“Uhm, no you didn’t Stiles.  There’s no photo here”

- Stiles argued with you for a bit bout, until you ended up dragging him to get his picture taken, again.

- Malia and you became really close friends, like connected at the hip kind of close.  It surprised everyone, but it made you happy.  Friends were important to keep close in this town

- Stiles called you later that night.

Baby what’s wrong it’s one am?” You’d mumbled upone answering.

“I-I saw- I saw them” His shaky voice replied.

Saw who Stiles?” You asked, sitting up in bed now.

“The ghost riders” 

- you went to his house to spend the night, and talked for a long time about what it all meant.  You fell asleep crying in his arms, and him cooing and hushing you while running his fingers through your hair.

- the next day at school you’d clung to him like crazy

- he was taken that night, you’d been sitting in the jeep with him, holding onto him so tightly you were sure it would be impossible for anyone to get him.  He’d repeatedly told you he loved you, anything he could.

y/n please try-”

“I couldn’t ever forget you Stiles” You said, crying hard as tears blurred your vision.  “I love you, I love you so much you’ll never know.  I want everything with you, I still do, I want us to go to college together, Stiles I wasnt to spend the rest of my life with you” You sobbed, and he held you tight, and leaving bruising kiss on your lips.

“I want that too y/n, I want that too” Your arms wound around his neck, holding him closer as his head was buried into your neck.

- you still cried in the jeep even after he was pried away from you, and dragged out through the door.

hehehehe this is sooo long I’ve had this in my drafts for months.

anywho here’s somethin a lil extra to just top off my excitement for being back on tumblr again

dan saying ‘if he wasn’t behaving for the gaming channel’ is the equivalent to two husbands at a football game and one of them is holding the sides of his fold up chair tightly and the other is conspiratorially whispering to the team mom that his husband is about to run onto the field and tell off the referee even though he has no clue what’s going on but at the end of the game they win and the kid gets a capri sun and some cool ranch doritos and both hubbies are happy and pretend like the first husband wasn’t about to pop off

stealing kisses

I adapted your prompt a little anon, but I’m such a sucker for high school aus. plus it’s clexa con and ed sheeran’s new album is so romantic. 

Clarke and Lexa steal kisses from one another without their friends realising, or so they think anyway. 

listen to how would you feel 

“You have paint on your fingers.”

Clarke pulls away and Lexa watches as her nose crinkles, eyes narrowing even as a smile plays at the corners of her swollen lips. Her gaze is soft with affection and the ends of one of her braids tickles Lexa’s cheek when she leans back.

“Is that really what you want to say to the girl who’s making out with you?”

“It’s distracting,” Lexa draws up their hands from where they are tangled together at their sides and brushes her thumb tenderly over the flaking blue paint covering her girlfriend’s index finger.

“Distracting enough to stop me from doing this?” Clarke crowds against her again and Lexa’s eyes widen, darting up when Clarke presses her back into the bookshelf, their bodies close. Her lips skate over Lexa’s jawline, a ghosting touch and Lexa’s head falls back, barely catching the groan that trips out of her throat. 

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Headcanon: If one ever tries to pick up Damian Wayne, you will get a solid armful of a curled up boy. He’s like an armadillo. Protecting the internal organs and all that.
His brothers have tried wiggling him out of form, but he stays tucked into a ball.
One time Bruce yanked him away from a threatening paparazzi. He didn’t laugh at how Damian’s knees went up to his chest like a fold-up chair, but he wanted to.

Byun Baekhyun//Psych - Part 4

Originally posted by dodyo

Summary: After a month of being broke at college, you finally find a place to stay, but the only con is that there is nine other people you have to share a house with - one in particular who makes it his mission to irritate you at every turn - but they’re hiding something from you. Something big. (Part 4/6)
Scenario: Werewolf!AU, college!AU, series
Word Count: 5,765

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5

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g o t 7 : at the cinema

masterlist found here!!

warnings: no
words: 523

제이비 J A E B U M
- likes to arrive before the adverts and trailers because he enjoys watching them
- armed with popcorn to throw at noisy people
- there’s a chance he’ll fall asleep and wake up as the credits start rolling
- hates how the chair folds up as he stands up
- leaves after everyone else at the end of the credits
- always clears up the mess around him but leaves his popcorn ammo all over the cinema

마크 M A R K
- comes prepared with multiple packets of food that aren’t cinema bought because it so expensive
- uses both drinks spaces next to him
- always heard opening his bag and sweet packets but coughs to try and subside the noise
- drops 85% of his sweets on the floor
-never cleans up his mess 

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- has waited months to come and see this movie
- arrives in the adverts when it’s dark
- almost drops his hands full of the nacho meal deal and large popcorn as he can’t see where he’s meant to be
- the type of person who would jump over people to get to his seat, not walk around them
- holds a wee throughout the movie

진영 J I N Y O U N G
- enters the screen before anyone else so he can run around 
- makes sure he can get as many coupons and vouchers as he can free ice cream
- conscious about whether he’s turned his phone off or not
- gets sticky hands from candy floss and melting ice cream
- leaves to go to the loo when the movie intensifies and it’s the most important part

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- most likely to sit in the wrong seat but won’t give it up if someone turns up “but i was here first”
- laughs loudly at the most inappropriate moments
- laughs loudly at the most appropriate moments
- experiences all the emotions of the characters and will cry
- jumps out of his skin at the tiniest of things

뱀뱀 B A M  B A M
- turns 3 minutes into the film
- always sits at the back so he can throw popcorn at hyungs and himself
- if there was someone who’d bring a blanket to the cinema, it’d be Bam Bam
- he’ll talk in movies even if it’s to himself
- will have 3D glasses ready even if it’s in 2D

유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- the kind of person who will buy sweet and salty popcorn
- only eats a tiny amount of popcorn because he’s to preoccupied staring at the film
- rests his feet up on the seat in front of him if there’s a person there or not
- never sits at the front because people indirect him saying how tall and in the way he was bless his heart
- won’t drink through the whole movie no matter how thirsty that boi is

a book about a girl who runs a little taxi business with her car but for magical beings? it’s not the most conventional or safe job, but she inherited the business from her grandmother who used to bike woodland fairies from one forest to another in the basket of her bike in exchange for little favors, and it became a family business. the main character modernized it and now she gets notes written on tree bark pinned to her front door or written in the frost on her window or sent to her phone from impossible phone numbers asking for rides.

she rarely accepts cash payments, because all to often it’ll turn into a handful of sand or gravel within a few hours. but she takes the other things they offer her and trades around. there’s a small grocery store where the owner is superstitious enough to accept her little good luck charms and pouches of healing herbs that always, somehow, work; there are pawnshops where she can sell the tarnished, ancient-looking pieces of treasure that she’s sometimes tossed like loose change by the gnarled, crumbling tree spirits that crumple up like folding chairs to fit into her small car; she has an etsy shop for the gorgeous woven flower crowns certain nymphs leave on their seats or the strange but beautiful leather shoes some elves leave on the floor

I seriously hope this cunt channel “DaddyOFive” is taken off of Youtube soon

I discovered this issue earlier today, and this family is awful. The parents, mainly. These parents exploit their children onto Youtube with their “family pranks”. Pranks that usually, if not all the time, result in their children crying and being screamed at by their parents.

This screaming is very verbally abusive. Here is a link to the video that is catching people’s attention. Notice they have already disabled ratings and comments. This screaming is the kind that is used in the video I will talk about below.

If you want to see this video yourself, here’s a link to youtuber’s MrRepzion’s stream which covered the video above, below, and one addressing the hateful attention. Skip to 8 minutes for the first video (its a long stream)

One of the more brutal examples of these parent’s cruelty for Youtube money is a video titled “Breaking iPad Prank” (or something similar). I couldn’t find the video on their most popular playlist (the video had 2 million views), so I’m assuming they deleted it. As said before, it is the stream.

In the “Breaking iPad Prank”, the father of the family is discussing with his oldest son, named Jake, to prank their youngest son, Cody, by messing with his iPad. (Details may be a little unclear, it’s been a bit since I saw the video).

Jake goes into Cody’s room, telling Cody he will set up the iPad for him. Keep in mind, the entire time of this event, the dad had the camera in the room, on him, recording everything that happened. He was also commenting with his loud and increasingly obnoxious voice.

In order to distract himself, Cody goes to play his game console (a PS4 I believe). It is not connected, so he asks his father to help connect it. His father unplugs the console and tells him to wait for Jake to fix his iPad.

Cody takes notice that Jake is fucking around with the iPad, and detests to his father that he is only taking pictures and not doing what he asked Jake to do. The father brushes this off and tells him that “you can’t take pictures on iPads” and they both begin to raise their voice and scream at each other. With the way the camera is focused to Cody, and the way that the father has been acting to him, it’s only normal for the small boy to begin to cry out in rage and ask for the iPad back so he could do it on his own.

Cody now only speaks in screams. His father continues to aggravate and push him further, and Jake begins to dangle the iPad in front of Cody’s view, and is not letting him have the device back. Cody then picks up his folded chair and attempts to attack Jake with it, which only results in more screaming by the father.

When Cody tries to leave the room after dropping the chair, he wriggles and says “Get out of the way!” to his father, who then throws him in the bookshelf in order to keep him in the room for the video. Later in the video, when Cody is in his bed, there is actual blood on his pillow (and the parents claim that it’s red ink).

There is more aggression and violence against the two brothers, and finally, Jake takes the iPad Cody was so happy to have, and smashes it into the wall. His father, still with the camera in his possession, only yells at Jake to stop smashing it, to which then Cody furiously runs out of the room. Jake then takes a hammer and hits the iPad, and the father shows what damage the iPad took.

Later, the father, still with the camera, finds Cody in the bathroom crying about the situation. The father takes him to his room, and after some ‘reassuring’ words, his father gives him a completely new iPad. He softly sniffles as his father says “It was just a prank bro!”

Cody and Jake were then forced to hug and apologize to each other.

This video gained 2 million views and was monetized.

The parent’s response for the videos and their most recent blunder is here.

Notice their title of the video.

This video was made much after the Invisible Ink prank, so there was time for the parents to coach the younger kids.

Also, take note on how Cody is compared to the rest of the children.

A very well done video by this lovely lady Youtuber Grumpkin explores a bit further into the video talked about above.

I don’t care what race, gender, or sexuality you are. Absolutely no child has to go through this kind of life and think that they are okay.
Please do what you what you can to get these parents off of Youtube. Even if it’s just by spreading tweets or other Tumblr posts about it. But don’t go to their channel and do a mass dislike and hate comment spree. That only brings them more attention.

For those who celebrate Easter/Ostara, here’s a fun egg-hunt game you can play with your family and friends for this year:

Everybody minus one in the group gets to search for eggs. The singled-out person owns the land that the eggs are found on. Make the hunt into a long process, maybe an hour or two. The landlord gets to sit off to the side in a fold-up chair with a cold lemonade and other leisure materials. At the end of it, each of the hunters has to relinquish three-quarters of their eggs to the landlord.

Maybe have kids play it for an early bit of class consciousness.

anonymous asked:

I really love AU fics, so I want to know what are your favourites (chaptered). But like really AU changing a lot the story (like That's Not My Name, You Don't Even Know Me, Half Blade and Half Silk... you know what I mean?) And I'm sending you love and luck <3

Thanks love :’) I’m sending both right back! ♥

Listen, you are lucky you only asked for chaptered fics, because otherwise this would be like 10 times longer (not that it’s not long as it is lmao). Have fun!

P.S. Those 3 you named are some of my favorites too, but I feel like I still need to list them anyway, I’m sure someone else will appreciate it ;)


  • Half Blade and Half Silk by smokeshop ✓
    uni!au; Isak’s friends introduce him to an art student at a college party. He won’t stop calling Isak baby and Isak’s bad at pretending to hate it. College AU where Isak’s past is a little more colorful but Even still won’t leave him alone.

  • the city of illusions, the city of yearning by elisewin
    Summary: The whole point of going on a student exchange program is to meet people from different countries, learn about different cultures and so on. Isak, of course, falls in love with another Norwegian while in Rome. 

  • torches (life’s too short) by xxLeviBech
    Summary: “My mom used to tell me my thoughts would pour out of my ears if I kept thinking too hard.” Isak threw back another fry, keeping his gaze down. “That’s pretty fucked up, man.” Even deadpanned, making Isak snap his head up in a laugh .“Fuck you,” He giggled, tossing one of the soggier ones at Even and being decidedly unimpressed when he caught it in his mouth. Or, a canon divergence AU in which Isak’s childhood is exponentially more severe – where he can’t remember coming to school without bruises, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and long sleeves. It’s fine, he’s fine. It wasn’t for his friends, though; and that’s how he wound up here, in a fold-up chair every Tuesday and Friday, talking about his experiences with other post-secondary kids diagnosed with some kind of PTSD. It’s also where meets a guy whose name starts with the same letters as everything, because that’s… exactly what he is.

  • with love, from anonymous by cosetties & iriswests
    Summary: secret admirer!au; Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle ✓
    Summary: wrong number!au; “I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description"… Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • i guess that’s destiny doing it right by allyasavedtheday ✓
    Summary: The alternate universe where Even originally went to Nissen and became friends with Isak and Jonas when they started first year but moved away after his episode at the start of second year only for Isak to never hear from him again. Fastforward to the summer before Isak starts college when he’s travelling around Spain and bumps into a certain someone in Barcelona.

  • I’m Not A Baby by cuteandtwisted ✓  
    Summary: childhood friends!au; “This is Even, my bro. The part about him being my personal servant is kind of true though.” “Your bro? Your bro?! What the fuck, Isak? We need to get rid of this whole masculinity thing they teach you at Nissen.” aka, Isak and Even are childhood friends.

  • love and condoms by kassie ✓  
    Summary: Isak was about turn on his heels and say “Fuck it” and go home, when a tall, slender-looking boy approached him from down the aisle. Shit. “Finding everything okay?” he asked once he reached Isak, his face entirely consumed by his smile. Judging from his choice of clothing, the boy definitely worked here. And, by the black letters scribbled on his name tag, the boy’s name was Even. Great.. Or: Isak owes Eskild a favor and Eskild sends him out to buy condoms where he runs into a tall boy who is a little too eager to help him.

  • super rich kids by koolranchkidz
    Summary: The van was parked on the side of the empty city street, next to an apartment building. The sun had begun to peek out from behind the horizon and the streetlight had been turned off for the past ten minutes. Even heard Jonas grunt, “Fucking finally! Jesus-” from the front seat. He turned to face the other car window and froze in his spot at the sight. He saw a boy coming down the apartment stairwell lugging an over-packed, black suitcase lazily behind him with one hand. In his other hand, the boy was holding a cup of KB coffee with drips of brown down the sides. He couldn’t make out the boy’s face from that far away, but going by his body language, Even could tell he was exhausted. Or: In which Jonas is rich as fuck and takes The Boysquad™ to the Bahamas after graduation, and many, many things happen.

  • I feel it when you look at me by photographer_of_thoughts
    Summary: blind!Even; “Did you hear about the new guy?“ Jonas asked, motioning over to the other side of the cafeteria. Isak looked up and became rather breathless at the sight of the tall, blonde, and totally gorgeous boy wearing sunglasses. Wait. Sunglasses? Inside? "Must suck to be the new transfer and blind. I hope someone is helping him find all his classes.” Or, Isak and Even learn to see each other.

  • making new clichés by strangetowns
    Summary: childhood friends!au; They are young teenage boys who don’t have jobs, and thus don’t have money except for when they beg their parents for allowances. The stunning lack of creativity that goes into their activities just goes without saying. What doesn’t go without saying is this - Even doesn’t care that they don’t do anything exciting. They could be lying on their backs for hours watching the ceiling and he’d still rather be there than anywhere else in the world. As long as Isak is there, he will have a good time. This is a thing he knows to be true. - In this universe, Isak and Even are best friends. Some things are different; some things stay exactly the same.

  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue by BluebeardsWife
    Summary: fake dating!au; Even hires Isak to pretend to be his boyfriend at his ex’s wedding.

  • WAKE UP! by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: Even can’t stop having dreams about this strange boy. He’s never seen him before. But why does it feel like he’s the only person that ever mattered? Or: Even has no idea who Isak is but he still loves him aka EvenDreams!AU

  • don’t you keep it all to yourself by colazitron
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Isak starts buying daily coffees before school at Kaffebrenneriet around the corner because it tastes better than the coffee in the cafeteria and keeps his hands warm. But mostly because the barista is heart-stoppingly cute. Or: An AU in which Even didn’t need to repeat his last year and instead started working at the coffeeshop Isak passes on his way to school every morning.

  • i hate your face, it makes my heart skip a beat by Bellakitse
    Summary: HateToLove!au & tutoring!au; Isak is failing History and his friends have the great idea that their new friend Even should tutor him. It’s perfect except Isak doesn’t like Even or the way his stupid face makes his stomach flip.

  • Those, who could not hear the music. by UniversalParadox_13
    Summary: In this story, Isak and Even are ballet students and collide while preparing for a play they’ll be performing in. It’s odd and exhilarating, and does not make sense to their yearning bodies and vulnerable hearts, until it does. But Even is in a steady relationship and Isak has no place for love his life, so there is that.

  • The Comments Below by DickAnderton ✓
    Summary: youtubers!au; Isak is a notoriously lazy gamer living with lgbt icon Eskild. When they invite youtube sensation Even Bech Naesheim over for a collaboration, #Evak is born. But it is not only their viewers who are falling in love.

  • That’s Not My Name by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: one-night stand!au; “Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?” - aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even.

  • I’m Not in Love by cuteandtwisted ✓
    Summary: uni!au; Isak was not in love. Nope. Not even close. Or: Even never transferred to Nissen in his third year, so they meet in college instead. Uni AU in which Isak doesn’t believe in love but Even Bech Næsheim won’t stop kissing him. 

(✓ - completed fics)

On the eleventh day of #PAIN fic...

A/N: Boy howdy wouldja look at that… DAY ELEVEN IS HERE, FOLKS! This means that there is officially only ONE MORE DAY (one day more) OF 12 DAYS LEFT. THUS, PART THREE WILL BE POSTED THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW HOLY SHIT GET READY, HOLD ONTO YOUR SOCKS.

Can you tell we’re excited? Because we need you know that we’re crazy excited.


Word Count: 2,339

“You’re keeping your grades up, right?”

“Yes, Mom,” you sighed into the phone. Conversations with your mother would always lead back to how successful you were and ultimately how you could be doing better.

“Don’t use that tone with me, don’t forget that we’re the reason you got into that fancy school,” your mother snapped back at you. You just pinched your nose and took a deep breath, holding back quips about how I got myself here, all you did was give me an anxiety disorder and low self esteem.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

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Tents and Cuddly Cats

Here’s the @mlsecretsanta for @raysdrawlings! Like usual, I couldn’t write anything short, so expect more parts to it in the week to come ;D HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Summary: When Marinette and her friends go on a camping trip together, Alya hatches a plan to get her and Adrien to share the same tent. The idea of sleeping beside her crush has Marinette beyond anxious, but even her nerves can’t predict the secrets intent on unravelling in the late hours of the night.  

Part 1

“Are we almost there?” Nino griped, huffing and puffing as he followed Alya up over a hill. He resituated his bag on his shoulders for the millionth time, sighing when his girlfriend glared back at him.

“Just a little further,” she replied—the same response she’d been giving for the last twenty minutes.

Nino groaned.

Smiling, Marinette giggled before shyly turning her head over her shoulder to look at Adrien. He was the last of their group and holding up the rear—mostly because he kept getting distracted and wandering off into the woods before having to run to catch up. Nino joked that it was like watching a cat let out of the house for the first time, which Adrien had rolled his eyes at. But Marinette couldn’t completely disagree. It was cute, actually, seeing him get distracted by small things like cool looking boulders and oddly shaped trees.

Were they being honest, both Alya and Marinette were surprised Adrien had even been allowed to go. Or so they had been until Nino and Adrien had revealed the truth of the situation. As far as Adrien’s father knew, he was simply spending a long weekend at Nino’s house, a situation that had nearly fallen through on its own. Turned out no one at the Agreste house even knew Adrien was out in the “wilderness,” that he’d lied (by omission or not irrelevant) shocking Marinette.

She never would have expected it of him, only to then hear him defend his actions by saying that “what his father didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.” Granted, she didn’t fault him for trying to escape the clutches of his constrained lifestyle, but that didn’t make his attitude any less surprising.

No matter, though. He was there with them—with her—and that was all that mattered.

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Barber’s Point, Washington

Uh I suppose this is my foray into this odd slow burn place of longish ficlets.  Here is the haircutting fic, part one, destined for like three or four.  Not sure it’s what you were looking for @wtfmulder but hey here we are.

March 7, 1992

“Oh, come on Blevins. We’ve had this discussion before and you know and I know that I always win this little pissing contest of yours.”

“You can address me as Agent Blevins or as your Division Chief, Agent Mulder, for starters, and it’s coming from higher than me.  You’re getting a partner.  And we’re locking your travel down until you learn to work with her.”

Mulder rolled his eyes off to the left with a disgusted smirk as he rocked back in his chair.  “Are we done here, Agent Blevins?”

The old man was content to spend the least amount of time possible in the same room with the Spook. But that wasn’t the question he’d expected.  “We need to go over the personnel file for your partner.  Technically, the X-files was a division of one until today and that makes you the branch chief.”

Mulder found it impossible to hide his smirk… well.  He didn’t even try, actually.  He stood and turned for the door.  “Scully, Dana, 29 – thanks for hooking me up with the experience, sir – physicist and a forensic pathologist.  At least you decided to throw me someone that can shoot. Don’t worry Agent Blevins, I give her two weeks.”

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anonymous asked:

happy to hear that you had a good time at your concert! if you don't mind, i came up with a request v///v i think it's a little angsty ?? sometimes i get worried for josh since he's a professional drummer, he'll wear himself out and pass out during a show. can you write something where josh practices nonstop and its painfully obvious that he's tired but ignores everyone's rants? during the show, he just drops to the ground unconscious. you & tyler are worried sick when he doesn't breathe well!

thank u so much! i had tons of fun at my concert! sorry this took so long, i didnt like my first draft so i did a lot of revising and editing, but now it’s where i want it to be!! enjoy xx. 


“Jesus Josh,” Jenna says, as you and her walk across the stage, “I got tired just watching you drum.”

She pats him on the back as she goes by, subtly wiping the sweat off on her jeans when he’s not looking, before walking into Tyler’s open arms.  

They all collectively laugh as you walk gingerly up to Josh with a bottle of water.  He smiles gratefully at you, accepting the water and immediately chugging it.  You hear the plastic crinkle as he squeezes the bottle in an attempt to drink it faster.  You’re surprised at how sweaty he is during just soundcheck.  His tank top is soaked through the back and you could see beads running down his temple.

“Thanks baby,” he says with a gasp after finishing the whole 13 ounce bottle in one gulp.  

You make sure to smile and tell him how good he sounded before expressing your concern.  

“Hey, are you feeling okay?”

He immediately nods.  “Yeah, I’m great, why?”

You watch as he continues to breathe heavily, like he just can’t seem to catch his breath.  

“You’ve been hittin’ it pretty hard these last few days, I just get worried—“

“Is that a drumming pun?” he asks, “ ‘hittin’ it pretty hard’?”  

You scowl at him, annoyed that he was trying to divert the attention away from himself, “Josh, I’m serious, you’ve been practicing like… nonstop lately.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I’m fine baby,” he says, smiling at you, “but it’s cute that you’re all worried.”

You didn’t think it was very “cute”.  Especially once you notice how shaky Josh’s legs are as he stands up.  He wobbles a little at first, and even has to grab onto the edge of his drums for balance.  You watch warily, and open your mouth to make a comment before you’re interrupted by Michael coming on stage, telling the boys they have a radio interview to do.  

Josh kisses you quickly on the lips.  

“I’m fine, please don’t worry,” he says.

You nod hesitantly, “Just make sure you get something to eat before the show, okay?”

He winks at you and nods, walking towards Michael, with Tyler trailing behind.  

“Is he okay?” Jenna asks, joining you as you make your way off the stage.  

“I think so,” you sigh, “just exhausted.  He’s been practicing constantly lately.  He skipped breakfast this morning to come play.  It’s just odd…” you let your voice trail off.  “I noticed he was a little shaky, just now.  It freaked me out a bit.”

Jenna runs her hands through her hair, before reassuring you, “I’m sure he’s fine.  I’ll have Ty make sure he eats before they head out tonight.”

You nod gratefully at Jenna, feeling stupid for being so concerned.  But something about the way he’d been acting lately was off, and you could tell.  You tried to ignore it, you weren’t Josh’s mother, you weren’t in any place to tell him what to do.  On the other hand, you weren’t sure what you’d do if anything ever happened to him.  

The worst part of being on tour is all the waiting around.  Normally, Jenna and you would wander around the venue, checking things out and chatting with the crew.  But today you were both too anxious for Tyler and Josh to be done with their interview, so you find some folding chairs to sit in and just wait.  

About forty minutes later, they find you both.  

“Productive day I see,” Tyler teases as he bends over Jenna and kisses the top of her hair.  She puts her phone away and smiles up at him.

“Hey baby,” Josh coos, doing the same to you.  You close your eyes briefly and grin smugly at his soft face.

“How’d the interview go?” you ask as he pulls another folding chair up beside you.  

“It was fine, same ole’ stuff.”

“Same ole’ stuff?” Tyler says in disbelief at Josh.  “Were we in the same interview?”

Josh chuckles.

“That guy was a nut job! I wish you guys could’ve heard some of the questions he was asking us—“

Tyler goes on to joke about the interview for the next few minutes, until it’s time for them to get all dressed up and ready for the show.  You’re laughing so hard at Tyler’s commentary that you completely forget to ask Josh if he’d eaten anything yet…

You and Jenna watch the show from side stage tonight, the best spot in your opinion.  

You swear the crowd gets louder and louder each night.  Or maybe your ears just get more sensitive.  Either way, as soon as the boys step on stage, Jenna’s story about some elbow pads she bought Tyler, is drowned out by screams.  

After the first song, you notice Josh already grabbing his sweat towel, however it’s not the moisture on his skin that begins to worry you, it’s the way he’s squeezing his eyes open and shut repeatedly, almost like he’s having a hard time concentrating.  

You watch him carefully for a moment.  But the show continues and you try to ease up a bit.  

But there’s something wrong.  Josh’s beat is slightly off during a song.  You watch as Tyler throws you a glance, but they both continue.

“Did you hear that?” you ask Jenna, immediately paranoid.

“What?” she yells so you can hear.

You pierce your lips but decide it’s not worth explaining over the noise.  

At the end of the song, you notice Tyler walking over to Josh.  You watch carefully, trying to read his lips, but it’s impossible once the lights go dark.  He pats him on the back and they chat for a second, before Tyler throws you another quick look.  You try to make eye contact, so that he knows you’re paying attention.  But instead, he just goes back to center stage and continues the show.  

The knot in your stomach only grows bigger when the platform comes out for Josh’s drums.  You bite your lip as you watch Josh drag himself off stage and near the barricade.  You peak your head around the curtain, so that you can watch.  

You practically hold your breath as he balances himself, the crowd holding his hand until he’s able to sit comfortably on his seat and play on top of them.  His back flexes, the muscles tensing and relaxing in various spots as he pounds on his drum.  The crowd is going nuts, grabbing at his ankles and screaming for him.  

You feel infinitely better once his feet are on the solid ground.  

“Your boy did good,” Jenna smiles at you.  You finally peel your eyes off from Josh to respond to her, causing you to miss the way he’s blinking awkwardly again as he walks unsteadily back on stage.  

What you don’t miss is the collective, simultaneous gasp that echoes throughout the arena.  One that makes your head whip around lethally, eyes searching desperately.  You see Tyler shedding the bass from around his neck, and you’re horrified to see that Josh isn’t perched on his stool, where he’s supposed to be.

You don’t hesitate to sprint on stage, even though crowds and attention scares you.  

“Josh!” you cry out, and it’s weird because you can hear yourself shouting his name, and you can hear Jenna calling for help.  The room that was once filled with screams and music, is now hauntingly quiet.  

You gulp hard once you’re kneeling beside Josh.  He’s collapsed on the floor, just shy of his seat, laying face up, eyes closed.

You cup your hands around his head, the skin burning hot.  Tyler quickly unscrews a bottle of water and begins pouring it generously on Josh’s bare skin.  

“Ty, why isn’t he waking up—“ you ask, your voice shaky and scared.

“Jenna’s calling for help, he’s gonna be okay,” Tyler says.  

You feel so useless, just kneeling there, staring at his unconscious body… waiting…

You almost cry out in relief when you see his eyes flutter beneath you.

“Thank goodness,” you exhale sharply, grabbing his hand and pulling it towards your lips to kiss his knuckles.  

Josh looks up at you then Tyler, his face twisted in confusion.  

“What happened—“ he’s asking, just as Jenna’s running on stage followed by a group of crew members.  

“You passed out,” Tyler says, his voice wavering too.  

A couple of medics lean down next to Josh.  They start shining lights in his eyes and getting cool packs to place on his skin.  You can feel your hands trembling as you cling to his.  When you feel him give a reassuring squeeze, you look up to see him staring at you, his eyes filled with fear.  You squeeze back, stroking his skin with your thumb, as if to say ‘I’m not going anywhere’.

As it turns out, Josh’s pulse had gotten dangerously low.  After a few minutes, he had been able to walk shakily with the support of Michael and Tyler, but was further examined backstage.  You sat nearby, listening to everything the medics said.  

“Should he go to an ER?” Tyler asked, he too refused to leave Josh’s side.  

“I think it was just exhaustion,” the medic answers as he unwrap another cool pack.  “Gotta be careful, when you exercise like that, in this heat, that you eat and drink enough…”

You bite your lip, knowing damn well that Josh hadn’t eaten much of anything today.  But you don’t say anything out loud.  Not yet.  

Once everyone’s cleared out, and Josh is instructed to rest, and drink lots of fluids, you make your way back closer to him.

“You gotta be careful, man—“ Tyler says.  “That was seriously scary.”

Josh just nods as he stares down at the floor.  

You narrow your eyes at him, picking up on the fact that something was wrong.  

“Tyler,” you say under your breath, “can you give us a sec?”

Tyler gives Josh one more concerned look before nodding and walking away.

“Babe,” you whisper, gripping his shoulder as you walk up to him, “talk to me, what’s wrong?”

He just shakes his head, refusing to look up.  


“I can’t do it—“ he says, his voice sounding blubbery and full of agony.  

“Do what?” you ask softly.

“I’m not good enough—“ his shoulder slouch even more, his head hanging low.  You can hear the crack in his voice.

“Josh, what are you talking about?” you whisper.

“I was practicing so much because all I want is to be good enough… but I can’t even do that right—“ he chokes out and your heart breaks on impulse.  

You immediately start shaking your head, and turn so that you’re facing him.  

“Josh— no… no, no, no.  You’re good enough, you have to believe me.”

You lift his head up with your finger delicately, making him look at you.  His eyes are red-rimmed and glossy, with deep bags outlining them.  

“I don’t want to let Tyler down— or the fans.  Or you.  I want to be good enough-“ his voice cracks at the last word.  

“You’re so talented, Josh.  And you work so hard everyday— Why wouldn’t you think you’re good enough?”

He tilts his head back and starts wiping some of the tears that have fallen off from his face.  

“I don’t know… I’ve just been really struggling with that lately— always worried I’m gonna be awful.  I thought if I practiced hard enough, I would be okay.”

“Josh, that’s your anxiety talking, it’s not real.”

He nods slowly.

“You have to take care of yourself baby.  That was so scary tonight—“ it was your turn to start crying.  “I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you, so that can’t happen, okay?”

You can hear the tears surfacing in your voice.  Josh must’ve heard it too, because he looks up empathetically at you and opens his arms.  

You straddle his lap awkwardly and wrap your arms around his neck in a giant hug.  You can still feel how shaky his hands are as they caress your back soothingly.  

“I’m sorry,” he whispers after you sniffle again into his shoulder.  “I’m sorry, I’m gonna do better.  I’ll make sure I take care of myself.”

“I just love you so much,” you whisper into his neck.

“I love you too,”  he says back, his hot breath hitting your skin.  

Just then, you’re interrupted by a strange, distant sound.  Like someone chanting.  It’s muffled and the words are unclear, but you pull back and give Josh a funny look.

“Guys,” Tyler calls from down the hall.  He pokes his head around the corner, “You gotta come hear this.”

You get up, helping Josh to his feet and follow Tyler down the hall.  He leads you closer and closer to the stage entrance, and you can hear the chanting becoming more clear.

We love Josh.  We love Josh.  We love Josh.

A portion of the crowd had stuck around, despite the abrupt ending, and had started this chant.  

You watch as Josh’s face perks into a small smile.

He pulls you closer into his side, and you wrap your arms around his middle listening as the chanting continued.

“I told you you were good enough,” you say.

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend your personal favorite fanfics? Whether they are chartered or one-shots, I just need some recommendations, thank you!

I already did that - here, but because the post is over 3 weeks old, I feel kinda obligated to do a Part 2 because I’ve definitely acquired a few new favorites since then. Soo… enjoy! ;)

Little disclaimer: these are (again) in no particular order, but I decided to number them anyway, just to keep a better track.

  1. Half Blade and Half Silk by smokeshop ✓
    Summary: uni!au; Isak’s friends introduce him to an art student at a college party. He won’t stop calling Isak baby and Isak’s bad at pretending to hate it. College AU where Isak’s past is a little more colorful but Even still won’t leave him alone.

  2. Would You Mind Closing The Bedroom Door? by allyasavedtheday ✓  
    Summary: The boy falters in the threshold, eyes widening when they land on Even. “Oh fuck- sorry! Eva didn’t say anyone was home.” Ah. No wonder she was up late last night. Even can’t really fault her taste – the boy is beautiful. He’s got golden hair mussed and curling over his forehead and cheekbones not even Michelangelo himself could sculpt and the most well-defined cupid’s bow top lip Even’s ever seen. Also he’s shirtless. Did he mention that part? There’s a stunning, shirtless boy in his kitchen with pillow creases still on his cheek and Even can’t do anything about it because he’s Eva’s one night stand. Fuck. 

  3. open the pod bay doors by iriswests ✓
    Summary: Even’s trying to write a script for his class, Isak happens to catch a glimpse of the shit show, and they fall in love over a story of parallel universes.

  4. behind the curtain, in the pantomime by dahlstrom ✓
    Summary: Basically, Isak is just never going to speak to any of his friends for the rest of his life. Which shouldn’t be too difficult, since he’s pretty sure he’ll be spending eternity in this auditorium surrounded by these screeching revue nerds, what feels like a thousand of them. This is it, this is his own personal hell.

  5. Afire Love by pressurerin ✓
    Summary: Isak can’t seem to stay out of trouble. A hot firefighter makes trouble seem not that bad. 

  6. sweet creature (but we’re still young) by kittpurrson ✓
    Summary: summer camp!au; Isak meets seventeen-year-old Even Bech Næsheim at Tyrifjorden on his fifteenth birthday. Or: the one where Isak tries to convince the boy next door to put his hands on him.

  7. the region of the summer stars by thekardemomme ✓
    Summary: flower shop!au; Someone keeps sending Isak flower bouquets and Even happens to work in a flower shop.

  8. Draw The Line (Need To Know That You’re Mine) by thesoulsailor ✓
    Summary: fake dating!au; Five times Even pretends to be Isak’s boyfriend, and one time there’s no pretend at all. Or the 5+1 Fake Boyfriend Evak AU we all deserve.

  9. torches (life’s too short) by xxLeviBech
    Summary: “My mom used to tell me my thoughts would pour out of my ears if I kept thinking too hard.” Isak threw back another fry, keeping his gaze down. “That’s pretty fucked up, man.” Even deadpanned, making Isak snap his head up in a laugh .“Fuck you,” He giggled, tossing one of the soggier ones at Even and being decidedly unimpressed when he caught it in his mouth. Or, a canon divergence AU in which Isak’s childhood is exponentially more severe – where he can’t remember coming to school without bruises, a bottle of hand-sanitizer, and long sleeves. It’s fine, he’s fine. It wasn’t for his friends, though; and that’s how he wound up here, in a fold-up chair every Tuesday and Friday, talking about his experiences with other post-secondary kids diagnosed with some kind of PTSD. It’s also where meets a guy whose name starts with the same letters as everything, because that’s… exactly what he is.

  10. Make a spark, break the dark, find a light with me by LostInAdmiration ✓
    Summary: Isak can’t sleep, so spends his nights wandering around the street. Even works the night shift at the store around the corner, and they bond over their mutual insomnia.

( ✓ - completed fics/oneshots)

Into You (2/?)

Summary- After a weekend of being locked away from the rest of civilisation for a whole weekend, you threw yourself back into work, not expecting a ‘special’ visitor.

AN- It’s back! Hope you enjoy, and please send in requests I need reasons not to do homework

Part One

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Originally posted by j-murphy


Time away was exactly what you needed. To be away from everyone and everything, just to disappear for a few days maybe a week or say. Get on a plane and fly far far away from reality and all the problems that you had at home. It sounded amazing.

However that’s not what you got.

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Patater Pining fic (high school au)

There’s one thing Alexei should’ve known not to do.

Fall in love with a boy who doesn’t know he exists.

It’s not one of those cliché situations where the boy he loves secretly loves him too and he just doesn’t know, either. Kent Parson, the most beautiful seventeen year old boy in the entire world has no clue who Alexei is. Alexei sees the eleventh grader in the hallway every day, but the pretty blonde never notices he’s there.

Alexei isn’t bad at flirting either. It’s just he literally never has the opportunity to. He sees Kent for about fourty-seven seconds in total every day at school and the boy has no idea who he is, so it’s not like he can really walk up to him in the hall and randomly start a conversation. It would be too weird, too spontaneous. If Kent was in grade twelve, things would be different. Alexei would have lunch at the same time as Kent, maybe even a few classes with him. But Alexei has never been that lucky.

Instead he walks by Kent every morning on his way to buy a coffee in the cafeteria, while the boy sits at a table with his friends. That’s five seconds, plus another five on the way out of the cafeteria with his hot drink. He sees Kent on the stairs for another ten seconds on his way up after the first bell, then on his way down the stairs at the beginning of Alexei’s fourth period lunch. Once lunch ends, Alexei enters the same classroom that Kent is leaving. Two seconds. At the end of the day, Alexei hovers near the bus stops as Kent and his friends wait for the other teens to board before getting on themselves; fifteen seconds.

On a regular day, forty-seven seconds of watching Kent live unaware of his existence is all he gets. On a good day, Kent might make eye contact with him as he passes. Sometimes Alexei imagines him blushing as their eyes meet for that hundredth of a second, but he knows it’s just a fantasy. In reality, Kent’s eyes brush over him as if he isn’t there at all.

* * *

Alexei is sitting in the stands of the school’s skating rink, watching his five closest friends on the ice. Snowy, Thirdy, Jack, Shitty and Auston are all members of the Varsity hockey team. The team is having it’s first preseason game and even though it doesn’t count for anything, the arena is packed full of students from Alexei’s school, and those of the visiting team’s school. Hockey is kind of a big deal here.

Kent is here with his friend’s Eric and Sara. Alexei noticed them immediately and chose a seat as close to them as possible, which ended up being on the very end of the row, exactly seven seats away from where Kent sat. The blond is wearing a shirt with the school’s logo on it, holding up a brightly coloured sign that reads: “Jack Z is #1 on the ice, and in my heart! GO RAIDERS!“

Alexei really shouldn’t be jealous, but of course he is. Kent has been the biggest fan of the hockey team since his first day of high school. He has a new sign at every game, and he worships the team like gods. Why did Alexei have to choose football over hockey? What was he thinking?!

The first period starts. Jack gets ahold of the puck and skates down the ice, passing it to Shitty who slaps it into the net, making it look easier than two plus two. Alexei watches sadly as Kent leaps to his feet, cheering excitedly. Why can’t Kent be a football fan? Alexei is the defensive captain this year, too.

Sara notices the large brown haired boy staring at Kent. She doesn’t say anything, but nudges Eric gently and nods her head in his direction. Eric giggles and glances at Kent who is completely oblivious.

During the break after second period, the score is 5-2 for the Raiders. Alexei gave up on his hope of Kent noticing him two goals ago and is texting his Russian buddy.
“Excuse me,” the loveliest voice in Canada says. Alexei drops his phone to the floor before leaping to his feet. His chair folds up and he steps back, allowing Kent room to walk by him and to the stairs leading out of the arena. Kent murmurs a thanks as he goes by, not giving Alexei a second look. When he’s gone, the Russian sighs and sits down, scooping his phone up from the ground. Kent’s friends are looking at him but he pretends not to notice and goes back to texting his friend Sergei. Kent returns a few minutes later and Alexei doesn’t drop his phone this time. The rest of the game is boring for him, though Jack scores two more goals, and a new grade nine player managed to score one.
“That was Dex! He got his first goal!“ Kent had screamed to his friends.

The raiders win 8-3, which wasn’t a surprise to anyone in the arena. The raiders have always been a good team. The game didn’t go so well for Thirdy though, who managed to break a rib from some rough checking. Alexei feels bad for him, but he doesn’t stick around to see him after the game. He just goes home, eats and then goes to sleep. He wasn’t in the best mood.

* * *

Kent has his legs spread wide, with one on Alexei’s shoulder as the Russian fucks into him roughly. Kent moans prettily, his face looking so overcome with pleasure that Alexei wishes he could remember it forever.
“You take me so good, baby,” Alexei says huskily, thrusting at an unforgiving pace. Kent can’t form proper words, all that slips out of his mouth are loud, girly moans and screams. His nails rake up and down Alexei’s back. He’s so warm and tight around Alexei, the older boy is struggling to keep control.
“H-harder!“ Kent begs, despite the fact that he’s already being fucked rougher than most people could handle. Alexei groans and lifts Kent’s hips off the bed before slamming in and out of his tight hole so hard the blonde sees stars. Kent is a mess. After a few more thrusts, he is coming with a loud sigh. Alexei slows down his thrusts as Kent comes down off his high. The pretty blond looks up at him dazedly, the satisfied expression is enough to finish Alexei off.

And then he’s jolting into a sitting position, a painful hard on pressing against his leg and his clothing drenched in sweat. Of course it was a fucking dream, Alexei isn’t that lucky. Kent would never want to make love with him.

* * *

On Monday morning, the entire school is celebrating the hockey team’s win. Alexei doesn’t understand, the game doesn’t count for anything after all. It’s not fair how much undeserved attention the team gets. Especially from certain gorgeous blondes named Kent Parson.

The brooding Russian stores his jacket into his locker and then heads into the cafeteria to buy a coffee. He sees Kent standing at his usual table with his friends, laughing about something. He’s so beautiful when he laughs. Alexei tears his eyes away from the captivating boy and ducks inside the room where the food is sold. He buys his piping hot $1.65 coffee with a spoon of creme but no sugar. Real men don’t take sugar, apparently. When he exits the food room, he immediately looks towards Kent’s table. To Alexei’s surprise, the blond is looking as well, and they make eye contact for half a second until Kent’s gaze wanders somewhere else. Alexei leaves the cafeteria, ignoring some of the stares he was receiving from grade twelve students.

That half second of eye contact was enough to make Alexei’s heart stop all together, and then suddenly speed up.

carve him as a dish (fit for the gods)

This was in response to the prompt “kastle, first meeting in The Punisher” but it is a whole big can of AU because based on what we’ve seen this couldn’t happen: I ignore the hair, the beard, and the miser poncho. Also I normally don’t get all excited by what I write myself but dang I love the ending to this.

Karen wakes up with a half-strangled scream, her head pounding and her body sore. She has no idea what has happened to her - other than a few faded wisps of memory clamoring in her mind for attention, a fuzzy, incomplete picture of happened when she went chasing a lead. Last night, she thinks - she’s not sure if it’s morning now, but it can’t have been too long ago. She thinks. She hopes, because everything is dark and she has no idea where she is. No sense of time, no sense of place, and no one to offer any sort of explanation. She’s alone.

She throws off the blanket that was covering her body and stands up on shaky legs. Her shoes are off her feet but she’s still dressed: her skirt is torn, the seams misaligned, and her blouse smells faintly of sweat, untucked, with blood speckling her chest like little drops of paint. She feels nauseated and afraid. The cot she was on was uncomfortable but it looked clean, and she’s in some sort of arsenal, she thinks, a small one room apartment covered with guns and bags filled with what must be ammo. She presses her fist to her mouth and wheezes, keeping the panic curdling in her stomach at bay. She doesn’t know where her bag is, doesn’t know where her own gun is, but she can grab one of these maybe, just to be safe, and then -

She hears the sound of running water and then a door opens. Her eyes dart over and she stumbles back, nearly falls back onto the bed. The bathroom light is a bright, angry yellow in the dim room and a hulking figure limned in black stands in the doorway. She blinks, still afraid, until she recognizes him.

It’s Frank.

No, she thinks, watching as he doesn’t look at her, as he walks in and moves towards the sink, it’s the Punisher. His back is to her and she feels vulnerable and exposed even though his eyes aren’t on her. She’s still shaken, a little afraid, and she isn’t quite sure how to ask for an explanation. Any moisture in her mouth is gone and her tongue lays still and dry, mute, as she stares at him. His head turns slightly, once, as he plugs in a percolator and starts making coffee. She doesn’t see his eyes. He’s dressed down, in a black shirt and jeans that sit loose on his hips. His head is shaved and she stares at the smooth curve of his neck as his head bends to look at something on the counter.

He still doesn’t speak.

She can’t leave without shoes, she decides, or her gun. She knows she had it with her, in her bag, and with her wallet and phone inside she needs that, too.

With a shaky breath, she wraps her arms around herself. She hasn’t seen him in a few months and she’s not sure what to say to him. She’s not even sure this is the same man she knew before. I’m already dead, he had told her, already gone. Frank Castle died with his family, and now even the broken fragments of him she knew are gone. She doesn’t know who this new person is, this new animal, but she doesn’t have the luxury to find out.

“Where’s… where’s my stuff?” she asks. “My shoes and. My shoes and my bag.” Her voice sounds strange when she speaks, too loud in a room with only the ambient city noise as a soundtrack. He still doesn’t look at her, though she sees his shoulders tense. It gets a little easier now to talk. “And what happened? Where am I? I woke up, and I can barely remember what happened last night. I met Foggy at a bar, but I didn’t have that much to drink, and then - “

“And then somebody who’d been waiting for you got you when you left the bar.” His voice is so rough it hurts to hear, but it isn’t out of place in here. His hide-out, she assumes. His base. His voice fills the room like smoke and she feels surrounded by him. He still won’t look at her. “You fought him, but he hit you, threw you against a building, knocked you unconscious.”

“Then how did I - “

He turns and she cuts herself off as she meets his eyes. It hurts to see him, hurts in a way she never expected it would. He was dead to her, wasn’t he? Wasn’t that what she told him? Wasn’t that what she meant? Then who is this in front of her, if that man is dead? Who wears his uniform and makes his kills and lives a spartan, war-tempered life here in this arsenal? Karen wants to cry and her lips tremble as she holds back tears. She hates him, a little, still thinks he deserves judgement for his crimes, but she is so, so relieved to see him.

His face is a mask she can’t read. He licks his lips and says “How did you what?”

“How did I get here?” she asks, quiet, feeling timid, though she forces herself to hold his gaze.

“I brought you here,” he says, and his eyes burn. “You think they were going to let you stay there unconscious on the ground? You think they just wanted to scare you?”

“Do you know who they were?” she asks, instead of answering his questions. He nods. “You know why they were after me?” He nods again. She’s surprised he’s been keeping up with what she’s doing - it can’t be a coincidence he just happened on her the exact moment she needed saving. She’s had a target on her back for a week, at least, after what she’s been digging up. She wonders how long he’s been making sure no one hits it. “Did you kill him? The man who attacked me?”

“I did.” Her lip trembles and she pulls it between her teeth. His expression doesn’t change. “He deserved to die. You didn’t.”

She’s not so sure about that sometimes. “You could have left me there, or taken me to a hospital, or called… called Daredevil.”

“Safe here,” he says.

“Yeah,” she says, wondering what that says about her own home. She breaks her eyes away from his and looks around again. “I guess I am.”

They stand there, silent, for a long moment. He doesn’t say anything else and as the silence begins to grow awkward he turns back towards the counter and pours himself a cup of coffee. It’s in a cracked green mug and Karen watches him as he takes a drink, traces the long line of his throat as he swallows. She doesn’t ask for any coffee, though he’d pulled out another cup.

“Your bag and your shoes are on the chair,” he says, gesturing with his coffee towards a single folding chair set up across from the bed. There’s a little table set up, as well, covered in rags and a two short stacks of papers and another gun. “You should go home.”

She’s not sure if she’ll be safe on her way there, if she needs an escort, if he’ll follow her back whether she wants him to or not. She just nods and goes over to her things, slips her shoes on her feet and the strap of her purse over her shoulder.

“Don’t know if anything is missing,” he says, “but I checked and your gun’s still there.”

“Thank you.” Karen pushes her hair behind her ear. It’s dirty and tangled and she needs a shower. She still feels exhausted. Seeing the Punisher has not helped. “I guess I’ll… go. Head home, then.”

He nods back at her and steps behind her as she reaches the door. She turns to look at him before she goes. His eyes are full and black and burning, and his mouth is set in a firm line. “Thank you,” she says again, and gently she reaches out and sets a hand against his cheek. He’s real and warm beneath her fingers, and his skin is rough with stubbly growth. But he’s here. And he’s alive.

She puts a hand to his face and - Jesus Christ, she thinks. Frank lets her.