fold the map

You date a boy and afterwards, I watch you turn him into a city. You say, this is the road where his car went over the guardrail and he walked away without a scratch and took three whole days to call you. You say, this is the road where you threw my flowers out to make room for him in the passenger seat. You say, this is the road between his house and our apartment. This is the restaurant you used to frequent with him, which is also where you took me for our first dinner date. This is the used condom we found stuck between the wall and my side of the bed. These are the sheets you still hadn’t changed by the time I moved in. This is someone else’s bed and I am laying awake at night in it, folding and unfolding city maps, wondering if there’s a casual way to say, “Hey, is your ex-boyfriend Rome? because everything leads back to him.”
—  ROME by Trista Mateer

“The doors of Durin, Lord of Moria, speak friend and enter"

By now you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big Tolkien fan. So when this set of The Lord of the Rings, featuring custom “Doors of Durin” dust jackets arrived on Saturday from @juniperbooks, there was definitely a pig squeal involved.

The books themselves are made by Houghton Mifflin with gorgeous Tengwar embossing on the front and spines BUT THERE ARE FOLD-OUT MAPS OF MIDDLE-EARTH IN THE BACK OF EACH BOOK. (I actually made my husband stop what he was doing and come unfold the maps with me when I discovered their existence, because it was one of those things you need to do with someone.)

They are pretty big maps, and they are gorgeous. (by now you’ve probably also gathered how I feel about maps) I will definitely show the maps in another post soon.

There is something really amazing about owning a beautiful set of books that really mean something to you. (just as much as the old set that you’ve read one million times and is falling apart.) It’s like having a beautiful gown hanging in the closet next to your favorite, worn pair of jeans.

Honestly an all around special set of books and custom covers by @juniperbooks.

The Doors of Durin, also known as the West-gate, the West-door of Moria, or Elven Door, were built into the Walls of Moria in the dark cliffs of the Silvertine, and formed the western entrance to the great Dwarven city of Khazad-dum.

The Elven Door was constructed in cooperation between Dwarves and Elves, sometime between S.A. 750 and 1500.It was the two greatest craftsmen of the Second Age, the Elf and Lord of Eregion, Celebrimbor, and the dwarf Narvi who built the Doors.These were the days before the Dark Years of Sauron’s dominion in Middle-earth, and the friendship between Elven and Dwarven kingdoms was a rare and special event. During this peaceful time the Doors stood open, allowing unfettered trade. But during the War of the Elves and Sauron (in S.A. 1697) the Doors were sealed shut after Hollin fell to Sauron’s forces.

15 tips for traveling alone

I recently returned from a four-month trip around Europe. I backpacked to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, sometimes with my best friend, sometimes with new friends, and sometimes all alone. 

Travelling alone was one of the best experiences of my life. You’ll surprise yourself with your keen intuition, your ability to cope with a new language, your friend-making skills, your geographical bearings and overall just how much you enjoy doing whatever you want, whenever you want - from eating whenever, going wherever and doing whatever you feel like doing. Sometimes I had gelato for breakfast, once I spent six hours in a museum, a few times I slept til midday, I went to a music festival solo and I swam in the ocean morning, noon and dusk. 

But travelling alone can also be problematic and lonely if you’re not properly prepared. Here’s some easy tips that really enriched my experience travelling alone. 

1. Laptop smart
Not only is it exceedingly hard to navigate foreign transport sites from a phone, my laptop proved really valuable to me when I needed precious downtime, which was about once a week. I loaded up a portable hard drive with movies and boxsets so I could retreat into my own little world with my headphones on to watch a movie in bed when I needed a bit of ‘me’ time. 

2. Device smart
- I subscribed to Spotify Premium for $10 a month and built myself some playlists by mood - chill, happy, groovy, pensive. Then I downloaded them, so they were available offline.
- I also downloaded Tripit, an app that links with your email and builds you an automatic itinerary based on your email confirmations.
- I also downloaded, an app with offline maps and GPS location so I was never lost. I dropped a (permanent) pin on the location of my accommodation in each city so I always had my bearings. 
- Also make sure your emails are accessible on your phone - I found the Gmail app to be the best option for me, because many of my emails were available offline - valuable when I needed an address or confirmation number, which was a lot!

3. Spend smart
I went with Citibank Australia, who offer a Citibank Plus everyday account with fee-free withdrawals and fee-free transactions anywhere in the world. Shop around your banks and see what deal you can find - don’t just go with your own bank, who might smash you with withdrawal and transaction fees. Every dollar counts when you’re overseas.

4. Insure smart 
This was a non-negotiable. I actually submitted two claims after this trip - one for a lost phone and another for a change of trip. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to before you commit to a policy - valuables up to $1,000 is essential if you’re taking that laptop or smartphone!

5. Pack smart
A few quick tips:
- Don’t take anything that needs ironing. You’ll never wear it, trust me. 
- Bring your runners so you can walk miles during the day. It really made all the difference for me - on days I wore them I could walk up to 30,000 steps without any pain whatsoever. 
- Bring your flip flops for showering. Tinea is rampant in hostel world!
- Bring exercise gear. I always moved from place to place in my exercise gear - it’s easy to sleep in on long haul bus-rides, and you don’t want to wear your 15kg pack with bad shoes - it hurts your ankles!
- Pack, then don’t take half the things you packed. Every little thing is a lot heavier on your back in the blistering heat, trust me. And they have toiletries in other countries too, you know!

6. Disembark smart
- Always carry some cash with you for the country you’re going to - for me, it was mostly euros. It was essential for my commute from the airport, and when I forgot to arm myself with currency, I was left disoriented, tired and wandering around trying to find an ATM while not getting robbed.
- It’s also worth Googling bus or train information before you board your plane, so you know the fastest and cheapest way to your accommodation before you land. Taxis are tempting - but will run your budget dry quickly. 

7. Book smart 
- Book directly through the website, not the compare-sites - it’s cheaper! This includes airlines, bus companies and train websites, and the hostel websites when it comes to booking your accommodation.
- Also, always book your bits and bobs in a private browsing section. Airline websites have algorithms that send the ticket prices up if they log your IP looking at a price a couple times to create a sense of urgency in you.
- But don’t feel like you need to map your whole plan out before you even leave home - I purposefully left gaps in my plan and life filled them in. I stayed with europeans I’d met overseas, travelled with new friends and went to countries that I had no plans on going to, like Norway (one of my favourite countries in the end!) 

8. Backup smart
After every country I backed up my phone to my laptop and my laptop to my hard drive. If you trust the Cloud, backup to there too. It is devastating to lose travel photos - they’re about the most important thing you own when you travel. 

9. Stay smart
- is the go-to site for hostels. If I was nervous about my choice, I’d usually book one night in and extend my stay if it felt right. I always read plenty of reviews for each place, particularly taking notice of the location rating. Cleanliness in the bathroom, uncomfortable beds or a tiny kitchen were things I could deal with. A 30 minute commute to the city was something that wore me down pretty quickly.
- Speaking of the kitchen - that ‘free’ shelf in the fridge is your best friend - use it!

10. Be alone smart
- Find a local pub and go and sit at the bar with a good book. Strike up a conversation with the bartender - they are probably bored out of their mind! Bartenders have a wealth of cultural knowledge about their city that you’d never find on Trip Advisor - ask for their hot tips on eating, drinking, shopping and the sights. I asked each bartender to draw all over a fold-up map in each city so I had a visual reference - it helped me pair things together that were close by so I could plan my days better.
- Also, do the walking tour on your first day. They are usually free (the tour guides live on tips) and they are the most useful introduction to a city - not to mention hugely interesting.

11. Commute smart
If you’re wondering if you should walk or get a metro, walk. If you’re wondering whether you should get the metro or a bus, bus. The metro is fast, but you see nothing. 

12. Dress smart
- If you’re spending the day exploring, wear one less thing than you think you need to. It’s awful being hot and sweaty, but easy to speed up if you’re feeling a little nippy. Plus, your thighs will thank you when they can crush steel between your rippling muscles!
- Runners are pretty much always the best option - you’ll double your productivity with them on. 

13. Mini-pack smart
Your daypack should contain:
- headphones
- a book
- a city map (to ask the locals to circle their favourite places on!)
- a knife and fork (plastic, for impromptu lunches in the park or by the water)
- a water bottle. Water is your best friend between all that exercise you didn’t realize you were doing (win!), the salty restaurant meals you’re eating (yum) and the drinking (inevitable). Drink it in litres - otherwise you’ll be perpetually dehydrated and wondering why you feel so tired. 

14. Wash, dry and iron smart
It’s inevitable you’ll have to wash atleast once a week. Face it, pretty boy. Mama aint here to help you now. 
- Every night, wash the underwear you wore that day in the shower. It takes five seconds, stops them from stinking up the place (we all know undies get the most dirty) and fresh undies are one of life’s little pleasures!
- You can iron out major creases by wetting a towel and wiping the clothing while it’s on you (it’ll dry), or bringing the item on a coat hanger into the shower area (the steam makes the creases drop out) 
- Splurge occasionally and get laundry done. Most hostels do it for less than $10, and having fresh clean dry clothing one of those amazing little things that lifts your spirits when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

15. Socialise smart
Talk to people! Everyone is the best version of themselves when they are travelling. Strike up conversations with people you would never usually speak to, especially those travelling alone as well. Ask them their story, compare itineraries, go on adventures together and who knows? You might just make a friend for life.
Architectour: The ultimate guide for the urban explorer
A hardcover city guide with all the secret spots and amazing stories no one told you about. Check out this Kickstarter!

When visiting the world’s best cities, are you the kind of person who wants to; find the hidden spots, the breathtaking views, learn the amazing stories and avoid the mundane tourist trail? What if you could have all this information and also live the experience unspoiled?

“More than a travel guide, this book is a trip itself” - World Traveler

Architectour Guide is a beautifully designed 21x13cm hardcover book which has a special focus on thrilling stories. This is a guide of places you’ll remember.

Each city guide will contain:

  • +300 amazing spots for you to get lost in
  • +200 places to sketch
  • +700 not so obvious places from which to take your next big shot
  • A large fold-out map featureing clear, easy-to-read cartography
  • Delightful itineraries such as “Happy Rainy Days” or “Drink with a view”
  • Specific instructions on how to visit not so accesible places
  • Pro tips on how to pay less
  • And NO photographs. Photographs spoil our first impressions.
Distractions - The Marauders

Requested by anonymous.

The common room was dark when you walked in, only a few Gryffindors remaining in the warm room. Surrounding the fire, James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus all sat together. James and Sirius were studying the map, while Peter and Remus were actually studying.

“What’s wrong with you?” James asked the moment you sat down. You looked over at him, letting out a little sigh.

“I just ran into Emma Vanity,” you snarled. James folded up the map and scooted forward in his seat.

“What did she say?” Sirius asked, mimicking James’s motion.

“Usual shit. ‘Slytherin is gonna wipe the floor with us’ and all that.”

“What did you do?” 

“Fought off the urge to knock her teeth out.” Remus smiled, and finally looked up from his book. “And then I promptly told her that we’d kick her ass tomorrow.” 

“Hell yeah,” James said. You were both Chasers on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. “Slytherin doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Nope. But that’s not gonna stop us from practicing hard all week. Cancel all your plans for tomorrow afternoon. I’m scheduling an impromptu practice,” you said, standing up. “Get some rest.” 

James opened his mouth to try and tell you that he had plans with Lily, but you were already gone. When the decision of who would be Quidditch captain came up, you were both options, but James was determined that you should be the captain. He hadn’t regretted that decision ever, until this moment.

The next day you arrived at dinner after a grueling training. James was hardly speaking as he devoured the food in front of him. Actually, all of your teammates weren’t talking to you at the moment. Apparently practice had been too hard. But defeating Slytherin was the most important thing for any of you to face. 

The next day, practice was the same. At the end of practice, you started to tell everyone when practice would be the next day, but they started to argue with you.

“Y/N, it’s Wednesday tomorrow. Hogsmead,” James said, looking at you seriously.

“Yes, and we have the match against Slytherin on Friday. We need to practice. We need to beat them!” Everyone was sort of looking at you in a way that made you nervous.

“Can we talk in private?” James asked. You nodded as he started pulling you away from the group. “You need to cool it.”


“You need to calm down. You know we’re gonna beat Slytherin, but we can’t do that if we’re all exhausted.”

“We’re also not going to win if we don’t practice.” He put his hands on your arms and smiled. 

“We really need to get you a date,” he said, which made you roll your eyes. “But I guess you can hang out with Sirius. I’m going out with Lily tomorrow, and you’re going to have fun, too.”


“Are you having fun?” Sirius asked cheekily as you walked through Hogsmead. You smiled at him and shrugged.

“Sure.” He held out his arm and you took it. James and Lily had just walked into The Three Broomsticks, grinning happily. Looking all around, you saw each of your teammates having a good time. 

“Do you want to prank Snivellus?” he asked. You smirked and shook your head.

“No, not today. I don’t need to get in any kind of trouble. Not with the-”

“The big match coming up, I know. You need to get your mind off of this. You know you’re going to win.”

“Maybe.” He looked at you and rolled his eyes. 

“Come on, everyone else is having fun.” He pointed through the windows of The Three Broomsticks, pointing out four of your teammates, James included. “Look at how happy they are.”

“Well they have a nice distraction.”


“Someone to snog.” Sirius snorted and continued walking with you. 

“I’ll snog you if that makes you feel any better.” You laughed and shook your head. 

“Probably not.”

“Well, let’s at least get something to drink. Butterbeers on me,” he said, pushing you into The Three Broomsticks. Remus and Peter were already sitting at a table with Frank Longbottom, but he got up to go be with Alice when you sat down. James nodded over at you from the corner that he and Lily were currently inhabiting. 

“Alright guys, we’re not to let Y/N talk about Quidditch at all, got it?” They nodded and you sighed.

“That seems a little unfair.”

“Don’t care. Four butterbeers,” he ordered before turning back to you. “You say one thing about the game, you have to face the consequences.”


“Yep.” The butterbeers came a few minutes later, giving you an excuse to not talk about the game. However, Emma Vancity walked in a few minutes later, and you couldn’t fight it off.

“Do you think she’ll still have that same stupid look on her face at the matc-”

“Nope,” Sirius said before leaning over and kissing you. He pulled away a moment later, and no one else at the table seemed to be fazed by it.

“What was that?” you asked.

“I told you, if you talked about the match you would have to face the consequences.”

“Which is getting kissed?”


“You’re joking.” 

“Do I need to kiss you again?” Sirius snapped. Remus and Peter started laughing, and you did, too.

“No.” So, you did your best not to talk about the match. However, you did get kissed four more times. Once more by Sirius, twice by Remus and once by Peter. Each time they pecked your lips you laughed and relaxed a little. Except for the time that Sirius tried to do more than just a peck. 

When you walked back to the school, James and Lily caught up with you. He was grinning and you rolled your eyes.

“You’re not gonna kiss me, too, are you?” He laughed while Lily looked at you both in confusion.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Yes. Thanks.”

“No problem. You just needed some distractions. You know we’re gonna kick Slytherin’s asses on Friday.”

“Yeah, I know. But you’re still gonna work your ass of tomorrow at practice.” He grinned when you winked at him and ran up to where Remus and Peter were walking, jumping on Peter’s back. So, on Friday, you beat Slytherin by 150 points, after the snitch was captured, and it only took kissing your best friends five times to get there.

six of crows character aesthetics: what’s in their bags edition
  • kaz brekker: a cloth to polish his bloody cane with, an extra pair of leather gloves, folded maps, a leaking black marker, cologne labeled 'blood of my enemies', hair gel for his impeccable quiff
  • inej ghafa: black and gold eyeliners, the softest oversized black hoodie, crumpled maps at the bottom because she doesn't really need them anyway, a cord of scuffed rope, a stone to sharpen her knives with on the go, bits of parchment paper and a pen to write messages on
  • nina zenik: a piece of silky red ribbon for her hair, an almost empty tin of sugar cookies, dark red lipstick, a tin case of bones, hand sanitizer to eat away the stench of dead things, vials of colored pigments for tailoring
  • matthias helvar: an extra pair of warm fuzzy socks from nina, random trinkets he picked up in the snow and woods, a long heavy gun, an extra strap for his large-as-life bag, a case of polish and things to clean his boots with, cologne smelling of winter and fresh air
  • wylan van eck: unscented chapstick, a vial of liquid sunshine or something, a yellowed dogeared notebook full of numbers and equations and diagrams (and subtle sketches of jesper), an old flute he painted on, an extra warm sweater (bright green), tissue paper
  • jesper fahey: an extra pearl or two for his pistols, a pack of old playing cards, crumpled change, an old pocketbook with photos of vintage guns, a tin of extra minty mints, a notebook of his own puns that he adored and laughs over from time to time + puns he'll save for later
Raise Hell - (Negan Fic) Chapter 1: People Like That

Summary: Doveport is a little community just trying to survive in the apocalypse. Elle finally feels like she’s found a home…and then she meets Negan.

Characters: Negan x Elle 

Word Count: 3,186

Warning: No warnings for this chapter (gotta introduce everyone!), but this fic is going to be a dark one. And it’s a slow burn

Author’s Note: I’m so excited to finally share this multi chapter fic with you. I’ve had this idea in my head for months and to get it started feels really good right about now. As of this moment, I have approximately 20 chapters outlined for it and hope I can do Negan’s character justice in this fic. There will be romance. There will be heartache. I will try and update as often as possible. Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime!

You can also read this fic on AO3.

Huge thank you to @ashzombie13 and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!

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Cresco Amor

So I have been trying to start writing little things here and there and decided to give this a shot. I wanted to explore slow, burn, pre-official MSR with my own personal ideas of the season 6-7 timeline and what I think may have been happening behind the scenes leading to … well, everything. Totally innocent (at this point), nothing explicit here. This is (hopefully) going to be the first of many stories. But that all depends on my motivation and bursts of quasi-creativity.

Somewhere in Nevada, heading east

October 30, 1998

“I do want to stop.”

“Mmk” she responded groggily rubbing her eyes and reaching for the folded map in the glove box. “I think there’s a motel about 20 miles or so ahead, small town called Littlefield.”

“No. I mean stop. Get out of the car… eventually”

“Oh.” She said simply, realizing his meaning. “That’s… good, Mulder.” She looked out of the window into the darkness wondering what she would be seeing if it were daylight. It was a barren desert which they had been driving through for two hours now, since they were turned away from Area 51.

“I just cant stop now, Scully. Not with everything that’s been taken from us.”

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One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Seventeen)

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen

Tags: @harleyscheekheart ; @jordyhaley ; @gawston ; @araceli91103 ; @the7thsilence ; @blackxthexbeast ; @hobbithorse19 ; @epicfallenismine ; @imoyu-trashblog ; @naildiva87 ; @dracsgirl ; @girl-next-door-writes ; @afairytaledream

They had fallen asleep holding hands, or at least that’s what Gaston believed when he awoke during the sunrise to find his fingers resting on hers. In the late evening, the fire gasped its final breath and the soothing crispness of nightfall blanketed the room and allowed them to sleep comfortably. Gaston recognized the drop in temperature once he straightened his posture in the chair and blinked his tired eyes.

Surprisingly, his muscles weren’t stiff as he rose from the uncomfortable chair and stretched while recalling his conversation with Anne. They had grown close to the point where Gaston questioned whether or not she loved him. Already cognizant of his own feelings, he nearly surrendered into his temptation and kissed her last night, but as he settled for an embrace, he realized how special their moment was, particularly since neither had expressed much physical contact in the past. Gaston knew he was changing and was already beginning to forget the shallow, arrogant, and ill-tempered man he was a year ago. And yet, as he remembered that Anne’s mother and Tom were following their path, the vengeful part of him stirred irritably. Vayle and Tom were gradually awakening a sleeping Beast.

“It’s time to go,” Gaston urged Anne as he gently shook her shoulder.

“Oh, okay,” she slurred her words and sluggishly pushed herself off of the couch’s sinking cushion.

Her last memory of the evening was listening to one of Gaston’s stories of his childhood, explaining the various jokes he had shared with Charles and LeFou, as he stoked the fading blaze from the fire. She didn’t intend to fall asleep then, her eyes had already grown heavy with the passing hours, and in this moment Anne couldn’t help but notice that the chair from the fireplace had moved overnight. She smiled at this thought, especially after they had a wonderful evening together, but Gaston’s sudden desperation caught her attention and pulled her back to reality.

“Come on,” he ordered as he grabbed one of his bags from behind the couch. “We’ve got one more stop until Holstein. We need to move quickly.”

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Tour Guide

New to your apartment in Brooklyn you go to explore only to get completely lost. Thankfully a charming gentleman with kind blue eyes was there to save the day.

Request: ‘The Knitter’ was so adorable! Can I please get added to your tag list? And may I request something as well? I recently moved to a new place and have this daydream about walking into Bucky accidentally and he offers to show the reader the city. Or they meet because she starts working for SHIELD and this is is how they meet and Bucky thinks she’s cute and offers to show her around, like Brooklyn and so on :) thank you! X


Warnings: Bucky’s pretty damn hot and sweet (I felt like this is a needed warning)

Word Count: 1820

Title: Tour Guide

Note: @gallifreyansass  I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to write this, I’ve been so busy with my holiday and organising my University. You’ve probably already settled in and know your way around the your new area now so I hope that all went well. Here’s some helpful Bucky for you anyway, thanks for the request doll, this was fun to write!

Stepping out of your brand new Brooklyn apartment you locked the door and headed down the stairs. Having just finished unpacking your moving boxes (most of which contained far too many books) your plan for the rest of the day was to get to know the area around your new home. You were more than ready to get out of your small apartment and so you excitedly jumping down the stairs you nearly ran smack bang into a rather well built blonde with blue eyes.

“Oh, sorry sir!” you called out as you narrowly avoided him.

“It’s no problem miss.” He called out and you smiled gratefully before continuing down the stairs slightly more carefully. The man you would later learn was Steve Rogers released a hearty chuckle and leant against the railing with crossed arms watching you descend the many flight of stairs.

When you reached the front door of the apartment block a very polite coloured man with a wicked smile held the door open for you.

“Thanks,” you said and he winked back giving you a dazzling smile in reply. Sam Wilson entered the building and closed the door waving up at Steve as you hit the street with a bounce in your step. You couldn’t be sure if you were nervous or excited but you were somewhere in that zone. Pulling your bag more securely on your shoulder you started off down the street taking note of where you had started off.

Much later you stood on the corner of one street and another staring intently at a map you were holding in your hands. It’d been two hours since you’d left the apartment and you had made it no more than a few blocks before getting completely lost. You tried to backtrack to your apartment but all the buildings looked the same and you just made yourself even more lost. You looked up again at the street signs above your head taking note once again of their names. Still being unable to locate either road on the map you released a sigh and stomped your foot in frustration.

You folded up your map placing it in your pocket and looked up to see a taxi cab hurtling down the road. You hadn’t noticed the puddle of water on the road and so flinched when the cab sent up a large spray. You scrunched your eyes in preparation to be soaked but you remained dry. Instead you felt a strong hand grab you and pull you out of the way. You opened your eyes to find a pair of sparkling blue ones staring back at you. Your saviour stepped back and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Hi,” you whispered shyly unable to look away from his eyes.

“Hi.” He replied warmly his voice deep but firm. “Sorry about grabbing you like that but you already looked lost, I didn’t want to add wet to the mix.”

Well you’ve dramatically failed at that you thought to yourself taking in the hunk of a man before you.

“Thank you, it’s appreciated,” you replied instead and turned to start walking away, hoping he wouldn’t notice how blatantly you’d ogled him.

“Hey, wait!” the mystery brunette called out causing you to turn around, “Do you need a hand getting around. I meant what I said when you looked lost.”

“Oh,” you mumbled ducking your head and rubbing the back of your neck, trying to hide the redness of your cheeks. Inhaling a deep breath you pushed away your pride and risked a look at the man waiting nervously before you. “Um, yes. Please.” you added noting the beautiful smile that crossed his face as you said it.

“Brilliant,” he cheered in a gravely voice, “I’m James by the way.”

“y/n”, you replied, completely oblivious to the avenger who was standing in front of you. “Thanks for the help.”

“It’s no problem, really. You looking for anywhere in particular or….” James trailed off waiting for you to fill in the blanks for him.

“Oh, um, I’m, ah, actually new to the area, just moved in, and wanted to get to know the place but it’s not exactly going very well.” James laughed as you gestured to the scrunched up map in your pocket. He shook his head and smiled gently up at you sending your heart racing.

“Well then,” James added with a smile, “I guess you’ve just found yourself a tour guide.”


James was the best tour guide you could ask for. He showed you all the main sights and attractions of Brooklyn along with a few hidden jem’s. He showed you prospect park, Brooklyn bridge and the Brooklyn botanical gardens. He even pointed out where the museum and aquarium were. As you walked he spoke of the best diners, quiet places to sit in the parks and where you can get the perfect New York Cheese cake.

Walking around yet another corner James continued his enthusiastic ramblings about Brooklyn. It was beautiful to watch him speak so passionately about his home town and if you’d guessed his identity correctly, he wouldn’t have been this relaxed and at ease in a long time. He was so sweet and kind and the way his eyes lit up when he talked made you lose track of what he was saying more than you cared to admit.

“And here’s the old Corner Cinema. Well,” Bucky paused taking in the empty car park, “it, uh, was. It was a good place to go. Snuck out to watch films with my buddy St… my friend way too many times.” Bucky’s shoulders had dropped as he took in the empty car park his once cheery demeanour fading away rapidly. Wanting to lighten the mood you looked around and noticed a diner just across the street from you.

“Hey James, is there a good place to eat around here? I realise I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m quite hungry.” You asked innocently and you swore you saw his eyes shine with unshed tears.

“Yeah, just over here actually.” he replied stealthily wiping his eyes. “My friend and I always used to come here after the movies. They serve a mean bagel.” You smiled up at him and James led you across the road and held the door open for you. What a gentleman.

Sliding into a booth at the back you allowed James, or as you were fairly sure Bucky, to order for you. You were sure that the bagel you’d eaten was brilliant but you don’t actually remember what it tasted like, being too busy watching Bucky to notice the taste. You sat in the booth for a good two hours talking of this and that. He had a wicked sense of humour and the stories he told of his childhood set you both laughing.

“Thanks for today Bucky. I reckon I know my way around now.” you said smiling up at him not noticing your slip up. Bucky however had and his face fell when you called him by his nickname. He immediately became distant and moved to get up.

“Wait, sorry,” you said with a slight shrug, “I figured it out. If it makes you feel better it took me a while.”

Bucky nodded at your answer but his face was now guarded. You could see a war battling behind his eyes and you hoped you hadn’t scared him away.

“How did I give it away?” he asked eventually not looking at you and instead staring at his hands.

“Your glove was the first hint along with your stories and the fact we’re in Brooklyn. It was the cinema that was the give away. Oh and that.” You finished pointing at something behind him. Turning Bucky couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face or the laugh that escaped his lips as he looked at the photo-wall behind him. By his left ear was a black and white photo of him and a very scrawny Steve Rogers smiling giddily with sauce all over their faces. Shaking his head he turned to you and was surprised to see a smile on your face too.

“I guess that is a bit of a giveaway huh?” he joked his eyes much lighter than before.

“Just a bit,” you sassed back as you stood up and gestured towards the door. Bucky chuckled deeply and got out of the booth. You followed him over to the counter and watched gladly as he managed to persuade the waitress to allow him to take the photo home. Once out of the diner Bucky asked if you knew your way home and when you replied with an embarrassed no, you gave Bucky your address. Bucky confirmed your suspicions when he said he lived in the same apartment as you. You told him of your unknowing run in with Steve and Sam enticing another laugh from him.

When you made it back home Bucky paused before entering turning to look at you.

“Thank you. I really needed today.” he admitted awkwardly. You understood what he meant and so placed a hand reassuringly on his left arm. You couldn’t imagine what he’d experienced so you were happy to help. The fact that he was a stunningly handsome gentleman was completely beside the point.

Again trying to lighten the mood you replied “I’m fairly sure I should be thanking you shouldn’t I?”

“I was happy to help.” Bucky smiled in return before adding. “I mean it though, thank you giving me a chance.”

“It’s not everyday I meet a gentleman. I was more than happy to have my own personal tour guide” you sassed back

You brushed past Bucky and started up the stairs to your apartment leaving a smiling Bucky behind you. Bucky followed you up and stopped one floor below you to find his door already open and a smirking Steve Rogers leaning against the doorway. Easily able to read the emotions playing out in Bucky’s head Steve pointed towards the roof and the sound of you unlocking your door.

“y/n! Wait!” he called out sprinting up the stairs.

“Bucky? Everything alright?” you asked looking past him in confusion.

“I just, ah, remembered that, ah,” Bucky inhaled slowly regaining his courage before looking you straight in the eye. “I forgot to show you the best part of Brooklyn today and was wondering if you’d accompany me to Coney Island tomorrow night?”

You looked the now nervous super soldier up and down before smirking and asking, “James, are you asking me on a date?” When he didn’t reply you continued, “because if you were, I’d say yes.”

Bucky’s face lit up and you laughed when he replied, “yes doll, yes I am.”

“Then I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”

One floor below you Steve slapped Sam on the back and you could have sworn you heard the coloured man mumble, “dammit Barnes, I was going to ask her.”

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Ley-Lines, Cross Roads, & the Urban Witch

Ley-Lines, known to some as ‘Fairy-Paths,’ are straight tracks etched across ancient landscapes, whose power – while somewhat dormant in many places – can still be tapped into today. These lines of energy, created by the footsteps of thousands of people for thousands of years, are aligned with countless sacred sites, such as stone circles, churches, burial mounds and the like.

The origin of the term Ley-Line refers to the ancient straight tracks that run across parts of the UK – often marked by megaliths and even Roman roads – but the theory of ancient geographical lines or grids of energy is not at all exclusive to the UK; many cultures across the globe have stories of powerful, geographical lines of significance, often going hand-in-hand with tales of Creation and even of ghosts and the Fae.

Many theories as to the origin of such lines exist, for instance in many tribes across Australia, the ‘song lines’ (as they are known here) were formed during the Creation Story. In Britain it is believed that they are merely powerful tracks created by the thousands of people who have passed over them in order to get to and from sacred sites. Each culture has its own understanding which fits their spiritual perception of the land.

The ‘crossroads’ – points at which two or more Leys meet – are seen as places of incredible power, and are often marked (in the UK) with groves of hawthorn or pine. If you were to find yourself at a Ley-Line crossroad, you may perceive a sudden rush of energy, an excitement of the senses, or even ghostly figures or voices. These are locations where the Veil is thinnest, and as such it is not uncommon for these areas to be marked with unusual natural formations, such as weirdly twisted or knotted trees, strange shapes or faces in the fields and hills, and even sightings of strange and extinct beasts.

There are infinite possibilities for magick when it comes to working with Ley-Lines, including boosting your spells and rituals, supplying an abundance of energy for you to use in healing/empowering/charging/cursing, creating a medium in which you can become closer to the earth and its energies, etc. …But where does the Urban Magickian come into all of this? What of those witches and the like who don’t have the privilege of living near stone circles, centuries-old churches or ancient burial mounds? Well, you’re in luck! Because Ley-Lines are not exclusive to ancient landscapes; it is said that the mere treading of a path by enough people can create a line of power, and as such, train tracks, highways, busy intersections and that old underground bar with the sigils on the bathroom wall can all be places of power. Get creative.

There are many ways to locate Ley-Lines, but by far the easiest is to utilise a map and either a pendulum or just plain old intuition:

• Begin by finding a good, detailed map of your area. Print it out and, with pen or pencil, mark out all the important sites, such as churches and graveyards. If your township is relatively newly developed, these sites will probably not be built on geographical Leys, but they will likely be markings on what i have termed ‘Urban Leys,’ or ‘Urban Ley-Lines;’ grids or paths of power created, as stated above, by the treading of man and beast, and you may also have a hand in creating and strengthening these lines as you cast magick along them in your travels.
Some places you may wish to mark on your map, alongside those where you feel the Veil is thinnest, include:
- Groves of old trees
- Entrancing hills or plains
- Fairy rings
- Old beaten tracks through the woods
- Ghost hot-spots
- Or the field with that one goat you swear can read your mind… 🐐👀

(If you don’t know your area all that well, you may need to do some intuitive surveying of the land/city).

• On your map, find a site that feels intuitively promising, you may wish to choose the city cemetery, a misty grove of pines, an old tree that’s grown in a warped or strange formation, or any other place you feel has an intense liminal energy, (there was a post going around claiming that the inside of any Target is a liminal space, so why not start there?).

• Once you’ve located your starting place, go there with a pendulum or any other method you use to sense energy (or whatever magickal paradigm you work with, ‘energy’ being the most common one). If you’re using a pendulum, stand still at your chosen site and let your pendulum reveal to you which direction the Urban-Ley flows, (if indeed you have found one). if not using a pendulum, intuit the direction in whichever way works for you.

• Follow the newly discovered path! Let your feet and your intuition (or pendulum) guide you along the way. You may find you stumble upon old or liminal buildings, trees, bodies of water or other such features that you didn’t even know existed! Just remember, Leys flow in straight lines, so try to draw it up like grids or unbending paths on your map, otherwise it’ll become one big squiggly mess. I also suggest that you keep your maps folded up in your grimoire or magickal journal, for easy access while on the go.

A few more things to keep in mind:

- In some cultures, for instance the Australian Aboriginals, certain Lines will only flow in one direction, and it is seen as sacrilege to walk them in the opposite direction to which they flow (A good example of this is Uluru, in which the story-line runs down the rock face. This is why it was incredibly distressing for the Australian Aboriginals of the Northern Territory when white people started climbing up the rock). So it might be worth keeping that in mind while treading these paths. I would recommend also doing some research into the cultures who have lived in your area since before white people settled there, to ensure – if you do stumble upon an ancient Ley – that you’re not appropriating anyone else’s culture.

- If you find a certain Ley-Line crossroad that you feel is particularly powerful, and you’d like to use it in your Craft, you could take a leaf out of the Celts’ book and build a structure there with which to tap into, or channel, the Ley energy. Think of it like acupuncture, but instead of needles you could build little mini stone circles, hang wind chimes or amulets from trees, carve sigils into trees or fences, hammer a consecrated stake into the earth, etc. As i said before, get creative!

- In Ireland (where the Leys are known as ‘Fairy Paths’), it is believed that fairies maintain the upkeep of these tracks, and on certain days of the year, such as May Eve or Hallowe’en, they use them to navigate to and from their celebrations. As such, it is strongly advised that you avoid fairy paths on these days, lest you fall prey to these tricky creatures. If your practice incorporates fairies, you may want to keep that in mind!

- As Ley-Lines are sources of a seemingly infinite amount of living energy (yes, living, as they find their source in the earth, which is very much alive) it is not uncommon to find spirits using this abundance of energy to support their form on the physical plain. So if you’re easily spooked, best to tread these paths in the daylight. :p

  All in all, i hope this inspires many a witch to go out and discover the Urban-Leys in their area, and to find yet another avenue in which to explore their own power and that of the earth’s.

- Brigitte

The Perfect Storm Chapter 1 (Jensen x Reader)

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Title: The Perfect Storm Chapter 1-She’s Here

Pairings: Jensen x Reader; Jensen x Danneel

Summary: Jensen just wanted his ex wife to sign the papers so he could marry Danneel. He never expected to be dragged back into the life of a storm chaser. But once a storm chaser, always a storm chaser. Based on the movie Twister (RIP Bill Paxton)

A/N: This story is dedicated to the beautiful, talented, amazing, all over fantastic @petrovadixon! The lyrics in this chapter are “Give it Away” by George Strait. I hope to be able to get this posted to AO3 soon, if it will work with me. Anyway, here it is. Feedback is welcome!

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Childhood story #3

Sasuke the explorer

“Say backpack”


“Say backpack”

“Backpack!” Shisui rolled his eyes in an annoyed manner, he looked over his math book to his youngest brother who was sitting right in front of the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui ordered, only to be ignored. “Princess” He put his book down and was ignored again. “Princess!”

Sasuke finally turned his head and Shisui wished he could scold his 5 years old brother for being so oblivious, but those innocent, doll-like eyes just screamed innocence. Besides, Shisui had noted before that Sasuke had the talent of completely blocking his surroundings and put 100% of his focus on one thing, which was mostly the TV.

“Turn it down” Shisui repeated.

“I am watching it”

“The volume, princess, the volume, I could not have been clearer!” Shisui leaned his head on his hands.

“Alright” He grabbed the remote control and turned the volume down, looking back at Shisui to see some sort of approval.

“That is good” Shisui said, looking back at the equation.

“Heeyy, little dinosaur!” Fugaku grabbed Sasuke from under his armpits and threw him in the air, immediately getting his youngest son’s attention.

“Rawr!” Sasuke roared loudly.

“Last time I checked, t-rexes were one of the biggest dinosaurs” Shisui sighed. Why wasn’t the library open on Sundays? It would have gotten him through his homework so much faster.

“Hey, listen buddy” He put Sasuke on the couch and squatted in front of him. “I have to go to work”

“I wanna come! I wanna come!” Sasuke got on his knees and bounced on the couch. Fugaku put both his hands on Sasuke’s shoulder and forced him to sit still.

“Sure…you wanna cum” Shisui sniggered.
“You can’t, you have to be at least this tall” Fugaku put his hand up a random height and Sasuke stared at it.

“Can I stand on my toes?” He asked dead serious.

“No” Fugaku said bluntly. He stood up.

“But your brother will be babysitting you”

“I did not sign up for this” Shisui immediately responded.

“Five bucks” Fugaku negotiated.

“Pfff, no way, unless it is five bucks an hour”

“How about five bucks and you are not in a youth hostel?”

“You’re a bad dad, you know that?” Shisui cocked his head. Fugaku lifted his shoulders in a non-caring way.

“You will take care of him, don’t let him watch too much TV, oh…and if anything happens to him, it is on you”

“Why is it on me?”

“Should I blame a 5 years old or a 13 years old?” Fugaku raised a questionable eyebrow.

“Why not blame the dad who left the 13 years old in charge?” Shisui put his pen down.

“Damn boy, the more you grow up to more you start to sound like those attorney lawyers, annoying”

“The more I see this kind of injustice, the more I want to become a lawyer” Shisui leaned back in his chair and looked at his dad who was shaking his head.

“I will be back before dark” Fugaku stated, leaving his two sons alone.

Sasuke crawled off the couch and sat back in front of the TV. Shisui grabbed the remote control and turned it off, causing his younger brother to turn his head to Shisui.

“The TV. broke” He stated.

“Then you just have to do something else”

“Like?” The younger one stood up.

“Pff, go play with the ball in the backyard” Shisui suggested.

“Would you play with me?” Sasuke asked, it made Shisui chuckle again.

“Fuck no” Shisui shook his head before realizing what he just said. He looked back up.

“That is a no-no word” The younger one stated.

“Yes, it is…I was…testing you!” Shisui said.

“…Did I pass?” Sasuke asked, awkwardly looking around him.

“Yes, you did, go play in the backyard” Shisui picked his pen up and read the question over again. He turned the page on his notebook and started on a blank page.

Finally, some silence and alone time. Now the 13-years old could finally finish his darn math homework. Half an hour passed and Shisui looked up from the math problem. It was really quiet…maybe even…too quiet.

“Princess?!” Shisui called out, but didn’t get a response. He called again, but then decided to stand up and take a look himself.

“Sasuke?” Shisui muttered under his breath, seeing an empty backyard and…a back door that was swung open. “Sasuke!” He clenched a fist, “That annoying little brat!”

Shisui grabbed his shoes and the house keys before running out the back door and closing it behind him.

“Sasuke!” He shouted, walking through the allies and looking at the small parks nearby. Though the kid seemed to be gone. The anger turned into worry. What if the kid got grabbed by some weird perv?! Was math homework really worth his life?! For fuck’s sake, the kid was five, he must be scared and hungry…okay probably not hungry, but scared for sure!

“Say backpack, backpack, backpack!”

Shisui’s eyes widened and he turned his head to the left, seeing a familiar ninja turtle backpack and a dinosaur plushie. Sasuke sat on his knees in the grass and grabbed his backpack and grabbing what seemed like a bandaid. He unwrapped it and put it on the dinosaur plushie.

“We did it!” He threw his hands in the air and made a mini victorious trumpet sound.

He was playing…Dora the Explorer…no…more like..Sasuke the explorer…

Shisui wanted to smack the brat at least four times, but dealing with a crying kid wouldn’t really make his day easier. He wanted to walk towards him and just take him back home, but seeing him unroll a A4 paper with some stupid map drawn on it was too adorable to stop.

“So we slipped passed the ugly curly sheep-”

A imaginary brick fell on Shisui’s head…yeah…take a wild guess to who the ugly curly sheep was…

“Then we passed the forest of doom, now we have to go pass the rocky path and to the big red chicken!” Sasuke said to the plushie before putting his backpack back on and grabbing Mr.Roary.

In short, he was going to the petting zoo. Shisui sighed, but decided to follow his little brother from the background. Let him have this little adventure of his, it will make him tired and force him to take a nap. It would only be less trouble for the older Uchiha.

He silently walked behind Sasuke until he heard somebody call his name. He turned his head and saw the neighbour.

“How have you been?” She asked in a friendly way.

“Ah! Hey! Yea, I am doing fine”

“Good kid” She smiled kindly, “So…what are you doing behind a tree?”

“Uhm…I am watching my little brother, the youngest.” Shisui said and scratched the back of his head nervously. He looked from behind the tree and frowned seeing a man kneeling next to him, holding a lollipop.

“You want the candy?”

“I am not supposed to talk to strangers” Sasuke answered, looking at his map.

“I am no stranger, I am uncle Bob”

“What is a stranger?”

“A stranger is somebody you don’t know, but I am uncle Bob” The stranger said, moving the lollypop a little to catch Sasuke’s attention again.

“But do I know uncle Bob? No…so…you are a stranger to me” Sasuke said, folding his maps.

“You are such a smart kid, I have more candy for you…”

“Hold on…no…no..wait a minute!” Shisui ran towards them and swept Sasuke up, holding him close.

“Yeaaahh~ Shisui!” Sasuke laughed, thinking it was some sort of game.

“Get the fuck away from him!” Shisui shouted, “With your stupid candy! You know schools warn kids for people like you! You…you-”

“Poopie head!”

“Yeah! Poopie head!” Shisui said, pointing an accusing finger. “You should be in jail! Your mother should have had an abortion!”

“Shisui, it is me, uncle Bob! I’ve known you since you were 3 years old”

“Yeah right! I am going to call the police! Child molester! Child molester!”Shisui shouted, catching the attention of some adult that suddenly grabbed the man by his arm.

“Is this man bothering you, son?” One man asked.

“Yes! He tried to lure my baby brother!” Shisui said.

“We will handle him, kiddo” Another man said, folding his arm and narrowing his eyes to this Bob guy.

“Thank you” Shisui said, turning around.

“No, the red big chicken in the other way” Sasuke said, struggling against Shisui’s grip.

“No, we are going home, that is final!” Shisui stated, but got kicked in the stomach, forcing him to let go.

“You are mean!” Sasuke shouted as he landed on the ground and ran away.

“Sasuke! Goddamnit!” Shisui hissed, running after him. Sasuke jumped and climbed in a tree.

“Come immediately down!” Shisui demanded.

“No!” Sasuke said, climbing higher in the tree.

“Sasuke, you will fall!” Shisui shouted, Sasuke ignored him, but just as Shisui predicted, he set his foot on a weak branch and fell down.

“What did I tell you?!” Shisui knelt in front of his younger brother, examining him from top to bottom. Sasuke hugged his knees and started sobbing silently.

“You made yourself cry” Shisui stated, “I told you not to climb it, I told you to play in the backyard, what do you do? THE OPPOSITE!”

“I…I…wanted to…play…” Sasuke sulked, “You never want to play”

“Don’t put this on me, brat!”

“Madara doesn’t play with me, Obito doesn’t…you don’t…mommy keeps niisan away from me and…Izuna is playing with somebody else” Shisui sighed.

“That is not it, Sasuke, see, when you grow up…you have other responsibilities and sometimes…It takes over, look at me, I go to middle school, I have homework which does take priority, but…I am still here chasing you all the way…just to make sure you are safe”

Sasuke looked up, wiping his big tears away.

“Can you walk?” Shisui asked.

“Yes” Sasuke said, “But I still want you to carry me”

Shisui smiled, “Yes, princess” he carried Sasuke on his back.

“Can we still go and see the big red chicken?” Sasuke asked.

“Sure…Dora the Explorer” Shisui responded. It was not far anyway.

“Will you be Boots?”

“Uhm…yeah, whatever”

“You have to wear boots to be Boots”

“Well, I am not wearing boots”

“Then how are you Boots?” Sasuke asked.

“One more comment about boots and I will show you some place where I can shove a boot up”

“…You don’t have to go bananas”

“I will drop you” Shisui commented already annoyed.


“Look, look nissan” Sasuke sat on Itachi’s lap and showed the map he had drawn. “We passed the ugly black curly sheep, then passed the forest of doom and then went on the rocky path to the big red chicken!”

“Ooh, and you drew that yourself?”

“Yes, yes!” Sasuke smiled when Itachi patted his head.

“It must have been quite the adventure, are you now Sasuke the explorer?”

“Yeah!” Sasuke smiled.

“More like Sasuke the troublesome” Shisui muttered, his head leaning on the armrest of the couch. It seemed he was the only one exhausted. The doorbell rang and the three looked at each other.

“I got it, I got it!” Izuna ran towards the door, but was picked up by Fugaku with one arm and thrown over his shoulder. They were goofing around before Fugaku opened the door, there was some talking in the hallway before Fugaku walked back in the living room with a man that seemed very familiar to Shisui.

“Kids, you remember uncle Bob, right?”

“…Fuck no…”

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“Hey Geoff,” Gavin calls from the backseat, absentmindedly fiddling with the arm rest on his seat, his shirt still splattered with blood and mud from the job they had pulled for Gus earlier that day.

“Yeah, Buddy,” Geoff responds without looking up from the map spread across his lap, rubbing at his dirty cheek with one grubby hand.

“Just curious, if you could shag anyone in this van who would it be?”

Geoff is quiet for a moment, already too used to Gavin’s random questions to be surprised, thinking over his answer before shrugging and saying, “I don’t know, Jack probably.”

“Hey,” Jack protests from the driver seat, her outfit just as filthy as the others, red hair falling out of her ponytail. She points her finger at Geoff, a disgruntled look on her face. “Don’t include me in this discussion.”

Geoff sighs but concedes. “Alright, then probably Ryan.”

Ryan, who had long since passed out in the far back (he went a little overboard since tonight was the first night after his latest murder break), doesn’t reply, but Geoff feels, if he could have, he would have come up with some clever retort before lapsing into that unnatural silence he usually fell into.

“I think I’d pick Michael,” Gavin states casually, like he had been asked the question instead of asking it himself.

“Well, shit Gav.” Michael gives Gavin a fond smile, dirt clumps visible in his hair, his glasses smudged with fingerprints and grime. After a beat he says, “I’d definitely pick Ray.”

“What?” Gavin screeches glancing back at the sniper. His eyes are closed, head tilted towards Ryan, appearing to be asleep, not having heard the commotion (or if he had, choosing not to say anything). He is, by far, the cleanest of the group, spending the whole time in the desert sitting up in his makeshift sniper’s nest, making sure no one bothered the crew.

“Yeah,” Geoff agrees nodding his head, “Ray looks like he could give a good blowjob.”

“He does.”

“I’m gonna change my answer,” Gavin grumbles but no one pays him the least bit of attention.

“How could you possibly know he’d give a good blowjob?” Jack asks taking the exit that’ll bring them into Los Santos.

Geoff shrugs, folding up the map, shoving it carelessly into the glove box. “He just does.”

“Trust us, Jack, it’s a feeling,” Michael states glancing out the window.

“If you insist,” Jack mumbles skeptically but still lets the subject go, clearly not in the mood for their antics tonight.

“Gonna pick Kerry or Jeremy,” Gavin continues to bitch, again getting ignored for his troubles.

“Hey, who do you think Ray and Ryan would pick?” Michael asks curiously glancing back at the sleeping pair again. Somehow, during the discussion, Ray’s head lolled onto Ryan’s chest, his hand clutching the fabric of a leather jacket, one of Ryan’s arm loosely wrapped around him.

“Oh, we all know who those motherfuckers would choose,” Geoff answers getting a few murmurs of agreement.

“Am I at least in the top five?” Gavin asks giving Geoff a hopeful look.

Geoff thinks a minute and says, “Top twenty at least.”

“Damn it!”

surefinewatever  asked:

hi! if you're taking prompts rn: can you please write something bittersweet fluffy-smutty MSR on the run/post-The Truth fic? I just ran out of those on ao3 and honestly I can't find my place, I need my dosis! have a nice day xx

She spends a lot of time looking out the window.  He knows it without even looking at her (but he can’t stop looking at her, glances that last longer than they should despite the flat, open, empty, endless highway).  He is losing his grasp on her by inches as she slips over some invisible precipice.

Scully spreads the map over her knees and traces their route.  They try not to use their phones.  She’s folded and refolded the map so many times that it’s parting gently at the creases.  He tries not to think of that as a metaphor.  Maybe it makes her feel more secure to track them across the highways that slice the land into pieces.  

They have been crisscrossing the plains of the West in some sort of ersatz frontiersmanship.  Mountains bite into the edges of the sky, but he still feels immensely small under the endless blue.  This land has claimed so many lives.  He can’t stop thinking of skeletons, bleached bones under the pale insidious sun, weathered by the wind.  He thinks of their bones in the haunted house, how fragile they would look out here, jumbled together like the bones of the Brown Mountain hikers, their small treasures lost in the spaces between their ribs.  They are somewhere in Wyoming; he isn’t sure anymore.  Every small town looks like every other small town, dark windows like lost teeth that will never grow back.  At least if they are being followed, they will see their pursuers coming, the way that Scully watches storms roll in.  

They stop for the night at another motel.  He pays in cash; the guy at the counter hardly even looks up, just pushes the key across the counter.  Mulder picks it up.  It’s attached to one of those keychains designed to look like a vanity license plate, the kind that he’s seen at a thousand truck stops.  The room number is written on one side.  The other side says WILLIAM.  Mulder might take it as some kind of sign, if he still believed in signs and wonders.   Still, he won’t let Scully see it.  

They carry the suitcases in with the weary ease of all-too-seasoned travelers.  They can pack or unpack in less than ten minutes.  They used to try to put out little homey touches, but that ended months ago, after the third time they fled in the middle of the night.  Scully still has a framed photograph of William in her bag, but she never takes it out.  It’s wrapped in her mother’s scarf.  She touches it sometimes, when she thinks he isn’t looking.

Scully walks into the bathroom and eyes her reflection.  The harsh light bleaches her skin and brings out brassy highlights in her blonde wig.  She scrapes the wig off her head and massages her head with a sigh, leaning into the mirror again.  He’s seen that gaze before, when she was trying to stare through her skull to find the death that lurked behind her eyes.

“Chinese okay for dinner, if I can find it?” Mulder asks.  "I’m craving kung pao chicken.“

"Sure,” she says, narrowing her eyes.  He’s been on the other end of that look before; it’s never pleasant.  He leaves her to her contemplation and makes sure to take the key.  

When he comes back with sandwiches and canned soup from the grocery store (the only Chinese restaurant had clearly closed for business some months before), Scully has shaved her head.  She is picking the long locks off a towel and dropping them meticulously into a bag. He stands stock-still, stunned by the perfect curve of her skull.  She must have used his clippers; she’s gotten good with them the past few months.  Her hair is evenly cropped all over, red-gold down through which he can see the blue veins in her scalp.

“Oh,” he says.

“It’s easier,” she says, “to put the wigs on.”  She drags the wig on to demonstrate, a practiced gesture.  She looks strange as a blond, even after months of rotating through various wigs.  He reaches out and gently takes it off.  He hangs it on the doorknob of the bathroom (he’s been lectured enough times about how to care for the various accoutrements of their disguises).  

“I needed a change,” she tells him, and something behind her eyes is falling apart.

“You’re beautiful,” he says.

“Mulder,” she says wearily.

“I mean it,” he insists.  There is an eerie, unearthly quality to her loveliness; without her hair, her eyes are even more striking, her cheekbones sharper, the fineness of the architecture of her all the more evident.  He cannot stop looking at her.

She smiles, but there’s a gently bitter twist to her lips.  "Show me,“ she says.

He clasps her hands, then runs his palms up her arms to her shoulders and traces the taut tendons in her neck.  Her ears are revealed in their perfection now; he skims his thumbs over their edges to make her shiver.  The remains of her hair prickle against his palms.  He imagines he can read their journey by the marks on her skin: the veins are rivers, her scars are landmarks, and the intersections of her nerves are ticked off by mile markers.  They have been to the moon and back, he thinks, or at least to the ends of the earth.  One rainy night in Oregon they walked off the edges of the map and have never found their way back.  Here be monsters.  They have carved their own markers into their trail, into their bodies, so that at least if they cannot find their way, they are never lost.

She is restless under his hands, wincing a little.  He pulls away immediately.

"Sorry,” he tells her.  

“It hurts,” she says slowly, as if she’s tasting the words to determine their truth.  "I didn’t know it would hurt.“

"I wasn’t trying to…” he says and trails off as she looks at him.

“It’s all right,” she says.  "I didn’t know.  I’ve been lucky, I suppose.  I didn’t know I’d be cold.“

He reaches for the wig with a question in his eyes, but she shakes her head.

"Warm me up, Mulder,” she tells him.

They undress themselves (most of the romance vanished along with any attempts to make any room feel like anything more than a temporary shelter) and he falls onto the bed, pulling her on top of him.  The light from the lamps slants across her face as she straddles him.  He steadies her with his hands on her hips.  He wants to run his palms over her head again; he always thought her hair was soft, but the stubble is sharp, just one more example of her unexpected depths.  She rides him with an abandon that approaches desperation and it’s all he can do to keep up with the tempo she sets, rising and falling.  He knows where and how to touch her to make her come.  It’s the only truly useful skill he’s ever learned, he thinks, and the only one that’s never failed him at a critical moment.

She looks down at him and there’s a halo around her.  He hasn’t seen light that warm for months.  If there are angels, this is what they look like: fiery and chiseled, flames in their eyes and flames around them.  

She comes with a gasp, her limber body suddenly steel.  He holds her through it, waits until she dissolves into flesh again to find his own pleasure.  They still use condoms, most of the time, having both seen too much traceable evidence left behind in other motel rooms; feeling her surrounding him with no barrier between them is a rare pleasure.  He thrusts up into her, molding her to his hips, and the flutter of her inner muscles around him is enough to finish him.  Almost before he’s caught his breath, she’s in the bathroom again, washing up.  He rolls off the bed and follows her on shaky legs.  She hands him a damp washcloth.  It’s rough against his delicate skin, but he cleans up anyway and tosses the cloth into the sink.  She is gazing into the mirror again, disbelief and dismay at odds in her eyes with a fierce defiant pride.  

“It’ll grow back,” she says, half to herself and half to him.

“I don’t care unless you care,” he tells her, wrapping her in his arms and pressing his cheek to her head.  The arch of her cranium fits into the hollow of his jaw.  "Your hair’s not the reason I love you.“

She leans back against his chest.  "Why do you love me, Mulder?  Sometimes I think all we’ve brought each other is loss and misery.”

He kisses her ear, taking a deep breath to ease the ache in his chest.  "Years ago we talked about all the choices that had brought us to this moment.  I still wouldn’t take them back.  There’s no one else I’d rather face the end of the world with, Scully.“

"If the end would come,” she says wryly.

“Maybe it won’t,” he says.  "Maybe they’ll give up on us.  Maybe we’ll give up and settle down somewhere, build ourselves a homestead.  I could learn to play the harmonica.“  

"That sounds miserable,” she says.

“All right, city girl,” he tells her.  "Maybe we’ll rent an apartment somewhere anonymous, train the cockroaches to fetch our slippers, grunt at the neighbors, and avoid the eyes of everyone we meet.“

"Better,” she says.  "Somewhere with Chinese food.“

"Definitely,” he says.

They stand in front of the mirror, staring at themselves, staring at each other.  They have carved their names on each other’s hearts like pioneers at Independence Rock.  They’ll endure, he thinks, standing as tall as they can under the infinity of stars.  Whoever follows in their footsteps (their son, oh god, their son - he cannot stop the hope bubbling up in him) will find the trail already blazed, the path cleared and marked for his easy passage.  

Scully’s stomach growls and the moment is gone.  They are mortal again, and hungry.  They drag their clothes back on and microwave the soup in the miserable kitchenette.  She digs a knitted hat out of their bags and he is grateful that she never lost her hair during her treatments.  Her near-baldness was her choice.  There will be no flashbacks; she never had a wig before they began their life on the lam.  It’s funny being wanted fugitives as they pick at their chicken salad sandwiches.  He always imagined a life of crime would be much more glamorous.  <i>The Sandlot</i> is on television; they watch that as Scully leans against him.

Go west, he thinks, go west and grow up with your country.  They are still alive, still growing.  Her hair will be proof of that, a new way to measure out the weeks of drifting from motel to motel.  They make their own calendars now to mark the seasons: every holiday is a day of mourning, but they wring out moments of joy like this, just soup and sandwiches and a moment to breathe together.  It’s enough.

He’s raised on the Edge

Title: He’s raised on the edge
Characters: Halfdan the Black, Reader
Warning: NSFW. Explicit Content. 18+
Summary: Halfdan’s decision to sail with Björn comes as a surprise to you. Not exactly thrilled about the prospect of having to decide, not just between the ambitions of the Ragnarsons, but also your own an Halfdan’s, you march off to get a clear head. When you return to talk to him, Halfdan takes joy in fuelling your fire further.
Note: I’m sorry this took so long and I’m still not completely happy with it. But if I reread it one more time I swear I’ll go crazy. I still hope some of you will enjoy.


Not wanting to go far as you were unfamiliar with the lands surrounding King Ecbert’s Villa, but too upset to stay with your raiding party, you walked across the steep fields surrounding the Great Army’s camp. You dragged your feet across the mudded land, trying to understand what exactly it was that infuriated you.
Halfdan had announced his wish to sail with Björn, which you yourself weren’t entirely opposed to. Yet anger coiled within you. Had he made the decision on a whim, not caring if you came along? Or was he certain you would join him regardless? Both options angered you equally.
Halfdan and you had been lovers, but hadn’t even considered marriage as you both enjoyed the freedoms that came with your current arrangement. You loved the sea, the wind in your hair, and the only responsibility you had was your own happiness. You found Halfdan just as free-spirited, but with a bolder taste of adventure and a keen sense of duty to his brother. Joining with Halfdan was exciting and added to your joy rather than restricting it.  Yet leaving you in the dark about his plans made you wonder whether you were just a lover to be set aside. Or if his confidence in your decision made you his wife in all but ceremony. To your surprise, you weren’t as appalled at that prospect either. Tossing and turning each option in your head, you just found yourself confused at any and all emotion you felt. The only thing that consoled you was Harald’s equal astonishment at his brother’s decision.
The path you were walking on narrowed and you sat down between some trees that provided welcomed shade. You rubbed the back of your neck and exhaled deeply. Perhaps you were putting too much thought in a decision Halfdan had made being well into the cups. Maybe the anger was but an after wave of the battle you had fought. Especially since the Villa had been abandoned and you felt cheated of another fight.

The night had set in by the time you returned. It didn’t take much asking around until you found the room Halfdan had made his own. When you opened the door, Halfdan was resting on a fur-covered bed. In his hand he was holding something that looked like a cheap copy of Björn’s map. You shut the door behind you and leaned against it. Halfdan looked up at you curious while folding the map.

“There you are,” he said unsurprised.

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A Temporary Obstacle

Oh distance why are you here
When I finally fall for someone
Why did you have to place them
So far away

The distance is killing us
Slowly but surely
Wishing I could just fold a map and be
Closer to you

But I’m not giving up
I won’t make a temporary obstacle
Ruin something beautiful that could be

I know it’s real with the
Warmth in my chest when I think of you
The electricity on my skin when I
Feel you here.

So when I’m swimming
To the shore of yours so far away.
Just know that my arms will get tired but they
Will never seize. 

— Frederik Frøsig
Requested by: curlnology

meeting new people

It was a rather sunny morning as Bow the little demon wolf looked out the window of the crowded bus to his destination. Little Happy Town was the name he’d heard from his parents so much during their tours around the country. It seemed to be quite a fond place to his parents, this made bow excited to see the town for the first time. Most of the six year old’s life they were traveling on the road on tours for daddy’s dancing show and he’d never been in one place for more than a week but papa said that he’d be spending the summer in little happy town with some old friends of theirs until daddy’s last tour was done.

He smiled happily as he grabbed his bag from the holder from above him as the bus came to a stop. Bow happily got out of his seat and squeezed his little body out of the crowded bus on to dirt path. Catching a deep breath of the sweet country  air as the bus speed off. He looked to the small map his papa had for him as he started walking through town. He seemed wonder around for awhile as some of papa’s markers were moved or no longer there, this worried little bow as he hadnt even found the mouse he was suppose to be staying with.

Bow sighed sitting on a bench as he folded up the hand made map and put in his front pocket and frowned. He hadn’t even noticed all the glares he was receiving from some people walking past until a white poodle sat beside him. 

“hello there little demon what brings you here?” The poodle asked with a soft smile as Bow turned towards her. She smelled every nice like the ladies who’d bring him back to his parents when he got lost after a show. He nervously shifted to pull a letter out of his bag to look at the name on the letter.

“i-i’m looking for a mouse named molly"bow said stuttering a little bit as he looked into the poodles eyes. they seemed to fill a emotion he’d seen on fans of his parents shows when they said they weren’t doing what the fans asked, but the poodle still had a smile on her face,“d-do y-you know where i could find her?”

“oh of course i do sweet heart I’ll show you to her uncle’s shop it’s not to far here” She said softly as she got and waved for him to follow. Bow smiled nervously as he got up to follow her, the two walked down the street slowly as Bow stumbled forward. 

“My names Bow” the kid said softly as they walked across the street, he was a bit uneasy about her angry eyes but calm body language. He’d heard about a woman like that from daddy and things didn’t go well in the end. She made both his parents very upset and daddy said if bow ever met her not to make her mad.

“hi bow my names Abella” the poodle said kindly as they stopped in front of the shop she bent down to his eye level and smiled,“ Mr. Ched in the store is Molly’s uncle just tell him you need to talk to her and maybe buy something you’ll be fine if you need anything I’m staying at the hotel on 4th in avenue in room 27 ok? I’ll see you later bow”

With that the poodle left him in front of the little shop, and bow dug into his bag for a minute looking for some of the money papa had packed for him. He knew Mr.ched liked money from what papa told him about the man’s price for bone cookies are or at least were. Bow took a 50 out of his bag and walked into the store as he saw the tall buff mouse reading a newspaper. He looked around the small store finding it a bit cozy as he looked to the price bone cookies and the soda. Grabbing a soda bottle and a bone cookie Bow walked back to the check out and put them on the counter and put the 50 on the counter.

“you can keep the change if you tell me where Ms.Molly is I got a letter for her from my parents” Bow said as the man lowered his newspaper. Bow met his stare as he looked at the 50.

“is this real money? I dont see people come in here 50 dollar bills to often"The mouse said studying the bill.

"I hope so my Papa has never given me fake money before and he told me your bone cookies were 20 dollars each"bow said in a sassy tone,"you really over price them I’ve seen bone cookies sold for  5 dollars a doze”

“And who would your father be little demon? your lucky im not kicking you out "the mouse hissed.

"My papa’s name is Boris! He’s a honest wolf and I think he’d be ashamed that you think he’d give me fake money!” Bow said hissing right back at the mouse whose face went white,“but if you dont want my business I’ll just go get my cookie and soda somewhere else !”

“wait did you say you were uncle Boris’s son?” A female mouse said peaking in from the back room. Bow nodded as he stood his ground with Ched who rung up the boy’s items,“I’m Molly what brings you here?”

“Oh um I have a letter for you from parents that explains everything"Bow said as he hands the letter over to her. He smiled happily as her eyes lite up opening it and squeaked. She came over and hugged the six year old.

"welcome to town bow!” She said happily spinning him around

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Seven or Never (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: GOT7 / BTS

Category: Humor

Word Count: 2,636

Summary:  GOT7 and BTS are rival troops, competing against one another in a wilderness challenge. Chaos ensues.

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This is part of my CSSS gifts (2/2) for lieutenantducklings who requested Pirate!Emma and I just couldn’t ignore this prompt; I breathe for Pirate!Emma. I hope you will like this present!

For the past hour, Lieutenant Jones has been looking through some maps by the shipping wheel while the crew was busy fixing things on The Jewel of the Realm’s main and lower decks the moment the ship had made its way into the docks of this town. Its captain had some errands to do by the port; therefore everyone would only set sail until he’d arrive.

A few meters away from the ship walked a very irritated person on the docks. The person, followed by a few men, stepped on the wooden ramp, ignoring the exclamations of the ship’s crew and getting on the main deck.

“Where is your captain? I must speak to him,” the woman leading the other men announced, looking around.

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