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Hello Vic! I was wondering, would you consider writing something Robron + Pride?? I can't see any of them truly being the kind of people to be found at a parade but I wonder if they'd acknowledge it somehow... Have a lovely weekend ❤️

Robert’s shaking his head while he shakes out his paper, one of those stupid broadsheet things he leaves in bits all over the house, too big to even read.

“Not a chance in hell,” he saying. There isn’t even a little bit of give in his voice, Aaron doesn’t know why he thought there might be.

He tries very hard not to feel offended, but it isn’t easy. “It might be fun,” he suggests.

Robert doesn’t say anything.

“It might do you some good.”

The paper rustles when Robert’s fingers clench and he brings it down to eye Aaron over the top of it. “Meaning what?”

Aaron shrugs. “I don’t know. Am I the only other gay bloke you know?”

He realises his mistake a second too late, would slap himself in the forehead if that wouldn’t make things worse.

Robert doesn’t even need to say anything, his eyes are doing all the talking; ice through Aaron’s veins.

“Sorry,” he says. “You know what I mean. I’ve got loads of mates that aren’t straight, would it really hurt you to come for a beer, have a chat?”

Robert finally puts the paper down, folds his arms. “For what reason? I haven’t exactly seen you leading any parades through the village.”

Aaron pinches at the bridge of his nose. He could throttle him sometimes. “Because that’s what I’m saying. I’m saying it’ll be a laugh, come out for a drink.”

“At gay pride.’

“At pride. Stop being such a miserable bastard.”

They eye each other for a minute, at an impasse. Aaron cracks first, because of course he does. He goes to sit next to Robert, puts a hand on his knee.

“I know you’re not ashamed of me,” he says, because he knows that isn’t the problem. Knows Robert isn’t ready to talk about it.

Robert frowns. “What? Of course I’m not. We’re married.”

“So come with me,” he slides an arm around Robert’s stiff shoulders. “I’m not saying put on a leather vest and dance in the street, Robert. I’m saying there’s a party, for us, and for people like us that aren’t this lucky,” he knocks their foreheads together gently, “So come and have a fucking beer with me.”

Robert’s eyes have gone soft, even though he’s rolling them, and Aaron feels a big hand smooth up his back. “If I say yes, I’m kissing you in front of everyone.”

Aaron bites down on a smile. “You can kiss me wherever you like.”

We All Fall Down - Four

When you awoke the next morning it was to sunlight streaming through the windows. You’d neglected to close them last night and as you lay there, you could see dust particles floating in the sunbeams. The bed was soft and comfortable and for the first time in what felt like an age, you actually felt momentarily rested.

Until you remembered where you were and what today was.

You were alone in the room as expected and you couldn’t even see any evidence that Spencer had entered it last night. This was his childhood home though so he would know the whereabouts of the other bedrooms and had likely stayed in one of them or downstairs. If he had even returned to the house at all.

A grumble within your tummy reminded you that you hadn’t eaten since the flight yesterday and reluctantly, you hauled yourself out of bed, pulling back on the clothes you’d discarded yesterday. You slowly made your way back downstairs, searching for the kitchen in the unfamiliar house. That was where you found your husband.

He was sat at a circular kitchen table, black coffee which you knew would have at least four sugars in it in front of him and the local paper clasped in his hands.

“Morning,” you greeted him, resolving with yourself that today, you wouldn’t fall out. He didn’t need that on the day of his father’s funeral and you didn’t need that when you were going to be surrounded by his family. You were still his wife, you had to at least put on a front and make a show that you were supporting him. Although, you genuinely did want to support him if you could. You remembered when your own father had died, how low and lost you’d become.

Spencer didn’t respond, barely glancing up from his paper. Spying a toaster and a bread bin you set about making some toast for yourself, trying to ignore the question that been niggling at you since last night. After spreading your toast, you sat opposite him at the table, making a mental note to attempt to locate cleaning supplies and to mop the floor at some point over the next few days. It felt slightly tacky underfoot. Munching on your breakfast, the niggle grew larger and larger until you couldn’t not ask.

“Spencer, why didn’t you tell me your father was ill?”

You almost didn’t expect him to even respond.

“Isn’t that what we do now? Not tell each other things.” His voice was quiet and calm, which was why you pushed him when you shouldn’t have.

“But this was important.”

He folded the paper and set it down, staring at you coldly. “So was you deciding to have an abortion but you didn’t tell me until after you’d done it.”

Ouch. The was as cutting as he’d intended it to be. Still, you tried to look past it. His father had just died after all.

“This is completely different Spencer….”

“Is it?” he interrupted you. “I don’t tell you my father is dying until after he’s already dead and you don’t tell me until after you’ve already killed our child.”

You couldn’t help it, blurting out,“It wasn’t OUR child.”

Spencer’s eyes narrowed and he shoved his chair backwards, standing upright. Then he seemed to explode, shocking you completely. “So I’m constantly reminded. It was HIS. Everything about you was always HIS. Even when I thought you were mine, that you loved me, you were HIS. I was wrong about you, so fucking wrong. You’re just a spoilt little girl who took what she could get, smashing peoples hearts along the way. I was blinded by you for so long but I see you now Y/N. I see you for what you truly are. It’s no wonder he didn’t want you, it’s no wonder he didn’t want the baby he’d put inside of you. It’s no wonder…. ”

“SHUT UP!” you shrieked, your hands flying to cover your ears as you begged yourself not to cry. He hadn’t even reacted like this when he’d found about the abortion, simply turning cold towards you which you almost thought was worse. He stalked over to you and angrily pulled your hands down, his fingers gripping your wrists tightly. He lowered his face so that it was level with yours.

“I knew I’d always be second best to him but I thought that maybe, after everything he’d done to you, you’d see that he was the bad guy and I was the good. But no. Even after all I had done for you, everything we’d been through with Lara, with the cancer, after everything I gave you, you still went back. I could even forgive the affair, you know. But not that. You killed the one thing I wanted more than anything. The one thing I could no longer have naturally. And I hate you for that.”

His face was closer to yours now, the coffee on his breath filling your nose. His grip on your wrists was so tight you were sure you were going to bruise.

“I didn’t tell you about my father because I didn’t want you to pity me. I didn’t want anything from you anymore. I didn’t want my family thinking you were the perfectly lovely little wifey.”

“So why did you even bring me here then? You could have left me in New York. You could have divorced me,” you finally managed to respond to him.

“Because for some unknown reason, my mother likes you. And she’s been through enough without dealing with this too. That is the only reason you are still my wife on paper and in name. The ONLY reason. Now go and get dressed, and make a fucking effort. You’ve looked disgusting recently.”

He released your wrists and stalked out of the room leaving you wondering how this morning had turned so wrong so quickly.

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • mini sketchbook
  • wallet
  • folded up line paper drawings
  • pencil
  • lotion

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • bed
  • ps4
  • tv
  • tablet
  • pc

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • travel europe
  • get my own copy of the first Silent Hill game
  • get my own copy of Bust a Groove game
  • become an animator
  • Follow through with a story  

5 things that make me feel happy:

  • Mads Mikkelsen
  • Hugh Dancy
  • my Niece
  • drawing
  • pineapple on my pizza

5 things I’m currently into:

  • Hannibal (TV series)
  • Forcing Adam into relationships with every Mads character ever
  • Dark Souls series
  • Silent Hill series (the good ones)
  • pain and suffering

5 things on my to-do list:

  • Complete Time Not Lost
  • Not die before commissions are finished

  • Try to be more interesting
Paper Planes (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: Soulmate AU where if you throw a paper plane out your window it always makes its way to your soulmate. You can’t write your full name, your location, or any contact info, anything else is fair game. It’s up to fate to bring you together.

Word Count: 1,775

Warnings: Zero proofreading. It’s strictly fluff though so you’re safe here.

A/N: This was such a cute idea and also reminded me of that one Disney short. You know the one. Also, I will jump at any opportunity I can to write sappy love notes and Lin’s messy handwriting. Please don’t ask me about logistics of this, I have no idea what happens if your window is shut and your soulmate throws a plane, I’m just here to write fluff.

Your parents had told you the story all through your childhood. They would always weave you intricate tales at bedtime about how you might meet your soulmate. Your favorite stories always had a prince playing that role. As you got older the stories evolved from fictitious plots to questions and conversations. 

You received your first letter from him at seven years old. It took you by surprise when the paper plane made of blue construction paper landed on the floor of your bedroom. You scrambled from you bed to scoop it up and inspect it. You unfolded it carefully, flipping it over.

‘ Hi! My name is Lin! ‘

You yelped as if the paper itself had spoken and ran into the living room where your mom was preoccupied with a book. She seemed to notice your panic because her eyes immediately left the pages to study your face.

“They wrote you, didn’t they?” she asked wryly with a twinkle in her eye. You squeaked out a yes, shoving the blue paper towards her. She unfolded it to see the note before chuckling. “Well, are you gonna write them back or not?”

You spent the entire night debating and when your mom came into your room to kiss you goodbye before she left for work she saw you sitting on the floor surrounded in papers. 

“For them or from them?” she asked with an amused smile as she leaned against your doorway.


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Easy ways to do magick

There are hundreds of complex, glamourous spells all over the internet, and some of these spells are wonderful. However, some people don’t have to time, energy, motivation, or money to do those sorts of spells. For those people, here are some easy spell ideas.

1. Do some birthday-like magick! Light a candle, make a wish, and blow it out. (You can also snuff it out or let it burn down, depending on what you believe works best.)

2. Alternatively, blow dandelion seeds while making a wish.

3. Chant while preparing food. Even if it’s just microwaved ramen or something of the sort, give it a few stirs and chant your intent. (For example: “I will have good dreams tonight.”)

4. Before taking a bath, write your intent on a piece of paper. Fold up the paper and leave it in the bath water for a few minutes to let the water be charged with your intent. (This would work best for spells designed to affect the caster, such as glamour spells. It would probably not be a good idea to cast a curse this way.)

5. Keep a diary and write about things you want to happen as if they already have. For example, if you want someone to ask you out, write an entry about them doing so.

6. Simply think about your intent while listening to a song that reminds you of it. 

7. Before drinking anything, whisper your intent into the glass or bottle.

8. Wear colors that correspond to your goal and focus on your intent while getting dressed. If you’re unable to get dressed every morning, you could also wear jewelry, nail polish, or makeup of the color.


this is for @ivory-leigh with special thanks to @onemuseleft for her help with the idea

i super didn’t mean to write this tonight but the idea was SO GOOD and i’ve really been jonesing to write

In the weeks following what they’re calling The Battle of New York, Bruce settles into the Tower with an incredible ease.

The floor Tony designed for him is shockingly well-suited to his tastes and needs considering how Tony likes to claim he’s not a team-player. Bruce suspects each floor is equally well-designed and perhaps that’s why they’re all able to slip into a routine so quickly.

It feels like something missing has slotted into place and Bruce can tell just by looking at the others’ faintly bewildered expressions when they look around at the space they share that they feel the same.

Still, Bruce never looks toward Harlem.

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YOI Fan Rec Friday

Thanks for all your recs this week! I can’t wait to start reading more fics soon!

Rec’d by anonymous:
Cashflow for Kids by tagteamme, Gen, 6.8k
“Ah yes,” Celestino tips back in his chair, closing his eyes. Phichit grabs Yuuri’s glass and downs the rest of the wine. Yuuri is the only one who is stone cold sober. “I see a lot of myself in you two, you know. So much drive and passion.” Yuuri doesn’t see it fully, at least not for himself. Anxiety and fluctuating self loathe aside, he regularly hunts for his glasses while wearing them. He has boyband and extravagant figure skating posters up on his wall. He wore a neon orange sweatshirt and red track pants to practice last week. Phichit, maybe. Phichit has a little more flair. Phichit “accidentally” threw the red track pants down the trash chute.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Sixty-Nine Degrees of Heat by paxton1976, Explicit, 10k (WIP)
Collection of oneshots involving Yuuri’s and Viktor’s sexual appetite for the other, their encounters growing more frequent and more audacious.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Bittersweet Dissonance by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 18k (WIP)
Victor’s attention is swayed to the gorgeous violinist playing in the park across from the rink. Yuuri is baffled by the kind actions of the attractive figure skater. In the meantime, both learn to open up to each other, and their lives finally take a turn for the better.

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Rec’d by @miraculous-holder :
Back to the future by Cheyenne Agreste (Miraculous_Holder), Gen, 3.4k (WIP)
Yuuri was older for some reason, in Viktor Fluffing Nikiforov’s apartment, and is now coached by, again, Viktor Fluffing Nikiforov
There was something seriously wrong in his life.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
A Heart of Paper Cranes by missmichellebelle, Teen, 20k (WIP)
In Japan, there is an ancient legend that promises a wish to anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes. Yuuri has given Victor twenty-three. It seems a shame to stop now.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Pillow Forts & Princes by missmichellebelle, Gen, 2.1k
What’s easier than babysitting?

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Rec’d by @alipiee :
Who is Mr Katsuki? by CJWrites, Gen, 6.6k
Three students are intrigued by their new mild-mannered Japanese English Teacher who, according to someone is the most interesting person teaching at the school.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Catch Me, Capture Me by GlitterDrop, Teen, 54k (WIP)
Yuuri is an aspiring artist looking for a tutor. Victor is his hero, only Yuuri has never been able to find a picture of his face. Their meeting is accidental, yet it feels almost fated.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Selection by Galloping_Monroe, Mature, 79k (WIP)
Returning home on the tail end of an injury that ends his dancing career, Yuri Katsuki is trying to find his future again. As a Five, he knows his options are limited, but when he finds an invitation to Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov’s Selection, he is convinced by a friend to apply. He never thought he’d be Selected. When he is, he finds that his world is changed forever, and that the Crown Prince is not exactly what he’d expected.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Minuet On a Heartstring by Laikin394, Mature, 21k (WIP)
Victor and Yuuri never discuss their relationship after GPF. Yuuri is the one chasing Victor all the way back to St.Petersburg.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Long Way Round by sixpences, Mature, 7.8k (WIP)
In the wake of tragedy and facing change to come, Yuuri and Victor make the ten thousand kilometre journey from Saint Petersburg home to Hasetsu the old fashioned way- on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Magic & Ice by ajwolf, Mature, 210k (WIP)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has begun accepting NEWT transfer students. For 5th year Yuuri Katsuki it’s a dream come true, and a chance for his to find his place in the world, both on the ice and off. 16 year old Yuuri is off on a fun-filled adventure, full of friends and discovery, as he learns how to fall in love, and how to love himself. He might be chasing his idol, 17 year Viktor Nikiforov, but Viktor may be closer than he seems, as he too struggles to find his place in the world.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
To Be or Not to Be Petty by Lady_of_the_Lake97, Not Rated, 16k
An Au in which Younger Skater Viktor Nikiforov steals all of Yuri’s old junior world records and Yuri is just Petty enough to train a younger skater to steal them all back.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Chasing Moonlight: A tale of a Lost Prince by LiaoftheDawn, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Victor’s 27th birthday is approaching and all he wants for a present is a chance to see the lights up close. And maybe the handsome young man who somehow stumbled into his tower can help him with that.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Celestial Gravitation by Nyerus (dragonmist310), Explicit, 22k (WIP)
A slow-burn, space-adventure AU in which there is advanced technology as well as magic.

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Rec’d by @sarl438:
You Only Live Once by rinsled05, Teen, 38k (WIP)
Victuuri Supernatural AU in which Victor is a thrill-seeking actor/model by day and Western demon hunter by night; Yuuri is a freelance interpreter by day and Japanese youkai exterminator by night. Oh, and Yuuri’s also a half-youkai; Victor can’t imagine anything more exciting than that.

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Rec’d by @fisukisuki :
How Does A Moment Last Forever? by JMonCheri, Teen, 26k 
Wherein Yuuri is an oblivious Beauty in Denial, Viktor is a much better version of Gaston (who needs love), and Yurio is their poor misunderstood angry son (who ALSO needs love).

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Legacy by thelureofadream, Teen, 27k (WIP)
Ren Nikiforov and Omar Altin, longtime rivals, best friends, and skating prodigies are at the peak of their skating career with the Grenoble Olympics looming ahead. But this year Omar’s little brother, Dmitri, is making his senior debut and changing the entire skating world. While it’s a blast from the past for the older gang of skaters through the Grand Prix Final and beyond, will these new skaters be able to handle the new pressures as life and love really take a front seat for them?

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

The amazing “YOI Fan Rec Friday” banner was created by @omgkatsudonplease ! I love them a lot, check out their blog!

cold heart killer || stiles stilinski (smut)

word count: 6026

warnings: angst, smut, oral (both receiving)

author’s note: long time no post! so i’m back with a treat of both smut and angst! you’re welcome. i’m honestly not sure how i feel about this one, but i hope you all like it! 

pairing: stiles stilinski / reader


coming soon

Nervous fingers drummed on the leather steering wheel as the thunder roared, grey clouds covering the bright California sun. Beacon Hills was due for a storm within the next couple days, but it seemed to be coming sooner than forecasted by the meteorologist on the nine o'clock news. Her car sped down the road to the high school, having gotten a cryptic message from none other than Theo Raeken. Theo was her lab partner for a science project and they would meet up at the school’s library when they worked together even if her boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski wasn’t a fan of the new addition to the small town they lived in.

Stiles was the only one who didn’t particularly trust Theo and it got on everyone’s nerves just a little bit. He’d never been as trusting as everyone else in the pack, even though some of them would have their doubts about people. Although, Stiles was a totally different story. He didn’t like anyone, he seemed to think the whole world was against him. It would take awhile for him to warm up meeting new people.

Earlier that day, a note was in her locker. Messy handwriting that she vaguely remembered was scribbled on the fold paper, her name in black ink. She unfolded the paper and read the message:

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Where My Wild Things Are by Serene Ng

Inspired by Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are - one of my all time favourite stories. The persona here is Bunnyman who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and indeterminacy. It will go wherever floats its boat.


↠ doctor dreamy part 3 preview

pt1 | pt2 

pairing: jimin x reader

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

note: I just wanted to post this as a thank you for 15k! hopefully I can get pt3 out soon ♡

Morning came quickly. It pulled you from the sweet cocoon of your dreams as reality rained down once again. Your mind was still foggy with sleep, memories of the previous night slowly pushing their way through the clouds. It came back in shards of reminiscing on old times, dinner, kissing, sweat, heat — Jimin. The thought of his name had you reaching out instantly, sleep still weighing heavily on your eyes. However, as you felt along the crumpled sheets, they were cool to the touch, but most importantly, it was empty.

You attempted to rub the blurriness from your vision, blinking away remains of your slumber. You couldn’t help your deep sigh at the sight of the vacant space along the bed. The covers laid messy and disheveled, your fingers gripping at the material where he once had laid. He was gone, but his scent was still infused with the sheets, however with every passing second it was surely slipping away.

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